Corporate Travel Policies Restricted by iupon13


									?Traditionally, most Australian businesses have a corporate travel policy that allows
some flexibility and is enforced at the will of each staff member. However, as the
economic downturn continues, BCD Travel is receiving an increasing number of
requests from its business travel clients to introduce new, non-negotiable restrictions
on their individual booking profiles on the BCD Travel booking system.

BCD Travel's booking system allows each business travel client to have their own
booking profile containing their preferred suppliers, negotiated rates and other
preferences, such as when first class flights are allowed. Corporate travel clients are
able to apply as many restrictions as they like to their profile to ensure their staff
comply with their company's internal business travel policy.

Full reporting is available through the BCD Travel booking system, and these reports
can show managers which staff members are booking corporate travel outside policy
and what it is costing them. This enables companies to further customise their profile
on BCD Travel's booking system so that unsuitable options, such as first class travel
for short trips, are not made available to staff on the system.

The most common restrictions being implemented by BCD Travel include disallowing
first class bookings and limiting the nightly rate allowable on accommodation.

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