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									За повече информация: Веселин Манов, главен експерт, тел.: 02/932 0931; e-mail:

10 PL 62AP 3IRW     A Polish company producing pellets is interested in technology,
                  measuring the percentage of ash content in pellet. Pellet as high organic
                  fuel is produced from sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, wood chips,
                  pressed under high pressure, without additives such as varnishes and
                  adhesives. The company is looking for the measuring technology to enable
                  rapid measurement of ash content in pellet production. It whishes to
                  purchase a ready technology and prefers a commercial agreement with
                  tech. assis.

10 US 87GA 3IS1      A large US company is looking for proposals for novel phenylephrine
                  (PE) delivery technologies. They are interested in technology acquisition,
                  licensing, contract research, proof of concept leading to scale up to
                  manufacturing, joint development and supplier agreement.

10 US 87GA 3IRP    A large US company is looking for proposals for the development of a
                  method or tool to rapidly determine the fluid pressure in extremely low
                  permeable material layers. They are interested in joint development,
                  contract research, supplier agreement.

10 IT 53U9 3GQ1     An Italian consultant of farm producers is looking for a solution to the big
                  problem      of   olive     milling  waste     water     (OMW)       disposal.
                  IT is interested in technical cooperation for joint development of the
                  technology sought or in commercial agreements for technologies already
                  on the market.

10 US 87GA 3IR4     A large US company is looking for proposals for technology that can
                  rapidly decolorize porphyrin species. They are interested in licensing,
                  product acquisition, contract research, proof of concept leading to scale up
                  to manufacturing, joint development, supplier agreement.

10 IE 51S6 3IDL     An Irish manufacturer of high-quality industrial rubber hose requests
                  technical assistance in the development of their Hose Jointing Process.
                  Mandrel Built Rubber Hose is manufactured by the company up to 800mm
                  in diameter. Technical assistance, Design & Training is required in the area
                  of Built In Joints Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel, Integral Joints, Fully
                  Imbedded Joints, Internal & External Swaged Joint.

10 FR 38m5 3IQ9     A French company is looking for a sub-contractor to develop electronics
                  and controls with a self-mixing laser diode to be used for mechanical
                  vibration measurements. The project is confidential but the mentionned
                  technology is requested to develop a functional prototype.

10 PL 62AP 3IQE     A Polish SME operating in the field of concrete constructions used mainly
                  in sewage systems (including wells) is looking for an innovative CAD/CAM
                  software for projecting, visualisation and machine programming for use in
                  design and production of individualised monolithic well bases.
                    The company is interested in purchase and implementation of the
                  technology along with offered provision of technical assistance.

10 NO 79EL 3IM0     A Norwegian SME has developed a separation friendly valve concept to
                  reduce the emulsification of oil and water. Full scale testing under close to
                  real conditions has verified the technology.
                    Emulsification is one particular disadvantage of petroleum flow control.
                  The company wants to improve the product, with focus on implementing
                  novel materials in parts exposed to abrasive wear.
                    They are looking for partners with knowledge, experience and testing
                  facilities for this kind of technology.

10 GB 77dz 3IQ2     A UK company involved in the manufacture of sharpening tools for
                  woodworking equipment. They are now looking for technology partners to
                  further develop the product, particularly in the areas of innovative blade
                  sharpening. They are open to a range of collaborations.

10 US 87GA 3IQI     A large US company is looking for proposals for a sensor, instrument, or
                  technique to measure the dynamic height of easily deformable surfaces.
                  This method will be used in an R&D setting for the development and
                  testing of personal care appliances. They are interested in licensing,
                  product acquisition, contract research, joint development and supplier

10 PL 61AJ 3IPC     A Polish SME is searching partners with know-how in creating waste-
                  testing stands. They are constructing an integrated technological line for
                  recovery of raw materials from separated waste and need a testing stand
                  which will be a part of this technological line.
                    The partners for information exchange and technical cooperation are

10 ES 29h3 3IQ6     A Spanish company specialized in the well-being through the application
                  of natural mud and balneotherapy is interested in acquiring a technology to
                  dry and distillate aromatic and medicinal plants, mainly from eco-farming,
                  in order to produce essential oils. The company looks for producers of
                  essential oils for reaching a commercial agreement with technical
                  assistance for the implementation of a drying and distillation system of
                  aromatic and medicinal plants for the production of essential oils.

10 US 87GA 3IQ7    A large US company is looking for proposals for ready technologies or
                  systems to dispense liquid in a single-use, tamper-resistant refill system.
                  They are interested in technology acquisition, consulting, joint development
                  and supplier agreement.

10 PL 63AW 3IPW     Polish company is specialized in the design of miniature components and
                  advanced solutions for hearing aids, microphones, loudspeakers,
                  elecromechanical components for hearing aids, as well as, precise
                  solutions for medicine purposes.
                    The company is currently looking for the technology of ultrasonic welding
                  of miniature plastic components. The sizes of plastic components which
                  are the subject for welding is c.a. 1-4 mm. Partners that posses required
                  technology are sought.

10 US 87GA 3IPX     A large US company is looking for proposals for digital temperature
                  indicators that can be built into conventional labels for their goods. They
                  are interested in licensing, contract research, proof of concept leading to
                  scale up to manufacturing, joint development. Preference is for technology
                  integration with existing facilities to produce potentially billions of units per

10 FR 38m9 3IMH     A French company specialized in pest control products is looking for a
                  partner able to provide specific industrial fabrics in bulk quantities: jersey,
                  thick and thin woven fabrics, lycra. The French company is ready to sign a
                  subcontracting agreement with foreign suppliers.

10 LU 70DB 3IPR    A company from Luxembourg producing polymer products is looking for
                  knowledge or innovative technologies that allow to apply opaque color
                  coatings onto black rubber surface that undergoes high deformation rates
                  and cycles. Color and rubber must remain unaltered under mechanical,
                  thermal and chemical solicitation. The collaboration sought would be
                  preferably a subcontracting agreement.

10 IT 55W9 3IM6     An Italian Innovation and Research Centre is looking for advanced
                  technologies/materials with applications in building sector according to the
                  principles of environmental sustainability and energy saving. The Centre is
                  interested in technical cooperation and/or commercial agreement with
                  technical assistance in order to make available new tecnologies/materials
                  to local companies.

20100929011        Belgian company specialized in manufacture and distribution of
                  household appliances, steamer and induction hobs is looking for

20100929026        Italian company working in renewable energy sector is looking for raw
                  materials and machineries suppliers particularly in Photovoltaic, Hydro,
                  Biomasses sectors.

20101001030          This company from Serbia is specialized in the production of various
                  types of hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems. The company
                  is looking for partners for joint venture, merger and aquisition (the company
                  offers complete or a part of a company for sale). The company also offers
                  its outsourcing services to a potential client.

20101001026         A Slovak company manufacturing LED lightning is looking for a partner
                  for joint venture.

20101001025         This Serbian company is specialized in the production of apparel for men
                  and women. It is willing to sell complete or a part of the company
                  (interested in aquisition type of co-operation). Additionally, the company is
                  offering its outsourcing services to potential partners from abroad.

20100930020         The company from Serbia is specialized in the production of fruits and
                  packaging of fruits. The company is offering sale of a complete or a part of
                  their company to a prospective partner from abroad (aquisition type of co-

20100930033         Serbian company (Hotel) specialized in hotel activities is looking agents
                  to promote its accommodation services abroad. It is also looking for joint
                  venture and merger or exchange of shares.

20100930049        UK supplier of piling and drilling products wishes to find outsource
                  partners in Eastern Europe who can manufacture wood briquette products,
                  as well as other wood products (bark, kindling etc).

20100930045        French company specialised in the distribution of fresh food is looking for
                  poultry producer and fishing companies wishing to expand sales in Europe,
                  particularly in France.

20100930041         Croatian company, specialized in improving the service quality of nautical
                  tourism, with maximum emphasis on ecology and utilization of renewable
                  energy sources, is looking for joint venture partnership in order to find
                  investors for building an environmental port for nautical tourism.
20101001016         A UK company designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of
                  energy efficient oil and gas fired commercial & industrial air heating
                  products and ancilliaries. The company which also manufactures an
                  extensive range of natural and powered smoke evacuation and ventilation
                  systems is seeking experienced distributors in Germany, Spain, Portugal,
                  Holland, Scandanavia, Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria.

20101001001         A Serbian company specialized in production of bricks is looking for
                  intermediary services and transport in Bulgaria, Romania, Montenegro and

20101004011         This company form Serbia, specialized in innovation projects in
                  renewable energy, is looking for partners for joint venture agreements.

20101004007         A Turkish well known department store, retail sale of clothing and
                  footwear and leather goods in specialised stores with its headquarters in
                  Mersin and branches in Tarsus, Adana, Yalova, Gaziantep, Izmir and
                  Malatya is looking for ready made garment producers, distributors or
                  agents, Subcontracting / outsourcing activities to diversify the suppliers and
                  clients and franchising.

20101004022         A Turkish company specialized in manufacturing of spice is looking for
                  trade intermediaries. The company is also looking for joint venture in
                  Turkey for producing spice mixtures.

20101004028         A Turkish company specialized in manufacturing of cosmetic products
                  such as liposoluble wax, hot wax, antibacterial gel and cream is requiring
                  trade intermediary services. The company is open to joint venture too.

20101005002         A Swedish company has a concept selling pastries, sweets and nuts to
                  the large food retail chains in Sweden. The company is looking to diversify
                  and extend their product range and is looking for producers of these
                  products. The This company is offering trade intermediary servides to food
                  companies looking to enter the Swedish market. It is also looking for
                  partners that can package food. The company is primarily looking for
                  European partners.

20101005031        Romanian producer of high-quality PVC wall panels for indoor and
                  outdoor use is looking for partners or distributors.

20101005006         A German company specialised in research, development and
                  industrialized production of high purity alumina (Al2O3) and zirconia (ZrO2)
                  is looking for manufacturers, trade intermediaries of high purity alumina or
                  high purity zirconia and offers/is interested in Sale / Acquisition of a
                  complete company or a part of it.

20101005032         Slovenian company produces wooden windows. It produces dried
                  massive wood of different dimensions for the joinery, carpentry industry
                  (wood furniture). The company is looking for distributor. Also, it offers
                  subcontracting work.

10 SE 67CJ 3IW7     A Swedish company has designed an inter-modal semitrailer for transport
                  of both dry and liquid cargoes. The liquid is transported in six 5400 litre
                  tanks - rubber bellows - which are folded when not used to leave room for
                  transport of dry goods. The company is seeking a manufacturer of the
                  rubber bellows.
10 FR 37M3 3IW3     A French company, specialized in innovative electric luminous supports,
                  is searching a manufacturer / suppliers of electronics transformers
                  converting 220 volts to 12 volts and also to 110 volts. That company
                  whishes to develop innovative applications, therefore expects technical
                  cooperation or commercial agreement with technical assistance with
                  supplying industries.

10 DE 1375 3IQV     A German medium sized mechanical engineering company is looking for
                  experienced partners in order to develop diamond based cutting tools for
                    The company is looking for early stage projects as well as ready-to-use
                  technology. Even projects which failed to solve this problem are of interest.

10 BE 0213 3ITB     A multinational active in the consumer goods sector looks for cost
                  effective silicone alternatives to improve feel, shine and tactile properties of
                  surfaces in consumer products categories such as laundry detergents,
                  fabric softeners, shampoo and conditioners, cream rinses, skin creams and
                  lotions. The company is open to various types of partnerships depending
                  on the state of development, Intellectual Property position and targeted
                  application(s) of the offered solution(s).

10 BE 0427 3IO5     A Flemish company active in the production of pasteurized egg products
                  is looking for a technology to recover additional value of the eggshell
                  membrane side stream. First research results indicate that these
                  membranes contain several biomolecules with a potential use in cosmetics
                  and biomedical applications. The company is looking for (industrial)
                  partners to evaluate the potential of this raw material in a joint technical

10 NL 60AH 3IVJ     A small, innovative Dutch company in the ICT area is looking for a
                  partner to develop and produce small size batches of an industrial housing
                  for a handheld radio frequency identification (RFID) reader for use in
                  animal identification. The technology should be available on the market. A
                  partner is preferably a company with in-house engineering and production

10 NL 60AF 3IVC     A small Dutch SME, specialized in the production of CE certified
                  unbreakable orthopaedic drill bits is looking for partners in different
                  countries that are (nationally) certified for sterile packaging of surgical

10 IE 51S6 3IVA     An Irish based materials science R&D company with an interest in
                  chemical purification & separation products is seeking a supplier or
                  technological solution to the production of high temperature stable
                  polymers. The company is currently seeking a novel polymer that is stable
                  at high temperatures (in excess of 450ºC). All technology acquisition routes
                  would be considered from licensing from an academic institution through to
                  purchase of the polymer from a manufacturer.

10 US 87GA 3IUV     A large US company is looking for proposals for new surfactants to
                  replace sodium lauryl sulfates and sodium lauryl ether sulfates. They are
                  interested in licensing, product acquisition, supplier agreement, contract
                  research, proof of concept leading to scale up to manufacturing, joint

10 GB 46P5 3IUR    A Scottish Cheese producer has developed a new blue cheese product
                  and is looking for packaging solutions which will allow them to present
                  smaller units of the product, of between 50g and 200g, in innovative ways.
10 SE 672E 3IUC     A Swedish company is looking for a separation technology to recover
                  water soluble plant protein at about 20 % dissolved protein. Ideally the
                  technology should manage a batch volume of approximately 16 m3
                  solution per day. The technology requested should be fully developed
                  although adaptations or modifications may be necessary. The company is
                  looking for a license, equipment with technical support or a partner with a
                  suitable technology for joint exploration.

10 PL 61AJ 3IU2     A Polish SMEs operating in the lighting industry is looking for a modern
                  automatic technology for thermoplastic processing of plastics and metal.
                  The company intends to expand production of a modern technological line
                  for production of luminaires of LED diodes. The company is expecting
                  industrial or R+D partners for manufacturing agreement or technical co-

10 IT 54W2 3ITX     An Italian company is looking for a CHP (Cogenerator of Heat and
                  Power) system to be fed by chipped wood, wood industry residuals or
                  agricultural residuals. The maximum size of the plant has to be 1 MW
                  (electric power), with a efficiency of 20% or better (about 1 ton per hour of
                  chipped wood).
                    The technology requested has to be fully developed.

10 GB 46P4 3ITA     A Scottish design and manufacturing company who supplies Diplexers
                  and Couplers to the major global telecom companies is looking for
                  Commercial Agreements with Technical Assistance with manufacturing
                  partners who meet the right business and technical requirements described
                    The company is looking for manufacturing partners who can offer
                  improved efficiency with precision milling of aluminium castings (waveguide
                  and other related components) up to 5kg maximum weight.

10 CH 84FD 3ITR     A Swiss company is looking for expertise to develop a battery with high
                  energy peak over a short period of time. The application is related to
                  safety. Therefore, the battery has to be highly reliable and rechargeable 10
                  times over a period of 2 years. Operating temperatures are ranging from -
                  20°C to 55 °C. Technical cooperation and/or manufacturing agreements
                  will be considered. Small series of prototypes are needed.

20101011018         French company specialised in design, concept, development and
                  installations of furniture is looking for manufacturers, suppliers of furniture,
                  and fittings, accessories. The company is lookingfor reciprocal production
                  agreements with manufacturers of furniture and fittings, as well as for
                  transport and logistics collaborations. It offers turn key and high quality
                  subcontracting services.

20101011001         Polish wholesaler of quality beer specializing in beer from small to
                  medium breweries is looking for importers with their own distribution
                  networks. The company is offering trade intermediary services for trade
                  partners and importers of quality beer who also possess their own
                  distribution network.

20101012019         A Turkish company specialised in IPP ( Independent Power Production )
                  model energy production, co-generation and tri-generation types of power
                  production, besides related services and operations is looking for joint
                  venture agreements.

20101011042        Italian Web Company has delivered an advanced multilanguages CMS
              platform and is looking for qualified distributors worldwide to implement its
              sale network. The Italian company is also interested in joint venture
              (offered and required) and in subcontracting agreements (required).

20101013009     Serbian company specialized in the production of electrical equipment is
              looking for distributors in the Balkans and Russian, is also offering
              distribution and joint venture.

20101013007     The Turkish company active in nano-coating via sol-gel method and also
              on nano-materials production is willing to increase the production capacity
              for being able to undertake projects in bigger scope. In order to gather
              external financial resources, the company is open to joint venture
              agreements, exchange of shares and sales of a part of the company.

20101012024     A Turkish manufacturer of machinery for the textile industry, including
              various cooling machinery, air conditioning plants, chemical spray systems,
              wrapping, cutting and transferring machinery, is looking for trade
              intermediary services, joint ventures, reciprocal production and offers its
              subcontracting services.

20101013026     A Turkish large scale company is one of the leading import, export and
              packaging companies in Turkey, exporting all kinds of fruits and vegetables
              and importing various tropical fruits, especially bananas. The company is
              open for commercial partnerships of all kinds; such as trade intermediary
              offers, joint venture or merger offers or transport and logistics.

20101013018     A Serbian company producing medical equipment is interested in finding
              a partner in the EU for mutual distribution of products.

20101014015     Bosnian company, specialized in manufacture of prefabricated wooden
              block houses - low energy eco houses; requests trade intermediary
              services and offers/requests reciprocal production.

20101014009     A Serbian company, that designs and produces automatic identification
              equipment and the associated microcontroller and PC software, is looking
              for dealers and is willing to perform microcontroller based design projects
              in the auto-id domain for third-party developers. Trade intermediaries are
              sought and subcontracting is offered.

20101014007     Serbian ICT company works on a group of projects in the area of
              Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), speaker identification and
              verification, automatic Text-to-Speech conversion (TTS) and Computer-
              Telephone Integration (CTI). The company seeks the appropriate trade
              intermediary partners engaged in marketing of similar products for easier
              placement on the world/EU/Eastern European market. Additionally, the
              company seeks partners for joint research projects or partners that need
              custom-made applications (outsourcing activities) in speech technologies.
              Joint venture partnership is also sought for some products.

20101014002    Turkish company specialised in water supply, sewerage, waste
              managment and remediation activities is seeking trade intermediaries and
              wishes to have reciprocal production.

20101015024     Croatian company specialized in plumbing, heat and air-conditioning
              installation, bas installations, ventilation, is offering trade intermediary
              services, as well as reciprocal production to potential business partners.

20101015007    A Polish company is offering complex services related to industrial
                  facilities. Services including installations, transfers and relocations of the
                  production lines, as well as, reload and transportation service with the use
                  of cranes, gantries and low-floor trailers are offered. Subcontracting
                  services are offered to foreign companies.

20101014019         Bosnian company, specialized in the production and installation of all
                  kinds of wrought iron - fences and balconies, swing and slide gates, barred
                  windows requests trade intermediary services and offers/requests
                  reciprocal production.

20101018018         A Turkish company in the food sector, manufactturing specialized food
                  processing machines is looking for and offering trade intermediary
                  services, reciprocal production & joint ventures. Thye also offer their
                  manufacturing services for subcontracting.

20101018011         A Turkish company located in Mersin, producing processed nuts, carrot
                  sweet, Turkish delight, dried fruits and Turkish coffee is looking for joint
                  venture partners especially in European countries and is searching for
                  distributor, agency and representative. The company may give franchising
                  and also is ready to cooperate as a sub-supplier for the potential partners.

20101018002         A Turkish company located in Mersin, manufacturing IS glass forming
                  machines spare parts, mechanisms and supplementary parts is
                  looking/searching for agents, representatives and distributors through
                  European countries and is ready to establish a joint venture or a reciprocal
                  production and may merge/exchange of share or sale.

10 PL 62AP 3IRX     A Polish company producing pellets is interested in moisture
                  measurement technology of produced pellets. The company is looking for
                  the measuring technology allowing quick measurement of moisture of
                  produced pellets. The firm wishes to purchase a ready technology and
                  prefers a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

10 CZ 0744 3ITP     Czech engineering SME has developed patented equipment, which
                  produces hot gas from biomass and other combustible substrates.
                  Company looks for partner with financial resources or know-how for joint
                  development of turbine which is capable to utilize outgoing gases to
                  electricity production.

10 US 87GA 3IZB     A large US company is looking for proposals for technologies that prevent
                  bacteria from aggregating in the oral cavity and from attaching to tooth
                  enamel and/or oral tissue for the prevention of oral biofilms formation. They
                  are interested in licensing, product acquisition, contract research, proof of
                  concept leading to scale up to manufacturing, joint development, consulting
                  and supplier agreement.

10 CH 84FB 3J02     For the production of silicon nitride parts, a feedstock for extrusion of
                  silicon nitride is necessary. A Swiss company is looking for a company,
                  who offers commercial silicon nitride feedstock for extrusion. The feedstock
                  should be ready for use and should content all necessary sinter additives.
                  Alternatively the company is interested in contacts with companies who
                  have the know-how for the formulation of the silicon nitride feedstock.

10 PL 64BK 3IYK     An SME from south-east Poland is a manufacturer of different elements
                  for automotive and aerospace industry. The firm cooperates with several
                  Polish and foreign companies. In order to optimize production process, the
                  company is looking for black oxide coating technology.
10 AT 0109 3IYJ     An Austrian SME specialised in building and maintaining of roofs is
                  looking for technologies and components to monitor temperature and
                  humidity of warm roofs and building envelopes. Target is the permanent
                  monitoring of warm roofs and building envelopes to detect negative
                  influence of liquid or vapour water. The potential partner should provide
                  special know-how, components or a complete system. Technical
                  cooperation, adaption and/or further development of components or
                  systems are possible.

10 DE 1486 3J0B     The global leader in the sporting goods industry, located in
                  Herzogenaurach, Germany, has been part of the world of sports for more
                  than 80 years offering a broad portfolio of products and delivering state-of-
                  the-art sports footwear, apparel and accessories. In order to improve the
                  performance of their products, the company is currently looking for
                  innovative yarns for new developments in footwear operations.

10 GB 77dz 3IV6     A UK based marine biotechnology centre has a library of marine bacteria
                  and is seeking to collaborate with pharmaceutical and medical research
                  organisations who have expertise in marine bacteria to work with them to
                  develop and increase the throughput of biological activity screens.
                    Partners are likely to be commercial pharmaceutical companies and R&D
                  establishments and keen to work on a joint venture or commercial
                  agreement basis.

10 IT 54V8 3IU7     An Italian company that extracts oil from every kind of vegetables and
                  mixes it with juice of aloe is looking for a technology to insert its products in
                  the following market segments: cosmetics, food, agriculture, self-
                  medication, veterinary and for application in different sectors.

10 ES 27F4 3IY7     An Andalusian Technological Research Centre is looking for new
                  techniques for the control and prevention of Listeria monocytogenes on
                  food. The control of Listeria monocytogenes is difficult, due to its
                  widespread presence in nature, intrinsic physiologic resistance, adaptation
                  capacity and ability to grow at low temperatures. They are seeking for
                  Technical Cooperation Agreement with entities of food industry and related
                  industries interested in control of this pathogen.

10 IT 56Z6 3IVN     A company coming from an academic spin-off based in the North-East of
                  Italy, specialised in management advice and managerial learning and
                  training through business simulations, offers business game software
                  internally developed and customised on the basis of clients’ needs. The
                  company is interested in increasing the number of users that can access
                  the game at the same time, up to 3-4 thousands units. The look for
                  software developers for technical cooperation agreements.

20100928030         A Hungarian producer and distributor of a patented complex bio-organic
                  nano-fertilizer, and also, bio-organic and nano-technological fodder and
                  fish food made from agricultural waste and byproducts, is looking for
                  partners in European Union member states and other countries to
                  distribute its products. They offer franchising as well as licencing as other
                  means of cooperation too.

20100820019         A Serbian company for production, installation and maintenance of
                  elevators is looking for and offering joint venture in order to build a factory
                  in Serbia.

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