Coping With Job Loss by iupon13


									?Coping with Job Loss

Because the economy has deteriorated, many people are becoming unemployed.
Whether you live from paycheck to paycheck or have plenty of extra resources, losing
a job can take a toll on your self confidence and mental attitude. If you've lost your
job from being terminated or being laid off, take heart because you will discover that
there are several actions you can take to cope with being unemployed and get back on

The good news is that, while it can be very frightening to lose your job, this event has
the potential to put you on an exciting new adventure. The right attitude can help you
immensely in seeing this hardship through!

Here are some things you can do to minimize your losses and soar like an eagle:

1. Freely discuss your job loss with your spouse. Many people feel ashamed or
guilty about losing their job and try to hide it from their loved ones. It is
understandable that you might be afraid, but not being open about this subject can
result in a loss of trust. Furthermore, you would not benefit from the emotional
support that your family would be able to provide.

Since being unemployed affects the entire family, be sure to make plans together and
agree on making changes in your spending habits to lessen the impact.

? Evaluate where you stand financially. Determine how much savings you have, the
resources available to you, and which bills are coming due around the corner.

?   Draw up a short-term budget to follow while you figure things out.

2. Ask your former employer to provide a severance package. Even though your job
has ended, the final details are important to your financial future.

? Find out about your insurance options, such as COBRA, so that your family can
retain health insurance without any lapses during your search for a new job.

? Ask for a severance package. Some employers will give you a few weeks pay as
severance. If it is available, research every detail, such as the beginning and ending
dates for each of the benefits. Account for every dollar closely as this information will
be necessary for applying for unemployment insurance benefit payments.

3. Apply for unemployment benefits from your state. Most states offer online
applications to help expedite the process and get you enrolled quickly. Unemployment
benefits can bring in some financial relief while you're job hunting.
4. Update your resume. Consider posting your resume online on job sites and
Craigslist and print plenty of copies to drop off or mail.

? Start your job search by networking with the colleagues you are already familiar
with. Search through online classified ads, job boards, forums, and applying directly
to companies via their websites. The internet allows you to search the entire world
right from the comfort of your own home, and can open doors of opportunity that
were previously unavailable to you!

? Consider starting your own business. Many people consider their talents, gifts and
passions when they lose their job. Perhaps you have a product or service idea that the
world may appreciate. Research these ideas and talk to other business owners about
the benefits of being self employed.

5. Develop a positive and hopeful attitude about this opportunity you've been given.
Offer positive, affirming thoughts to yourself and your family to keep everyone's
spirit high.

? Positive thinking can make a huge difference on how quickly you find the right
job. Enthusiasm will impress prospective employers much more than if you sink into
a negative outlook and carry it with you unintentionally during your interviews.

6. Consider all options. Many times in life, events that initially appear to be horrible
end up being a blessing in disguise, and losing your job is no exception.

? Perhaps you weren't completely happy with your job, but were hesitant to leave it.
Now that the decision has been made for you, you finally have the opportunity to try
out a new profession or company. This happened to me, and I took full advantage of
the opportunity. It helped me to clarify what I really wanted from life.

? The possibilities are endless. You can even use a layoff as an opportunity to
explore a new area of the country, travel the world for a new job, or work online.

You can find success regardless of the economy. As long as you keep a positive
mental attitude and focus on doing the things you can, you will end up being much
better off. Your life will have new energy and you will learn new valuable skills.

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