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									  PROM 2011

The 2011
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      Puttin’ on the Glitz
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         Cover Look
     Everything about this
     dress from Angie’s Fash-
     ion in Ridgeland screams
     elegance including Adri-
     enne. This silky blue
     taffeta is stunning with
     loads of detail. The one
     shoulder        rhinestone
     crusted strap holds ev-
     erything in place while
     the criss-cross bodice
     nips in your waist . Even
     with the long, ruffled train,
     the knee length hem
     in the front makes this
     gown great for dancing.
     The keyhole detail in the
     small of your back leaves
     a little surprise when
     you’re walking away.
                                                       Prom Nite!!!!!
              publisher                                	      Is	there	ANY	more	exciting	two	words	in	the	English	lan-
         Metro Teen Magazine                           guage	as	exciting	as	those	two?	OK,	maybe	there	are	a	few...
                                                       graduation	day....mocha	latte	(I’m	ready	for	some	
            Executive Editor                           caffeine	obviously).	Anyway,	you	know	what	I	mean.	Your	Prom	
           Amy Braud-Wallace                           is	one	of	the	most	special	nights	of	your	high	school	life.	Seri-
                                                       ously,	entire		movies	have	been	written	about	it.
           Amy Braud-Wallace                           	      And	let’s	face	it,	we	talked	about	it	in	last	year’s	Prom	is-
             Gregg Wallace
                                                       sue,	it	really	is	ALL	ABOUT	THE	DRESS.	And	this	years	gowns	
               advertising                             are	far	and	away	some	of	the	most	beautiful	dresses	I’ve	ever	
              Kenta Hamilton                           seen.	And	just	about	anything	goes	now.	Back	in	my	day,	
                                                       almost	before	they	had	electricity.	OK,	not	quite.,	but	I	DO	re-
                 website                               member	the		night	MTV	STARTED!	So,	let’s	just	say	a	long	time	
              Gregg Wallace                            ago,	our	choices	were	limited.	Everyone	wore	long	gowns,	
                                                       usually	taffeta,	some	with	actual	hoop	skirts,	most	with	hid-
           general information                         eous	bows	and	ruffles,	that	crinkled	and	swooshed	when	we	
Metro Teen accepts no responsibility for unso-
licited materials and in general does not return
                                                       walked.	Dancing	was	totally	out	of	the	question.	My	Jr.	Prom	
them to sender. Manuscripts and photographs            dress	was	so	round	I	swayed	like	a	balloon	in	the	Macy’s	
submitted for publication are welcomed by
Metro Teen, but no responsibility can be taken         Thanksgiving	Day	parade	-	think	the	giant	Snoopy	balloon,	
for them while in transit or in the office of publi-   and	you’ll	get	the	picture.
cation. All editorial and advertising information
is taken from sources considered to be author-
ities, but the publication cannot guarantee their      	      Now,	prom	dresses	range	from	the	puffy	princess	gowns	
accuracy. No material in the Metro Teen may
be reproduced in any form without the written          to	sleek,	beaded	and	sexy	to	short	and	flirty.	Some	of	the	new	
consent of the publisher. The editorial opinions
expressed within do not necessarily reflect
                                                       short,	cupcake	dresses	are	too	cute	and	just	made	for	a	night	
those of the advertisers, advisory board, staff        of	dancing.	Before	you	hit	the	stores,	check	out	our	fashion	
members or publisher. Metro Teen is pub-
                                                       spreads	in	this	issue.	We’ve	tried	to	show	gowns	in	all	styles	
lished quarterly.
                                                       and	in	a	variety	of	price	points.	I’ve	seen	gowns	that	run	as	
              address                                  much	as	$600	and	some	that	you	can	pick	up	for	under	$100	
    5257 Meadow Oaks Park Drive,                       -	and	all	of	them	just	as	beautiful	as	the	last.	Remember,	at	
         Jackson, MS 39211
                                                       night’s	end,	the	price	of	your	gown	won’t	really	matter,	but	the	
      Phone: (601)366-1010                             memories	of	the	fun	you	had	in	that	gown	will	be	priceless.
 E-Mail: amy@metroteenmagazine.                        		     	      		
              com                                      Enjoy	the	
              Website                                  issue	and	have                         a	fantastic	
                                                       prom	nite,
Hot Spot
                                    matter what you’re looking for.
                                       For Prom, owner Angie Pul-
                                    liam has hand pick some of
                                    the most gorgeous dresses in
  A Ridgeland institution for       luscious colors from the palest
years, Angie’s has recently relo-   of pinks to shocking blues and
cated from the upstairs spot on     acid greens. There’s something

                                    for everyone’s person-
                                    al style, and Angie’s
                                    makes sure that no
Highway 51 to a swanky bou-         gown will be worn to
tique space in Renaissance at       the same prom twice.
Colony Park.
   The new digs are big and         Angie’s
bright and make browsing the        Renaissance
multitude of fashions much          1000 Highland Colony Pkwy
easier. With so much stock, you     Ste 1005
                                    Ridgeland, MS
can go into style shock, Angie’s
has just what you need, and
definitely what you want, no

                                                                      Prom fashions are here!
                                                                       Renaissance at Colony Park
                                                                       1000 Highland Colony Pkwy
                                                                             Ridgeland, MS
Hot Spot Puttin’ On The
                                                                       in February where the dresses
                                                                       they placed in the fashion
                                                                       show were the hit of the day.

    With more than 20 years in      GLITZ                              Those gowns are pictured here,
                                                                       and you can find many oth-
                                                                       ers at their website. But your
the pageant, prom and special       received a new shipment of
occasion business, the family-                                         best bet is to take the short
                                    more than 100 gowns from new
owned Puttin’ on the Glitz for-                                        drive to Clinton where you can
mal wear shop in Clinton is one                                        dive into the racks of luscious
                                        Weather long or short, prin-
of the south’s best prom and                                           gowns.
                                    cess, fitted or flowing, your
pageant providers.                                                         The formal wear experts at
                                    gown from Puttin’ on the Glitz
    Located on Hwy 80 in Clin-                                         Puttin’ on the Glitz will help you
                                    will be unique.
ton just east of Mississippi Col-                                      find your perfect Prom dress!
                                        The store stocks plenty of
lege, this formal shop has a        plus sizes and children’s pag-
huge inventory of beautiful         eant wear as well and offers
gowns for any size, shape, or       hair and makeup services too.                322 Hwy. 80 E Suite 10
occasion. Their Prom inventory          They participated in North-                  Clinton, MS 39056
is exceptional, and they just       park Mall’s Prom-A-Palooza                            601-924-7252
                     What’s Hot
                     What’s hot? Tarina
                     Tarantino jewelry is STILL
                     one of the hottest style
                     choices right now. Her
                     pieces, from the sweet,
old fashioned cameos to the fresh as
spring crystal butterflies or the edgy crystal
rosary necklaces and rhinestone bracelets,
all add just the right amount of pizazz to
any outfit. Layer pieces with jeans and a T
to elevate your look or load on the glam
for a spectacular Prom night. These pieces
are all from Angie’s.

Top right: Lexie is wearing Tarina Tar-
antino heart and rhinestone earrings
and a crystal rosary style necklace.
Her large headband is one of Angie’s
best sellers right now and is super cute
with pink tulle with beads and rhine-
stones accenting pink and turquoise
Above: These crystal butterflies are
perfect for spring dresses and come
in a variety of beautiful colors.
Right. Lexie has on a black tulle flow-
ered headband and Tarina Tarantino
rings on every finger. There were so
many great styles to choose from, she
couldn’t pick just one!
         Bargain Bag


                                      Priced at only $16.99 each, these Merona bags for
                                      Target are a steal. The cream satin clutch is ac-
                                      cented by a grosgrain ribbon and a large rhinestone.
                                      The long, tube shaped clutch is black satin with
                                      rows of metallic sequins.

                                   This super girly, ruffled clutch by Daisy Fuentes for
                                   Kohl’s has a rocker edge with black leather ruffles
                                   and silver chain. At only $36, you can have this
                                   awesome bag and still have plenty of cash left over
                                   to put in it!

This is the MUST HAVE shoe
of the season. These amazing
pumps are pure gorgeous -
black satin with the most daz-
zling rhinestone detailing and
super, super high heels that
are surprisingly not too hard to
walk in.

When all your friends are kick-
ing off their shoes to dance,
you’ll want’ to keep these on.
         $119 at Angie’s Fashion
                  at Renaissance
WIN a Flatscreen LCD TV
Purchase or rent a dress to be
entered into the drawing for a
 19” flatscreen LCD Television
   Drawing - April 30, 2011

                                                     Tuesday - Friday
                                                         3pm - 6 pm

                                 More than
                                                        10am - 2 pm
                                  100 New    6791 Siwell Road, suite A
                                   Gowns             Byram, MS 39272
                                          Cover Model Winners


  WINNER                                       This year’s Cover Model
                                       Winner is Morgan Scott, 15 from
                                       Rosa Scott. Finalists are Jes-                        lexi
                                                                               sica Scott,
                                                                               18 from
                                                                               Kierra Ar-
                                                                               15; Lexi
                                                                               Tanner, 15
                                                                               all from
                                                                               Rosa Scott.
                                                                               will be on
                                                                               an up-
                                                                               coming  lauren
                                                                               cover of
                  Present this ad and enjoy One Week Silver Level Sunbed
                                                                               Metro Teen
                 Tanning Free or One Free Regular Sunless Tanning Session
                   or get an Instant 20 Discount Off any Premier Rewards
                              $                                                Jackson,
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                  Membership. Offer valid for new members one time only
                 for a limited time. See salon associate for complete details.
                                   *Membership rules apply.
                                                                               girls are
                 4 Jackson Area Locations                                      invited to
                          Ridgeland • Flowood                                  join our
                           Brandon • Madison                                   Metro Girlz
                                                                               to model
                                                                               for other
                                                                               issues and
                                                                               in fashion

                SCHOOL NEWZ
                Canton Academy Holds                           Congratu-
                                                               lations to
                Beauty & Beaus                                 Pepper and
                                                               who were named CA’s Win-
                                                               ners for the prestigious Wendy’s
                                                               High School Heisman Award.

Canton Academy recently held the 2010-2011 Beauty and Beau
Pageant. Robert Kirby and Drew Morgan (top) were selected as   To be eligible for this award,
Most Handsome and Most Beautiful. Trent Gordy and Anna Car-    students must display academ-
ole Smith were selected at 1st Alternates.                     ic aptitude, athletic talent and
                                                               exceptional commitment to
                                                               their communities.

                                                               Creative Formals
                                                               Airbrush Tanning
                                                               More than 1,000 gowns in stock
                                                                  infants to adult size 32
                                                                 Open Saturday 10 am - 3 pm
                                                                       Monday - Friday
                                                                    by appointment only
                                                                 1545 Morton Marathon Road
                                                                      Morton, MS 39117
Jimmy Stewart and Rachel Weeks       Nick Canoy and Katie Pepper          Tanner Crosby and Molly Ables
were selected as 2nd Alternates.     were selected as 3rd Alternates.     were selected as 4th Alternates.

Two Senior Canton High Tigers sign letters
of intent to play for Holmes 

Left tackle Jamarcus Robinson and wide receiver David Millsap are joined by Jamarcus’ mother Valarie
Robinson and Athletic Director Peter Brown as they sign their letter of intent to play for Holmes Community
Clinton Show Choirs take top honors
    Two of the Clinton Public
School District’s show choirs
have brought home top honors
at recent competitions, with
more contest dates coming up.
On Feb. 12 and 13, the Atta-
ché show choir at Clinton High
School and the Ambassadors
show choir at Clinton Junior
High School competed in the
2011 Southern Showcase in
Opelika, Ala.
    “The contest brought 29
middle school and high school
show choirs to Opelika,” said
Attaché Director David Fehr.
Both the Ambassadors and
Attaché earned Grand Cham- Members of the Clinton High School show choir Attaché perform
pion, the highest award at the   at the Southern Showcase competition in Opelika, Ala
competition. Attaché, which
took home the championship       season was on Feb. 5, at the
two years ago, also won rec-     Mississippi State Show Choir
ognition for best vocals, best   Contest held at William Carey
choreography and best overall University in Hattiesburg,” Da-
effect.                          vid Fehr said. At that compe-
    In addition to earning Grand tition, Attaché was named
Champion in their division, The  Grand Champion, and earned
Ambassadors also received        awards for Best Vocals, Best
awards for Best Vocals, Best     Visuals and Best Overall Effect.
Choreography and Best Over-       Members of the Ambassadors
all Effect.                       from Clinton Junior High per-
    “Our first competition this   forming at competition.

Senior Alex Amis Receives Siemens Award
   Alex Amis, a senior at Clin-       Two national winners are
ton High School, was named        also recognized, each receiv-
the Mississippi state winner of   ing a $5,000 scholarship. This
the 2010 Siemens Awards for       year, 98 high school students in
Advanced Placement, a sig-        50 states – including 91 seniors,
nature program of the Siemens     six juniors and one sophomore
Foundation administered by        – were recognized.
the College Board.                    “These students lead the
   The awards recognize up to     nation in performance on AP
100 of America’s top achiev-      math and science courses and
ers in Advanced Placement         we are proud to support them
Program® (AP®) science and        as they strive for excellence,”
mathematics courses with a        said Jeniffer Harper-Taylor,
$2,000 college scholarship to     President of the Siemens Foun-
one male and one female stu-      dation.
dent in each state.
Clinton High Athletes Sign with Colleges

Clinton High School senior Caleb Smith signed      Clinton High School senior Jeremy Toines signed
to play at Delta State University. Pictured with   to play at Hinds Community College. Pictured
Caleb are his parents, Charlotte Smith-Hart and    with Jeremy are his parents, Chandra and
Marty Hart.                                        Detrick Atkinson.

Clinton High School Senior Andrew Bolton signed    CHS Arrows soccer player Johnathan Brown,
to play at Hinds Community College. Pictured       who signed to play soccer at the University of
with Andrew is Chandra Atkinson, mother of his     Kentucky. L-R: Mildred McGruder Stevenson
teammate Jeremy Toines.                            (Grandmother), Jetuwan Brown (Mother),
                                                   Jonathan Brown, and Cleveland Brown (Father).

 Three baseball players from Clinton High, have been signed to
 scholarships at Hinds Community College. The Clinton students are
 outfielder Akiko Thompson, right-handed pitcher Jayme Monroe,
 and outfielder Kyle Washington.
Clinton High School Senior
Elliot Brashier has decided to
continue his academic and
athletic career at Mississippi
College where he will play QB
for Coach Norman Joseph and
the Choctaws.
Pictured: John and Lianne
Brashier with Elliot

Clinton Culinary Arts Students Earn Scholarships
    Culinary Arts students at the
Clinton High School Career
Complex had a great showing
at the ProStart Invitational,
earning second place overall
and a handful of scholarship
    “Our students did very well
at this competition and had a
great time,” said instructor Bill
    The students met Whitney
Miller, master chef and nutrition
student at the University of
Southern Mississippi, who
served as a judge. Miller won
the Master Chef competition,
earning $250,000 and a book
    Although the Clinton             Clinton students who participated at the ProStart Invitational include
team finished second behind          (from left) Sarah Beth Edwards, Ciera Jacobs, Kendra Conley, Dalton
Biloxi High School, four CHS         Frasier, Jonty Santos and Christian Johnsey. Pictured with the students
students were offered $7,000         is Whitney Miller, winner of the Master Chef competition and ProStart
scholarships each: Christian         judge.
Johnsey, Jonty Santos, Dalton        culinary arts at the next level.”        “Mr. Prisock does a great
Frasier and Kendra Conley.           Margera Harris, principal of the     job, and our students really
    “It’s an honor to get these      CHS Career Complex, said she         enjoy his class,” she said. “This
scholarship offers,” Prisock         is proud of the students but not     is a great program and it’s nice
said. “This will help our students   surprised.                           to see us get this recognition.”
continue their education in the
Clinton High Teams up with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
    Students at Clinton High        motivated the CHS students on        arrangements for families who
School are teaming up for St.       the trip.                            can’t afford to stay in Memphis
Jude with a series of fundraisers       “They got to see first-hand      while their children are at St.
to benefit the children’s           how this money would be              Jude. It made me want to be
research hospital.                  used, and it helped them see         involved.”
    Over a two-year period, CHS     the purpose behind all these            St. Jude has more than 1,000
has raised nearly $65,000 and       activities they’re planning,” she    patients in Mississippi, Jones
this year, they hope to surpass     said.                                said, so the CHS donations
the $100,000 mark.                      Senior Justine Ibale said the    help fund life-saving treatment,
  Activities include:               trip made her want to work           transportation, meals and
• DECA’s penny wars                 at St. Jude. “I’m grateful I’m       lodging for kids and their
• SADD’s hugs from hunks and        able to do these fundraisers,”       families. “This is helping patients
honeys                              she said. Junior Heath Skelton       right in Clinton’s backyard,” she
• SADD’s Beauty/Beau                agreed. “Once we were                said.
Calendar                            at the hospital we realized             The hospital also helps
• The Diamond Girls’ St. Jude       all that they do to help the         cancer patients who don’t go
sunglasses sale                     children and their families, and     to St. Jude, Shramek said. Area
• The Art Club T-shirt sale and     everything is free for them,” he     doctors often seek advice for
creatively painted Adirondack       said. “They are so thankful for      protocol in treatment from
chair raffle                        what they have at St. Jude.”         the Memphis-area research
• The student body letter               The trip was an eye-opener       hospital.
writing campaign                    for junior Tatum Rosenbaum.          For more information or to
• A Team up for St. Jude pep        “I expected it to be a sad           contribute to the fundraisers
rally                               place, but it was amazing,”          at CHS, contact Shramek at
• The Cross Country team’s 5K       she said. “They provide living
run/fun walk
    “Clinton High School has
great leaders and the students
have a passion for St. Jude,”       St. Joseph Catholic School
said Kristin Jones, senior event
marketing representative for        Soccer Teams Win State
St. Jude. “At CHS, they don’t
tell them what to do, they let
the students be the leaders in
this project. I’m blown away
by their creativity, passion and
    The bulk of this year’s
activities will be held during
focus week, Feb. 21-25. The
week will end with a pep
rally at 8 a.m. Friday, Feb. 25.
A special guest at the pep
rally will be 4-year-old Jack
DeYoung, a cancer patient           St. Joseph Catholic School’s boys and girls soccer team both made
who lives in Clinton.               it to the State Championship game on February 6. The boys team
    Sheri Shramek, art teacher      defeated Sacred Heart of Hattiesburg 1-0 to become the Division
and St. Jude fundraising leader,    1A/2A/3A State Champion. The girls were named Runner-up after
said a recent trip to Memphis       losing to Our Lady Academy, 3-1. The games were a fitting end to
                                    Catholic Schools’ Week with all four teams in the finals being Catholic
to tour the children’s hospital
Hot Spot
                                   some of the best
                                   jewelry, shoes and
                                   gowns around.
                                   From short and sassy

                                   to long and glamor-
                                   ous, the gowns at
                                   Frock are beauti-
                                   ful and beautifully
   FAS H I O N S                   priced too. Jacqui
    If you’re in the market for    knows how to dress
a great Prom dress, (and who       metro-area young
isn’t right now?) take a quick     ladies in gorgeous
trip to Colony Crossing in Madi-   fashions without
son to the new Frock Fashions.     breaking the bank.
    The former Wink Fashions       You can find the
may have changed its name,         perfect dress and all of the      the other in Starkville.
but the store still carries the    sparkling accessories, clutches
same great clothing, shoes and     and shoes you need to com-      
                                   plete your look.                      111 Colony Crossing, Suite 270
accessories it always has.
                                       Frock has two locations too                        Madison, MS
    And for Prom, they have                                                              601-898-4643
                                   - one in Madison (above) and
Puttin’ On The
  322 Hwy. 80 E Suite 10
    Clinton, MS 39056

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