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					?There are many reasons for giving corporate promotional gifts, and the gifts that you
choose should reflect the reason that you're giving the gift and to whom you are
giving it. You may choose to give gifts to associates or employees, or send them out
as part of a marketing campaign. You may choose from a variety of corporate gifts to
distribute to employees as incentives and rewards, or hand out take-away gifts at a
convention or marketing show. No matter what your reason for picking out corporate
business gifts, though, it's important to choose corporate gifts that make a lasting
impression. Follow these rules to choose gifts that will be remembered.

1. Choose the best quality. A promotional item doesn't have to be a tacky, poorly
made gimmick item. The better the quality of the gift, the more highly it reflects on
your business.
2. When deciding on items to give away as a promo, choose things that you'd use
yourself. Remember, gifts that are used will keep your business in the forefront of
your recipient's mind.
3. Fit the item to your business. A gym bag with your company imprint is a great
giveaway if your business has something to do with fitness or travel, for instance, and
a tape measure is an ideal gift for your hardware store or building consultancy.
4. Consider your imprint message. Especially when you're choosing promotional
giveaways, a little cleverness goes a long way. Humorous plays on words are always
5. Make it useful. Choose promotional giveaways and corporate gifts that will be
used by their recipients. Remember, every time your gift is used, it reminds the
receiver of your company.
6. Unique doesn't have to be expensive. Choose corporate promotional items that
stand out from the usual pens and desk clocks by picking those with a unique or
unusual twist. For instance, for your executive clients, choose a classically designed
and elegant pen set.
7. Consider your company image when choosing corporate gifts, and choose items
that fit the image you want to present. If you're projecting a fun-loving, active image,
for instance, give gifts that fit into an active, fun-loving lifestyle.
8. Keep in mind that holiday gifts to special clients and associates should be more
personal and less promotional. Choose well-made items for personal use, and place
your logo discreetly if you place it at all. For holiday gift-giving, the less promotional
your item, the more memorable it will be.
9. Clothing items make excellent incentive and reward gifts for your employees.
From caps featuring your logo to polo shirts in your company colors, you'll find a
wide range of promotional clothing gifts that your employees will love to wear.
10. Don't forget personal assistants, executive secretaries and the other important
office functionaries that pave your way to the executives you need to see. Arriving for
an appointment with a gift in hand or remembering to drop a thank you gift by after a
sale will make certain that you and your company are remembered in a good light -
especially if that gift is useful enough to earn a place on the desktop. A mouse mat or
specialty mouse with your company's logo, a stapler or another item that stands out is
sure to be used often, increasing the exposure for your company.

You'll find a wide selection of corporate promotional products and corporate gift ideas
on the internet where there are a selection of top suppliers to choose from with wide
product ranges.