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					?A corporate business card is a simple way to acquire corporate credit and strengthen
your business image. Finding a corporate business card can be a bit of a challenge if
you are just getting started with your business credit. Since you do not have corporate
credit established when you are first getting started with your business your options
are quite limited when seeking a card. Here are some options that will help you find a
corporate business card:

1. Prepaid cards. One of the easiest options for a corporate business card is to acquire
prepaid cards. These cards are also known as a secured cards. You will make a
monthly deposit toward the account and you can only use the amount you deposit in
the account. It will take a long time to build your corporate credit this way but it's one
of the easiest ways to get started with your credit rating. You must deposit at least
$250 a month in order to acquire the business credit card.

2. SBA cards. Another option you have is to contact the small business administration.
They can help you acquire a corporate card so you can start building your credit and
strengthening your financial portfolio. Depending upon your needs, they may ask you
to front some piece of collateral to secure the card but this is usually rare.

3. Online lenders. You can often find some of the best corporate business credit card
offers online. The online lenders do have higher interest rates on the credit cards but
you will be able to find out if you have been approved for the credit card in a matter
of hours versus days or weeks.

The truth about corporate credit cards is that they will be harder to obtain than
personal loans and other type of financing. This can be frustrating but the reason for
this is because credit cards have the biggest impact on your credit report. Some local
banks may take a chance on your small business. Try contacting Chase, Capital One,
and Bank of America. These lenders all have great business credit card options and
you can easily find a great credit card for your business needs.

Make sure you take in all your credit card options when you are seeking corporate
business credit card options. Some of them may start with a high interest rate now but
it may reduce as you establish your business credit.


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