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									                                               Commercial Purchases
                                              Procurement & Logistics

                                                     Ref. GM (P&L)/MPC/Cont/031/07
                                                                 November 23, 2007
Sealed Tenders are invited from reputable suppliers/manufactures in trade for the
following requirement. Please drop your sealed quotation in the tender box marked
“Commercial Purchases” placed in the main entrance of P & L Building, Karachi for the
following latest by December 03, 2007 at 1030 hrs, which will be opened at 1100hrs.
Envelop containing tender, must mention PIA Ref No. and Date of Opening. PIA will not
be responsible for any postal delay.

                                                                   Surveillance       Dome
S#                Description                       Site            Cameras          Cameras
                                            PIA Head Office
                                                                         08               04
                                            PIA Karachi
                                                                         16               0
                                            Booking Office
       Maintenance Contract for CCTV        PIA Karachi Flight
1.                                                                       29               0
       Systems                              Kitchen
                                            PIA Karachi Cargo
                                                                         13               03
                                            PIA Complex AIIP
                                                                         08               04

S.No                         Description                          Rate        Unit        Amount

1.      Maintenance Job/Work
        a.    To carry out the routine maintenance of the
              equipments as per technical manuals
        b.    To carry out the lens cleaning of all the
              cameras on weekly basis
        c.    To shift the direction of the fixed cameras as
              and when required basis
        d.    To identify and rectify the minor defects on
              the site. In case of major defect to refer the
              matter to the authorities concerned
        e.    Provide     all    stairs/paranch    etc     for
              maintenance/cleaning of cameras/equipments
2.      Maintenance Man Power
        a.    Provision of 1x Supervisor-cum-Technician at
        b.    Provision of 1x Supervisor-cum-Technician at
               (The Supervisor cum Technician is required to
              ensure the proper functioning of the installed
              system, to maintain close liaison with the
              authorities concerned to refer the matter in
              case of major defects etc. The Supervisor-
              cum-Technician should be capable of
              identifying and rectifying the minor defects at
              site, carry out regular checking of line and
              strength of signals for the good results of the
              equipments. He should also be capable
              enough for camera movements and lens
              cleaning etc.

Terms & Conditions

     1. Participant must be reputable and holder of relevant experience. (Documents for
        proof must be attached).
                                              Commercial Purchases
                                             Procurement & Logistics

   2. Participant must be registered with Sales Tax authorities GST No. must be
   3. All participants are required to mention all taxes & GST separately.
   4. Payment term net thirty days Income tax 3.5% will be deducted at source.            (1/2)
   5. All participants must quote one price.
   6. Quotation must be valid for 60 days.
   7. Please note that quoted rates must be firmed and final in all respect.
   8. Qty may increase or decrease by 25%.
   9. Successful bidders shall also be required to submit professional tax. / NOC.
   10. 5% earnest money of the total bid value in shape of pay order from scheduled
       bank in favor of PIA or Cash Receipt of Chief Cashier Procurement and Logistics
       Deptt must be enclosed with the tender.
   11. PIA reserves the right to split the order and accept or reject any tender with out
       assigning any reason.

Thanking you,

                                                                             Yours truly,
                                                       For Pakistan International Airlines

                                                                       Syed Ali Shahid
                                                             DGM Purchases Commercial

Authorized Signature of
Supplier with seal and Designation: ______________________
Date: _____________

                                              Commercial Purchases
                                             Procurement & Logistics

   Draft of Agreement for CCTV Maintenance Contract installed at
                               Various Offices of PIA

1. Preamble:
Comprehensive maintenance/repair contract vide this day of _________ is made
between Pakistan International Airlines or PIA in short and M/s _____________,
hereinafter referred to as contractor, having its office at ____________.
2. Scope of Security:
The contractor will be responsible for providing maintenance services and
personnel      as    per    the    details    given     in   Tender   Notice     no.
GM(P&L)/MPC/Cont/031/07 dated November 23, 2007. The said services will be
provided by the contractor to CCTV Systems Installed at PIA Head Office Karachi,
PIA Booking Office Karachi, PIA Flight Kitchen Karachi, PIA Cargo Complex
Karachi and PIA Complex AIIAP Lahore.
3. Maintenance Services:
       a. On receipt of fault report from the personnel operating the system, the
            information will be communicated to Supervisor deputed by the
       b. On receiving the fault report the contractor will inspect the faulty
            equipment and submit estimate within 24 hours.
       c. On approval of estimate, the contractor will commence work
            immediately to remove the fault(s) and put the equipment in working
            order within 03 days of the intimation of the fault.
       d. Spare parts required for any major repair will be provided by PIA.
4. Spare Parts:
The basis responsibility to provide spares to PIA for small repairs (up to Rs.
5,000) will be that of the contractor. List of recommended expected spares for
use in repair during the initial validity period of this agreement will be provided
by the contractor; however the contractor is expected to maintain stock of small
spares of equipments for speedy repairs.
Spares required for major repairs will be provided by PIA after receiving the
requirement from the contractor.
5. Payment Terms:
Payment will be made by PIA to the contractor on quarterly basis after
certification of invoice submitted by the contractor.
6. Penalty:
In case the contractor fails to address the defect within 24 hours after the
receipt of written call, a maximum penalty at the rate Rs. 2,000/- per day will be
                                             Commercial Purchases
                                            Procurement & Logistics

levied, which will be deducted from the bills of the contractor. However this
penalty will not apply if the delay occurs due to circumstances beyond the
control of the contractor (to be determined by GM (Security) & GM(P&L).
7. Validity:
The contract will be valid for one year from the date of issuance of ‘Work Order’
and can be extended upon mutual consent.
8. Miscellaneous Terms & Conditions:
      a. The contractor shall provide rapid response to the emergency on call
             repair and shall ensure that faulty equipment is attended to within
             maximum of 24 hours.
      b. Whereas the contractor will do its endeavor to locate & fix the faults as
             rapidly as possible, the maximum time to diagnose the fault be up to
             24 hours.
      c. The contractor will submit repair estimate within 24 hours, and if it
             fails to repair the fault within 03 days (in case the spares are to be
             arranged by the contractor), PIA will have the right to get it repaired
             from third party on the cost of the contractor. In case the spares are
             to be provided by PIA, the supplier has to complete the repair within
             24 hours to avoid Risk Purchase.
      d. The contractor must repair the equipment to component level,
             wherever possible. Change of complete assemblies/modules shall not
             be done unless it is extremely necessary.
      e. Lens cleaning and related preventive maintenance will be done on
             weekly basis
      f. Contractor will provide at least one mobile phone number and one fax
             number operative round the clock so that in case of emergency,
             communication could be made.

Accepted for and                                               Accepted for and
on behalf of the                                               on behalf of PIA

1.    Name____________________             Signature________________
2.    Name____________________             Signature________________

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