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									What is ICSC?
   ICSC is the global trade and professional association of the
    retail real estate industry. ICSC’s more than 65,000 members
    throughout the world include:

       Shopping Center Owners
       Developers
       Managers
       Marketing Specialists
       Investors
       Lenders
       Retailers
       Public Officials
       Academics and others
Are You a Student Member of
   Perhaps if you are attending the Florida Conference, you are
    already an ICSC Student member. If not, consider joining. For the
    nominal investment of $50, you will receive:
       Reduced registration to ICSC meetings,
        including the Florida Conference and
        our annual meeting in Las Vegas
       Access to ICSC professional
        development tools, online resume
        service, and job & internship database
       Access to the world’s largest retail real
        estate online library, for academic work
        and job searches
       A subscription to Shopping Centers
        Today, the industry’s premier news
       Invitations to ICSC Next Generation
        meetings, which provide networking and
        mentoring opportunities with industry
Why is the Florida Conference
   The Florida Conference is
    among ICSC’s largest annual
    meetings. Each year thousands
    of members join us in Orlando.
    Attendees represent all aspects
    of the industry including finance,
    development, leasing,
    management, marketing, law,
    architecture and government.
   This convention is a unique
    opportunity to meet industry
    leaders from Florida, the
    Southeast, and beyond.
    Program Basics:
   The meeting kicks off on Sunday,
    August 16—registration is open
    during the day. There are several
    receptions on Sunday, including
    the student reception.
   Monday’s program includes
    concurrent sessions on timely
    topics, lunchtime program and
    keynote speaker, and the opening
    of the Deal Making Exhibit at 2:30
   The Deal Making Exhibit will be
    open Monday, 2:30 – 5:30 PM
    Tuesday, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM.
   The Reconnect Pavilion will be
    open August 17 - 18.
What Not to Miss as a Student:
*The Student Reception*
ICSC invites you to a student networking reception on Sunday, August
16, 5:30 - 6:30 PM in the Sun Ballroom C at the Gaylord Palms Resort &
Convention Center in Kissimmee, FL. You will have the opportunity to
participate in intimate roundtable discussions with Florida leaders in the retail
real estate industry. The reception is free for those that RSVP to Michael
Nealon at by August 13. Please feel free to invite fellow
                     Industry Leader                                  Round Table Topic

 Clint Murphy, President, Murphy Land & Retail           Suit Development & Tenant Representation

 Jennifer Millman, Executive Recruiter, Millman Search   Interviewing and Job Placement Strategies

 Danny Finkle, Managing Director, HFF Investment         CRE Capital Markets
 John Breder, SCLS, SCSM, President, Breder              Management
 Companies Property
 Ryan Joyce, Florida Real Estate Representative, Kite    Leasing
 Realty Group
 Sue Murphy, President, PM Consulting                    Land Development and Entitlements
 Dan Depace, Sr. Director of Real Estate, Office Depot   Retailing
 Chuck Taylor, SCLS, Sr. VP, Madison Marquette           Lifestyle and Community Shopping Centers
 Eric Rapkin, Esq, Akerman Senterfitt                    Legal for Shopping Centers
What Not to Miss as a Student:
   Immediately following the student reception is
    the Member-Sponsored Reception, Sunday,
    August 16, 6:30-8 p.m.—a vast networking
    opportunity and ―must‖ attend event.
   ICSC Next Generation Session, 9:45-10:45
    AM on Monday. Next Generation is ICSC’s
    young professionals organizations. The event,
    “Deal or No Deal? Strategies for Leasing in a
    New World,” will offer important insights and
    the opportunity to meet industry newcomers
    and recent graduates.
   Exclusive Deal Making Tour with Lonnie
    Peterson on Monday, August 17, 2:30 PM.
    This will provide an insider’s view of the heart
    of the Florida Conference—Dealmaking!
    Peterson is Chairman of Cuhachi & Peterson
    Architects. The tour will meet at the
    Reconnect Pavilion.
Which Sessions Should I Attend?
   The meeting sessions are conveniently
    scheduled early in the conference
    program on Monday, for the most part.
    In a very short amount of time, you will
    have the opportunity to hear from ICSC
    Current Chair and immediate Past Chair,
    ICSC leaders, academics, and public
    servants. The plenary sessions are
   Perhaps if there are multiple concurrent
    sessions of interest, you might consider
    splitting attendance duties with a
    classmate, so that you can gather as
    much information as possible.
   If you are unable to attend a session that
    is of some interest, don’t be afraid to
    reach out to the panelists after the
    meeting to ask for any handouts or other
    relevant information.
What is the Reconnect Pavilion?
The Reconnect Pavilion is a full service professional development
program offering information for student attendees and others to
enhance their professional skills and propel job searches. The
pavilion will include numerous exhibits:

   University programs from
    around Florida for those wanting
    to continue their education
   Recruiting firms and
    professional development
   Associated groups such as
    CREW and CCIM
   In addition to exhibits, the
    Pavilion will host numerous
    power sessions, informal
    seminars on timely topics, and
    opportunities for one-on-one
    coaching and mentoring—with
    industry professionals as well as
    general job coaches
    How Can I take Advantage of the
    Reconnect Pavilion?
   Sign up in advance of the meeting for
    individual mentoring appointments with a
    superb roster of industry professionals.
    Contact Michael Nealon,
    for a list of participating mentors and
    available time slots.
   Consider attending the Pavilion Power
    Sessions. A full list power sessions will be
    available online at
    Sessions cover a range of topics to help you
    improve your resume, enhance networking
    skills, and utilize resources for a successful
    job search. Power sessions are first come,
    first served.
   Drop by to talk and make appointments with
    job coaches and search firms that will be
    participating in the pavilion—They are at the
    meeting to serve you….use their skills
    and expertise!
       Are there Particular Ways that I Should
       Prepare in Advance for this Meeting?
       There are many ways that student attendees can ―Do their Homework‖ so
       that they can most effectively utilize time at the Conference.
1.   Study the program carefully—there is a lot of information about sessions,
     panelists and committee members. Make sure to visit the program on the ICSC
     website as it is the most up-to-date information. The Monday morning sessions
     and speeches will include the latest information and analysis on the economy,
     retail real estate, and developments in Florida.
2.   Visit the ICSC website to view meeting participants. One of the benefits of
     being an ICSC student member is that you can gain access to password
     protected parts of the website, including the individuals registered for any
     conference, including the Florida meeting. If you are looking to connect with
     particular people or representatives from a certain company, the information is
     at your finger tips.
3.   Study the Online Details about the Exhibit Space: Online program
     information for the Florida Conference provides rich detail about the participants
     in the Leasing area/Deal Making part of the program. These online tools are
     available to all members at :
     Be prepared to visit individuals and companies that are of interest to you.
4.   Brush up on the latest industry developments. ICSC’s top notch research
     department is continually releasing new reports and analyses with important
     industry information at the ―Research Resource Center‖ online: Take an opportunity to review their latest
     findings and to read the most recent issue of Shopping Centers Today, the
     flagship publication of the industry.
      Insider Tips & Strategies:
      “Top 10 Suggestions for Effective On-site
      Networking at the Florida Conference”
1.   Giving Business Cards. Many students have business cards they may secure through their
     universities. If you do not, consider purchasing inexpensive personal cards on your own through
     VistaPrint® or some other inexpensive alternative. Distribute them freely!
2.   Getting Business Cards. Be meticulous about collecting business cards of people you meet at
     the Conference. Jot helpful notes and reminders on these cards. Organize them as quickly as
     you can. Use your new contacts for this meeting and other professional events to bolster your
     personal network.
3.   Follow Up Quickly. John Crossman recommends following up on conference contacts within
     48 hours of the meeting—―If you don’t follow up right away, it won’t happen.‖
4.   Nurture Contacts—Even Those That Don’t Seem Promising. Most initial meetings,
     particularly at a large conference, don’t yield immediate results. Continue to ―reconnect‖ and
     stay in touch with the people you meet at the Florida conference on a regular basis. When you
     get a job after school, drop a line to these individuals. You never know when the seeds of the
     relationship may sprout.
5.   Figure out What M akes People Tick. Beyond business connections, be on the lookout for
     things that matter to people you are meeting. We all know what devoted collegiate sports fans
     Floridians can be. Use those tidbits of information to cultivate relationships and bring a personal
     connection to your meetings.
        Insider Tips & Strategies:
        “Top 10 Suggestions for Effective On-site
        Networking at the Florida Conference”
6. Resume 2.0. It is vital to have a polished, professional resume to distribute at the Florida
    Conference and beyond, but remember there is a lot of other information about you that is
    available to prospective employers. Make sure that any social networking tools (Facebook,
    Twitter, etc.) reflect the professional image you wish to put forward. Make sure your email
    address is appropriate for professional settings.
7. Listen and Record! If you receive advice from a mentor or an individual with whom you are
    having an informational interview—write it down. Nothing conveys disinterest more than a
    person who seems to let advice, suggestions, and recommendations wash over them, without
    note. Be open about taking reasonable suggestions regarding professional development
    strategies and internship/job search ideas.
8. Do your Homework. If someone is generously giving time to you for a mentoring appointment
    or other discussion, do as much background works as is possible—learning about the individual
    and his or her company. Come to a discussion prepared with some good questions of your own.
9. Be Remembered for the Right Things. Professional Conventions like the ICSC Florida
    Conference are usually held in appealing locations. Remember you are at the meeting to learn
    and network, first—party, second. Get enough rest to be at the top of your game for sessions
    and other meetings.
10. Push Beyond your Normal Comfort Zone. Many students come with classmates from their
    particular university program. Resist the temptation to socialize with people you already know.
    Extend your hand to students and faculty from other programs, in addition to professional
    conference attendees. Remember if you are feeling awkward, others are as well. Press on.
And Remember!
 To say THANK YOU! To those who have
  shared their time, talents, expertise with
  you… professors who have made it
  possible for you to attend this
  conference…to the service providers,
  hotel staff, wait servers, at the Gaylord
  Palms and elsewhere who make the
  program run smoothly.

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