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									?Brochures are an excellent way to advertise your business, your services or your
products. Any brochure that is advertising a product or a service has one singular aim
- to make the buyer pick it up and read the content - which means that brochure
designs must be original, unusual and eye-catching enough to entice the consumer to
reach out for them.

A brochure that is lying at a checkout counter always has other brochures to compete
with, so what makes a successful brochure stand out from the crowd? What would
make you pick out a particular brochure from a stack? If you think about that, you
will realise that either the color attracted you in some way or the brochure looked
"different" or it featured a product that caught your interest.

The use of color is always important in brochure designs. Innovative ways to use
colors and unusual combinations immediately catch the eye. For example, a single,
flat, clean color balanced with blank spaces and an interesting font in a contrasting
color is very striking, if you want to keep your brochure simple but dramatic.

Using painted brush strokes as a backdrop is also very effective, particularly if the
background looks like canvas or an old piece of parchment. It can give the brochure a
creative touch, making it look like a work of art, unusual and attractive - if your
product fits this theme, of course.

Adding a little glitter to a brochure can spice it up. Sparkle is always attractive on
brochures introducing new products - like a magical manifestation in a shower of
sparks !
Gold and silver metallic inks lend a touch of class to brochures advertising high-end
products. Combined with old-fashioned typography and artistic borders, your
brochure will have luxury and refinement written all over it, and who can resist that?

If your brochure contains photographs, ensure that they are top quality. Employ a
professional photographer to take photographs of your products in unusual layouts.
Similarly, graphics on your brochure should be creative, artistic and executed by a
skilled hand. Printing and paper should be of the highest quality - inferiority has never
attracted anyone.

If you have studied various brochure designs, you will have noticed that the font is an
important element of the overall design. It must be relevant to the subject matter; a
formal script will not match a brochure advertising clothes for teenagers and a comic
script will look foolish on brochures advertising elegant footwear.

Do not use too many fonts on the brochure either - the result is messy, unattractive
and difficult to read. Use just the one font, or possibly two fonts to create an
interesting contrast, making the brochure easy to read at a glance.
Copywriting is equally important when designing a brochure. It must be light and
positive, pointing out the advantage of your product to the reader. Impart information
in an easy conversational style, inviting the buyer to read on. Benefits to the buyer,
clearly displayed on the cover of a brochure often entice a person to pick it up.

If you do incorporate all the advice that studying successful brochure designs have
taught you and produce a wonderful brochure that nobody can resist, you may well
find your products selling like hot cakes. There is a hidden psychological element
here as well - a professional brochure designed by an innovative mind and produced
with quality and care is a representative of an experienced company that has created a
unique product with the same quality and care - it inspires confidence in the product.

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