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					                                    AIR UNIVERSITY
                                         Fall 2008
                             Faculty of Administrative Sciences
                           Department of Business Administration
                                        MBA 3rd Semester
                                       Course Information

Course Title: “Management Information
Class: MBA-III              Systems (MIS) “      Lab (Yes)
Credit hrs: 3
Prerequisites For this Course:
This Course is Prerequisite For:

Instructor: Aftab Bhatti
e-mail :
                                                 Address: Management Block, 1st Floor
Web:                        Office hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Text Book:     “Management Information Systems”                       by; James O’Brien

                                                                       8th Edition
Reference Book(s):

“Management Information Systems                         By; Charles Parker and Thomas Case
             Strategy and Action”

“Business Information Systems                            By; Kenneth C. Laudon
  A Problem-Solving Approach”                                Jane Price Laudon

Course Outline (one paragraph 3-4 lines)
The course will cover four major parts of Management Information Systems (MIS) i.e. Introduction
to MIS and its history/evolution, an overview of basic terminology of computer hardware, software,
databases and networking. Description of major subsystems of MIS i.e. Transaction Processing
Systems (TPS), Management Reporting Systems (MRS), Decision Support systems (DSS),
Executive Information (EIS) and Expert Systems. Security issues, and End-user computing.
Moreover, the students will learn the use of MS-Access, MS-Excel, and MS-Project.

Lecture Plan:

  Week                                Topic                                  Class/Lab/Home
     1     •   Information systems, Concept                                Formation of
                  o Why information systems are important                  Groups
                  o An IS framework for business professionals             (3 members each
                  o Information technologies                               group)
                  o Components of an information system
                  o Information system activities

     2     •   Management information systems                              Sharing of case
                 o Introduction to management information                  study method and
                    systems                                                format
                 o Information resource management
            o Using information technology to improve
              customer services

3    •   Management information systems                      Case: “The
            o Challenges in the study of MIS                 Business Payback of
            o Proficiency issues                             Information
     •   Practical:                                          Technology.”
            o Learn some basics of Ms-Excel

4    •   Computer Hardware system                            Case:
            o   Processing capacity of computers             American Airline
            o   Primary and secondary storages of computer   “Competing through
            o   Other peripherals of computer                Information

5    •   Categories of Computer Software.                    Quiz
            o   Pre-written and customized software
            o   Application and of System Software           Home Assignment:
                                                             Prepare sales or
                                                             purchase system using
            o   Learn functions of MS-Excel as a Decision    MS-Excel.
                Support System (DSS) Tool

6    •   Data Base Management Systems                        Guest speaker
            o Data Base Operations                           Topic:
            o General Uses of Data Base Management           “The use and abuse
               Packages                                      of Database
            o Structures of Data Base Management             system.”

7    •   Database Designing                                  Home Assignment:
            o To design a table, form, query and report by   Design a simple data
               using MS-Access                               base system, using

8    •   Transaction processing systems (TPS)                Quiz
            o The nature of Transaction Processing (TP)      Presentation/
            o Transaction processing functions               discussion of the
            o Role of information technology in TP           final project’s
            o The TPS Cycle                                  progress.
            o Transaction processing subsystems
9                    Mid-Term Examination
10   •   Management reporting systems (MRS)                  Quiz
           o Evaluation of the management reporting
              system                                         Practical (Lab)
           o Types of reports
           o Structuring report content
           o Role of MRS Outputs in Management

11   •   Decision support systems (DSS)                      Case: AmeriKing
            o DSS goals and applications                     and Others: The
            o Components of DSS                              business value of
            o Putting DSS to Work                            Enterprise Portals
            o DSS development
                      o DSS examples

   12          •  Executive Information Systems (EIS)                         Quiz
                     o Executive roles and decision making
                     o The executive decision-making environment              Practical (Lab)
                     o EIS roles and characteristics
                     o Commercially available EIS Products
   13          • Knowledge-based systems                                       Case: Producers
                    o Artificial Intelligence (AI) evolution and               Assistance,
                       application                                             Kinko’s and
                    o The need for an Expert Systems (ES)                      Champion Printing:
                    o Components of an expert system                           Using Spatial
                    o Developing expert systems                                Information
                    o Expert systems versus conventional                       Systems
                    o Uses and limitations of expert systems

   14          •   Office information systems (OIS)                           Presentation of the
                      o Types of Office Automation (OA) systems               final project.
                      o Implementing office systems
                      o Challenges and issues                                 Practical (Lab)
                      o The integrated office

               • Submission of INTERNAL Grading to the
                 course coordinator
   15          •   End-user computing and development                         Presentation of the
                     o The end-user environment                               final project.
                     o Evolution of end-user computing
                     o End-user applications

   16          •   End-user computing and development                         Presentation of the
                     o Benefits and challenges of end-user                    final project.
                     o Managing end-user computing
                     o The information center


       Week                                            Topic
        1            To learn basic operation and functions of Operating System (windows)
        2            To have some practical knowledge of MS-Office
        3-5          To use MS-Excel as a DSS Tool by designing a simple work sheet
        7-8          To design a simple data base in MS-Access, i.e. create tables and forms
       9-10          To set relationship among tables and generate reports from those tables
       11-12         To learn the use of MS-Project.
Grading and General Course Policies:
The grading will be done as per the policy of the university, however, the final grade for the
course will be determined based on the total points accumulated in the below areas with
following weightage:

Final Examination                       (45%)
Mid-Term Examinaiton                    (35%)
Quiz/Homework/Team Project              (20%)

Objective of course: (one paragraph 3-4 lines)

By the end of the course, students will be able to; understand the purpose and strength
of MIS and the basic terminology of Information Technology (I.T.). According to the
new trend in MIS they will also be able to perform end-user level computing
effectively i.e. designing software to accomplish assigned tasks with out the support
of I.T. personnel. Moreover, the students, in their practical life, will be able to get
maximum benefit of the knowledge and skills of MIS.
   1.      Please note that the outline given above is tentative and is subject to amendment
           depending on the progress of the course. However, request for change/changes in
           the deadlines of various class activities and the term projects/presentations will
           not be entertained.
   2.      Each course will include the following:
           a. At least 6 quizzes, all carrying equal weightage.
           b. Assignment: On the discretion of the Faculty Member/Course Requirement.
           c.   There will be at least two presentations by each student during the semester.
           d. At least one Guest Speaker/Seminar/Visit to a practical situation.
           e. Review of research paper: Review of research paper is mandatory for all
              courses. Research paper should be recent in publication/HEC approved
              journals/ and new topics. However, field of research papers, year of
              publication and type of journals will be decided by respective Faculty Member
              as per Course Requirements.
   3.      Assignments/Presentation deadlines will be strictly followed by the respective
           Faculty member
   4.      5 % marks will be deducted for not complying with the given deadline. However,
           in case of delay exceeding 24 hours, the assignments/ Presentation will not be
           assessed at all.

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