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									  Sports Psychology
Football Concentration
  Laval Liberty High
    Coach Doron
  October 10, 2007
 •Sports Psychology
•Video Continued
 •Goals (Personal &
 •Thoughts of the Game

•Hand it in!
 •Get organized
•Binder, separators, pen and
•In order for you to improve
mentally, you will need to
Sports Psychology
   On loose leaf put the
letter A on top & centred.
 On the other side put the
 letter B on top & centred.
  Continue with the whole
    Write down at least 25
  positive sports psychology
      Video Clip

•Positive Video Clip
     Goal Setting
•Process Vs. Outcome Goal
•Process          •Outcome
•What it takes     •Winning
to get the         # of
•Excellent         games
tracking          •Winning
handing them      champion
in, disciplined   ship
    Goal Setting
 •Write down a team goal
 related to outcome. What is
 your goal as a team record?
•Write down a team goal
for playoffs
•Write down a 1-2
personal goals related
to outcome.
Goal Setting (Process)
 •Write down what it takes to get
 to the team’s outcome goal.
 •Ex: As a team everyone
 show up to practice, avoid
 lates, poor on tracking
 sheets. Be disciplined.
 •Write down what it takes to get to
 your personal process goals. Ex: At
 least 75% or more overall average;
 seek extra help, train harder in
 practice; ask more questions in
 class, have a controlled aggression.
  Interesting Study
 •Measured Effort in a tug of war

 •Pulled at a force of 95%

 •On a team…
•Pulled at 70% because
hoping someone else will pull
•Don’t be the weakest link!
 Excuse Policy

•“No Excuses”
     Thoughts of the
       Game (+)
Impressed with
encouragement and positive
On TD against us, no one
sitting on the bench
However, talk it up (let’s
go!), encourage and trust
each other… team chant?
High fives when crossing path
on substitution
   Thoughts of the
     Game (+)
Routines… excellent stuff!
(pre-game, during the game
and after… associated with
excellence in sports!
 The way you rebound back
 after a TD… you are down
 such few times.
Positive words… are you
ready… ready! Ready is a
great word!
   Thoughts of the
     Game (+)
The feeling of you being
ready before the game even
started… vs. doubt
I also noticed how nice you
are to each other.
   Thoughts of the
      Game (-)
Lack of discipline
- Careful when your emotions
control you… think you control
your emotions…
Talking amongst
  Improving Self Talk
Look how big his arms     He might be big; but
are (the QB from          we are better.
After they scored a       Don’t even let this
TD, overheard talking     enter your mind! Stop
about how many more       it immediately! (Stop
points, they need to      technique).
score to tie the game
                          Simply put… shut up!
 Talking to the referee
                          Sports is not fair and
                          life isn’t either.
   Online Sports
Psychology Coaching
 Follow the instructions so
 that we can collaborate and
 work together
       Home Fun
Skim through the Wheel of
Recopy the diagram in the
Have at least 50 positive
sports psychology words
Make sure you have what is
written in the heart of the
wheel: belief & commitment

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