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      GPA 613

   Dr. Chuck Phelps

     Maranatha Baptist Graduate School of Theology
                     September 29-October 3, 2008
The following topics represent the individual lecture themes. The notes for the lectures are
contained within the syllabus.

1. Managing to Understand the Biblical Need to Bishop the Flock
2. Managing to Understand Church Government
3. Managing to Lead
4. Management Style Analysis for Ministers
5. Managing Life’s Priorities
6. Managing the Church Calendar
7. Managing to Build the Church Staff
8. Managing through Delegation
9. Managing People – Essentials
10. Managing People – Job Descriptions
11. Managing People – Meetings
12. Managing Ministry through the Deacons
13. Managing to Build Facilities
14. Managing to Build Disciples
15. Managing Your Adult Bible Fellowship Ministry
16. Managing to Avoid Litigation
17. Managing with a Vision
18. Managing to Keep Track of Your Ministry
                          GPA 613: Church Growth and Management

                                     Assignments for the Course

September 29-October 3, 2008 .......................................................................... Dr. Chuck Phelps

Church Growth and Management is a study of the biblical principles concerning church
growth and management. This course examines the biblical role of the pastor in leading
the church, and the pastor’s responsibility in developing policies and personnel for
church management. The course includes a special focus on adult Bible fellowship and
discipleship ministries as the focus of biblical church growth.

Course Objectives: At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to:
1.    Identify the biblical principles which direct church management.
2.    Understand the role of the pastor in church leadership.
3.    Develop policies for church management.
4.    Comprehend the importance and methodology for developing spiritually qualified
      personnel for church management.
5.    Create a program of adult Bible fellowship and discipleship based on biblical
      principles and fitted for a specific local church.

Required Texts and Papers
       A.      Read the following.
               Criswell’s Guidebook for Pastors by W. A. Criswell (187 pages)
               Management: A Biblical Approach by Myron Rush (235 pages)
               How to Break Growth Barriers by Carl George (200 pages).
               NOTE: It will be to your advantage to have completed the required reading
               prior to class.

       B.      Write a 1-2 page report on each required book. The report should be written
               in paragraph form and should be an interesting and personal review, as if it
               were being submitted as a critique for a Christian periodical. Answer the
               questions: Would you recommend this book to be read by others? Why?
               What value was discovered in your reading?

       C.      Read additional material pertinent to the class to bring your reading to at least
               a total of 1,000 pages. Research for your paper can be included. Submit a
               reading report, listing what you have read and total pages of reading no later
               than December 5.

       D.      Write a 12-14 page paper suggesting your philosophy and organizational plan
               of action as a pastoral manager of one of the following ministries:
               *Sunday School Ministry—Children or Adult
               *Junior Church Ministry
               *Local Church Financial Ministry
               *Men’s Ministry
     *Ladies’ Ministry
     *Financial Ministry
     *Ministry with the Deacons
     *Youth Ministry
     *Vacation Bible School Ministry
     *Camp Ministry
     Note: Other suggested ministries may be available upon approval from the
     instructor by emailing This paper is due no later than
     December 1. You must follow the Maranatha and Turabian format.

E.   Grading:
     Class Participation—10%
     Reading Requirements—20%
     Reading Reports—30%

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