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Maintenance Contract of Fire Fighting System by exf84004


Maintenance Contract of Fire Fighting System document sample

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									               Tan Lap Fire Protection Co., Ltd.
January 2005   Edited by Truong Thanh Duc

1. Background of Founding Company
2. Our Scope of Works
3. Fire Fighting Systems
4. Systems in action
5. Fire Equipment
6. Fire Equipment Suppliers
7. Our Clients Supporting Services
8. Completed Projects
9. Our Structure of Organization
         Background of Founding Company

• In 1984
Private-own Fire Equipment Supplier
Supplying, Repairing and Maintenance all types of Fire Equipment

• In 1992
Private Fire Equipment Trading Enterprise.
Supplying, Installation Fire Equipment and Fire Protection Systems.

• In 1999.
Fire Euipment Installation & Trading Co., Ltd.
License No. 070493 , dated 1st. September 1999
Issued by : investment – Planning Department of Baria – Vung Tau Provincedo Sôû K
                                           Our Scope of Works
 Consultants and Designing of Fire Protection Plan
  Providing the best solution for your Fire Protection Plan
 Technical Designing and Supervising the Installation to response the owner’s requirements
   and to be conformed with Regulations, Codes, Standards of Fire Protection.

  Installation at Site
  Handling the whole package of installation or following parts:
      Materials or Fire Equipment Supllying
      Providing all designed drawings for the project ( Basic & Detailed)
      Preparation all technical data and documentation
      Submitting documents to Fire Police Authority for approval of construction
      Direct installation of all Fire Protection Systems
      Guiding, Supervising the Installation.
      Test and Commissioning Formalities for approval and obtaining Final Certificate for the Fire
         Protection Systems to be used officially
 Fire Equipment Trading
      Supplying Fire Equipment and Media to all projects (including Fire Pimps, Fire Trucks)

Fire Equipment & Fire Protection Maintenance
   Contractual Maintenance Services for all facilities ( Power Plants, Manufacturers and Factories
   Fire Equipment for lease ( including Fire Pumps and Fire Fighting Trucks)
Fire Fighting Systems

        Outdoor Fire Fighting nhaø
    Tuû voøi chöõa chaùy trongSystems
Fire Fighting Systems

 Carbon Dioxide (CO 2) Extinguishing System
    Fire Fighting Systems

Fire Fighting Trucks are cooling the Shell of Oil Tank
Hệ thống chữa cháy bằng Foam ( bọt hòa khí )
 Fire Fighting Systems

Xe chữa cháy bằng súng phun Foam và nước
Fire Fighting Systems

 Fire detection and Fire Alarm System in Action
Fire Fighting Systems

       Controllers and Fire Pumps System
                               Video Clips
                          Fire Fighting Systems
                                in Action
Water Spray System in protection of Transformer Area

Foam System and Water Cooling System Oil Tanks Area

Foam / water Monitor for long range extinguing

Hydrants for outdoor areas fire protection

These are not available to run now
                       Completed Projects

Nhaø Maùy Phaân Ñaïm                        Nhaø Maùy Ñieän
 Phuù Myõ -Samsung                            Phuù Myõ 3
     Fire Equipment Suppliers
Fire Pumps & Controllers        Foam System
Salmson’s – France.             Buckeye.
Sterling – UK                   Ansul – USA.
Patterson - USA                 Angus Fire – UK.
Peerless – USA.                 Tyco Group – USA
Fire Detection & Fire Alarm     CO2 System
Chubb Securiteù – France.       Kidde - UK
Notifier - USA                  Hy-Good – UK.
Detronics – USA.                Tyco – USA
Pyrogard - USA
Crowncon – UK.                  Pipes & Valves
Siemens – Germany.              Sumitomo – Japan.
                                Hyundai – Korea.

                                Fire Hoses & Hydrants
                                G7 Nations and other EU countries.
          Clients Supporting Services
          In the view of ensuring the stable status and effective operation of Fire Detection
          Systems provided to our Clients, TAN LAP has been organized a Maintenance
          Group, and our service is available full time to protect and keep the continues
          operation of your facilities.

      One-year Maintenance Contract
            All events or faults related to the functional operation of fire equipment or Fire
            Protection Systems will be inspected and repair, ensuring the stable status and
            continuous process of manufacture.
            Maintenance Group will be present within 30 minutes.
      Three-year Maintenance Contract
            Fire Safety Specialist to be on duty 100%
      Full-time Maintenance Contract
           Fire Safety Specialist to be on duty 100%
           Free charge for periodical inspection
Our Mintenance Group consists of Fire Safety Specialists, experienced Technical Engineers, professional workers.. Wil make periodical inspection at
                                                                     your facilities
 |All fire equipment, fire safety media and fire protection systems are checked to find the damages or problems, and will be repaired immediately.
We are glad to appreciate your kind
attention to spare your precious time
in reviewing out presentation
All requirements concerned to Fire Protection,
please do not hesitate to contact us at following addresses:
           TâAÂN LAÄP Fire Equipment Installation & Trading Co., Ltd.
                                 Head Office:
KM 44, National Road 51, Phú Mỹ Town, Tân Thành District, Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu Province
             Phone: ( 084 064 ) 893977 - 893252   Fax: ( 084 064 ) 893406

                   Ho Chi Minh City Branch Office
         K9 – K8 Tô Hiến Thành Sreett, Ward 14, District 10, HCNC, Việt Nam
                                  ĐT: 084 8 651499
                 Fax: 084 8 8644899 E-mail:

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