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									                                                          January 12, 2010

                             COMING SOON...

                                     Tickets go on sale next week!
                                        $12 for MOS Parents & Staff
                                               $15 for all others

                                               Saturday, February 20
                           in the Marina Room at the Hassayampa Inn
                                Please Support this Major Fundraiser by: 
                                         Selling tickets !                                                                          
                        Donating items, services or fun activity packages! 

PLEASE  READ!!!  Do you have some fabulous ethnic recipes you would like to share with our commu-
nity? How about a unique craft project that several people can work on together? If you are still wonder-
ing what you can donate for the Silent Auction please consider a community donation. You can get to-
gether with a friend or as a family to create an "experience" that several people or a family can bid on. Ex-
amples include: a scrap booking party, ethnic dinner, themed birthday party, hike to a special location with
picnic lunch provided by you and your friends, making candles, showing others how to do routine mainte-
nance on a car or a bicycle...the list is endless and with some buddies to help, it doesn't have to be intimi-
dating. We look forward to seeing the creative projects Mountain Oak Community comes up with!!

    Please have all donations into the office by January 29 so we can begin advertising on the web.

              124 N Virginia St. Prescott AZ     928-541-7700
                                             Mountain Oak School News

WILDFLOWER BREAD COMPANY.               VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES:                       coming years
TONIGHT! Must have the at-              Current Jobs-                                  -Christmas Parade may become a whole
                                                                                       school event (rather than just one class) for
tached coupon! MOS 8th grade            ⃞ Gate at the stairs does not                  community building and marketing purposes
is having a Neighborhood Night          close properly.
at Wildflower Bread Company.            ⃞Tile/shingle on wall to office                Faculty Report
This is a great time to enjoy a         came loose.                                    -Joan Treadaway, a Waldorf Remedial Thera-
meal with our community and             ⃞Door sills & weather stripping                pist, worked with the staff on interpreting
                                                                                       Person, House, Tree drawings.
other friends, family and                                                              -Crazy Hat Day, Dec. 18 was fun for those
neighbors. Wildflower will be do-          Contact Marcee if you are                   who took part
nating a portion of sales to the        interested in any of the re-                   -Monitoring from the State is coming up,
MOS 8th grade which will be             pairs. 636-0717 or 499-1252                    they will be visiting classrooms
used for their trip to study on                                                        -Staff is continuing discussion on homework
Catalina Island. Any questions,         On-going tasks-
contact Brandy Meade 804-852-           ⃞Litter pick up.                               Chair Updates:
2816 or             ⃞Sweep the sidewalks.
                                        ⃞Stones around flower beds,                    Festivals
FREE SAFETY IDENTIFICATION              trees and garden.                              - Mid-Winter Festival is coming up and is an
                                                                                       in-class festival handled by the teachers
CARDS for your STUDENT(s). The                                                         Facilities
new Chase Bank in Prescott Val-         The weekly wash of tables,                     -Clean-up Day on Jan. 2 5-6 families came
ley is sponsoring Safety Identifica-    benches & window sills was taken               to do general cleaning, litter pick-up and
tion Cards for students free of         up by Wendy Hawkins & the chil-                repairs
charge.       These                     dren in KinderCare. Many thanks                Care Group
                                                                                       -Welcome cards sent to new families
cards include a                         for your work.                                 Marketing
picture of your                                                                        -Dropped the big ad in the Yellow Pages (not
child, fingerprints                     The next school-wide clean-up                  effective) and putting the money towards
and a DNA sam-                          will be Saturday, March 6, 11:00               other things.
ple.     They    will                   am- 2:00 pm.                                   -Marketing is in need of someone willing to
                                                                                       notify the paper of up-coming events related
come on Thurs-                                                                         to Parent Association and all school.
day, February 4th                       CALLING ALL ARTISTS! Mountain                  Social Activities
to collect photos, fingerprints and     Oak is ready to change its logo!               -Edmund Knighton coming March 2 &
DNA samples. If you are inter-          We are asking all community art-               3. Need volunteers to arrange tea & cookies
ested in this service please fill out   ists to consider contributing ideas            or potluck.
the attached form and return to         and sketches. Here are the                     -Mardi Gras Silent Auction will be at the
the office by Wednesday, Janu-          guidelines:                                    Hassayampa on February 20. Need to start
ary 27.                                                                                collecting donations as soon as possi-
                                             Entries can be submitted by               ble! Most items will be in silent auction, big
FREE PRESENTATION: “BEYOND              any artist who loves our school,               items (helicopter ride, etc.) may be sold at
SETTING LIMITS.      Parent, Sarah      young and old.                                 live auction. Masks will be for sale at the
                                                                                       door. Discussed having a Community Table
Edmonds, PhD is offering this free             The logo should/could have              where different services or classes are offered
presentation at the Prescott Pub-       the following components: an                   for sale. Tickets are $12 for Mountain Oak
lic Library this Thursday, January      acorn(s), an oak tree, an oak                  family members and $15 for the community.
14th from 6:30 to 8pm. She will be      leaf, child’s hand or hands.
                                                                                       Parent Education
                                                                                       -Edmund Knighton coming March 2 & 3
introducing the basic premises of                                                      Communication
Nonviolent Communication ™.                Black and white is best. Color
                                                                                       -Need more ways of getting information to
She presented a variation of this       submissions are great too if the               the parents about Edmund Knighton's visit
talk as an invited speaker at the       picture is clear and beautiful
2009 Arizona Psychological Asso-        when copied in black and white.                Discussion Items
ciation Convention. Parents and         Submissions are due on Friday,                 -Fundraising/Event Policy - Discussed the
                                                                                       Proposal Form and Event Approval and
others interested in learning more      January 22.                                    Office Communication Slip. Reviewed the
are welcome. For more info call                                                        draft of the Fundraising Policy, which was
830-4661.                               PARENT ASSOC. MEETING MINUTES                  approved by Parent Association and will go
                                        for JANUARY 7th                                before the staff and the Board.
                                                                                       -Spring Student Fundraiser- Products will be
KINDERGARTEN PARENT MEETING                                                            provided by local businesses. Items so far:
                                        Minutes from Dec. meeting read aloud
"Movement and Child Develop-                                                           coffee, sweets, bath salts and creams, lip
ment through the Formative              Administration Report                          balm, canvas bags. Will launch in March,
Years." Thursday, Jan. 21st 5:00-       -Tax Credit is up to $18,000                   orders collected and submitted in April, prod-
6:15 p.m                                -Edmund Knighton will come March 2 & 3,        ucts received in May.
                                        not in February. -George and Donna Hof-        -A second Clothing Exchange is planned for
                                        fecker will not come this year                 Saturday, February 6
                                        -The Holiday Party was a lovely evening,
                                        hoping it will increase in attendance in the

                           Email submissions to: by Friday
                                                     Mountain Oak School Calendar

                                      January 2010
        Sunday                 Monday             Tuesday              Wednesday                 Thursday              Friday              Saturday

3                     4                      5                      6 Early Release         7                     8                   9
                                                                       1st—8th Grades       String Band 3pm 

                                                                                            Parent Assoc. Meet‐
                                                                                            ing 5:30pm 

10                    11                     12 Feb Lunch Order     13     Early Release    14                    15                  16
                                             forms go home today       1st—8th Grades       String Band 3pm 
                                               Eat Dinner at                                Board Mtg. 3:15pm 
                                             Bread Co TODAY!                                “Beyond Setting 
                                                                                            Limits” @Prescott 
                                                                                            Library, 6:30pm 

17                    18                      19Feb Lunch Order  20        Early Release    21                    22                  23
                       Martin Luther              DUE TODAY!           1st—8th Grades       Walk thru the         School Logo 
                                                                                            Grades (RSVP) 
                        King Jr. Day                                                                              Submissions 
                            No                                                              Kinder Class Meet‐    Due today! 
                          School                                                            ing 5‐6:15pm 
                                                                                            String Band 3pm 

24                    25                     26                     27 Early Release        28                    29                  30
                                                                       1st—8th Grades                             Silent Auction 
                                                                                            String Band 3pm       Items Due in the 
                                                                    ID Card Applications 
                                                                    Due Today                                     office today! 

31                    February 1             2                      3 Early Release         4                     5                   6
                                                                       1st—8th Grades       ID Card Day 
                                                                                            String Band 3pm 

                                                                                            Parent Assoc. Meet‐
                                                                                            ing 5:30pm 

               February 2010 
          *Event on this day. See right.          02/01/10 Mid‐Winder Festival begins 
                                                  02/04/10 Parent Assoc. Meeting 5:30p 
    S     M      T        W       T     F     S   02/04/10 Identification Card Collection Day 
                                                  02/11/10 Board Meeting 
          1*      2       3      4***   5     6
                                                  02/18/10 Walk thru the Grades RSVP 
7          8      9       10     11**   12    13  02/15/10 Presidents Day– No School  
14        15     16       17     18**   19   20**
                                                  02/20/10 Kindergarten Open House 
                                                  02/20/10 4th Annual Silent Auction 
21        22     23       24     25**   26    27   
28                                                After School String Band on Thursdays 

                 Lisa Olsson                              You can now advertise in our  
                 Master Hair Designer
                 Colourist                                     Tuesday Newsletter.   
                                                          $3 per issue or $10 per month.  
                 213 Grove Ave                          Talk to Beni in the office 541‐7700 
                 Prescott, AZ 86301

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