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					?So by now you have probably heard a lot about creative financing. Generally,
creative financing involves finding unique and flexible ways to fund a real estate
transaction. These methods may involve unusual ways of structuring the deal, or
simply finding new sources of funding for the transaction. Either way, creativity and
flexibility are crucial to creating financing.
Creative short term real estate investing also requires flexibility. Often, you will be
required to literally sell the idea of creative real estate investing before you actually
are able to begin the transaction. For example, many of my colleagues who are
presently looking for properties to buy, sell or flip are constantly discussing ways of
working with motivated sellers in a way that will make the process faster. This is not
usually because the actual process is all that time consuming, but because the seller
themselves has trouble coming to terms or conceptualizing the process.
If you want to be successful at creative short term real estate investing, then you need
to be good at two facets of the deal. You must be able to convince the seller that it is a
good idea without devoting weeks or months to the process. One great way to get an
idea of how to explain creative financing integral to short term real estate investing,
such as buying subject-to or using seller financing, is to read home study courses or
ebooks about the process. The same explanations that the writers use to show the
readers that these courses of action are viable and profitable will often help you make
the process more clear to a seller, though you will need to tailor your explanation of
benefits to that seller's specific situation.
Once you have a good "sell" on the process, you need to have a good contract.
Probably the best way to get a solid short term real estate investing contract is to hire
a real estate attorney for a few hours and tell them exactly what you want and need
out of the contract. They can then create a document that you will be able to use time
and again that is tailored to your specific requirements. Of course, these contracts are
also for sale from many "gurus" and real estate experts. However, I would generally
prefer the peace of mind that comes from knowing that my contracts were written to
my specifications, just for me so that I can use them for precisely the types of deals
that I do best.
Once you have mastered the explanations necessary for creative short term real estate
investing and you have a contract that meets your needs, it is just up to you to go out
there and find those deals. These days, even realtors are offering deals clearly in real
estate investor's terms, so if you like short sales, for example, then just go out there
and start by looking for properties labeled "short sale." Then, use your knowledge and
ability to find a way to make that deal happen.
Peter Vekselman has been successfully investing in real estate since 1996. He has
completed over 1200 real estate deals, owned a construction company, been a private
lender, and owned a property management company. Peter currently works with
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