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 Imagine what you could accomplish if you
were clear about what you wanted—now, and
       for the rest of your life. (Dave Ellis)

  What kind of impact would you choose to
make through your leadership to grow future
leaders; to leave a legacy to your family, your
      world; to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE?
Life and Leadership Coaching for
 Designed for leaders who are charged
 with creating systemic paths for building
 knowledge and skill capacity, ensuring
 implementation, and measuring
 achievement in ways that ensure quality,
 equity, and excellence for all involved in
 the organization.
Robert Hargrove (2000) said that…
“Coaching is everything you do to produce extraordinary
results and change, complexity, and competition. Coaching is
every thing you do to improve your strategic thinking about
the future you want to create. Coaching is everything you to
ignite personal and team learning in solving organizational
problems while building the capability you need to succeed.
Coaching is everything you do to give you and your entire
organization an edge and advantage. You don’t need
coaching for ordinary results.”
“…coaches are not for the meek. They’re for
people who value unambiguous feedback. All
coaches have one thing in common: it’s that
they are ruthlessly results oriented.”
Trust is a critical component in leading
 change and is at the foundation of
 the coaching experience. According
 to a 2002 Stanford study, Rony Bryk
 reported that schools with high trust
 have more than a three times higher
 chance of improving test scores than
 schools with low trust.
Stephen M.R. Covey says that in order
to be trustworthy, an individual and
organizations must have character and

Coaching assists leaders and
organizations to develop this trust.
Skills and Behaviors Involved in Coaching
     and Creating A Trusting Culture
                Character Behaviors

                 •   Tell/speak the truth

                 •   Create transparency

                 •   Take responsibility

                •    Demonstrate respect

                 •   Demonstrate loyalty

            •    Choose your conversations
Character and Competence Behaviors

        • Listen first and listen fully

          • Focus your awareness

                  • Persist

                • Contribute

                 • Celebrate
    Competence Behaviors

    • Determine what you want/desire

            • Confront reality

          • Clarify expectations

         • Practice Accountability

• Ask “How can I create a different result?”

          • Change your habits
            Protocols For The Life Coaching
                                     •   Confidentiality
                                         •    Openness
                                 •   Speaking your truth
    •       Preparing for each coaching session and being totally present without
        •    Providing a quiet, uninterrupted place for the coaching call or visit
        •    Being open to dreaming your biggest dreams; creating possibilities
•       Completing exercises designed to assist you in developing multiple action
                                             plans (MAPS)
                    •   A commitment to implement the action plan(s)

• Meet with superintendent to determine which administrators have
   a desire to be coached. Present orientation.
• Schedule monthly site and phone coaching sessions.
• Provide coaching for all levels of administrative leadership as well
   as for teacher leaders.
• Provide research as appropriate and/or presentations.
• Provide all paperwork for coaching.
• Seek interim assessments regarding coaching effectiveness.
• Provide superintendent a monthly invoice for coaching sessions.
Some Examples of My Work and How
          I Got Started
• Visionary Superintendents

• State-wide Coaching
  – Region 13 with David Manning
  – Through supporting principals with their
    Professional Growth Plans through Principal
    Outreach—Pro-Bono Coaching

• One To One—Women Coaching Women

• Women coaching women who have
  experienced difficulties in life and who
  have pulled themselves up and started
  over…who need coaching and can’t afford
Coaching inner-city and rural youth who
lack the resiliency skills to deal with
some of life’s toughest issues.
       Examples of My Work Now

• Coach all levels of administrators/leaders in
  organizations that include schools, districts,
  businesses, non-profit

• Serve as coach for TEPSA’S new CLASS Fellows
  project which serves approximately 112 central
  office and campus administrators statewide

• Coach clients from One To One—Women
  Coaching Women
  An Exercise

•Take 3 cards
    With the first card held
 vertically, write in the center
  the answer to the following

• If you could change one thing in your life
  right now that would bring you great
  peace, joy, and satisfaction, what would it
           Now Label It

• Right-hand corner: What kind of a
  priority is this for you?

  –A=I promise I want this
  –B=I really want this
  –C=It would be nice to have this
  –O=This is an obligation

• In the bottom right-hand corner, answer this

  –Who or what do you need to support
   you in getting what you wrote down?
Bottom Left-Hand Corner
What part or parts of your life does this
 – Career/Work
 – Play/Fun
 – Family
 – Social life/Friends
 – Money
 – Health
 – Mind/Body/Spirit
 – Environment
 Finally…the Really Hard Question

In the top left-hand corner, write the
  answer to this question.

  –By what date will I have
   accomplished or addressed this?
        Take a Second Card

• Think about what you REALLY
  want to


 – DO

 – BE
      You Know the Process…

Write your desire in the center of your card
 (held vertically).

Think of something that you may have
 never thought of before.

Give it your best thinking.
Let’s Label Your Desire Card Now

Top right corner: What’s your priority for
 this desire?
Bottom right corner: Who or what do you
 need in order to realize this desire?
Bottom left corner: What part(s) of your
 life does this desire impact?
Top left corner: By what date will you
 realize this desire?
      Written Reflection Time

On the two-part paper, answer the
 following two questions.

What did I learn, relearn, or teach myself
 as a result of being in this session and
 doing the exercises?

  What do I intend to do with the learning?
  Sure Would Like To Hear From At
         Least Five of You
• What did I learn, relearn, or teach myself
  as a result of being in this session and
  doing the exercises?

• What do I intend to do with the learning?

• I invite you to leave the yellow portion of the
  two-part form with me so that I might learn
  from you.

• If you have questions, feel free to contact me at
 Administrative Leadership Development & Life
             Sandra K. Ellington

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