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Key People-------------------------------------------------------3

Helpful Numbers & Addresses--------------------------------4

VA Education Programs----------------------------------------5

Responsibilities of the Certifying Official-------------------6

VA Forms--------------------------------------------------------7

Military Forms---------------------------------------------------9

Benefit Payments------------------------------------------------9

Completing VA Forms----------------------------------------10

Instructions for Completing VA Form 22-1999-----------11

Monthly Rates -------------------------------------------------13

Key People
Who are the key people involved in seeing that eligible
veterans and their dependents receive Department of
Veterans Affairs (VA) education benefits? This section
will introduce you to the key players and their

Certifying Official The Certifying Official is the employers representative responsible for completing all
paperwork necessary to certify the enrollment and changes in enrollment for trainees eligible for VA benefits.

Department of Veterans Affairs                           The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is the government
agency responsible for determining eligibility for VA education benefits and for authorizing payment for the benefits.
You will come in contact with several employees. They are the:

         •    Chief Education Liaison Officer (CELO) Dave Ross

         •    Education Liaison Representative (ELR) Patricia A. Carter

         •    Education Compliance Survey Specialist (ECSS) John Henneberry

The CELO is the supervisor of all the ELRs and ECSSs and is responsible for overseeing the education liaison and
compliance functions of VA. The ELR is responsible for reviewing the approvals done by the State Approving
Agency, and acts as VA’s liaison representative with the training institutes. The ECSS is responsible for conducting
reviews of the employers records and processes to ensure they are in compliance with the laws which allow VA
benefits to be paid. The ELR and/or the ECSS will visit the school to assist you in completing certifications, and to
review your records. (Sometimes the ELR and the ECSS are the same person.)

State Approving Agency The State Approving Agency (SAA) is responsible for reviewing the
training facility and the programs of education to determine if they can be approved for the payment of VA
education benefits. Officials of the SAA will also visit to assist you and to check your records. Contact the SAA
with any questions concerning the approval of current or new programs. You should have already met with a
representative and received notice of the programs that are approved.

Employee           Trainees who are eligible to receive VA education benefits may fall in one of the following

Active Selective Reservist or National Guards person.
Veteran (discharged or separated service person).
Veteran’s dependent (spouse, surviving spouse, or child).
Disabled veteran.

     Helpful Numbers & Addresses
     The following telephone numbers and addresses are important in the
     certification of veterans and dependents for VA benefits. These contact
     numbers and addresses will link you with people who can help you get
     started, and answer your questions.

1-888-442-4551   This number is used to reach the VA Education Office. The office is
or               open from 8:00 AM to 4:300 PM and is used to check on VA-education
1-888-GIBILL1    related problems, and can be given to students.

1-800-827-1000   For non-education related VA information and questions.

1-800-829-4833   TDD number for hearing impaired. This is a computer device and the
                 caller may encounter some static during the call.

617-303-5533     The Vocational Rehabilitation Division.

716-303-4264     Education Liaison Representative (ELR) for questions regarding
                 approvals and procedures.

716-303-5555      ELR’s fax number.

ELR’s E-mail:

                  Buffalo RPO:

                 Buffalo Regional Processing Office
                 Education Hard Copy
                 PO Box 21
                 Buffalo, NY 14240-0021

                             VA Education Programs

VA administers several education programs as set down
in law, Title 38 United States Code. Each program is
found in a different chapter of the law and this chapter
number is often used to refer to the different benefit
programs. They also have specific names. Each
program provides different benefits for different groups of

Chapter 30          The Montgomery GI Bill - Active Duty is the most common and newest program. It is for
individuals who have been on Active Duty since 7/01/85, and who paid into an education fund for one year.

Chapter 1606 The Montgomery GI Bill - Selective Reserves (formerly chapter 106) is for individuals in the
Selected Reserve or National Guard. (not on active duty) They must be currently and actively drilling and under a
6-year contract. They are only eligible for benefits as long as they remain in the reserves.

Chapter 34 The GI Bill is the oldest GI Bill program which has been phased out. A few individuals are
eligible to be rolled into Chapter 30. It is for individuals who enlisted during the Vietnam era (8/4/64 - 12/31/76),
and continued on active duty until at least 6/1/88.

Chapter 32          The Veterans Educational Assistance Program is the post-Vietnam era program. It is for
individuals who served on active duty from 1/1/77 - 6/30/85. This program is sometimes called VEAP.

Chapter 35
The Dependents Educational Assistance Program is the only benefit for individuals without military service. It is for
the dependents of a member of the Armed Forces who has died while on active duty or as the result of a service-
connected disability, or is 100% permanently and totally disabled for a service-related reason. Dependents receive
up to 45 months of full-time benefits. Children generally are eligible for benefits between the ages of 18 and 26, but
in certain instances may begin before age 18 and continue beyond age 26.

They have a VA file or claim number (C#) that is related to the parent or spouse under whom they are eligible. The
dependent’s file is also identified by a suffix. (10 or W, 41 or A, 42 or B, etc.) The Chapter 35 program has it’s own
application form (VA Form 22-5490, and it’s own Change of Program/Training form (VA Form 22-5495.)

Chapter 31              Vocational Rehabilitation is for disabled veterans. This is the most unique program and each
school is assigned a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist to work with these students, and to assist the School
Certifying Official. These disabled veterans go through a testing process to determine if they are eligible for the
benefit. If eligible, the VA sends an Authorization. Full tuition, fees, books, and in many cases, even parking are
paid by the VA to the school. In addition, the student gets a monthly check depending on the training status.

Responsibilities of the
Certifying Official
As the Certifying Official, you are responsible for
certifying the enrollment and changes in enrollment of
eligible trainees to the VA. This section will briefly
describe your responsibilities.

Primary Function
The primary function is to let VA know if a trainee is enrolled in the program, showing the beginning and ending
dates, number of clock hours per month the beneficiary works.

Certifying is informing the VA of the trainees employment status. You are verifying the trainee’s
program, beginning and ending dates and monthly hours worked.

When Can A Trainee Be Certified?
A trainee may be certified after they apply and are accepted by the employer into the training program.

How Do You Certify A Trainee?
You can certify a trainee for VA benefits by filling out VA Form 22-1999.

How Are Enrollment Changes Handled?
Each trainee’s records should be verified monthly to determine that nothing has changed. Notify VA if a trainee has
been laid off or changes jobs by completing a “Notice of Change in Student Status” VA Form 22-1999b for all
chapters except Chapter 31.

What Records Do I Keep?
We suggest that the Certifying Official keep copies of certifications and changes in enrollment for three years. It is
also helpful to keep copies of all supporting documents such as the student’s discharge papers (DD-214) or Notice
of Basic Eligibility (NOBE). The original document should be sent to VA.

VA Forms
To certify enrollments and changes in enrollments, you
will need to use a variety of VA forms. This section will
briefly describe the forms.

A supply of forms should be kept in the office that certifies VA trainees. Additional
forms can be ordered by using VA Form 23-8800. You can fax your order to: (716)
551-5388. You can also down load forms from the VA web site by going to:


VA Form 22-1990, (sample attached) Application for Education Benefits, is
completed by the trainee the first time an application is made. It is helpful and results
in faster processing if you mail in the application along with the certification of
enrollment (VA Form 22-1999). It is also a good idea to keep a copy of the 22-1990
in the trainee’s file. In addition to the form, you should send in a copy of the DD-214.
If the trainee is active in a Reserve or Guard unit, there will not be a DD-214, but a
Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) from the unit’s Education Officer. However, do
not delay sending in the 22-1999 if the trainee doesn’t have these forms.

VA Form 22-5490, (sample attached) Application for Survivor’s and Dependent’s
Educational Assistance is used by first time Chapter 35 trainees to apply for benefits.
Dependents of veterans have a different VA file number than their Social Security
number. It is the VA claim number of the veteran who died while in service or of a
service connected disability, or is 100% permanently disabled due to a service
connected disability. This number is sometimes called a “C” number. The “C”
number is followed by a payee number or letter. You may see it as 10 for a spouse,
and 41, 42, 43, etc. for children.

VA Form 22-1995, (sample attached) Request for Change of Program or Place of
Training, is used for trainees who have previously received VA education benefits at
another institution. The exceptions are the Chapter 31 students who use the 28-
1905, and chapter 35 students who use the 22-5495.

VA Form 22-5495, (sample attached) Request for Change of Program or Place of
Training (Survivor’s and Dependents Educational Assistance) is used by dependents
who are changing their program. Remember, Chapter 35 trainees have a VA claim
number that is not their Social Security number, but the claim number of the veteran
whose death or disability gives them their eligibility.

VA Form 22-1999, (sample attached) Certification of Enrollment, is used by the
certifying official to tell the VA about the trainees enrollment. It includes the dates of
enrollment (beginning and ending dates), clock hours, prior credit, type of training,
and name of program.

VA Form 22-1999b, (sample attached) Notice of change in Student Status, is used to
notify VA of any change in a trainee’s enrollment. This is used for all students except
Chapter 31 students.

Note: If a trainee has stopped working and later returns to work, a new 22-1999
should be completed showing the new beginning date and ending date of the
trainee’s employment.

22-6553d, (sample attached) Monthly Certification of On The Job and Apprentice
Training. This form is used to report the hours that the veteran works monthly.

Note: This is the form the VA needs in order to issue a payment to the trainee. The
trainee will not receive payment if the VA doesn’t receive this form or a verification of
monthly hours worked from you on your Company’s letterhead.

Military Forms

The DD-214 is the veteran’s discharge or separation papers. You need to ask for
Member Copy 4. This is indicated on the bottom of the form, and this form shows
the individual’s type of discharge and reason for discharge.

The NOBE is a Notice of Basic Eligibility (DD form 2384). This is a temporary
eligibility certificate which is issued to individuals in the active Selective Reserves or
National Guard who have established eligibility for Chapter 1606, but whose
computer record has not yet been updated to show the eligibility.

Benefit Payments

Where Benefit Checks Are Sent
VA benefit checks are sent directly to the address the trainee has indicated on the
application or that is shown on the certification. Benefit checks are NOT paid to the

Benefits Are Paid In Arrears
Benefits are paid in arrears. The trainee receives payment for the month of training
after the monthly certification of hours worked, 22-6553d, is received.

Completing V Forms

When completing any VA form, always read the instructions for
detailed guidelines. It is helpful to read the instructions and fill
out a sample form before attempting to assist a trainee. When
completing forms, always print clearly and firmly in black ink.
Complete all sections, and make sure the forms are properly
dated and signed.

The initial claim for benefits by a veteran entering training should include
the following forms:

•   The trainee should complete the application (VA Form 22-1990 or 22-
    5490) or request for change in training or place in training (VA From
    22-1995 or 22-5495).

•   The certifying official completes the certification of enrollment (VA
    Form 22-1999) or change in enrollment (VA Form 22-1999b).

•   If you have any questions regarding the form, please contact your
    Education Liaison Representative listed on page 4 of this guide.

•   You should also include a copy of the State Apprenticeship or OJT
    Training Agreement that is signed by the veteran and employer.

•   At the top of each form indicate in BOLD PRINT “HARD COPY”

•   Mail the package to:

               PATRICIA A. CARTER

               VA REGIONAL OFFICE


               BOSTON, MA 02203

• Remember: Properly completed forms will assist the claimant in receiving
payments properly and in a timely manner.

Instructions for Completing V Form 22-1999
(Enrollment Certification)

ITEMS 1-4:   Include the student’s full name and current address in items 1
             and 3. The VA needs to maintain current address information
             because we not only mail the student’s checks to that address,
             but any correspondence from us will also be sent to that
             address, as well as notification of any important changes at the

              Item 2 is for the VA file number or claim number of the veteran
             if he or she has one. If the file number is not the student’s
             social security number, then enter the student’s social security
             number in Item 4.

              If the student is a dependent under Chapter 35, then the file
             number or claim number is that of the veteran, along with the
             suffix number of the dependent. The student’s social security
             number would then go in Item 4.

ITEM 5:      In Item 5, check the type of training as Apprenticeship/Other

ITEM 6:      In Item 6, you will need to list the name of the program that
             was approved by the State Approving Agency (SAA).

              You should receive an approval document from your SAA
             listing each program that is approved at your facility. In Item 6,
             you must list the name of the program as the SAA lists it on the
             approval document.

ITEM 7:        In Item 7, you must report prior credit. Prior credit means any
               education, training, or work experience the student had prior to
               beginning the program you are now certifying that would
               shorten the program.

               You should never leave Item 7 blank on an enrollment

ITEMS 8-13:    You will NOT need to complete any of these Items.

ITEM 14:       You may include in Item 14, an itemized account of hours
               worked by month. Example, Jan 2002=120 hours, Feb 2002 =
               120 hours.

ITEM 15:        You will NOT need to complete Item 15.

ITEMS 16A-E:    The signature and title of the certifying official goes in Item
               16A. Only those persons who have completed VA Form
               22-8794, Designation of Certifying Officials, are authorized
               to sign VA Forms. We also need your facility’s name,
               address, telephone number and facility code in Items 16B, 16C,
               and 16E. The facility code is important because it identifies
               your specific facility and the type of training your facility offers.
               It is also used to identify the amount of reporting fees paid to
               your facility each year.

               Date the form in Item 16D.

ITEMS 20A-D:    In Item 20A, you will insert the beginning and ending dates of
               the claimant’s training. Make sure you list the Month, Day, and
               Year for the training.

               In Item 20B, check the type of training.

               In Item 20C, list the number of hours the trainee is employed
               per week in the training program.

               In Item 20D, list the number of hours in a standard work week.

Notes:         Remember to ensure that you are in compliance with all of the
               applicable certifications on the form.

               Keep a copy of the enrollment certification in the student’s file.

Monthly Rates of Payment Effective October 1, 2004:

Chapter 30 Category I:          Basic Rate 1

First 6 months                 $753.00
Second 6 months                $552.20
Remainder of Program           $351.20

Chapter 30 Category II:       No         One             Two     Additional
                              Dependents Dep.            Dep.    Dep.

First 6 months                $841.50          $853.88   $864.75 $5.25
Second 6 months               $598.13          $607.48   $615.18 $3.85
Third 6 months                $368.55          $374.68   $379.40 $2.45
Remainder of Program          $356.65          $362.43   $367.68 $2.45

Chapter 1606:

First 6 months:               $211.50
Second 6 months:              $155.10
Remainder of Program:         $ 98.70

Chapter 35:

First 6 months:               $574.00
Second 6 months:              $429.00
Third 6 months:               $285.00
Remainder of Program:         $144.00


                        There's usually some fine print, and here is ours:
We will make every effort to keep this Users Guide current and accurate, but there will surely
be times when this is not possible. These pages are for general information only, your best
source of current information is our toll free number 1-888-442-4551. These pages are not
regulatory or binding on the Dept. of Veterans Affairs or its employees.


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