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   Arkansas Fall Gathering
      September 2009
1. The Value of Law
2. The Sabbath Principle and A Willing Heart
3. The Eleven Days Exhortation

                 Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   2
                 Why Us?
• Num 11: 18-20
• They had lost their sense of purpose, and
  absent this core foundation of faith, they
  bemoaned their circumstance, and sought to
  satisfy their natural desires

                Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   3
       How Long to Lose Faith?
• How long does it take to forget about the
  covenant relationship into which we have
  entered, or for its requirements to become
• Deu 1: 2,19

                 Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   4
• Septuagint Greek title that means Repetition
  of the Law
• “And it shall be, when he sitteth upon the
  throne of his kingdom, that he shall write him
  a copy of this law in a book out of that which
  is before the priests the Levites” (Deu 17:18)

                 Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   5
       Outline of Deuteronomy
• A repeated exhortation to obedience
• A call for separation from the nations
• Reflection upon the divine feasts administered
  under the Mosaic Covenant
• Blessings for obedience, and cursings for
  failure to adhere to God’s commandments
• Concludes with the Song of Moses, which
  celebrates the victory and joy that awaits
  those faithful servants of God
                 Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   6
          Obedience Through Love
• “I came not,” said (Jesus), “to destroy the law and the
  prophets. but to fulfill; for the heaven and earth may pass
  away. but not one jot or tittle shall pass from the law, till all be
  fulfilled.” (Jesus) continually impressed upon his hearers the
  necessity of believing the words of God, and of doing his
  commands: and never ceased to make the “obedience of
  faith” the test of men’s devotion and affection for him. “If ye
  love me,” saith he, “keep my commandments:” and “ye are
  my friends if ye do whatsoever I command you,” for “love is
  the fulfilling of the law.”
                                                  Eureka vol.I, p.16

                         Lessons in Law and the Wilderness           7
        Instruction from Yahweh
• The ten commandments
• The revelation of the laws and ordinances of the God
  of Israel by which they were to abide
• The pattern of the tabernacle and the Ark of the
• The lesson of the Golden Calf
• Construction of the tabernacle
• The consecration of Aaron and his sons to the
• The foursquare encampment and the marching order
  of the twelve tribes of Israel
                   Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   8
         Blessings from Yahweh
• The parting of the literal waters of the Red Sea
• The destruction of the Egyptian army by those same
• The bitter water at Marah, turned sweet
• The provision of manna
• Water that poured out from the rock at Horeb
• The victory over the Amalekites in Rephidim
• Thunderings, lightnings, fire, smoke and the quaking
  of the mount at the revelation of Yahweh’s Law

                    Lessons in Law and the Wilderness    9
           An Incredible Year
• In need of food and water… they were
  provided both
• In need of direction… they were granted
• In need of organization… they were given law,
  structure and process
• In need of hope… Yahweh reaffirmed His
  covenants of promise to their fathers
  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
                 Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   10
• Signifies disorder, disorganization,
  imperfection and disintegration
• Reigns of Jehoiakim and Zedekiah
• Dukes of Edom
• Parable of the Laborers

                  Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   11
            Lust of the Flesh
• How we spend our time says a lot about who
  we are and what we value
• Do we cry out for the word of God, and the
  righteous fruits it is designed to produce?
• Or do we cry out “for flesh”?

                 Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   12
• Hebrew word loon does mean to complain,
  but it also implies to stop
• The good that we would do, and the honor
  that we would bring to Yahweh’s Name… stops
• It stops us, and it can stop others

                Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   13
                Pride of Life
• Num 12: 10-12
• Miriam began to assert herself from a natural
• In seeking preeminence for herself, she was
  rewarded with recognition of another kind

                 Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   14
                  Idle Time
• “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister
  Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and
  abundance of idleness was in her and in her
  daughters, neither did she strengthen the
  hand of the poor and needy.” (Eze 16:49)
• Idle time is hazardous time… for the Israelites,
  and for us

                  Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   15
             Lust of the Eyes
• God had declared that He would bring them
  out of Egypt “unto a land flowing with milk
  and honey”
• But the Israelites wanted to see it for
• to see the goodness of the land with their
  own eyes, and to see if it really was a safe
  place for them to inhabit

                 Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   16
        The Search of the Land
• Would prove correct the promise of Yahweh,
  that the land was indeed as He had indicated
• Would prove their unbelief, allowing the LORD
  to use this as an example for future
  generations of Israelites and Gentile believers

                  Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   17
               Our Mission
• Where there is no real conviction, enthusiasm
  will inevitably wane, productivity will slow,
  and the mission will ultimately fail
• In order to obtain entrance into the kingdom
  we must find the initiative, maintain it, and
  act upon our faith

                 Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   18
            Is It Just History?
• Perhaps we are too quick to disregard some of
  the principles contained in the Law of Moses
  as applicable to another dispensation
• if not outright dismissed, maybe we fail to
  take advantage of an opportunity to glean
  from the Law important principles that remain
  relevant still in our day

                 Lessons in Law and the Wilderness   19

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