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én                                             for life

 énergie group franchise prospectus | The world’s leading fitness and wellness franchise group

émpowering people to
Our core purpose:

transform their lives.
Our core values:

                                 Taking an ethical and honest
INTEGRITY                        approach to all that we do.
                                 Finding new and creative ways
INNOVATION                       to achieve our goals.                    2       OUR VISION
                                                                          3       WELCOME
                                 Creating a playful environment           4       WORKING TOGETHER
FUN                              where people feel connected.
                                                                          5       CASE STUDIES
                                                                          6-7     SUPPORT
                                 Creating raving fans by exceeding
SERVICE                          expectations and going the extra mile.   8       WHAT OUR MEMBERS SAY
                                                                          9       MEET THE TEAM
                                  Ensuring that what we say               10      SELECTION PROCESS
ACCOUNTABILITY                    is what we do.

Our core philosophy:

We create inspirational environments, where
people matter, results count and a passion
for excellence drives everything we do.

Spark: énergie are the fastest growing fitness and wellness brand in the UK with over 80 clubs (2009).

welcome to the
opportunity of a lifetime !
Thank you for requesting this prospectus; in doing so, you have              different investment levels so, whatever your circumstances, énergie can
just taken the first step to becoming part of one of the most                 offer you the right opportunity to match your budget and aspirations.
exciting and fast growing fitness and wellness franchise groups               Whether your passion is to open a full scale fitness club, or perhaps
in the world.                                                                run a club for the youth market or a fitness centre especially for
                                                                             women, énergie offers an extensive range of tried and tested franchise
At énergie we share a passion for empowering people to transform             opportunities which could be just what you are looking for.
their lives and we are proud of the positive impact that our franchisees
have in the communities that we serve. We are looking for passionate         If you are interested in being considered for an énergie franchise,
people who share our vision and who are prepared to put in the               you will find specific information relating our products at the back
time, effort and dedication needed to establish a successful énergie         of this prospectus. Whatever your current situation - an experienced
franchise. Be under no illusion, building a successful business isn’t easy   franchise business owner or someone just looking for a rewarding
and we select our franchisees very carefully, not everyone will make the     change of direction - we welcome the opportunity to talk with you.
grade! If however, you have the drive and determination to match your
ambition then an énergie franchise may be your key to financial freedom       My best wishes
and personal fulfillment.

Being a part of the énergie network you have the opportunity to
represent an award winning brand in your area and build a thriving
business. The team at énergie who support our franchisees are all
well respected industry experts; you will meet them personally as
you consider this opportunity. Together, the team have developed the
most complete turnkey franchise package available, enabling ambitious        Jan Spaticchia
entrepreneurs to succeed in this exciting and dynamic sector.                énergie Group,
Uniquely, énergie offers you a range of franchise opportunities at           Chairman and Chief Executive

the perfect partnership.

As a leader in fitness and wellness franchising, we see the   Being an énergie franchisee is a hugely rewarding experience and
selection of our franchisees as of paramount importance.     provides you with the opportunity to create the personal and
The success of our business model is built on strong         financial success that you have always deserved. Keep in mind
franchise systems, careful site selection and above all      however that an énergie franchise isn’t for everyone. Starting any
choosing the right franchise owners to take the énergie      new business is a long term commitment which will require hard
brand forward.                                               work and dedication. You will need to invest both time and money
                                                             in your business and we will be looking for you to demonstrate an
                                                             ability and willingness to apply a “hands on” approach to a highly
                                                             customer focused business. We are not trying to put you off – we
                                                             just believe that honesty is the key to getting our partnership off
                                                             to a great start.

                                                             To learn more about joining one of the fastest growing networks in
                                                             the world, call now to receive details of our next Discovery session.

Spark: In 2009 énergie network turnover reached £12m pa, with network membership approaching 40,000.

our experience...
Our franchise owners come from many walks of life. Scott has been a club owner since 2006 and now
owns two énergie fitness clubs in Leighton Buzzard and Liscombe Park. Abigail joined us in 2007 and
operates the successful énergie fitness for women club in Plymouth.

                              Scott Wiseman,                           Abigail Knight,
                              Leighton Buzzard and Liscombe Park       Plymouth

                              “Through the énergie franchise,          “The knowledge and support of the énergie franchise team
                              I now own and run my own                 gave me the confidence I needed to set up my own énergie
                              businesses despite having no             fitness for women club.”
                              previous commercial experience;
                              and I can now comfortably                Abigail read an advert in the paper looking for potential franchisees
                              support my family.”                      to own a fitness franchise. After careful research, which included
                                                                       looking at alternative fitness franchise opportunities, Abigail met with
At 30 years old and with a newborn son, Scott reached the difficult     énergie fitness for women and immediately felt that this was a business
decision to build a career outside of the army. Having researched      she could trust. In December 2007, she opened her énergie franchise in
several franchise opportunities, it was énergie’s commitment to        Plymouth and hasn’t looked back.
providing a comprehensive support package that offered him the tools
and confidence he required to set up and run the business he had        “I never knew it was possible to be
always dreamt of. Once Leighton Buzzard was well established, Scott    a franchisee in this sector and to be
made the decision to open another club, close by in Liscombe Park.     honest, didn’t know much about it
                                                                       until I did my research. I then loved
“Everything I have experienced throughout my relationship              the idea of being my own boss and
with énergie has been positive and enjoyable.The team                  the financial benefits that came
has been there for me from the very beginning and continues            with it. The énergie team is always
to offer their expert advice and support. I’d highly recommend         there for me if I need them and it is
énergie as a rewarding option for anyone looking for                   great to be part of an exciting and
a franchise opportunity.”                                              successful growing brand.”

                                                                       THE BRAND

An énergie franchise offers you an exceptional
                                                                       • Over £1 million has been spent on the development of the énergie
opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not
                                                                        award winning énergie brands and systems. The énergie franchise
by yourself, benefiting from our unrivalled franchise
                                                                        portfolio is regularly featured in national newspapers, magazines
support package...
                                                                        and local press, giving you the opportunity to lever this brand to
                                                                        your advantage.
By choosing an énergie franchise, you will establish a strong brand
                                                                       • You will be fully supported in developing your chosen location to
identity in your local market, enabling you and your team to swiftly
                                                                        maximise the interior and exterior branding opportunities.
build a thriving business using our tried and tested operating
systems. This will enable you to concentrate on the development
of the business rather than the design of the systems.
                                                                       MARKETING TOOLKIT

Advice and support from expert operators with a proven track
record of success is a key element in our unique franchise package.
You will work closely with our experienced team to establish the
best way to develop a franchise in your chosen territory.

                                                                       • The énergie marketing support package is one of our key benefits,
                                                                        providing access to a content rich, ready made library of campaigns
                                                                        that can be tailored to suit your business needs.
                                                                       • Highly effective PR support.
Innes Kerr,                                                            • Regular marketing campaigns provided at a group discount rate.
Group Director of
Direct Franchising                                                     DIRECT DEBIT & DEBT COLLECTION
                                                                       • A turnkey Direct Debit system streamlined to ensure that
                                                                        monthly collection is seamless, providing enhanced control
                                                                        and improved cashflow.
                                                                       • Automated debt collection service that offers our franchise owners
                                                                        the security that this element of their business is under control.

Spark: énergie have international master licence
           agreements in Ireland, Scotland, Latvia
                       and six Middle East countries.
• A system and service that embraces every possible                      • Regular Network Development events with other énergie owners,
 interaction with potential, new, existing and past members.               giving everyone the opportunity to share progress.
• An industry leading membership software solution.                      • Annual énergie conference, gala dinner and awards evening,
• Cutting-edge technology allowing you to                                 providing key training, networking opportunities and recognising
 communicate with your members effectively.                               excellence within the network.

• Giving the independent operator the buying power of a national
 operator and the benefit of great savings on essential products
 and services.
• The range of products and services offered at discounted rates are
 growing by the day.

• Training from a team of experts                                        FINANCE AND BUSINESS PLANNING
 that share your desire to grow                                          • We can help you to raise finance through the banks national franchise
 your independent business.                                               units, even when previous attempts have failed!
• The latest techniques and full                                         • énergie has forged strong partnerships with major banks, helping
 support in implementing the                                               franchise owners to raise millions of pounds in funding.
 énergie operational systems to                                          • Support with your business planning and reviews.
 improve sales, retain members
 and positively impact your bottom line profits.                          ÉNERGIE BUSINESS SUPPORT
• Direct support available where and when you need it.                   • Our dedicated support line means you are only ever a phone call
                                                                           away from the support you require.
TERRITORY*                                                               • Our ‘getting into business’ team provides the close support our
• Each franchise product has a territory which is agreed on a first         franchisees demand.
 come, first served basis.                                                • Sales support personnel are available during club opening and
• Take action and become the franchisee for your chosen énergie            beyond for added sales impact.
 brand in your area.
• The opportunity is available to develop multiple énergie franchises    UNIQUE RANGE OF MEMBER PROGRAMMES
 within an area territory.                                               • Tried and tested programmes that deliver new customers to your door.
                                                                         • Direct impact on your financial yield and all important retention rates.
INDUSTRY LEADING OPERATIONAL SYSTEMS                                     • Bespoke software solution making the management of all énergie
                                                                           programmes effortless.

• The énergie team has developed one of the most advanced turnkey
 franchise operating systems available in the sector.
• Simple, effective and easy to follow systems, ensuring your business
                                                                         Please note: services vary between franchise products. Fees are payable for selected
 is maximising its potential.                                            services and items listed.
• Network performance benchmarking.                                      * Product specific.

the énergie difference ?
ask our members...
At énergie we are dedicated to empowering people to transform                Emma Land
their lives through targeted programming, high levels of customer            “My whole body shape changed and I feel so in control.”
support and a commitment to continuous quality improvement.
Our franchise products attract a wide range of customers who all
have different needs and value our personalised service which is
tailored to them. We are passionate about innovation and take
great pride in understanding the needs of our customers and
delivering beyond their expectations.

All énergie brands are built on the following principles:

• Local owners who care
• Specialist programmes targeted to the customer
• Highly personalised customer relationship management systems
                                                                             When Emma walked down the aisle she was a size 12, but once the
• Efficient solutions driven through smart use of technology
                                                                             honeymoon period was over she quickly put on weight through a full-fat diet
                                                                             of stodgy takeaways and pizza. Before long, she was buying size 18 clothes
Our ground breaking systems and programmes create a unique market
                                                                             and became so large that she just wanted to hide away.
advantage in your local area.

                                                                             Unable to carry on with her lifestyle, she made a pact to become healthier.
Here’s what some of our
                                                                             Emma joined énergie fitness for women where she got the professional
members have to say:
                                                                             attention she needed to encourage her to get the results she desired.
                                                                             Through regular sessions at the club, Emma quickly dropped her weight and
Shahid Iqbal
                                                                             the burden that came with it.
“énergie simply changed
my life; now look at my
                                                                             Within ten months, Emma was down to a size 8 and full of confidence,
beautiful little girl.”
                                                                             so much so that she is now an énergie fitness instructor helping others to
                                                                             achieve their goals.
Shahid Iqbal weighed an
unhealthy 23 stone. Doctors advised him of the
                                                                             “People had started telling me I had a good figure, but after being
health risks and warned him that he may never conceive. This devastating
                                                                             overweight for so long I took some convincing.The new me was up
news was a serious walk-up call for Shahid and prompted him to take
                                                                             for grabbing life with both hands; I felt like a new person.Thanks to
immediate action.
                                                                             énergie I’m half the woman I used to be.”

He joined his local énergie fitness club and was introduced to the six-week
émpower programme, which helped him focus on reaching his goals.
After six months of training, the weight had dropped off and his partner,
Anne, fell pregnant with baby Yazmine.

“I’m convinced Yazmine would never have been born
if I hadn’t started going to the club.”

Spark: 91% of people believe that physical activity & exercise is important to their health (HAFOS survey)

the énergie
group team.
Jan Spaticchia, Chairman and Chief Executive
Jan is the Chairman, Chief Executive and co-founder of the énergie Group,
taking responsibility for the overall development and strategy of the business.
Well respected as an entrepreneur and business leader, Jan is in high demand
as a professional speaker, having presented at major events all over the world.

Giles Webber, Group Divisional Director
Giles is responsible for the Managed Clubs Division. As Health and Fitness
Director at Livingwell, Giles was responsible for Hilton’s Global health and
fitness product, establishing and delivering a fitness and member retention
offer into Livingwell’s UK, European and Australian club portfolio.

David Beattie, Group Brand and Marketing Director
David is a co-founder and has been responsible for creating the énergie
identity and brand language that is at the foundation of the énergie group.
He joined David Lloyd Leisure at an embryonic stage, later opening his first
club with long term business partner Jan, in 1995.

Innes Kerr, Group Director of Direct Franchising
Innes provides 26 years fitness industry experience spanning his apprenticeship
as a gym to most notably working at senior levels with Technogym,The DeVere
Group, Fitness First and the Fitness Industry Association. As Head of our
franchised clubs division, Innes and his team are responsible for developing
the operating procedures and systems to maximise your success.

                                                                                                      Details of our Master Franchise teams and their biographies
Our extended group team includes:                                                                     are available on our website

• Sarah Beattie,                                         • Richard Collins,                                  • Vicki Harrison,
 Head of Franchise Recruitment                            Group Procurement Manager                            PA to the Directorate
• Justin Orange, Group Financial Controller              • Cassie Jacob, Senior Accountant                   • Charles Tantram,
• Sarah Dillon,                                          • Andy Ratcliffe, Accounts Assistant                  Operations Manager, Direct Franchising
 Property Acquisition and Disposal                       • Jo Bladon, Franchise Recruitment Advisor          • Steve McNeill,
• Élise Billy, Legal and Franchise Support               • Kim Ford, Administration Manager                    Project Manager
• Dean Hodgkin,                                          • Erin Donohue,                                     • Jacqui Webber,
 Head of Operations Support                               Administration and HR Assistant                      Operations Manager, Management Services

“Pubs and restaurants woke up to the power of franchising years ago and énergie
has now created the definitive franchise product for the fitness sector”
                                                                                  Steve Philpott, a co-founder of énergie
                Steve was formally MD of David Lloyd Leisure and remains a shareholder and close friend of the business.

Franchisee Selection process
6 steps to becoming an
énergie franchisee.
Becoming a franchisee is a two way selection process, as much as                        Step 5: Approval
you need to feel that énergie is the right partner for you, we need to                  The final approval of your franchise application is subject to credit checks,
assess your suitability against our criteria. We receive a large number                 personal reference verification and finally a presentation by one of the franchise
of enquiries each month, but only a handful of franchises are granted.                  recruitment team to our approvals committee. They will assess your application
                                                                                        to confirm their confidence in your ability to make your franchise a success.
Step 1: Enquiry and telephone screening                                                 A final interview may be required to discuss specific elements, but we aim
Following your review of the information contained within this prospectus,              to make a decision on your application within seven days from submission.
we invite you to complete the énergie First Step form and return it to us.
You will subsequently be contacted by one of our team for an initial discussion         Step 6: Completion
to answer your questions and establish your suitability. Assuming you fulfil             Providing you are approved you will then need to pay a deposit and sign the
our franchisee criteria you will be invited to attend one of our regular                deposit agreement. The franchise agreement will then be given to you to review,
Discovery sessions.                                                                     following which a completion date is set for the balance of the franchise fee
                                                                                        to be paid and the agreement to be signed. After which your journey as an
Step 2: Discovery session                                                               énergie franchisee begins.
These regular sessions enable you to learn more about the exciting franchise
products we offer in a relaxed environment and provide us both with the                 We recognise that every franchisee has different requirements and therefore
opportunity to get to know one another.                                                 our franchise recruitment team will work with you to guide you through the
                                                                                        process in becoming an énergie franchisee.
Step 3:Your research
After the Discovery session, we recommend that you conduct further                      We look forward to talking to you.
research which may include; visiting an énergie franchise, asking your franchise
recruitment team questions over the phone or calling an énergie franchisee
to discuss their experience.

Step 4: Interview
Following your research, you will no doubt have many questions.The interview offers
you the opportunity to discuss these with the franchise recruitment team, and gives     Sarah Beattie,
us a chance to assess your suitability for an énergie franchise. It is a good idea to   Group Head of
bring along your completed application form so that we can review it together.          Franchise Recruitment

Spark: Our énergie club in Wembley won the FIA (Fitness Industry
Association) FLAME award for UK Club of the Year 2006
                                               the recession
Spark: The Fitness sector is “growing” despite
                               Industry report)
(2008 FIA State of the Fitness

         Spark: 56% of people said the
                                          London 2012
       Olympics will encourage people to
                                         be more active
                                                             (HAFOS survey)

                                        health club
 Spark: There are over 7 million
 members in the UK (2008 FIA State of the
                                          Fitness Industry report)

                                        K will be
              a dults in the U
Spark: 1 in 3                                   )
                                    London 2008
obese by 20  12 (University College
“whatever your goal in life you
will never succeed unless you
let go of your fears and fly”

Contact our franchise recruitment team:
Head Office & National Training Centre énergie House,
Tongwell Street, Fox Milne, Milton Keynes, Bucks. MK15 0YA
t: 0845 363 1020 e:   for life

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