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					                                                 What do you mean?

                                         Apostrophes: Where Do They Go?

       Apostrophes belong in just three places. That's it! To make it even easier, we are only going to study two:
   • Contractions Apostrophes mark missing letters
   • Possessive Nouns Apostrophes show possession or ownership of nouns
Contractions are two or more words squished together.
When you squish words together, letters tend to drop out.
The apostrophe shows some letters are missing.
                   Rewrite the words using apostrophes to replace letters, be careful, some are irregular
Could have     __________         Will not      __________           You are        __________
They are       __________         it is         __________           did not        __________
I will         __________         were not      __________           would not      __________
         What's Wrong With This Picture? _________________________________________

                           Image courtesy of duncan on Flickr through a Creative Commons license.

                                                What do you mean?

Circle the contraction: aren’t   were   whenever

What makes it a contraction?            ___________________________________________

Read the paragraph below, circle the four contractions. Write the two words that make the contraction to the right of the
Over the years people have gotten lazy. They don’t take the time to speak                 1. ___________________
clearly. Instead, they’re prone to combine words. If you’re one of these                  2. ___________________
people, it’s up to you to use contractions correctly.                                     3. ___________________
                                                                                          4. ___________________

Possessive Nouns
Noun: "A noun is a person, place, or thing.
"Possession means ownership, so a possessive noun is a noun that owns another noun.
Add 's to the end of a noun to show that it is the owner.
REMEMBER the apostrophe shows who owns what
      the dog's nose              ___________has a ___________
      John's car                  ___________has a ___________
      Sue’s kitten                ___________has a ___________
      boy's t-shirts              ___________has a ___________

What about words that already end in s? In that case, just add the apostrophe s’
       More than one dog is ___________ so it is __________noses
       More than one boy is ____________ so it is __________t-shirts
       Massachusetts ends in s so it becomes ____________________governor
Write these words adding an apostrophe to show possession:
       school is singular or plural (circle one) so it is           schools      playground
       children is singular or plural (circle one) so it is         childrens    toys
       bird is singular so it is                                           birds       cage
       birds is plural so it is                                            birds       cage

                                                What do you mean?

What’s wrong with these pictures?

                          Images courtesy of duncan on Flickr through a Creative Commons license

                                                What do you mean?

                                               Synonyms and Antonyms
                              Synonym = Same                Antonym = Anti or Opposite
Crack the code; unscramble the letter to make a word. Use the letters that have a number to form a new word. Then select
the antonym for the new word from your list of unscrambled words.

CEAEP      ___ ___ ___ ___ ___                                 LUEB        ___ ___ ___ ___
                    2                                                                6 3
ONW        ___ ___ ___                                         RASHT       ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
            1                                                                1  2    4    5
OLOCR      ___ ___ ___ ___ ___                                 DER         ___ ___ ___
                            3                                                7   8
___ ___ ___                                                    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
 1   2 3                                                        1   2 3     4 5     6   7   8
            Antonym ___________________                              Antonym      ________________________

OPEH       ___ ___ ___ ___                                     MUB          ___ ___ ___
            1                                                                 1   8
YLPA      ___ ___ ___ ___                                      FI          ___ ___
             3          5                                                     6 7
DAS       ___ ___ ___                                          YLUG        ___ ___ ___ ___
                2                                                             4      9
NPLA      ___ ___ ___ ___                                      META         ___ ___ ___ ___
            4                                                                 5   2   3
___ ___ ___ ___ ___                                            ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
 1 2     3 4     5                                              1 2     3   4   5   6    7 8    9
            Antonym _____________________                                       Antonym __________________

                                                        What do you mean?

                                                       Synonyms and Antonyms
Crossword word bank: antonym, beautiful, happy, homonym, large, peace, picture, skinny, synonym, treasure

2 Antonym for sad                     8 Synonym for big                      Down
4 Antonym for war                     9 word that has same                   1 Antonym for trash 6 Word that means the same
5 Synonym for photograph                spelling & pronunciation             3 Antonym for ugly 7 Word that means opposite
6 Synonym for thin                      but different meaning

                                              What do you mean?

   Words with same pronunciation but different spellings & meanings Unscramble the words & answer the question.

IHWHC is a picture of a HCTIW from “Wizard of Oz”?          Circle the picture that shows a RIAP of ERPAS.

HYETRE placing HIRET gifts over HEERT in the RUTKN.

I am a person. People      _______________
Place this here. Location  _______________
Subject & Verb Contraction _______________
                                                            TREIW the numbers of the pictures that show an animal in
                                                            a HTRIG hand.   ________

                                What do you mean?

                                Homophones Crossword

1 You can go to the store
4 The (pair/pear) was ripe
and ready to eat.
5 There are (to/too/two)
answers to the question.
7 Go (to/too/two) the store.
8 It was
(their/there/they’re) turn.
10 (Their/there/they’re)
going to the movie.
11 (Which/witch) way is it to
the office?
1 Put your books over
2 Raise your (right/write)
3 The (weather/whether) is
quite cold.
6 (Right/write) your name
on the top of the paper.
9 Do you (know/no) the
10 The dog wagged his

                                                  What do you mean?

                      Alliteration, Hyperbole, Metaphor, Onomatopoeia, Personification and Simile
                   Cut out the labels and example sentences in the 3rd and 4th columns. Match them up

          Definitions                    Labels                    Example Sentences            Example Sentences
Alliteration                  Simile                           The sky was a blanket of    My cereal went snap,
Repeat the beginning sound                                     blue satin.                 crackle, pop when I
in a series of words.
                                                                                           added the milk.
Hyperbole                     Metaphor                         After the marathon, I       The students raced
A statement that is an                                         was hungry enough to        around the playground
                                                               eat a horse.                like a pack of wild dogs.
Metaphor                      Personification                  Angelic aardvarks ate       The trees bowed to the
Two things are compared:                                       ants annually.              flowers in the wind.
they are almost equal or
one thing is the other.
Onomatopoeia                  Hyperbole                        Polly planted plenty of     The clouds are cotton
Words that make the                                            pretty pansies.             balls in the sky.
sound of objects or
actions they refer to.
Personification               Onomatopoeia                     A pesky mosquito       I was so thirsty I could
A non-human object                                             buzzed around my head. have drunk the entire
does something a human
could do.
Simile                        Alliteration                     The surface of the water    The sun played
Two things are compared:                                       looked as smooth as         peek-a-boo with the
they are similar and use
                                                               glass.                      clouds.
the word “like” or “as”.

                                                   What do you mean?

                                                  Multiple Meaning Words
                   Two definitions are given for the same word. Guess the word that is being described.
                           These are word puzzles, but when you read the same situation arises.
                            Words can have different meaning depending on how they are used.
A bed covering or a single piece of paper                    __________

Goes away or parts of a tree that fall down                 __________

A quacking animal or move down to avoid something.          __________

Opposite of bottom of type of spinning toy                  __________

Toy that bounces or Cinderella’s dance                      __________

Building where money is kept or sides of a river            __________

Opposite of float or place where you wash your hands        __________

Something you must pay or a dollar                          __________

Type of insect or to move through the air                   __________

Opposite of heavy or opposite of dark                       __________

Dog sound or the outside of a tree                          __________

Vacation or to stumble and fall                             __________

Part of your body or twelve inches                          __________

Type of flower or went up higher                            __________

                   What do you mean?


 There’s a frog in my throat. “Would you give me a hand?”
  Do these phrases have meanings you don’t understand?

 An idiom is an expression that may not make good sense
 When you take the phrases literally, but don’t take offense.

“Ants in your pants” means you’re excited and can’t keep still.
   It doesn’t mean that you’ve been sitting on an anthill.

 “Getting your ducks in a row” doesn’t mean ducks in a line.
 It means that if you get organized, things will turn out fine.

 Idioms are a “piece of cake,” which means that they’re easy.
     Even though sometimes idioms can be a bit cheesy

                                                 What do you mean?

           Choose your own idiom and illustrate it literally (the way it sounds) and then give the real meaning.

              Suggested Idioms                                                Your Picture
           Circle the one you chose
Jump Down Someone’s Throat
Smell a Rat
Scratch Someone’s Back
Shoot Off One’s Mouth
Get in Someone’s hair
Pull Someone’s Leg
Not Have a Leg to Stand On
Horse Around
Wet Blanket
Up one’s sleeve
Feel Like a Million Dollars
Lose One’s shirt
Straight From the Horse’s Mouth
For the birds
Knock Someone’s Socks Off
Out of the Woods
Make Ends Meet
Spill the Beans
Let the cat out of the Bag
Money talks                                   Real meaning_________________________________________
The Early Bird Catches the Worm
Take the Bull by the Horns
Pay Through the Nose
Stick Out One’s Neck
Drive Someone Up a Wall

What do you mean?


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