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Corporate Christmas Party Themes


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									?This year for your corporate Christmas party why not try something a little different
and host a themed event? A fun and exciting way to end the great year, your staff and
clients are sure to feel appreciated.

Below are some ideas you may wish to try;

1. Grease inspired Corporate Picnic

A Corporate picnic is a traditional Christmas Party event, but you can change it up by
turning it into a carnival. Remember the end of year break - up party in the movie
Grease, let this inspire your theme. You could have carnival rides such as the Ferris
wheel, house of mirrors, carousels, roller coasters, teacups, dodgem cars and more.

A great event for the whole family, this grease inspired carnival is sure to be a hit.

Just don't forget the fairy floss and candy popcorn!

2. Circus

The big top has come to town. With clowns, jugglers, acrobats, trapeze, and lion
tamer you could make you event a circus extravaganza.

A great family day and another good one to do as a corporate picnic.

3. Winter Wonderland

Add cool, seasonal style to your holiday soiree.

It can be simple and chic. Keep your scheme silver and white.

A snow man set in front of a backdrop of an enchanted every green forest and winter
castle can add to the magic of your winter wonderland. Remember Santa Claus does
come from the north pole!

4. Santa's Workshop

Creating an event with hired elves and Santa can set the scene for Santa's workshop.
Explore your imagination as this event can be as elaborate as you like it. You could
have stations for all the different types of toys. Of course you'll be able to sit on
Santa's knee to tell him want you want for Christmas. Maybe you'll be lucky and get
an early Christmas present from Santa.

A favourite for young and old alike. Santa's workshop would make a create theme for
your next Christmas Party event.
5. Beach Party

A tropical atmosphere of surf, sun and sand is sure to get the Beach Christmas party
started. Complete with beach games like beach volleyball, soccer or cricket, there will
be something to do for everyone. Hire a couple of Jet boats and make a huge splash
on the day.

Catering for this event could be a simple as a BBQ or a fruit buffet.

6. Horse Riding day

Get out of the office and do something physical. A horse riding trek is the perfect start
to your corporate Christmas Party. Start the day early with the ride and then for lunch
take your staff to a beach side restaurant where you can appreciate beautiful
surrounding. After lunch enjoy a social drink under the mistletoe.

7. Corporate Christmas Games

Games a great outlet and fun way to end the year with a bang. A treasure hunt will
keep them entertained for hours.

You could also create some internal competition with a staff football, touch football or
volleyball game.

8. Casino Night

With the simple roll of the dice or turn of the card, you could have the ultimate
Christmas Party to remember.

Play a game of black jack or Texas Hold'em as you slowly sip you martini - shaken
not stirred.

So whether you decide to go with Vegas vibe or Monte Carlo chic, lady luck is sure to
be on your side.

So don't restrict your corporate Christmas party event to the office or a restaurant, be
creative and let your staff know that you appreciate them by throwing them a great
Christmas Party.

Merry Christmas!

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