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									Letters To Santa
Page 2, 2010 Holiday Greetings, Wednesday December 22, 2010

 Letters to Santa         like? I love you.                triye your best to             DS games, Wii year. I wish I                      Christmas. I love
    Hillsville            What is you’re fa-               get me a elf? I am             games.      I hope could have a DSI               you Santa. I wish
   Elementary             vorite color? Can                very thinkful for              you have a good holder for Christ-                you a Merry
  Mrs. Bishop’s           you send a picurir               you. I love you.               Christmas.           mas this year. I             Christmas and I
  2nd graders             of all the rander?               Have a good year.                Love,              hope you have a              hope you have a
                          Can I please have                   Love,                         Austin B.          great Christmas.             good time.
  Dear Santa,             some toy cows?                      Haley Caviness                                     Love,                        Your Friend,
  I wish I can            Can I have a toy                                                  Dear Santa,          Kayla B.                     Lindsay B.
have long hair. I         tree? Can I have a                 Dear Santa,                    How are your
hope you’re doing         toy fins? Happy                    How is Dancer                reindeers doing?       Dear Santa,                  Dear Santa,
well. I wish I can        Christmas!                       and Pranser do-                Is Mrs. Clause do-     How are you                  How have you
go with you to the          Love,                          ing? How are you               ing good? I’ve doing             Santa?           been? How many
Noth Pole. I wish           Gracie Thomp-                  doing?      Can I              made a couple of How are your                     elves do you
I had makup. I            son                              have a C.D? I like             mistakes. I’m sor- elves Santa? San-              have? I have been
will be good. I                                            Oh, Holy Night. I              ry. I wish I could ta, I have been                good and bad. I
will love you. I            Dear Santa,                    like clekshons like            have the game pretty good.             I          would like to have
wish I had a chest.         I hope you are                 rocks and snow-                Deer Drive for a wish I could have                a DS and a DS
I wish I had mony.        having a great                   globes.      Dose              Wii for Christmas a puppy, DSI,                   holder and a DS
  Love,                   Christmas. When                  Roodoghph gide                 this year. I hope Linking Logs, Le-               game and a sur-
  Isabella     Ray        is your birthday?                your slay? I love              you are doing gos, Lego men                       prise.    Have a
Allen                     How old are you?                 Roodoghph       the            good.                and women, and a             Merry Christmas.
                          May I have a CD                  red nose reindeer.               Love,              Baby Alive for                 Love,
  Dear Santa,             and a clock? May                 Good to talk to                  Isaac B.           this year. I hope              Lili C.
  I hope you huv          I pretty please                  you. Have a exe-                                    you have a great
u good Christmas.         have a poster of                 lenta Christmas!                 Dear Santa,        Christmas Santa.               Dear Santa,
Are the lfs Boze?         you and Mrs.                       Love,                          How have you         Love,                        How have you
I wudl lik to hav a       Clause? Have a                     Allison Grace                been this year?        Makayla N.                 been this year?
forwilur anb an           great Christmas.                 Brown                          How many houses                                   Am on the good
ellf. May I plase           Love,                                                         do you go to?          Dear Santa,                or bad list? I’ve
have a supur nis            Alexis    Grace                  Dear Santa,                  I’ve been pretty       How are you                been making a lot
par of nuw soccr          Smith                              I hav ben a good             good this year. this year? How                    of mistakes and I
clets.    Have a                                           boy. I would like              I’ve       probably many elves are                should have fixed
great Christmas.      Dear Santa,                          a new bat.       I             been a little bad. I there? I’ve been             them.     For my
  Love,               Wer doo you git                      would allsow like              wish I could have good, but a little              Christmas list I
  Jaden Cole        yo’re efls? Wut                        a bike for Christ-             a Dixie Chicks bad.          I wish I             would wish you
                    myoosic do you                         mass.     Santa I              poster for Christ- could have some-               would let me have
  Dear Santa,       like? Do you like                      would like them                mas this year. I thing that can see               Legos,      Mario
  I hope you have red? Ken I plese                         in red. I will hav             hope you have a through stuff for                 video      games,
a watful Christ- have the DS game                          you milk and                   great time.          Christmas      this          Bakugan, and my
mas. Can I please of the sekit Fineis                      cookies weld you                 Love,              year. I hope you             own Lap Top. I
have a pillowpet and Phrb? Ken I                           come.                            Emily G.           have     a   great           hope you have a
and a play slon have a pack of                               Love,                                             Christmas.                   good Christmas
shop.       Can I legow men? Ken                             Ryan Moore                     Dear Santa,          Your        Best           Eve.
please have a I have sum tres-                                                              How are you Friend,                               Your Friend,
smarbord? What formrs?                                       Mrs. Taylor’s                this year? What        Grayson S.                   Anthony H.
is yore faviet        Love,                                Second       Grade             are your elves do-
colrs? What is        Wesley Davis                         Class                          ing this year? I       Dear Santa,                 Mrs. Woodard’s
your favrit Christ-                                          Dear Santa,                  have been good         What color is               Second Grade
mas song?             Dear Santa,                            How are you? I               this year. I wish I your sleigh? How                    Class
  Love,               I hope you’re                        have been good.                could have guns is our reindeer? I
  Ashton Henley haveing a good                             Is the reindeers               and bullets so I have made a few                    Dear Santa,
                    time at the North                      good? I wish I                 can go hunting mistakes. I wish I                   How are things
  Dear Santa,       Pole.     What is                      could have pants,              with my Papa and could have a baby                at the North Pole?
  I hope you’re your           favorite                    puppies, and a                 a puppy this year. for Christmas this             I    hope      Mrs.
doing well. What game?         My fa-                      guitar for Christ-             I hope you can year. I hope you                   Clause is doing
dose the North vorite game is                              mas this year. I               come.                have a happy                 well and your
Pole look like? Candy Land. I                              hope you have a                  Love,              Christmas.                   reindeer really fly.
Are all randers would like to have                         jolly Christmas.                 Jacob N.             Love,                      My name is Jor-
boys? I wonder a          m.p.4    and                       Love,                                               Kelsie B.                  dan. I want a
what the elfs look clothes. Can you                          Kendra D.                      Dear St. Nick,                                  Mario pen and a
                                                                                            How have you         Dear Santa,                game. I will leve
                                                             Dear Santa,                  been? How have         How have you               you cokis and
                                                             How are you?                 you been doing? I been Santa? Is                  milk. I like Rood-
                                                           How are your                   love you St. Nick. Rudolph       okay?            of. The elves
                                                           reindeer? I have               I wish I could I’ve been good                     make toys. I can’t
                                                           been pretty good.              have Ruthie.       I and bad.       I’ve          wait to open my
  Happy Holidays to all of our                             I wish I could                 hope you have a been fixing my                    presents      thank
    friends and customers!                                 have these things:             Merry Christmas. mistakes. I have                 you.
                                                           iPod, G.I. Joe set,              Love,              had a good school              You frind,
     Merry Christmas and                                   MP players, don’t                Zoey B.            year and I had a               Jordan Worrell
       Happy New Year!                                     break the ice                                       good summer. I
                                                           game,        cootie              Dear Santa,        want a Ben Ten                 Dear Santa,
                                                           game, dune bug-                  How have you watch and a Julios                   How are things
 Joey & Sam Dickson                                        gy, four comput-               been?      Is your Bakugon and a                  at the North pole I
 276-238-5515                                              ers and a pro foot-            reindeer in good Jonas Doll, a pet                hope Mrs. Clause

                                                           ball for Christmas             shape?      I have hamster and a pet              is doing wall and
                                                           this year. I hope              been good. I wish lizard, and that’s              your reindeer are
                                                           you have a great,              I could have My it. I hope you                    read to fly. My
                                                           Merry,      Merry,             Little       Pony’s, have     a   good            name is Zackary
                                                           time.                          horses, a horse Christmas          with           and I would really
                                                             Love,                        skirt, a horse Mrs. Claus and                     like to have a
                                                             Eli W.                       purse, and a horse Rudolph.                       vaingeme.
                                                                                          shirt. I hope you      Your Friend,                 Zackary Walls
                                                             Dear Santa,                  have     a     jolly   Teague H.
                                                             How have your                Christmas.                                          Dear Santa,
                                                           reindeer    been?                Love,                Dear Santa,                  How are things
                                                           What color is your               Jordyn L.            How have you               at the north pole?
                                                           slay? I have been                                   been? Have your              I    hope      Mrs.
                                                           good but I have                  Dear Santa,        reindeers     been           Clause is doing
                                                           silt Kool-Aid. I                 How have you good? Are they                     well and reindeer
                                                           would like baku-               been? How many okay? I think I’ve                 relay to fly. My
                                                           gans,    pokemon               houses do you go been good.            I          name is Ethan I
                                                           cards, Lightening              to?     I’ve been would like some-                would lilly like to
                                                           McQueen       cars,            pretty good this thing special for                have is a wii and a

                                                                                                                        Joy to you and yours this
                                                                                                                        Holiday Season...
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                                                                                         2010 Holiday Greetings, Wednesday December 22, 2010, Page 3
Dsi for Christmas.        wnaat a puppe. I       to have a Zhu Zhu       doing? Are they                  mas! I would like            I would like a
I won’t forget to         hope I get it. Oh      pet for Christmas.      working       hard?              a four-wheeler. I          doll and a doll-
leve you some             and I wont frget       I cannot wait uitl      Are you loading                  like to play music         house. I like you!
milk and cookies          the kookes and         Christmas morn-         up your sleigh? I                so please bring me
on Christmas eve.         milk. I love you.      ing.                    would like some-                 a keyboard. Also             Jade Dalton:
I am very excited           Kaitlyn Smith           Courtney Walk-       thing from Easy-                 new         clothes          I want you to
and I can’t wait to                              er                      bake. My brother                 would be nice.             give me a pretty
open my presents             Dear Santa,                                 Andrew will take                   Love         your        unicorn pillow pet
on      Christmas            How are thinge        Dear Santa,           anything! My sis-                friend,                    and a jewelry box.
morning.                  at the North pole        How are things        ter would like a                   Sevren                   Thank you Santa!
  Ethan Richard-          hop Mrs. Claus is      at the North Pole?      key bord even
son                       Dowing well. and       I hope Mrs. Claus       though she al-          Dear Santa,               Aaron       Dority
                          your reindeer are      is doing well and       ready has one. She      I bet its buzy at (AJ):
  Dear Santa,             redy to fly. My        the elves are mak-      wants a real one      the North Pole be-          I would like a
  How is Dancer           name is Seth and I     ing toys. I want a      this time.            cause there’s 24 bb gun and a
and Prancer and           want really like to    video game for            Love,               days until Christ- Playstation.
all of your uther         have a w/i and a       Christmas. I can’t        Kristina            mas. I tried to be a Thank you so
reindeer? I hope          xbox that will         wait to open my           PS, Have a good     good girl. I would much Santa!
your reindeer are         lisin to me for        presents.               time     delivering   like to have a
ready to fly. How         Christamas.        I     Ethan Tate            presents!             Bratz hair kit.             Trinity Doss:
are things at the         won’t forgit to                                                        Love,                     Hi Santa! I
Noruth Pole? My           leve out the good       Peggy Cavin’s            Dear Santa,           Logan                  would like a bear
name is Logan             cookes on Chris-        Second Grade             How have you          (P.S. I love and bird to play
and I would like          mis eve I am exsi-          Class              been?       Please Christmas)                  with.
for Christmas is a        did to opin prasits.                           leave a present for
Zhu Zhu pet and a            Seth Alderman          Dear Santa,          my Mom and              Dear Santa,               Levi Grimes:
wii. I will not for-                                I hope I’m not       Joshuah. I would        I hope you work           I would like a
get to set out some    Dear Santa,               on the naughty          not want to forget hard and your remote                       control
cookies and milk.      How is thags at           list.    Rudolph’s      them. I would just elves to. I would helicopter and a
  Logan Johnson the North pole? I                nose does not           like a skateboard like a Wii game stuffed animal. I
                     hope Mrs. Clause            have to be so           with a helmet.        three Bey Blades. made you some-
  Dear Santa,        is doing well and           bright because Jay        Love,                 Thank you.             thing to eat!
  How are things your reindeer are               Webb the Meteo-           Rhianna               Sincerely,
at the North pole? ready to fly. My              rologist told us                                Johnathon                 Paige Hannah:
I     hope      Mrs. name is Dylan and           that it was not           Dear Santa,                                     I would like a
Clause is doing I would like to                  suppose to snow o         How is Rudolph        Dear Santa,            baby doll and a
well and your have Ben ten                       lot     we    hope,     and the elves?          I hope you have puppy to play
reindeer are ready atiemnt alen toys             meaning my fami-        Please bring me a a good fun day. I with for Christ-
to fly. My name is for Christmas. I              ly, you will not        remote controlled want a Big Dora mas. Thank you!
Naomi I want a wont forget to                    have to go though       rodot ond a train. I House and some
penbo and pet- leve you milk and                 a lot of rain like      would also like to surprises. Please              Destiny Keatts:
shop please. Its cookies on Chish-               last year. I would      or Pkemon cards. bring some sur-                  I would like a
relly nice meating mas eve. I am                 like a big big sur-       Love,               prises for my Barbie doll and
you. I hope you very excited and I               prise and so on.          LaBron              brothers and sis- toys. I love you
have a great time. cant wait.                       Sincerely,                                 ters.                    Santa!
I’m excited and        Dylan Simpkins               Ellie                  Dear Santa,           Love,
can’t wait.                                                                I hope the rein-      Cristal                   Hunter         Mill-
  Naomi Bethany        Dear Santa,                 Dear Santa,           deer are excied for                            away:
Black                  How is the elfs             I hope you have       Christmas. I am           Fancy Gap               I would like a
                     dooing? I hop the           a great Christmas.      excited!    Please       Elementary            motorcycle and a
  Dear Santa,        raindeer area doo-          Please bring Miss       bring an Airplane Amber Combs’ TV. Thank you
  How are things ing well. I hop I               Cavin a surprise. I     book. Bring Miss          Pre-K class          Santa!
at the north Pole? get persons. My               would like an I-        Cavin a treat.
I hope Mrs. Claus. name is Amelia. I             pod Touch and             Love,                 Cashel Bowen:             Austin Nester:
is doing well and would really like              surprises. I hope         Hunter                I would like a            I would like
your raindear are to have toys and               the reindeer and                              ninja and halo everything to play
ready to fly. My candy for Christ-               the elves are good.       Dear Santa,         book. I love you with for Christ-
name is Toby and mas. I won’t for-                 P.S.    I    love       Thank for the Santa!                         mas and a belt.
I would realy like get to leave you              Christmas.              Dora doll you left                             Can I sit on your
to have a Mario toys at Christmas                  Love,                 me last year. I still   Talisha Bullins: lap?
kart wii game and Eve.                             Rianna Shupe          have her. This
a ipod tuch for        Amelia Dean                                       year I have been
Christmas. I won’t                                  Dear        Santa    good and helped
forget the cookies     Dear Santa,               Claus,                  clean windows at
and milk. One          How are things               I am excited         home. I would                                        Peace Be
Christmas day I at the North Pole?               about Christmas. I      like for you to
am excited and I I
can’t wait.
                     Clause is doing
                                    Mrs.         hope        Rudolph
                                                 comes. Are the
                                                                         bring     me.
                                                                         Spongebob shirt
                                                                                           A                                  With You
  Toby Agnew         well and you rein-          elves       working     for     Christmas.
                     der are redey to            hard for you?           Tell Rudolph hel- May faith be your guide, and joy your constant
  Dear Santa,        fly. My name is             Please bring my         lo for me. Have a           companion during this holy season.
  How are things Rachel. I would                 littel sister a Bar-    save trip!
at the North Pole? like to have a                by doll and a Bar-        Love                      For the blessing of your friendship,
I     hope      Mrs. Zhuzhuppet and a            by book. Please           Kaitlynn                        we are forever grateful.
Clause is doing tiydiy shirt with a              bring me a Ipod           PS I will leave
well. My name is peace sine on it. I             and a psp. My           you a snack on the              Crystal’s Salon
Abigail and I can not wate in till               brother would like      kitchen counter.            302 North Main St., Hillsville,VA
                                                                                                      Mon-Sat. 9-until • (276) 728-3911
would like icarly Chrismas day. I                some clothes.
discs and spencer. will not to fraget               Love,               Dear       Santa
How are your to giv you the                         Heaven            Claus,                                        Season’s Greetings
reindeer. I will milk and cookies.                                      How are your                                 from all of us at

                                                                                                                B&B Tire
make         speacle I cant wait to open            Dear Santa,       reindeer? How are
cookies for you my presants.                        I hope you have you? Please bring
and the reindeer.      Rachel Olivia             a         wonderful my sister some
And I will also Zacarolli
              Merry    Dear Santa,
                                                 Christmas.      Are cars. I would like
                                                 you and the rein- an I-pod and X
                                                 deer buzy? I wish Box 360.
Christmas.             How are things            you could bring        Sincerely,
  Abby Norman        at the North Pole?          me a surprise.         Cole
                     I    hope      Mrs.            Love,
  Dear Santa,        Caluse is doing                Michael Hu          Dear Santa,
  How            are well. My name is                                   How are the                                   1365 Floyd Pike
Roodolf and the Courtney and I                      Dear Santa,       reindeer? I am ex-                               Hillsville, VA
rendeer. Wel I would really like                    Hows the elves cited about Christ-                                (276) 728-2311

                                                   Seasons Greetings
                                                    & Glad Tidings
       Greetings                                                          Hillcrest
          of                                                                                                    Warmest Wishes
      the Season                                                          Flowers                            for the Holiday Season
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Page 4, 2010 Holiday Greetings, Wednesday December 22, 2010
                           Dear Santa,         boots,       books            Matt Boyd              Dear Santa,         from U.S. Cellu-
  Seth Nester:             I want a DS. I      based on movies,                                     You are a great     lar.
  Our friend Seth         want a ipod. I       cd’s, pocket book,            Dear Santa,          person sense you        Jackson Nester
was not able to be        want a jet. I want   Tinker Bell snug-             How old are          give the people
here today so             a modersikl. I       gie, clothes, Bar-          you? I hope you        that don’t have          Dear Santa,
please send him           want a drtbik.       bie dolls, Wii fit,         can bring the fol-     things to play with      How are you? I
something special.         Your friend,        Wii games, Barbie           lowing       things:   toys. How are the     want Moxie girls,
Thank you Santa!           Nathan              movies,        and          Aeropostal             reindeer?     How     a doll, stuffed ani-
                                               Laiken a phone.             clothes, new book      are you and Mrs.      mals, bike, books,
  Leah Russell:             Dear Santa,          Love,                     bag, skateboard,       Claus?       Thank    little stuffed ani-
  I would like a            I would like a       Madison Bur-              puppy (pug), Bar-      you for the pres-     mals, a bow and
book, and Toy             tede ber, rabit, go nette                        bie Gliterrizer, In-   ents last year and    arrow, and jewel-
Story toys. Thank         crt, and                                         dian stuff, per-       the year before       ry.
you Santa!                  Your friend,         Dear Santa,               fume,       money,     that. Is Rudolph         Kinlee Vass
                            Grayson Gorton       How old are               books, Tinkerbell      real? I have been
  Jabin Talley:                                you? I hope to get          stuff, Harry Potter    really good this        Dear Santa,
  I would like a            Dear Santa,        a laptop, Dsi XL,           movies,       shoes,   year. My friend         How’s
dragon and pick-            Whut do yu do? and a Wii. How                  fish,     umbrella     wants a Dsi with      Rudolph? These
up. Thank you             Whut do yu do are you doing?                     (Chinese), binocu-     games. Can you        are the things that
Santa!                    wif yowr randerr. I’m going to make              lars,       hunting    please bring me       I want for Christ-
                          I want a babe sistr. you some cookies            clothes, gun, tar-     one with games to     mas:      a Baby
  Mallie Thomas:            Your friend,       that are your fa-           get, and a great       give to her? I        Alive, a laptop,
  I would like a            Alicia             vorite and milk.            Christmas.             would like a Dsi,     hunting clothes, a
Leapster and a                                   Brett Brannock              Kaelynn Man-         PSP, moonsand,        wig, new water
stroller for my             Dear Santa,                                    ning                   Wii, Jonas Broth-     gun, nerf gun, su-
dolls. I love you           I want a ipod        Dear Santa,                                      ers, XBox 360         per nerf gun, Wii
Santa!                    tush. I want a         How        many             Dear Santa,          kinnect,     phone,   games,         PSP
                          poney.               elves do you                  How are you?         and an Ipod touch.    games,          Dsi
  Clayton    Tur-                                                                                                       games, PSP, lots
man:                                                                                                                    of books, art ma-
  I would like a                                                                                                        terials, Dsi XL,
monster truck and                                                                                                       and a phone.
a tractor with a                                                                                                          Cora Meredith
smoker.    Thank
you Santa!                                                                                                                Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                          I will leave you
  Evan Wagner:                                                                                                          oreos and milk.
  I would like                                                                                                          How old are you?
something   that                                                                                                        Is Rudolph’s nose
shoots    spider                                                                                                        still bright?    I
webs and a dirt                                                                                                         have been good
gun. Thank you                                                                                                          this year.     For
Santa!                                                                                                                  Christmas I would
                                                                                                                        like to have an
  Mrs. Musser’s                                                                                                         Ipod, Wii, Wii
First Grade Class                                                                                                       games, Xbox 360,
  Dear Santa,                                                                                                           DS, a bb gun, pur-
  I want a pillow                                                                                                       ple in my room,
pet. Santa, have                                                                                                        new bike, golden
miss cloes doing                                                                                                        retriever dog, and
good this year?                                                                                                         iphone.
Have yor randea-                                                                                                          Love,
ree bin doing                                                                                                             Marissa Mar-
good? I have a                                                                                                          rero
good boey.
  Your friend,                                                                                                          Mrs. Stockner’s
  Thomas                                                                                                                Second Grade
 Dear Santa,
 I would want a                                                                                                           Dear Santa,
musik staion and I                                                                                                        Thank you for
would lik a ril                                                                                                         the toys last year.
muckey to.                                                                                                              I liked them very
 Your friend,                                                                                                           much! If I have a
 Laci Lundy                                                                                                             Build A Bear
                                                                                                                        birthday, I would
  Dear Santa,                                                                                                           like you to get me
  I want a pillow                                                                                                       an American Girl
pet. I want a ipod                                                                                                      Doll. Her name is
tuch. I want a fon.                                                                                                     Julie.    I would
I want a copoodor.                                                                                                      also like an DSI. I
I want a babey                                                                                                          would like the
                                                                                                                        “Dora Doll” that
  Dear Santa,                                                                                                           you can play with
  I want a webken                                                                                                       on the computer
for      chirimas.I                                                                                                     to change her hair,
want a lunr pet                                                                                                         eyes and clothes.
sop and hos for                                                                                                         I forgot, I also
chirmas. I want                                                                                                         want an IPod.
ipod for chrimas. I                                                                                                       Merry Christ-
want a sef pon for                                                                                                      mas,
chrismas. I want a                                                                                                        Olivia Geisler
pillow pet chir-
mas.                        Your friend,            have? I hope you       Thank you for the        Dakota Covey          Dear Santa,
  Your friend,              Chloe                   are feeling good.      presents last year.                            What is it like
  Madison S.                                        This year I would      How is Mrs. Claus        Dear Santa,         up at the North
                            Dear Santa,             like X-Box 360         doing? How are           Thank you for       Pole?     How is
  Dear Santa,               I want a sel fon.       games, DS games,       the reindeer? Can      helping the boys      Rudolph doing? I
  I would like a          I want a ipod. I          PSP with games,        you bring me a         and girls that        want a phone,
ipod tuch. I love         want 17 dollrs. I         Dsi with games,        laptop, an Xbox, a     don’t have any-       IPod Touch, pa-
you. I hav ben a          want will fangr-          remote     control     few Bakugan, and       thing. I want a       per, and a note-
good boy.                 nals. I want close.       Chevy Corvette,        a Dsi?                 skateboard ramp,      book that says
  Your friend,              Your friend,            electric race car        Cody Edwards         Xbox, Pokemon         Faith.    Are the
  Nolan                     Madison B.              track, and a toy                              cards, Bakugons,      elves doing okay?
                                                    dirt bike.               Dear Santa,          Harry        Potter     Merry Christ-
  Dear Santa,       Dear Santa,                       Jeremy Rowlett         How old are you      movies,        fish   mas!
  I would like a    I want a ipod                                          and Mrs. Claus? I      tanks, fish, tram-      Love,
go krt. And a tuch. I want a                          Dear Santa,          would like money,      poline, 22 rifle,       Faith Padgett
helmit.           camcoorder.      I                  How          is      Moxie girl snow        pillow pet, and the
  Your friend,    want vido camra.                  Rudolph?      For      cabin it’s my na-      movie        Santa     Dear Santa,
  Dustin            Your friend,                    Christmas I want       ture live maple        Paws.                  How is it in the
                    Will                            a bow and arrow.       lodge, three live        Justice Wheat      North Pole? How
  Dear Santa,                                       I would like a         dolls, new clothes,                         are the elves do-
  I would like a     Mrs. Grimes’                   skateboard.            Icarly      sheets,      Dear Santa,        ing and Mrs.
stufe animl.         Second Grade                     Sincerely,           comforter, Cha-          How             is Clause? I like the
  Your friend,           Class                        Will Newman          bella baby doll,       Rudolph?      How Barbie doll that
  Amber                                                                    changing      time     are you?        For you got me last
                    Dear Santa,                       Dear Santa,          baby doll, Barbie      Christmas I would year.        I love
  Dear Santa,       How is Rudolph                    Rudolph is you       video girl, Dsi,       like a blue PSP Christmas!            I
  I would like a doing? I hope you                  nose still bright? I   two Taylor Swift       and a phone that would like a Bis-
pilo pet. I would can bring me a 12-                want a connect         dolls,     Winzey      you can slide side- cuit dog and that
like a pone.      14 foot long ice                  Xbox 360, a lap-       pets, and a pair of    ways and text and is all.
  Your friend,    rink, ice skates,                 top, DSXL, a DS,       cozy socks for         call people like       Love,
  Kalee           orange     camera,                a Di, a skateboard,    Nana.                  you, and a scooter     Cassidy     Ed-
                  eclipse, tie dyed                 star wars stuff,         Lauren Nester        that is gas, and wards
                  sneakers,    snow                 and bb guns.                                  that touch pad
                                                                                2010 Holiday Greetings, Wednesday December 22, 2010, Page 5
   Dear Santa,            How is Rudolph      something I like.    wii, XBOX 360,        board that is pink,    To Santa,
   What is it like at   doing? I want a 4-    I would like a       Mario and Luigo       Setdecks and an        I have been a
the North Pole? I       wheeler, and a        baby doll, puppy,    Bowers    Inside      IPOD.                great boy. I would
want an IPod            pocket knife.         DSI, some paper,     Story game on           Mia Snow           like some fantasy
touch for Christ-         Merry Christ-       and some hair        DSI.                    Fancy Gap Ele-     points on my fan-
mas and some Lit-       mas Santa,            pins. Thank you        Mason Duncan        mentary              tasy       football,
tlest Pet Shop. I         Griff Morris        Santa.    I have       Fancy Gap Ele-                           Madden 2011 and
also want a We-                               been great. I will   mentary                 Dear Santa,        a surprise.
bkinz. I think that       Dear Santa,         be happy.                                    I want a shaggy      Drew Branch
is all.                   What is it like       Stephanie Hun-       Dear Santa,         pillow pet, Silly-     Fancy Gap Ele-
   Take Care of the     living in the North   ley                    I have been a       bandz,        candy, mentary
Reindeer,               Pole? What kind         Fancy Gap Ele-     good boy.       Re-   Nintendo        DS,
   Hannah Farmer        of animals do you     mentary              member Christ-        soda, and a go         Dear Santa,
                        see there? Do you                          mas is 12-25-10. I    cart.                  I have been a
  Dear Santa,           have a pet? I have      Dear Santa,        want a go cart.         Nate Covey         great girl.      For
  I like baseball. I    a pet dog named         I have been a        Love,     Justin      Fancy Gap Ele- Christmas I want
want an IPod            Poof. For Christ-     great boy. I would   Carico                mentary              all the Live Girl, a
touch, a braided        mas      I     want   like a big box of      Fancy Gap Ele-                           big BFF. I want
Phiten necklace. I      $200.00 and a toy     Legos with men       mentary                 Dear Santa,        two BFF girls and
like the stuff that I   Meca Godzilla.        and an IPOD                                  I have been try- a bathtub. I want
got last year.            I hope you get      touch.                Dear Santa,          ing to be respect- everything        that
  Your Friend,          my letter,              C.J. Tate           I have been a        ful to my parents, goes with them. I
  Jackson Hull            Gabriel Robert-       Fancy Gap Ele- great boy. I want         but the thing I want a big doll-
                        son                   mentary             a PSP, XBOX,           want for Christ- house. I want a
  Dear Santa,                                                     Game Boy and           mas is not a lot. stuffed        animal,
  I would like a           Mrs. Gunn’s          Dear Santa,       Smackdown vs.          You can get me fake money, and a
UVA uniform and            Third Grade          I have been a Raw 2011.                  anything you want fake cash register.
a Va. Tech uni-              Class            great girl. I want    Cory Reynolds        to get me but I        Thank you San-
form.     I would                             Go Go My Walk-        Fancy Gap Ele-       would like some- ta!
also like and NBA     Dear Santa,             ing Pup.            mentary School         thing else with the    Susan Howerton
basketball and a      I have been an            Love, Katherine                          other toys you         Fancy Gap Ele-
uniform       from  awesome       boy.        Hill                  Dear Santa,          will get me. I mentary
Coby Bryant.        This is what I                                  I have been a        want       McGruff
  Merry Christ-     want for Christ-            Dear Santa,       great boy. I want      with and all of the Mrs. Hampton’s
mas,                mas. I want a pet           I have been a a remote control           stuff with it, but I    Third Grade
  Jonah Johnson     spider. I want a          great girl. I would truck, a stuffed       want Butterscotch           Class
                    horse.                    like a cell phone bear, a toy truck        too. I want both
  Dear Santa,         Thomas Dull             for Christmas       and a cat.             of them to be the      Dear Santa,
  I have been real-   Fancy Gap Ele-            Hannah Cooper       Trinity Hawks        same ones I used       How are your
ly good!!!!       I mentary                                         Fancy Gap Ele-       to have so write a reindeer? I would
want a new DS                                   Dear Santa,       mentary School         letter on the tag.   like a laptop, a DS
game. Can I have      Dear Santa,               I have been a                              Biancca Camp       game, a new Su-
a new Pip for         I hope you can          great kid.     The    Dear Santa,            Fancy Gap Ele- per Mario Broth-
Christmas too? I make it. I hope              things I want are a   I want a big         mentary              ers, a car, a jet, a
also want a new you can get me                PSP, a DSI XL, a Barbie, a skate-                               dirt bike, a tractor
Wii game.
  Good- bye San-
  Matthew Man-
  Dear Santa,
  How are you
doing in the North
Pole?     How is
Rudolph doing?
My favorite thing
is Littlest Pet
  Breanna Rhoad-
  Dear Santa,
  How is Rudolph
doing today? I
want for Christ-
mas is a 4-wheeler
and an American
Girl Doll. How is
Mrs.       Clause?
How bright is
Rudolph’s nose
this Christmas?
The main thing I
want for Christ-
mas is that every-
one has a Merry,
Merry,      Merry
Christmas. I wish
you a Merry
  Cameron Rus-
   Dear Santa,
   How is Rudolph
doing? I want a
PSP and a remote
control helicopter.
Maybe an Iron
Man toy and that
is all.
   Merry Christ-
mas Santa,
   Isaiah Weather-
  Dear Santa,
  I have always
wanted a Jingle
Husky Pup.        I
have also always
wanted a Fushi
Ball, a really nice
wolf (I really like
wolves), a real
phone, and a DSI.
Can I have a ride
in your sleigh?
  Merry Christ-
mas Santa,
  Gracie Shirley
  Dear Santa,
Page 6, 2010 Holiday Greetings, Wednesday December 22, 2010
with a trailer, a sled.                             in the North Pole?     Luis    Meza-          Love,               How are you
wagon, a comput-        Merry Christ-               Is Rudolph’s nose     Campbell                Jaelyn Hagee      doing? How is
er, and candy mas,                                  still     glowing?                                              Mrs.        Claus?
canes.                  Ashley Robin-               What I want for         Dear Santa,            Dear Santa,      Thank you for my
  Merry Christ- son                                 Christmas is to         I want a hair sa-      Please bring me presents from last
mas,                                                meet       Hannah     lon. I love you        a doll and a DS.   year. Bring me
  Jesse Shelton         Dear Santa,                 Montana,      Zack    Santa Clause.            Love,            whatever        you
                        Have I been a               and Cody, a laptop      Zoey Hylton            Cordellia Gard- want.
  Dear Santa,        good boy? If I                 and to have the                              ner                  Love,
  How is Rudolph have, can you get                  best     Christmas      Dear Santa,                               DJ Patrick
doing? I would me a DSI, Sniper                     ever. And what          I want a DS.           Dear Santa,
like it to be a sur- Airsoft gun, re-               I’d really like to      Love,                  Please bring me    Dear Santa,
prise this year. mote control air-                  have for Christ-        Maddox Lyons         a    Wii     game,   I want a horse,
Please, will you plane, Black Ops                   mas is to be with                            Thomas the Train laptop and a baby
bring me lots of posters and codes,                 my family and all       Dear Santa,          and new Super doll for Christ-
candy and candy flat screen TV, all                 my dogs.                I want a hair        Mario Galaxy 2.    mas.
canes?               of the Boxcar                    Love,               dryer and cookies.       Love,              Your friend,
  Your friend,       Children and Cap-                Marla Romero          Love,                  Jason Martin       Alyssa Payge
  Adam Mayo          tain Underpants                                        Madison Lyons                           Sykes
                     books,      camera,              Dear Santa,                                  Dear Santa,
  Dear Santa,        and     an     iPod              How are you           Dear Santa,            Please bring me    Dear Santa,
  Thank you for Touch.                              this year? I hope       I want a Stam-       a Wii, Nintendo      I love you Santa
giving the pres-        Your friend,                I’ve been good        pede Nerf gun and      DS and a stock- Claus. I hope you
ents to us last         Christian                   this year. I want a   lots and lots of       ing.               bring all my pres-
year.     We were                                   cotton candy mak-     presents and snow        Love,            ents that I want. I
very happy.        I    Dear Santa,                 er, bubble gum, an    and a Christmas          Mario      Meza- am a lucky girl. I
want a remote           How have you                iPod, and a laptop.   tree. I love you       Campbell           love my Mom and
control airplane, been this year? I                   Love,               very much Santa!                          Dad very much.
drum that has want a WWE Flex                         Alyssa                Eli Jenkins            Dear Santa,        Love,
sticks with it, con- Force.                                                                        Please bring me    Bella Lambert
troller for my          Merry Christ-                 Dear Santa,           Dear Santa,          a spider and a toy
xbox, and a ramp mas,                                 I want a CD,          I want a colorful    gun.                 Dear Santa,
for my bike. I’d        Frank Martin                DVD’s, Starwars       doggie and a little      Love,              I would like a
also like a Ninten-                                 the Clone Wars,       bitty baby blue          Zachary Stepp    game, toy, a Wii
do DS because I         Dear Santa,                 Commander Fox,        doggie and rain.                          game and lots of
lost mine.              How are your                and Starfighters. I   That’s it. I love        Dear Santa,      movies too.
  Merry Christ- reindeer today?                     will leave cookies    you, Santa!              Please bring me    Thank you,
mas,                 Santa, can I have              and milk.               Elizabeth Barr       a DS and a Tinker    Charlie Melton
  Chris Tate         3 things this year?              Love,                                      Bell Fairy doll.
                     It’s a Super Mario               Madison Funk          Dear Santa,            Love,              Dear Santa,
  Dear Santa,        Galaxy 2, Mario                                        I want some            Katlyn Bobbitt     I want a DSI,
  I was wondering vs. Donkey Kong,                    Dear Santa,         Fruit Loops and a                         IPOD Touch, and
how       old     is and a laptop.                    How has Blitzen     baseball and a           Dear Santa,      a reindeer. I want
Rudolph and how         Merry Christ-               been?     I would     candy bar and a          Please bring me a smart board,
is his nose? How mas,                               like a car, a foot-   kitty cat and a col-   a toy gun, a DS XBOX              360,
many elves do           Drake Webb                  ball, a basketball,   orful dog. I love      and a monster Squinkies, Orbies
you have? What                                      and a baseball. I     you, Santa!            truck.             and a dirt bike
kind of cookies do      Dear Santa,                 want a puzzle,          Jada Puckett           Love,            only for me.
you like the most?      Has     Rudolph             board games, a                                 Elliott Bowman     Love,
For Christmas I been bad? I hope                    watch, and a            Ms. Little’s                              Adrianna Salyer
would like x-box I have been a                      movie.        Nick    Kindergarten             Dear Santa,
live, an Under Ar- good boy. I would                would like a foot-         Class               Please bring me    Dear Santa,
mor football jack- like a laptop,                   ball game, and he                            a toy gun, candy     Do you know
et, the game of baseball           cards,           wants a TV for        Dear Santa,            and a book.        what I want for
Call-of-Duty         Buzz Lightyear                 Christmas.            Please bring me          Love,            Christmas? Great!
Black Ops, a lap- Operation,         Toy              Love,             a toy dog and              Stephen Allen    OK, I want a Nin-
top, iPod Touch, Story 3, Kerplunk,                   Isaiah Bell       roller skates.                              tendo DS, and Wii
and an iPad. I and 2 Scooby Doo                                           Love,                    Dear Santa,      games for Christ-
would also like to movies.        I will              Gladesboro Ele-     Harley Johnston          Please bring me mas. I would like
have five Airsoft leave you some                    mentary School                               Hot Wheels, a a Nintendo Mario
guns.                cookies and milk.                Mrs. Dalton’s       Dear Santa,            Sonic game and a game,         XBOX
  Your friend,       What kind of                   Pre-K Class           Please bring me        DS.                360, wallet, note-
  Luke Johnson       cookies do you                   Dear Santa,       a baby doll, a             Love,            book, four wheel-
                     like?                            I want three soc- stocking and can-          William Higgs    er, energy neck-
  Dear Santa,           Love,                       cer balls, one for dy canes.                                    lace, Matel water
  How have you          Michael Combs               me, one for my        Love,                        Laurel       bottle, Orbies, and
been this year?                                     brother and one       Kamryn Que-               Elementary      Pillow Pets.
Have the elves          Dear Santa,                 for my other senberry                              School         Love,
been behaving? I        How have you                brother. I want a                               Mrs. South’s      Jacob Bryant
want a Baby- been? What has                         nientendo       for   Dear Santa,              Second Grade
Alive, iPod, lap- been going on up                  Orey because I        Please bring me               Class         Dear Santa,
top, DS games, there? What are                      broke his.          a chair and a pet                             I want a DS,
Wii games, and a the elves doing up                   Love,             care station.              Dear Santa,      computer, IPOD
                                                                                    2010 Holiday Greetings, Wednesday December 22, 2010, Page 7
                                                                                                                       been pretty good.
                                                                                                                       I fight with my
                                                                                                                       sister sometimes.
                                                                                                                       Sometimes I say
                                                                                                                       sorry to her. I am
                                                                                                                       very thankful for
                                                                                                                       what you got me
                                                                                                                       for Christmas last
                                                                                                                       year! The dog that
                                                                                                                       swam was my fa-
                                                                                                                       vorite thing you
                                                                                                                       gave me! What I
                                                                                                                       want for Christ-
                                                                                                                       mas this year is a
                                                                                                                       Squeaky, scooter,
                                                                                                                       make up kit that
                                                                                                                       you can fold up,
                                                                                                                       phone, and any-
                                                                                                                       thing you want to
                                                                                                                       give me. Okay! I
                                                                                                                       would also love
                                                                                                                       one     of    those
                                                                                                                       stuffed        Chi-
                                                                                                                       huahuas      beside
                                                                                                                       Little Caesars and
                                                                                                                       I would like you
                                                                                                                       to get my Sissy a
                                                                                                                       D.S. please! I
                                                                                                                       liked it when you
                                                                                                                       came last year.
                                                                                                                       Make sure you get
                                                                                                                       the cookies on the
                                                                                                                       living room table
                                                                                                                       and I am going to
                                                                                                                       leave some carrots
                                                                                                                       for the reindeer.
                                                                                                                       Please give the
Touch and an          shoes and a game       arguing with my         reindeer. Have a        though I did slap         reindeer      some
IPod. I want jew-     for the Wii. Can       sister a lot but I      Ho, Ho Christ-          my brother and hit        cookies too.
elry and a four       you bring me           said sorry to her. It   mas!                    him in the back             Your friend,
wheeler        for    some           more    is fun to open the        Your friend,          because he kept             Josie Stewart
Christmas.            things? I will         presents that you         Brayden Myers         throwing shoes at           Dear Santa,
  Love,               leave you cookies      bring me and my                                 me. I am sorry              How is Mrs.
  Jacey Lineberry     and milk on the        dad and mom. I            Dear Santa,           that I slapped him.       Claus? I’ve been
                      table beside the       write my list all         How are you           I am thankful for         kind of good but I
   Dear Santa,        Christmas tree.        the     time      on    and Mrs. Claus? I       the helmet, gog-          have been throw-
   I hope you bring     Love,                Christmas day. I        would like to           gles, and racing          ing clothes on the
me a laptop and         Danni Gravley        still believe in        know how many           boots that you            floor. I said I was
everything on my                             you.I would love        animals are in the      brought me last           sorry and my
list. I will have       Dear Santa,          to have a phone         North Pole? I’ve        year. What will           brother and I
some cookies and        I want a DSI,        more than any-          been pretty good        you bring me this         picked up the
milk for you.         Pokemon, Poke-         thing! I would          all year. I liked the   year? Will you            trash, so I hope
   Love,              mon games, tools,      also like to have a     toy you gave me         bring me more             this will help. I
   Ethan Ayers        hand tools, and        German Shepard          last year and           racing boots, bibs,       want something
                      DS      games.     I   and     a     D.S.I.    played with it all      racing gloves, and        that     flies   for
   Dear Santa,        would like a DSI       please! It would        year. I would like      stickers? The ones        Christmas,        so
   For Christmas I game, underwear,          also be nice to         a Teddy Bear for        you got me last           maybe you could
want a Nintendo IPOD Touch, rein-            have a Minnie           Christmas. I will       year are too little       find something for
DSI, IPod Touch, deers, XBOX 360,            laptop.I     always     leave cookies and       now. I will see           me. Thank you
a real cell phone, a energy necklace,        make you cookies.       milk      on      the   you next year!            for giving me a
XBOX           360, energy       bracelet    Remember to look        kitchen table. I          Ben Mann                candy cane three
Mario vs Donkey and a Wii.                   for the cookies         hope you have a                                   years ago when I
Kong Mini Land          Love,                and milk I will         nice trip deliver-        Dear Santa,             saw you at Walk
Mayhem for the          Hunter David-        leave     on     the    ing the presents to       I hope your             In The Wild. I am
Nintndo DS. I son                            kitchen table. I        the children all        reindeer are okay         happy that you put
would also like                              will also leave         over the world.         today. Thank you          me on your list!
the twisted energy      Dear Santa,          carrots for the           Sincerely,            for my nerf gun,            Your friend,
necklace scramble       I want to have a     reindeer.                 Peyton Bowman         camera and Ipod             Joshua Wall
flash, Orbies and big doll, baby,              Have a Merry                                  that you got me
Orbies machine, baby doll clothes,           Christmas!                Dear       Santa      last year. Also,       Dear       Santa
mini trampoline some tennis shoes              Love,                 Claus,                  thank you for my    Claus,
and a four wheeler and games. I want           Talitha May             I hope the rein-      car and phone that     How are you
260.                  to have a wallet                               deer are okay to-       I got last year.    and Mrs. Claus?
   Love,              and some pictures         Dear Santa,          day. Santa, I           This year I would   How is Rudolph
   Nikolas Lawson for my wallet. I              How are you          would like to           like an NFL foot-   the red nosed rein-
                      want to have a         and Mrs. Claus? I       know how many           ball for Christ-    deer? My behav-
   Dear Santa,        skirt and that will    am thankful for         mammals are in          mas.I have been     ior has been pretty
   I am so excited be it. Thank you,         the D.S. you gave       the North Pole.         good but mean       good. I wrestle
about Christmas. Santa.                      me last year. I         My behavior has         and my two sisters  with my Dad and
Do you know             I love you,          have been pretty        been a little bit       have been fight-    sometimes I kick
what I want? If         Alexis Clodfel-      good. I clean my        good. I smacked         ing. This year I    too hard and I say
you know what I ter                          room every day          my little brother       had a good time at  I am sorry and ask
want just mail                               and I help Katie        and I told him I        North Carolina,     if he is okay. I re-
back. There is          Dear Santa,          clean her room. I       was sorry. I will       South Carolina,     ally am glad what
probably         one    I would like a       also help clean the     try to be good to       Georgia, Florida,   I got last Christ-
thing I want. It is a XBOX 360, Play         bathroom.      This     him. Thank you          and Myrtle Beach.   mas. I hope I get a
DSI.                  Station3, and a        year I would like a     for the skateboard      When we were on     pair of skates that
   Love,              PS3. Thank you         dog and a D.S.          you got me last         vacation I was      have         wheels
   Will Parks         for the toys that I    game. I would           year. This year I       nice to my sisters, through the mid-
                      got last year.         also like a Call of     want a D.S. for         Dad, and Mom. I     dle, a skateboard,
   Dear Santa,          Conner               Duty and a Wii          Christmas and I         hope you have a     cell phone like my
   I would like a                            Resort. I still be-     would also like to      Merry Christmas.    Dad’s, and a video
Pillow Pet for          Dear Santa,          lieve in you. I         have an Ipod.           I will leave carrotscamera. I would
Christmas.              Christmas is my      wish you a Merry        Merry Christmas         for the reindeers   also like to have a
   Love,              favorite time of       Christmas. I will       and I will see you      and cookies and     real pet horse that
   Katie Lineberry the year. I want a        see you next year!      next year.              milk for you. I     is brown with a
                      Yu-Gi-Oh, IPod            Zachary                Love,                 will have a good    black mane. Since
   Dear Santa,        touch, Pokemon,        McKenzie                  C.J. Goad             time.               I    know       you,
   I want a toy that and a Flat Bill hat.                                                      Love,             please save me
is over two feet I would also like a    Dear Santa,                    Dear Santa,             Lane Snow         some cookies.
tall, Star Wars motor                   Are the Elves
                                     bike,                             How are you                                  Your friend,
toys, and all the XBOX 360, Wii, a    making toys? I                 and Mrs. Claus?           Dear        Santa    Lora Cregger
Benten        Aleen twisted           have been pretty
                                   energy                            Are you feeding         Claus,
Force, benten Ul- necklace with VT    good but I fussed              the reindeer? I           I like you. I        Dear       Santa
timate Aleen, A on it, and an ener-   with my sister. I              won’t be here for       wonder what you Claus,
Xbox 360, a Ninja gy bracelet.        liked my John                  Christmas. I will       and Mrs. Claus
game, and war           Brant DavidsonDeer boots that I              be in Gatlinburg,                              How
                                                                                             and your reindeer and Mrs. are you
                                                                                                                           Claus? Is
game for the                          got last year. May             Tennessee. You          are doing in the it cold up there in
XBOX 360.                Mrs. Martin’sI have Kung Zhu                can leave the pres-     North Pole? Are the North Pole?
   Love,                 Second Grade pets, Battle Arena,            ents at my house        all the elves work- Are the reindeer
   McCain Griffith           Class    and a bike and                 beside the Christ-      ing? I saw you ready? I believe in
                                      helmet? I will                 mas tree. Have          when I watched you! I wish I
  Dear Santa,         Dear Santa,     leave cookies at               you been working        the           movie
  All I want for      I hope your the fireplace for                  on the toys? My                                     come
                                                                                             Rudolph the Red couldyou at and
Christmas is a Pil- reindeer are okay you. I will leave              behavior has been       Nosed Reindeer. see North Pole! The
low Pet, clothes, today. I have been carrots for the                 pretty good, al-        My behavior has
Page 8, 2010 Holiday Greetings, Wednesday December 22, 2010
                                                                                                                       to play with them
                                                                                                                       together. I will
                                                                                                                       leave you some
                                                                                                                       cookies and tea. I
                                                                                                                       will also leave
                                                                                                                         another drink.
                                                                                                                         Mia Gray
                                                                                                                          Dear Santa:
                                                                                                                          I want a boy and
                                                                                                                       girl baby doll,
                                                                                                                       some diapers, bot-
                                                                                                                       tles,       nipples,
                                                                                                                       wipes, and some
                                                                                                                       milk. I want a
                                                                                                                       house with a sink,
                                                                                                                       soap,      windows
                                                                                                                       and a bed. I will
                                                                                                                       leave you white
                                                                                                                       chocolate cookies
                                                                                                                       and some Pepsi.
                                                                                                                          Summer Sexton
                                                                                                                         Dear Santa:
                                                                                                                         I want a toy car,
                                                                                                                       remote      control
                                                                                                                       and some more
                                                                                                                       toys like I have at
                                                                                                                       home. I will be
                                                                                                                       watching for you
                                                                                                                       and your rein-
                                                                                                                         Aaron Stamper
                                                                                                                          Dear Santa:
                                                                                                                          I want a yoyo,
                                                                                                                       Buzz Lightyear
                                                                                                                       that has a belt
                                                                                                                       Around his hips. It
                                                                                                                       cost a lot of mon-
                                                                                                                       ey. I want a trans-
                                                                                                                       former, parachute
                                                                                                                       because I am go-
                                                                                                                       ing to get big with
                                                                                                                       it. I am five years
                                                                                                                       old. I also would
                                                                                                                       like some chop-
                                                                                                                       sticks. I have a
                                                                                                                       special reindeer
                                                                                                                       food that we made
                                                                                                                       in Ms. Brannock’s
                                                                                                                       room for your
                                                                                                                       reindeers      and
                                                                                                                       some cookies and
                                                                                                                       milk for you.
elves must have at                                  would like to have       and Mrs.              Joshua Sparks       Vadeboncouer
least 20 gifts              Dear        Santa       a skateboard set       Robinson’s Pre-
made and put in           Claus,                    and some cracker             K                 Dear Santa:           Dear Santa:
the sack. My be-            Thank you for           jacks. Thanks for                              I want a guitar,      I want a PSP
havior has been           the toys that you         that toy you got        Dear Santa:          Radio, Computer,      and a game for it
pretty good. I ar-        got me last year. I       me last year that       I want a Woody,      basketball      and   of Star Wars and a
gued with my              hope you give me          was like screech-     Buzz Lightyear,        lunch box. A          battle guard. I
brother and sister        a computer and a          er. I played with it  Barbie Dolls from      snowman,              want a go-cart,
this year. I hit my       camcorder, phone,         all year. Well bye    Toy Story 3 and        crayons, a big        and new tires for
sister two times          a D.S., an Ipod, a        Santa. Have a         Ken! I have rein-      crayon box, a big     my go cart be-
because I got mad         Barbie doll, and a        good Christmas.       deer food with         stapler, doll and a   cause I am going
at her. I am sorry        real live horse that        Ian Lineberry       glitter so the rein-   Barbie doll with      to burn the other
for all the bad           is brown. I would                               deers can see          pink hair. I will     ones off.
things that I have        like some more               Dear Santa,        where I live.          leave grass and         Thank you.
done. I am good           hot cocoa like you           Thank you for        Silence Sparks       milk out for you        William
and nice. Thank           got me last year! I       the surprise mod-                            to have.              Burchette
you for the Icarly        fussed at my              els you brought         Dear Santa:            Love,
boom box. Thank           brother about a lot       me last year. How       I want a bunny         Alyson Black-         Dear Santa,
you for all of the        of things and I           are the reindeer? I rabbit, and a hat        burn                    I want a Occu-
things you got me         back sassed my            have been mostly with a bunny on it.                               mus Prime, Trans-
last year. This           mom. I hit my             good. The bad is I will put some               Dear Santa:         former and Criss
year I would like a       brother and I am          arguing with my food out for you               I want a four-      cross crash car set.
camera for Christ-        sorry for that. I         sisters and I said I Santa. Brookelyn        wheeler, motorcy-     I want a Hot
mas please. I will        love you Santa.           was sorry. Could I Johnson                   cle, and a Buzz       Wheels toy. I will
leave milk and            My mom will               have a non-elec-                             Lightyear. I will     leave some cook-
cookies for you on        leave you some            trical drill, basket-   Dear Santa:          leave you one         ies and milk for
Christmas. I will         cookies and milk          ball, trampoline        I want a guitar,     cookie and we         you.
leave carrots for         and I will leave          net, a miniature toy           telephone,    have run out of         Love,
the reindeers. I          the deer some car-        soccer goal, and a pink helicopter,          drink so I will         Trenton Schaef-
wish you and Mrs.         rots. I wish you a        sports dog? I will and a toy that goes       leave you some        fer
Claus a Merry             Merry Christmas.          leave cookies on straight up. I saw          water.
Christmas!                  Love,                   the table and car- it in a movie it            Love,                 Dear Santa:
  Your friend,              Kandace Dick-           rots for the rein- was made like a             Preston Blevins       I want a Yorkie
  Hayley Snow             erson                     deer too.             gun but had a                                puppy for Christ-
                                                       Sincerely,         phone in it stick-       Dear Santa:         mas. A toy mon-
   Dear Santa,              Dear        Santa          Gavin Wheatley ers, flowers for             I will a reindeer,  ster truck, toy
   Are the reindeer       Claus,                                          my daddy make          Santa Claus and a     shoes, toy robots,
feeling all right? I        How are you                Dear Santa,        them blue. I want      helicopter.        I  snowman and a
have been pretty          and Mrs. Claus?              How             is a toy man that         would like a pup-     Christmas tree. I
good this year, but       How many toys             Rudolph?        How goes walking and         pet     of     Buzz   will leave the
I have also been a        do you make               cold is it in the a boy and girl             Lightyear        and  reindeer mix we
little mean. Thank        every year? Hey           North Pole? Are Avaitar. I will              Woody. I want to      made in class so
for the D.S. games        Santa, did you            the elves okay? leave cookies and            make           some   the reindeers can
and other stuff I         recognize that you        This is my wish chocolate milk out           Christmas       tree  find my house.
got last year. I          fly all around the        list. I want a real of you.                  cookies for Santa       Love,
want a cell phone,        world in one              phone, a dog, cat,      Jacob Buckley        and I will leave        A.J. Ashworth
a real large white        night? One time I         and a bike. I have                           some carrots for
poodle for Christ-        accidentally     hit      been good but I         Dear Santa:          the reindeers.         Dear Santa:
mas this year.            my sister but I           argued with my          I want a bat and       Love,                I want a pillow
Also, could I have        said sorry. This          mom.                  ball. I would like a     Tanner Jones       pet Unicorn, a
a D.S.I and some          year I brought a             Your friend,       talking        Buzz                         Wii, Dora games
Zoobles? Have a           tree upstairs for            Dylan Toth         Lightyear      from      Dear Santa:        for the Wii, Barbie
Merry Christmas!          momma.        When                              Toy Story . I will       I want a bike, a fashion fairy tale
I believe in you.         Jared’s skateboard              Oakland         put out reindeer       heart in a bag, a and a walking
   Your friend,           rolled away I went            Elementary        food to help the       horse that is black puppy. My sister
   Cathryn                to get it for him 5              School         reindeer’s find my     and a Barbie to and I will leave
Lineberry                 times last month. I        Ms. Brannock’s house.                       ride on it. I want you some cookies.
                                                                            2010 Holiday Greetings, Wednesday December 22, 2010, Page 9

  Love,               good. I wot a vido   Christmas Bare or    excha good this      like? Plase bring and u drow and a
  Deaira Jones        gam.                 Bees Baby Grill      year. How are the    me a diping dot BarBe air plan.
                        Love,              Plan shrits zuzu     elves and your       maker. How have       Love,
  Dear Santa:           Tyler              Pets and Kugo        wife? Do you like    you been?             Karlee
  I want a cat in                          Manfscop      play   choclice cookes. I     Love,
the puss at Food        Dear Santa,        doy for willer and   hope you do.           Maggie              Dear Santa,
City, a girl Tech       I have been very   how The Grinch         Love,                                    I    want       for
deck skateboard. I    good. I want a       Stol Christmas.        Clarence             Dear Santa,       Christmas        you
will leave some       cover for my           Love,                                     I have been may ask, I want a
food for you.         Kugzhoo and a          Madison              Dear Santa,        good. Please bring toy shark and a
  Love                Pillow Pet and a                            I have helpt al-   me a blanchit. toy T-Rex. I want
  Sara Holderfield    DSI.                  Dear       Santa    lot. I like Cher-    How       are   the a guitar set. I want
                        Love,             Claus,                imus allot. You      elves? I love you. a toy truck and I
  Dear Santa,           Garrett             I have been very    are a nise man. I      From,             want a toy tool
  I want a Barbie                         good. I would like    wondr what you         Savannah          set.
Doll Bratz and          Dear       Santa a red dress with       will bring? Please                         Love,
clothes. I want a     Claus,              white poka dots       bring me a DS.         Dear Santa,         Jeremiah
real fish and some      I love you very and a little brown        Love,                I have been
Zhu Zhu pets. We      very much. Your pup and a pink              Lillian            good. Please bring    Dear Santa,
will leave some       frand Cherokee. collar for it. And                             me a gef on cesme     This year for
food out for you      Breng       Minne how are you?              Dear Santa,        ef.                 Christmas I would
and your rein-        Baby zoo zoo          By Lynsey             I have been          Love,             like… DSIx1 and
deers.                pets.                 12-9-10             good. Haw have         Ashlynn           a ring for mom. I
     Love Jayda         Love,                                   you been? How                            wood a spie hal-
Dixon                   Cherokee            Dear Santa,         have your elfis? I     Dear Santa,       coptr with a veteo
                                            I have been very    wot a sled.            I have been camru. And a car
  Dear Santa:           Dear       Santa very      good.    I     Brent              good. Please bring that gos on land
  I want a cash       Claus,              would like some                            me clothes and and water, snow
register with a         I have been very wouldidn thokes          Dear Santa,        shoes. I will leave and air. A car with
holder and A little   nice to everyone. and Mostr tuck            How are you? I     some cookies for a camra and hear-
thing in the regis-   Thes are the tow Matr.                    have been good. I    you!                ing!
ter where you         things I want the     From                want 100 cande         Love,               Love,
move it around. A     most. Lego un-        Will                cans. I love you       Ocean               Sheldon
light on it where     uvers and Sonic                           Santa. How are
you can t urn it on   colors. I hope you    Dear       Santa    the elves? I am         Mrs. Hiatt’s        Dear Santa,
and when you          have     a    good Claus,                 last in line. I am      First Grade         I woet a Barbie
open and turn it      Christmas to San-     I want a doll and   Star Student.              Class          Doll … I woet a
off and it will       ta Claus.           zoowzoow        pet     Love,                                   Cat. I woet a Dog.
close like they do      Love,             and a Christmas         Ryan                 Dear Santa,        I woet a DSL. I
at the grocery          Gabriel           grinch        stole                          I would like a woet a fake cat.
store.                                    Christmas book          Dear Santa,        DS and a Xbox36        Love,
  See you soon!         Dear Santa,       with Max and the        I have been        and a doll that        Jayda
  Holden Davis          I have been very grinch         stuuf   good. How are the    makes it snow and
                      good. I want a deanamal and I             elves?      Please   a zuz zuz casle        Dear Santa,
St. Paul School       Penda Pilow pet wish you a meery          bring me a cat.      and a puppy.           This year for
Mrs. Anderson’s       and some Zhu Christmas.                   How     are    the     Love,              Christmas I would
 First Grade          Zhu Pet DSI and a     Love,               elves?                 Dezarae            like you Drol.
     Class            DNS.                  Alexis                Love,                                     Love,
                        XOXO                                      Abby                 Dear Santa,          Ethan
  Dear Santa,           By Gretchen         Dear Santa,                                This year for
  I want a camera,                          I love you. San-      Dear Santa,        Christmas I would      Dear Santa,
popcorn and a di-       Dear       Santa ta you have much         I love Santa. I    like a rill go cart    This year for
nosaur.               Claus,              to do. I will help    have been good.      and a watear Christmas I would
  Love,                 How are you? I you.                       Lap top            botoll.              like … Irne Man 2
  Keely               have been very        Love,                 Toy truck            Love,              and a flat skrene
                      good this yaer. I     David                 Toy frong            Alston             tv.
  Dear       Santa    would like lots of                          Overhed                                   Love,
Claus,                toys like a new       Ms. Bomberg-          Gloenog star         Dear Santa,          Isaiah
  I wut a zozo        wii game like su- er’s First Grade          Clo shirt            This year for
pets and a Chrans-    per Mario broth- Class                      Computer           Christmas…         I   Dear Santa,
forrs and a cris      ers.                  Dear Santa,           Toy bokes          want an iPod and       This year for
cros crash and a        Love,               I like you bekus      Mekzr              a pet fish and a Christmas I would
cats and dogs.          Bailey            you giv presnts to      Love,              DS and some like a Jazmanan
  Love,                                   grls and boys and       Dakota             nutkrakrs too. I and Alaabn dolls,
  Mason                 Dear       Santa I want a wii and a       How are the        want a lot of stuff! zuz zuz castle,
                      Claus,              Pillow Pet for        elvz?                  Love,              wii, a bq blizerd
  Dear Santa,           I have been very Christmas.                                    Jordan             maker and angel
  I have been very    good. I like Santa    Love,                 Dear Santa,                             for my teacher.
good. I like you. I   to brag me lots of    Kaylie                I been good.         Dear Santa,          Love,
have mist you         love presis. I like                       Please bring me        This year for        Megan
very moch. You        you to ples brag a    Dear Santa,         100 bags for foot    Christmas I would
are very niss. I      psp.     Christmas    I have been         ball cards. How      like Pop it and a      Dear Santa,
want a puppy. I       grinch tacs all the good. Please bring    are the elves? Are   dog book and I         I would like a
wanta a forwillur.    Christmas away.     me a Dsi. How are     you OK? Santa,       pod and a Frog blue toy dump
I love your prasts      Love,             the elves? I love     thanks for all you   book.                truck. I would like
that you give me.       Sierra            Santa.                do.                    Love,              you to bring my
Your the best.                              Love,                 Love,                Jennifer           brother a tractor
  Love,                 Dear       Santa    Daniel                Logan                                   and my mom a
  Summer              claus,                                                           Dear Santa,        ring.
                        I would like a      Dear Santa,           Dear Santa,          This year for        Love,
  Dear Santa,         cat and a iPod and    Haw have you          What cinde of      Christmas I would      Hayden
  I have been         a mp3 player been? I have been            cookes wood you      like … Vidoecin
Page 10, 2010 Holiday Greetings, Wednesday December 22, 2010
  Dear Santa,          reindeer carits and Hawks                want my sister's                              zly BB gun.          Byron Biggs
  I wont an art kit.   you cakies and                           phone. It needs to                              I hope you have
My bruther wont a      milk.                 Dear Santa,        be lime green, hot                            a good Christmas.      Dear Santa,
buzz lit yiy toy         Your friend,        I have been pink, and light                                        Love,                I have been
and I wont a Bar-        Caysee Smith      good this year. I blue. I also want a                                Layton Yates       good this year and
bey Nel Salon.                             would like a pink peace sign cover                                                      I hope you’ve had
My bruther want a        Dear Santa,       guitar. I will leave for my phone.                                   Dear Santa,        fun making all the
Tom train table!         I have been you cookies and              Hope you have                                 I want Barbie, toys. I wish I
  Love,                good this year . I milk.                 a safe trip.                                  an ipod, the new could have a bicy-
  Madison              wolt like a huskie    Love,                Love,                                       xbox 360, and a cle,           Bend-U-
                       for crimis.       I   Samantha Riggs       Raydan Hawks                                laptop.              Roos, and every-
   Mrs. Patton’s       hope you have a                                                                          I love you!        body in the world
  Second Grade         good holieayday.      Dear Santa,          Dear Santa,                                   Love,              to be happy.
       Class             Love,               I have been          I want the new                                Morgan New-          Love,
                         Chloe Ruiz        good this year. I wii game that has                                man                    Janie Throck-
   Dear Santa,                             would like a new swimming on it,                                                        morton
   Merry Christ-         Dear Santa,       Barbie doll. I will blizzard      maker,                             Dear Santa,
mas I would love         I have been leave you some and the fashion                                             I want a Mind        Dear Santa,
a teacup piggy. Be good this year. I cookies and milk. designer pad.                                          Flex and an Ipod       I’ve been good.
careful on your would like a back Merry Christmas.                Have a Merry                                for Christmas. I I want a Xbox360,
trip.                  a mon card’s and      Love,              Christmas.                                    will leave you Wii. Ds, Playsta-
   Yours       truly, ball and poke mon      Sheridan Smith       Love,                                       some cookies.        tion3,     Playsta-
Abby Leonard           card’s ball.                               Martina Terry                                 Love,              tion1,A Prince of
                         Love       Dustin   Dear Santa,                                                        Zeke Webb          Persia The Sands
   Dear Santa,         Creed                 I hope you have      Dear Santa,                                                      of Time game for
   I have been                             a good Christmas       I want you to                                 Dear Santa,        a PSP. We will be
good this year. I        Dear Santa,       and I hope I am on sprinkle        some                              I want a toy expecting you.
would like a lap-        I have been a the good list I like special candy that                                gun.                   Love,
top. I will leave good boy. How your rain deer and will make me fly,                                            I want knife.        Damian Bevins
you snickerdoo- are you doing. I It is cool that you and an                    Ipod                             Thank you for
dles.                  would like a toy get to deliver all touch. I also want                                 everything.            Dear Santa,
   Love,               cross bow. I will of the presents I a DSI XL. I also                                     Love,                I have been
   Annabelle           leave you cookies like win you come want a tiny laptop                                   Dakota Leonard good. How are
Sechrist               and milk.           to my house and and spring boots.                                                       you Santa? I want
                         Love,       Jacob give us presents       I also love you!                              Dear Santa,        wrestlers and an
   Dear Santa,         Snavely             are rely cool.         Sam Rudisill                                  I want an Ipod xbox360 too San-
   I have been                               Love.                                                            Touch, marbles, ta. Please I love
good this year. I        Dear Santa,         Savanna Tilton       Dear Santa,                                 and lots of Justin you too and the
would like a knife       I have been                              I want an ipod                              Beaber stuff.      I reindeers too.
. I will leve you great !                    Dear Santa,        and a DSI. Hope                               also want clothes.     Love,
milk and cookes.         I would like a      I have been you get to eat a lot                                   Thank you for        Hunter Easter
   Love,               small hunting set good this year. I of cookies.                                        Christmas!
   Brayden Hunt          Sincerely         would like a psp,      Love,                                         Love,                Dear Santa,
                       Joseph Webb         Tamplen.        Sum    Sylas Sechrist                                Brianna Dalton       I have been
   Dear Santa,                             arme men and a                                                                          good this year. I
   I have been a         Dear Santa,       vcr .                  Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa,        hope you have a
good boy his year.       Merry Christ-       Love,                I want a Barbie,                              I will leave you good year too,
I would like a mas. I would like             Tommy Harrell a wii, a guitar, a                                 cookies          for This is what I
Hand dog. I will a mp3 player and                               DS, and an ipod.                              Christmas. I want want for Christ-
leave you cookies a dog and a cat.           Dear Santa,          Thank you San-                              a helicopter and a mas . I want a lit-
and milk.                Your friend         I have been ta!                                                  tractor and trailer tle playpin for my
   Love                  Justine Lowe      good this year. I      Love,                                       toy. I want a mo- dog,Paco,            a
   Cameron Willis                          would like a 4-        Emily Hawks                                 torcycle game for miniature pony
                         Dear Santa,       wheeler. I will                                                    the      Playstation   Your friend,
   Dear santa,           I    have been leave you cookies         Dear Santa,                                 and a Wii.             Kelsey Edwards
   I have been good. I want a live and milk.                      I want bakugan                                Love,
good this year .I hermit crab and a          love,              core game.                                      Michael Lavin        Dear Santa,
would like a tree.                           William Shinalt      I want a fusgi.                                                    I have been qui-
Doberman puppy.          Love,                                    I want an ipod                                Dear Santa,        et good. I hope I
I will leave your        Emmanuel            Mrs. Lawson’s touch.                                               You look nice. am on your nice
                                             Second Grade         I want a 22 gun.                            For Christmas I list.
                                                  Class           I want a touch                              want a BMW In-         Well what want
                                                                phone, a dippen                               finiti and a Jaguar. for Christmas is
                                             Dear Santa,        dot maker,                                    I want the Madea two Wii games. It
       From our family to yours,             I want a knife       and a Ben Ten                               Big Happy Family doesn’t matter to
         Wishing you Love, Peace           and a riffle. I love ultimate       alien                          movie      and     a me and three DS
           and Joy this Christmas          you!                 game.                                         Karate Kid movie. games.          Thank
             Season and throughout           Love,                Merry Christ-                                 Love,              you for everything
                 the coming year.            Jason Edwards mas!                                                 Channing Mer- that you have giv-
                                                                  Love,                                       la-Cruz              en me and have a
                                             Dear Santa,          Alex Payne                                                       fun journey.
                                             I want a Kid
                C O S M E T I C   S T U D I O S
                  “The Place for the Beautiful Face”
                                                                                                                Mrs. Edwards’        Love,
                                           Kraft dollhouse.
                         Independently owned and operated         Dear Santa,                                    Third Grade         Lexie Cagle
                                             I want a few
                             221 S Main St, Galax, VA
                                                                  I want a wii for
                       Tues-Fri 10:00-5:30 • Sat 10:00-2:00
                                 Closed Mondays
                                                                Christmas. I also                               Dear Santa,
                                             Thank you and want a laptop
                         Rachel Dickson • Misty Dickson                                                         This year        I     Dear Santa,
                                             Merry Christ- computer. I Love                                   have been good .         How are you? I
                                           mas Santa!           you Santa.                                    I have done some       am fine I hope
                                             Love,                Love,                                       things that I did      you are good too.
                                             Kenisha Gwynn        Erin Boyd                                   not need to do         I would like some
                                                                                                              but , I said, “Sorry   Wii games , DS
                                                                            Dear Santa,        Dear Santa,    .” I want a dirt       games , clothes
        Happy Holiday’s                                                     I want a DSi,      I want a DSI   bike and some          and movies. And
                                                                         ipod, and an elec-  and a peace sign hunting stuff.         my behavior is not
           to all our                                                    tric guitar.        cover for my DSI.  From ,               perfect but, good.
                                                                            I hope you have  I also want a bliz-Peydon Jones           Love,
    friends and customer!                                                a good Christmas.   zard maker.       I                       Madison Mayes
                                                                            Love,            Love You.             Dear Santa,
                                                                            McKinley Cor-      Love,               I’ve been good   Dear Santa,
                                                                         nell                  Laken Johnson this year. Can I       I have been
                                                                                                                 please have a good. You are
                                                                            Dear Santa,        Dear Santa,       phone.           maybe worn out
     (276) 238-1858                                                         I want an elec-    I want a knife      Thank you,     and your elves.
                                                                         tric guitar. I also and a Daisy Griz-                       I hope you and

                                                                               Merry Christmas
                                                                            Isom Collision & Custom Paint
       and many thanks for
      your support in 2010!                                                                                             Joy to the World.
                                                                                                                   Our Warmest Thanks & Wishes
                                                                                                                     to all this Holiday Season.

                                                                                                                        DANA'S STYLING
                                                                                                                       519 N. Main St., Hillsville
                                                                                        2010 Holiday Greetings, Wednesday December 22, 2010, Page 11

Mrs. Claus have a Merry Christmas. Train, and a Go-                    really hates those!          Dear Santa,             mas, like a Baby
good Christmas. I       Your friend,     Cart that you can             I really want a              For Christmas, I        Alive, a Mighty
want my family to       Matthew O’Dell add your own en-                golden retriever           want a Wii guitar         Beanz, a DS, and
be nice and a Kill-     P.S. I love you gine to. Thank                 but mommy said             and Wii Fit.              Cuponk.
zone 2 and a good Santa.                 you.                          they’re too expen-           Love,                    Love,
Christmas.                                 Your friend,                sive. I wish I had           Devin Chance             Acosha Gwyn
   From,                Dear Santa,        Tyler Richard-              enough to buy
   Alex Farris          I have been son                                one. Can you help   Dear Santa,                         Dear Santa,
                     good this year.                                   me?                   I love Christ-                    I wish I had a
   Dear Santa,       Last year you got     Miss Corvin’s                  Hugs and Kiss- mas. Do you? I                     PSP. I wish I had
   I have been me a Baby Alive Third Grade Class                       es,               would like to have                 a remote control
good this year. I and I loved it real-     Dear Santa,                                   the necklace that I
                                                                          Taylor L. Rudis-                                  car. I wish for a
want a P.S.P. a dirt ly much and I         I want a cell               ill               saw at the mall                    jump rope for my
bike,    a     four- thank you very phone, a laptop, a                                   that said E on it.                 friend. I wish I
wheeler and an X much and I was DSI, and a video                         Dear Santa,       Love,                            had     a    gecko
Box 360. I want a happy. Last year, I game for Christ-                   These are the     Hunter Robert-                   lizard.
lot of games.        could not wait for mas.                           things I would son                                      Love,
   Love,             you to come and I     Your friend,                like for Christ-                                        Gabriel Castillo
   Jacob Waldron     can’t wait this       Ryley Martin                mas:                Dear Santa,
                     year either. I love                                                   I want a lot of                     Dear Santa,
   Dear Santa,       it when you come      Dear Santa,                   spy gear        things for Christ-                    All I want for
   How are you to my house be-             All I want for                alarm clock
doing? I am fine. I cause you give Christmas is DS                       electric guitar
want a I pod touch presents but, that games, boots, a                    lap top
or a blue Googles isn’t the only rea- cat, laptop, phone,                remote robot
   Webkins, some son. I love you dress, baby doll,                       $4
silly bands. And a because you are and silly bands.                      Soldier Boy CD
little     surprise. so nice and what I    Love,                         four-wheeler
Hope you have a have been waiting          Christy Ayers                 PSP
Merry Christmas! for. What I want                                        10.cool shoes
   Love        your you to get me is a     Dear Santa,
friend,              DSI XL please.        These are the                  Skylar Payne                 May you be blessed with much good
   Justeena          And I am already things I want for                                                    fortune this holiday season.
Chaney               going to tell you Christmas: a dirt                 Dear Santa,                  Thanks for the trust youʼve shown in us.
                     my brother and sis bike, a pet cat, a               I want an X-Box
   Dear Santa,       is always good dog, a parrot, and                 360. I want more
   I want a pack of too.                 an electric guitar.           games for my DS.
Tech         Decks,     Love,              Your friend,                I want more con-
Gummies, a toy          Samantha Towe      Ebrahim Ahmed               trollers for my X-
car, a toy truck,                        Warshana                      Box. I want more
video games, a          Dear Santa,                                    BB’s for my BB
new book bag, a         How is Mrs.        Dear Santa,                 Gun. I want more
new controller, a Claus?          Thank    If there was one            Play         Station
new motorcycle. you for the toys thing I could have                    games and con-
But most of all I last year. What I for Christmas it is                trollers and col-
want my family to want this year is a puppy. But not a                 lectible dirt bikes.
be     safe.    Say two Doodle Bags, Chihuahua            be-            Your Friend,
“Hey” to Mrs. a mini bike, the cause my daddy                            James Wood
Claus for me. new Lego Cargo hates and I mean

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                                                                                                             Everything you want it to!
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Page 12, 2010 Holiday Greetings, Wednesday December 22, 2010
Christmas       are                         Christmas         a                                cristle    growing                       Debbie Hooven’s Wii game.                       have been a good
some         Beanie                         Playstation 3 with                                 kit, 80’s Barbie,                               class            Jake Burcham            girl this year.
Boos.       If you                          a flat tv screen                                   and the Holy                                                     Age 2                   Please bring me a
don’t know what                             and a Black Ops                                    Bible?     Have a                          Dear Santa,                                   Little   Mermaid
they are, they’re                           video game that                                    safe trip. I hope                          I have been a         Dear Santa,             vanity.      Also,
little stuffed ani-                         goes with a head-                                  you     like    are                      good little boy         I have been a           please bring me a
mals. I want a                              set mic and a                                      christmas tree.                          this year. For my good little boy               Mobigo and a
happy Christmas                             DSIXL and a lap-                                     love,                                  Christmas list I this year. For my              Princess game to
for my family and                           top and a DS                                         Autumn         E.                      want a Kawaski Christmas wish                   go with it. Please
me. Is your job                             charger,      silly                                Bourne                                   four wheeler for list I want a guitar.          bring me a sur-
hard?         Merry                         bands, a DS, and                                                                            babies, cameflage Just one.                     prise. I’ll leave
Christmas to you!                           Super Mario Bros.                                    Dear Santa,                            sippy cup and my        Nate Williams           you milk and
Hope you have a                               Love,                                              I hope you’re                          two front teeth.        Age 3                   cookies.    Thank
good one.                                     Kevin Arellano                                   doing good. What                           Eli Lineberry                                 you for my pres-
   Your friend,                                                                                is you’re favorite                         8 months              Dear Santa,             ents.
   Kati A. Smith                              Dear Santa,                                      color? I would                                                   I have been a             Love,
                                              I want make-up,                                  like to have a pink                        Dear Santa,         good little girl this       Natalie Eliza-
  Dear Santa,                               laptop,       PSP,                                 Ds. And barbie’s                           I have been a year. For my                    beth Harris
  I love the stuff                          DSIXL, radio, cell                                 puppy          swim                      good little girl this Christmas wish
you go t me last                            phone, Game Boy,                                   school.     May I                        year. For my list I want a                        Dear Santa,
year. I want a DSI                          baby doll, silly                                   please have a bar-                       Christmas list, I Strawberry Short-               Please bring me
and a game for it.                          band necklaces, a                                  bie doll? I would
I want a guitar and                         real camera, bell,                                 like a fake kitten.                      want a baby doll cake doll and a                a DS, snowglobe,
a surprise for my                           high heels, a pail,                                  Love,                                  and some animals. baby doll.                    Webkinz, and a
dogs please.                                and a scarf.                                         Sierra Dunford                           Kenzie Young          Anna Parker             surprise. How are
  Love,                                       Love,                                                                                       20 months             Age 3                   you? How is Mrs.
  Chloe Johnson                               Samantha Lyons                                     Dear Santa,                                                                            Clause? How is
                                                                                                 Are you doing                            Dear Santa,              Dear Santa,          the reindeer? How
  Dear Santa,       Dear        Saint                                                          well? What is it                           I have been a            I have been a        are the elves?
  I love the stuffNick,                                                                        like at the North                        good little boy         good little boy         Thank you for
you got me last     I hope you have                                                            Pole?      What is                       this year. For my       this year. For my       everything     you
year. I want a dirt
                  a awesome Christ-                                                            you’re          favrit                   Christmas list, I       Christmas wish          bring me each
bike.             mas. My favorit                                                              game? I want a                           want dinosaurs,         list I want a teddy     year. I will leave
  Love,           christmas song is                                                            horse and a new                          toy trucks, trains      bear, fire truck,       you cookies and
  Dylan Rodrigue  Oh,      Christmas                                                           forewiller. I want                       and shoot guns.         Chuck the talking       milk and for the
                  Tree. I love draw-                                                           a mocontroll dom-                          Clay Quesinber-       truck and a garage      reindeer I will
  Dear Santa,     ing. For christmas                                                           buggy that can go                        ry                      truck.                  leave them carrots
  I   want    for may I have a                                                                 threw grass and                            Age 2                    Wyatt Dalton         or apples! I have
                                                                                               dirt up stairs.                                                     Age 4                been a good girl
                                                                                                 love,                                     Dear Santa,                                  this year!
                                                                                                 Dillon Smith                              I have been a           Dear Santa,            Thanks!!!!!!!
                                                                                                                                        good little girl this      I have been a          Love
                                                                                                 Dear Santa,                            year. For my            good little boy           Adrienne Harris
                                                                                                 I hope you’re                          Christmas wish          this year. For my
                                                                                               doing well. What                         list, I want Baby       Christmas wish            Dear Santa,
                                                                                               is you’re favorite                       Alive doll, a           list I want Wii           How are you? I
                                                                                               color?    My fa-                         bouncy ball, a          games, bat man          have been a good
                                                                                               vorite color is                          doggie           and    and legos.              girl this year.
                                                                                               brown.      Can I                        princess clothes.          Ethan Edwards        Please bring me a
                                                                                               please have a                               Baleigh Allen           Age 4                Dora       House,
                                                                                               DSIXL? Can I                                Age 2                                        Rockin Elmo, and
                                                                                               have a new girl                                                    Dear Santa,           a ball. Please
                                                                                               frog? Can I have       Dear Santa,                                 I have been a         bring me a sur-
                                                                                               a new book?                                                      good little girl this
                                                                                               Have a great goodhave girl this
                                                                                                                                 been a
                                                                                                                                                                year. For my
                                                                                                                                                                                        prise. I’ll leave
                                                                                                                                                                                        you cookies and
                                                                                               Christmas!           year, For my                                Christmas wish I        milk.
                                                                                                 love,              Christmas list, I                           want a Wii and a          Love,
                                                                                                 Kayleigh loyd                                                  desk.
                                                                                                                    want a Dora house                                                     Callie Harris
                                                                                                 Dear Santa,        and a Rocking                                 Eva Marshall
                                                                                                 How are you? Elmo.                                               Age 5                   Dear Santa,
                                                                                               How do randins         Callie Harris                                                       I have been a
                                                                                               flai? I wod like to    Age 2                                       Dear Santa,           good little boy
                                                                                               have a lego Ds                                                     I have been a         this year. For
                                                                                               game that’s here-      Dear Santa,                               good boy this           Christmas I want
                                                                                               potr. I aso wat a      I have been a                             year. For my            some      Mickey
  Mountain Plains Fabric                                                                       Dragon      closisl. good little girl this                       Christmas wish, I       Mouse books and
         would like to wish their friends                                                      Have a hge meris- year. For my                                   want a skateboard,      some Wonder Pets
          a Merry Christmas and say                                                            mis.                 Christmas list I                            Wii games, Buzz         Mega       Blocks.
        Thank You for shopping with us!                                                          Love               want a kitchen set                          Lightyear wings         Thank you for
                                                                                                 Calvin Iroler      and a baby doll.                            from Toy Story 3.       everything.
                                                                                                                      Josie Marshall                              Rhyan Sharp             Daniel Lester,
                                                                                                 Dear Santa,          Age 2                                       Age 5                 age 1
                                                                                                 How are you?
                                                                                               Wait are your ra-      Dear Santa,                                 Dear Santa,      Dear Santa,
                                                                                               dider      names?      I have been a                               I have been      My name is
                                                                                               How do thay fliy? good little boy                                good this year. For
                                                                                                                                                                                 Grady. I just turned
                                                                                               I wod like to Have this year. For my                             my       Christmas
                                                                                                                                                                                 2 in October and
                                                                                               a go cort and de Christmas wish                                  wish, I want a pair
                                                                                                                                                                                 Mommy and Dad-
                                                                                               degun. I wod like list I want farm                               of boots, playsta-
                                                                                                                                                                                 dy say that I have
                                                                                               to Have a dakean. animals, dinosaurs                             tion game 2, Callbeen a very good
                       Come see us...                                                          Have a Happe and                 different                       of Duty 2, Carhart
                                                                                                                                                                                 boy this year. I
   • We have 500 skeins of yarn at $3.00 each                                                  Christmas.           kinds of movies.                            coat, mp3 player,want a blue heli-
         • New Cottons at Old Prices                                                             Love,                Braxton Pelitti                           Go cart and give copter and a red
              • DMC Embroidery                                                                   Aaron Frost
           • Ramon Calendars $2.00                                                                                    Age 2                                     my dog a bone.   helicopter. I want
                                                                                                                                                                  Thank you,     some surprise pres-
   4505 Fancy Gap Hwy • Hillsville, Virginia                                                            Fancy Gap                          Dear Santa,            C.M.           ents too. I will leave

               276-728-7517                                                                             Child Care                         I have been a                         him some milk and
                                                                                                                                        good little boy             From the     cookies beside our
                                   Happy Holidays from the                                                                              this year. For my          community     Christmas tree in
                                                                                                                                        Christmas wish                           the living room.
                          Galax-Carroll Regional Library                                                                                list I want tinker        Dear Santa,      Love,
    The Galax-Carroll Regional Library would like to extend a thank you to all the community
                                                                                       u                                                toys, tool set and a      How are you? I   Grady M. Fuller
         b           r
    Remember to support local businesses during the Holiday season!

    Our sincere appreciation to the following:
      r                              o
                                                                                                                                                                 a      d e
                                                                                                                                                            Santa and the
     A New You Salon
     Advance Auto Parts
                                                 Guynn Old Mill Furniture
                                                 H dees
                                                                                              Roberts Service Center/Citgo
                                                                                                        k n
                                                                                              Round Peak Banjos
                                                                                                                                                         Blue Ridge Pharmacy
     Applebees                                   Hi-            -                                                                                                Elves
     Auto Zone
     Blue Ridge Lanes
                                                 Lakeview Restaurant
                                                                                                                                                         Wish You and Yours
                                                                                                                                                             h    u      d
     Blue Ridge Music Center
                                                 Leaf & String                                Sunnyside Store
                                                                                                                                                                A Very
     Carey Johnson Optical
     Chapters Bookshop
                                                 Lisa Adams, CPA
                                                 Long John Silvers
                                                                                              T&M Grocery/Deli
                                                                                              The Diner in West Galax
                                                                                                                                                           Merry Christmas
     Chestnut Creek Coffee House
     Cones & Coffeee
                                                 Mil C. Cockerham, Inc.
                                                                                              The Heritage Shoppe
     Country Formals & Gifts
                                                 Mountain Plains Fabrics
                                                 Mountain Surf Restaurant
                                                                                              Twin County Cinemas
                                                                                              Vaughan Bassett                                                     y
                                                                                                                                                          A Happy New Year!
     Diamond Nails                               Mr. John Ashby                               Video Connection
     Doug Williams, RA Architecture              Mrs. Pam Russell                             W&W Pet Store
     Edmonds Guitars                             NAPA of Hillsville                             a
     El Parian Mexican Grill & Bar                              e
                                                 New China Buffet
     Galax American Legion Post #245             Nuckolls Drug Co.                            WilcoHess
     Galax Gazette                                          i
                                                 Omega Office Supply & Printing
     Galax Tastee Freeze                                u
                                                 Pizza Hut
     Grayson National Bank                       Prime Sirloin
     Guardian Industries

                                     G a l a x - C a r ro l l R e g i o n a l L i b r a r y
                          Galax Public Library                          Carroll County Public Library
                          610 W. Stuart Dr.                             101 Beaver Dam Rd.
                          Galax, VA 24333                               Hillsville, VA 24343
                          Tel:276-236-2351                                           3

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