Geyser Hybrid Pump by mikesanye

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                                       Geyser Hybrid Pump
                                                                       Air Intake A for         Air Intake B for
                                                                     Geyser Pump Mode          Airlift Pump Mode
         Geyser Hybrid Pump (GPH) is based on
a new patented technology for bigger suction,
higher lift, less maintenance, and less energy                                                            Riser
cost, compared to submersible pumps and airlift
         The structure of GHP is shown Fig. 1.                                                           Air Cylinder

         Air cylinder has two air intakes, Air Intake
A and B. Air Intake A is for Geyser Pump Mode
and Air Intake B for Airlift Pump Mode. There is
Geyser Pump Core (GPC) inside Air Cylinder
and the riser connects all necessary parts.                                                  GPC
Liquid is sucked at the bottom of the riser.
         This patented structure enables to pump                                                                   Pump Core
heavy sludge or grit effectively by combining
Airlift Pump Mode and Geyser Pump Pulse
Mode.                                                                    Suction Port

                                                                     Fig. 1. Schematic view of GHP

                                                                                               Air injection for
                                                                                                Airlift Pump
Airlift Pump Mode

          If air is injected only through Air Intake B, GHP
 becomes ordinary airlift pump. The pressure difference at the
 bottom of the riser due to small bubbles creates continuous                                                Air Cylinder

 suction. The characteristic of this mode is
              • Smaller and continuous suction
              • Low lift
              • No moving parts                                                               GPC
          The upward water velocity in the vertical pipe depends
 upon the air flow though Air intake B. For example, if the air
 flow rate is 13 CFM, the upward velocity of the water in 4”
 airlift pump is 1.60 ft/sec. Theoretically this airlift pump can lift                                    Geyser
                                                                              Suction Port
 half-inch gravel, as this velocity is bigger the terminal velocity                                      Pump Core

 of half- inch gravel in water.                                                                    Continuous Suction

                                                                         Fig. 2. Schematic view of Airlift
                                                                                     Airlift Pump
                                                                         Pump mode

                                                                                          Air injection for
                                                                                          Geyser Pump
Geyser Pump Pulse Mode

        If air is injected only through Air Intake A, GHP                                                      Riser
becomes Geyser Pump Pulse mode. As GPC creates air
pocket, injected air is accumulated in the air cylinder. When
air reaches to a certain amount, the air is released to the                                                    Air Cylinder

riser through GPC within a ½ second. The amount of the air                                                        Accumulated
released to the riser is dependent upon the size of the air                                                           air
cylinder and injected air flow rate.
        The pressure difference at the bottom of the riser by                                GPC
a big bubble creates continuous suction. The characteristic
of this mode is
            • Bigger and pulsated suction
            • High lift
            • No moving parts                                              Suction Port
                                                                                                          Pump Core
        Bubble velocity in the riser is 10 to 18 feet/sec, which
                                                                                                    Pulsated Suction
is usually 10 times compared to Airlift pump. This high
velocity is the origin of much greater suction force.                      Fig. 3. Schematic view of
                                                                                    Geyser Pump
                                                                           Geyser Pump mode

                                                                    Air injection for            Air injection for
                                                                    Geyser Pump                   Airlift Pump
Hybrid Mode

       If air is injected through both Air Intake A, and B,                                                   Riser
GHP becomes Hybrid Mode. Injected air through Air Intake
B creates small continuous bubbles in the riser, which
                                                                                                              Air Cylinder
creates continuous upward flow in the pipe. Air
accumulated in the air cylinder through Air Intake A is
intermittently released to the riser, which creates big suction                                                      air
force intermittently.
       The characteristic of this mode is                                                   GPC
           • Much bigger and pulsated suction
           • Much higher lift
           • No moving parts
                                                                         Suction Port
                                                                                                         Pump Core

                                                                                                  Suction with Pulse
                                                                                        Hybrid Mode of
                                                                         Fig. 4. and AirliftPump view of
                                                                                 Schematic   Pump
                                                                         Hybrid mode


      Suppose airlift pump and Geyser Pump is installed at the water depth of 10 feet.
Considering an imaginary plate at the bottom of the riser of the airlift pump, it is pressed
downward from the weight of the water in the riser, that is, 4.0 psi. The imaginary plate is
pressed upward by the static pressure of water, that is, 4.3 psi. The difference 0.3 psi is the
suction of the airlift pump.
        If the air cylinder the Geyser Pump is small, the size of big bubble occupies a half of
the riser volume. In this case, the suction becomes 1.8, which is 6 times of the airlift pump.
        When the air cylinder size is increased to a certain level, a larger bubble is released to
the riser. The suction is 4.3 psi in this case, which is 12 times the airlift pump.

                    Fig. 5. Suction of airlift pump and Geyser Pump modes

   When grit or sand has to be sucked, the difference of the suction creates a big difference.
   Airlift Pump stop pumping grit in a short period, as the suction force is weak. On the other
   hand, Geyser Pump can suck grit toward the suction port due to its stronger suction. When
   Geyser Pump and airlift pump modes are combined, the grit is continuously pumped.

  Blower                          Blower                           Blower                          Blower                          Blower                            Blower

                                                                                                                                                   Airlift Pump

                                                                                                                                                                                     Airlift Pump
                                                                                                                   Airlift Pump
                                                                                   Airlift Pump

                                                                                                                                     Geyser Pump
                  Airlift Pump

                                                  Airlift Pump

                                                                                                     Geyser Pump
    Geyser Pump

                                    Geyser Pump

                                                                                                                                                                       Geyser Pump
                                                                     Geyser Pump

(1) Air is supplied to           (2) Grit away from the          (3) Air accumulated in           (4) After releasing all         (5) Grit travels toward         (6) Some grit left in the
airlift pump and Geyser          vertical pipe stays still,      the air cylinder is              air from the air                the outlet due to               vertical pipe travels to
Pump. Airlift pump               as the suction force of         released. Big bubble             cylinder, water and grit        vacuum force created            the outlet due to the
discharges air                   airlift pump is weak.           ejects the water and             is sucked to the                by the big bubble.              upward flow created
continuously but the air         Eventually, airlift pump        girt above the bubble.           vertical pipe. Even grit                                        by airlift pump.
supplied to Geyser               transfers only water.           This ejection creates            away from the vertical
Pump is accumulated in                                           big lift.                        pipe is sucked toward
the air cylinder.                                                                                 the pipe.
Grit is sucked from the
bottom of the vertical


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