Creating High Quality Custom Index Tab Dividers

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					?If your organization binds large reports presentations or proposals then chances are
you are either using index tabs or should consider using index tabs. Index tab dividers
can be bound right into your document to help organize the contents and make it
easier to read and reference. However, if you are interested in creating your own
index tabs or ordering custom index tabs you will have some decisions to make. Here
are some of them.

 1. What color do you want your index tabs to be. Index tabs are most commonly
produced in white but they can be special ordered in either cream or a number of other
custom colors. White will be the most cost effective choice.

 2. What weight of paper do you want your index tabs to be created from. The most
common choices are 90lb index and 110lb index. Other weights are available but are
usually considered custom.

 3. What size of paper do you want the tabs to be made from? Standard index tabs
will be letter sized with a ?" tab extension from the side of the divider. However, tabs
can also be ordered in half letter size, legal size and even in 11" x 17" size depending
on your needs.

 4. Do you want the binding edge to be reinforced? A clear laminate can be added to
the binding edge of your index tab to prevent it from ripping out of your document.
This is especially useful for documents that are frequently referenced.

 5. How many tabs do you want? This question really has two parts. First, you need
to decide what cut of tabs that you want (how many tabs will the edge of your
document be split into). Second, you will need to determine the total number of tabs
that you want in each set. If you needed an alphabetical index of tab dividers you
could order a single bank of 25th cut tabs or you could order 5 banks of 5th cut tabs. It
really depends on what you are looking for.

 6. What edge of the paper do you want the tabs to be on? You can choose to place
the tabs on the long or the short edge of the document depending on the side of the
book that you are planning on binding.

 7. What printing do you want to put on the tabs? You will need to decide if you are
going to need to print anything on the body of the index divider. You will also need to
choose the text to place on each of the index tabs. Index tabs can be printed on both
sides or just one side. It is really up to you.

 8. Do you want the tabs to be coated? The tabs can be coated with a Mylar sealant
that will keep them from being damaged or bent. This sealant can be clear or can be in
one of about ten transparent color choices.
When you are looking and buying custom index tabs, these are all questions that you
will need to ask yourself before you make your purchase.

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