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									                               NIH No-Cost Extension Letter
The Authorized Institutional Representative of the grantee institution may extend the final budget period
of an NIH project one time for a period of up to 12 months beyond the original expiration date shown in
the Notice of Grant Award if no additional funds are required to be obligated by the NIH awarding
office, there will be no change in the project's originally approved scope, and any one of the following

   Additional time beyond the established expiration date is required to ensure adequate completion of
    the originally approved project.

   Continuity of NIH grant support is required while a competing continuation application is under

   The extension is necessary to permit an orderly phase-out of a project that will not receive continued

The fact that funds remain at the expiration of the grant is not, in itself, sufficient justification for an
extension without additional funds.

The Authorized Institutional Representative, Dr. Cèline Gèlinas, approves the no-cost extension, NOT
THE NIH. To request a no-cost extension, use the template on the following page and submit it to the
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs no later than 15 days prior to the original end of the final
project period. The letter should be on departmental stationery. The letter must request a no-cost
extension from Dr. Cèline Gèlinas as the Authorized Institutional Representative. The letter is signed by
the PI and delivered to the Research Office. If Dr. Gèlinas approves the extension, she will sign the
letter and the investigator’s record in NIH Commons will be updated to reflect the new end date of the
grant. The Research Office will write in the date that the investigator’s record was updated and the
original letter will be returned to the investigator. This letter is for the investigator’s file only; nothing
needs to be sent to the NIH.

In requesting the extension of the final budget period through this process, the investigator agrees to
update all required certifications, including human subjects and animal welfare, in accordance with
applicable regulations and policies.

Any additional project period extension beyond the one-time extension of up to 12 months requires NIH
prior approval. Grantees may not extend project periods previously extended by the NIH awarding

                                           Sample Letter
                                        [On departmental letterhead]


Dr. Cèline Gèlinas
Associate Dean for Research
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Research Tower, Room R109
675 Hoes Lane West
Piscataway, NJ 08854

Dear Dr. Gèlinas,

This letter is to request a no-cost extension of one year for [grant number] entitled [grant title]. The
principal investigator on this grant is Dr. [PI name].

The reason an extension is necessary is that [insert detailed rationale]


Dr. [PI name]
[Academic Rank]
UMDNJ—Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

This no-cost extension has been approved.

____________________________________                          ___________
Cèline Gèlinas, Ph.D.                                         date
Associate Dean for Research
UMDNJ—Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

If applicable, this no-cost extension was entered into eRA Commons on         ___________________.


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