Creating a Great Resume (DOC) by iupon13


									?Just before you begin making a good resume, make sure you concentrate on the
needs with your employer you have been looking to be employed by. A resume that is
definitely not tailored to your employers needs will never reach the grade and will
more often that does not get binned. Remember, most hiring managers spend only 30
to 40 seconds scanning your resume just before deciding whether it contains enough
quality information for them to continue reading.

Making a decent resume requires a certain amount of planning if your resume will
probably hit the mark with the hiring manager. Be sure you devote time looking into
the position you are trying to get. Every work advert will have written in it what are
the employer is looking for. Create a written note of all your own key skills and
capabilities together with accomplishments and achievements. Compare your list to
the job advert and find out if you suit what the employee is looking for. If you do suit
then it's time to commence making a good resume!

Never use generic resumes to apply for distinct positions. Hiring managers hate this
and will filter your own resume out of the pile instantly. It's worth realizing that on
average only one resume out of 200 actually obtains an interview. Do not try and cut
corners as it will cost you time and wasted effort in the long run.

You'll need to have a list of all the relevant information at hand before you begin
making a good resume. Be sure you have all your education qualifications, industry
qualifications, previous employment details (addresses, dates, time in previous
position etc) and a strong list of accomplishments/achievements written out as bullet

Begin with a goal and lightly explain why you are the person for the advertised job.
Then below that create a summary using the bullet points for accomplishments etc.
It's best to possess about half a dozen written down on your resume. Use language
that allows you to market your self, after all your own resume is designed to win you
a job interview.

After that it is time to expand on those achievements you put in the summary. Market
those skills and your achievements to the hiring manager. Put as much relevant detail
in, making sure what you create is concise and to the point.

Finally you will need to do the above mentioned and which will include previous
employers details with a brief outline of the duties/responsibilities you had.
Furthermore you will need to add your education details, awards etc next.

The final item will be references. Don't add them to your own resume, just type
'available on request'.

Making a good resume is time consuming and I believe one page is enough for most
applications. Make sure it is properly lay out, error free and concise.

Are you aware that a well created resume can provide you with a unique advantage in
the recruitment process and lead to that dream job? Why? Because figuring out how
to create a good resume provides you with that competitive edge over the competition
and that's what you want

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