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                          Martinsvill                                                  Issue 6

                                                                                   February 2010

                Bulldog Bark                                                     Inside this issue
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                                                                                 Dr. Kizner

From the Superintendent s Desk                                                   Magnetic        2
           Criticism I Appreciate
                                                                                 Photos          3,4
   I was recently criticized by a community member
not to prepare all children to go on to college. With                            Parent page     5
great curiosity I asked him why? His response was                                Nutrition       6
simply those with college degrees leave our city and                             Notes
most likely won t return. With great puzzlement I
                                                                                 Events/sports 6
asked him if he wanted only non-college-educated
people living in Martinsville, or do we want to give Dr. Scott Kizner
all children an equal chance to determine what direction they believe is in their best interest as
an adult. I then asked him if he expected to send his child to college, and he said without hesi-
tation, Yes, of course.
   I am still amazed that in 2010, adults in our community believe that children not having a
postsecondary education in either a two- or four-year college or a technical program will pre-
pare them to be self-sufficient and contributing adults. Especially in Martinsville, with a 20%
unemployment rate compared to 8% for the rest of the state. We know we have one of the
lowest rates of adults with college degrees in our community, and we have a median income
that is significantly below the state median income I wonder if there is a relationship be-
tween educational attainment, employment and income?
   Finally, U.S. News & World Report just came out with the fastest growing jobs for the next 10
years based on labor statistics. Guess what? Most of them required a college degree or special-
ized training. Science, technology, health, education, finance, film and video editing, plumbing,
accounting, software and biomedical engineers were listed high in the 50 fastest growing fields.
   So the next time you hear, We need more vocational classes, be wary of that comment.
Ask them if they are really stating that Some children are not smart enough to go on to col-
lege, (except, of course, their own child), or are they really saying, Let s prepare students so
they will have the skills and knowledge to be competitive in the 21st Century Workforce and
global economy. I hope that is what they meant. So the next time someone says the superin-
tendent is not supportive of vocational education, they might be right or they might be wrong.
I can tell you this much. If they say, He is only interested in preparing students to pursue fur-
ther education after high school, give them a big hug for me.
  Endowment Spotlight: Elementary Students Explore Science and Space with
                              Magnetic Mysteries
    About 200 second-graders benefitted recently from a hands-on science lesson funded by a
  grant from the Martinsville City Public
  Schools Endowment. Amy Sabarre, direc-
  tor of the NASA Science, Engineering,
  Math and Aerospace Academy (SEMAA)
  at Martinsville Middle School, visited all of
  the second-grade classes and helped stu-
  dents discover which planets in our solar
  system have a magnetic field. Students used
  instruments called magnaprobes to detect
  magnets inside models of the planets.
      Magnetic Mysteries was a fun way to
  reinforce the second-grade curriculum and
  inspire a love of scientific exploration. Said
                                                  Albert Harris Elementary second-graders
  second-grader Nyjean Brandon, I might be Camia Evans, left, and Raven Adams explore a
  a space explorer when I grow up!                  model of Saturn with a magnaprobe.
  When you support the Martinsville City Public Schools Endowment, you enable students to
  experience exciting learning opportunities, like Magnetic Mysteries, that might not other-
  wise be possible in tough budget times. Want to help? Call 403-5722 to learn more about mak-
  ing a tax-deductible donation, or enjoy these upcoming fundraising events: Longaberger/Vera
  Bradley BINGO, February 19, Martinsville High School Cafeteria. $20 donation/20 games.
  Doors open 6 p.m., BINGO at 7. And mark your calendars for the Sock Hop Gala on April 30!

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                                                                                   Bulldog Bark
      Events & Photos                                 Clients of Golden Living Center enjoyed a visit
                                                      recently from Patrick Henry kindergarteners,
                                                      who sang, danced and handed out candy. The
                                                      students have been learning about service to
                                                      others in their studies of Martin Luther King, Jr.

  It takes a village to raise a child: Martinsville
  Middle School recently invited several positive
  role models from the community, including some
  Martinsville graduates, to speak to students
  about the future and how to reach their goals.

  CONGRATULATIONS to 16 Martinsville High School seniors who were recognized by the Super-
   intendent for earning a 4.0 or higher grade-point average! Travis Wells, a 1990 MHS grad,
    spoke at the awards ceremony. Pictured with Dr. Scott Kizner are honorees (from left) Emily
   Wimmer, Taylor Eanes, Lauren McGarry, Rachel DeBusk, Meredith Seamon, Megan Herndon,
   Brittany Thomas, Jillian Rinaldi, Dana Mahoney, Lateka Wooten, Colin Welch, Keedra Jones,
                Will Treadway, Brandon Martin, Brooke Hairston, and Sara Kasey.

          Were you caught on camera?? View photo galleries from more school
             events at UNDER NEWS & PHOTOS.
Issue 6
 Were you caught on camera?? View COMPLETE photo galleries from school events
           and more at UNDER NEWS & PHOTOS.

Students at Patrick Henry Elementary School learned to write and perform original songs, with
guidance from professional singer-songwriters, as part of the Kid Pan Alley childrens songwriting
project. Below left, Jason Woods and Kaitlyn Luong got a quick lesson on playing guitar chords
from musician Kathy Hussey. The workshops were sponsored by Piedmont Arts As-
sociation, the Harvest Foundation, the Patrick Henry PTO and others.
                                                        At right, congratulations to
                                                      Ms. NSBE Nyomi Tarpley and
                                                      Mr. NSBE Joseph Harley.
                                                      These Martinsville Middle
                                                      School students were recog-
                                                      nized for outstanding service
                                                      to the community. All NSBE
                                                      members must complete 10
                                                      volunteer hours, but from July
                                                      to December, Nyomi volun-
                                                      teered more than 500 hours,
                                                      and Joseph volunteered
                                                      nearly 200!
CONGRATULATIONS to the Martinsville City Public Schools employees who received 2009 Above
and Beyond Awards (from left): Clare Miller, Beverly Keaton, Courtney Holland, Sheila Barksdale,
Curtis Giles, Thelma Carter, Connie Holland, Violet Nelson, Debbie Martin, Mark Thomas, Debbie
Vaughn, Mandy Horsley, Brittany Light, Jon Bouffard, Della Morrison, Kelly Henry, Sarah France,
Vanessa Miller, Janie Fulcher, Becky Gentry, & Jodie Freeland. Not pictured: Christine Capwell,
Jose Castro, Jinky Critz, Scherrie Dalton, Tom Fitzgibbons, Will Freeland and Bonnie Wilson.
 The Parent Page                                        Read to me!
     Each issue of the Bulldog Bark brings you a series of tips from
   teachers to get your child excited about reading and build literacy
 skills at home. This month, Lori Gongora of Patrick Henry Elementary
         shares advice on reading with your second-grade child.
                                                      To build reading skills in second grade
                                                    or any grade, for that matter      Lori
                                                    Gongora s number one piece of advice is,
                                                      Read, read, read. However, this doesn t
                                                    mean you have to force your child to trudge
                                                    through an entire book on his own if he is
                                                    struggling. Reading to your child and having
                                                    your child read to you are both valuable ac-
                                                    tivities, and it is important to keep it fun.
                                                      Also, Mrs. Gongora and the second-grade
                                                    teaching team at PHES recommend making
                                                    practical connections with reading whenever
 Lori Gongora s students play a game on the possible, such as reading restaurant menus
    SmartBoard to learn about proper nouns.         and cereal boxes with your child. In the car,
play games with the street signs and look for words with two syllables. At home, read a recipe
and cook it together. Not only does this reinforce reading skills, Mrs. Gongora said, that s a
great way to teach sequencing, which is part of the required Standards of Learning (SOLs) for
second grade. Anytime you can tie reading into the real world, it gives children an understand-
ing of why they need to learn to read, she said. For another fun home activity, tell your child
stories about your family history, then make a family scrapbook together and write in different
memories you want to preserve. Playing academic computer games is also a great way to work
on word skills. Children love to learn through anything that uses technology, she said.
  When reading a book with your child,
Mrs. Gongora said, ask questions about
the story elements: characters, problem
and solution.
  There is often a wide range of reading
levels within a second-grade class, but
wherever her students are, Mrs. Gongora
said, It s about meeting them at their
level and trying to take them to the high-
est level we can. We want to give all our
                                                                                                Page 5
students what they need to succeed.
Issue 6
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                           whatever it s called, you should
                                    consider it an occasional indulgence, not a regu-
                                    lar treat. And, even then, take a small slice!
                                     Sweet Deal: Reach for fruit to satisfy your
                                     sweet tooth, instead of soda or desserts!

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