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									                         GREASE TRAP MAINTENACE CONTRACT

Licensed Class F
      Waste Hauler:

          Telephone #:
            Licence #:

This is an agreement between the above and
that the above licensed waste hauler will routinely empty a                    gallon Grease Trap
located at                                                                            , Tax Map
Parcel #                                          ,                                  County.

            Following are the terms of this Contract:

          1 Pumping frequency will be such that the waste level is maintained to prevent

          2 Property owner will notify waste hauler when grease trap is 3/4 full and request that
            the tank be pumped within 2 working days.

          3 This contract is valid for a period of                                            .

          4 Equipment Available:                                                              .

          5 Emergency response capability within                 hours.

          6 Tank Contents will be disposed of at
            loacted                                                                 .

            Additional Terms (optional to list but binding if included).

          7 Price per pump-out                                             .

          8 Additional pages may be included if referenced and signed by both parties. Sign Both
            this page and additional; pages if included.

Signed:                                                  Date:
Signed:                                                  Date:

                                       DNREC Form Revised 09/08/2008

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