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									  Kittiwake Economic
Development Corporation
   Annual General Meeting
      October 4, 2007

Update on KEDC’s 2007 Work Plan
• Business Development & Manufacturing
  – Community Capacity Building
• Natural Resources
• Tourism
• Management and Operations
• Communications
• Other
Business Development & Manufacturing

• Exporting fresh seafood via Gander International
  – Preliminary research
     • Identified quantity and range of seafood within Zones 11-16
     • Identified interest in exporting to European markets via YQX
  – Met with broker, Director of Export Market
    Development with CME, government representatives,
    GIAA, and Committee to discuss next steps
     • DFA engaged, waiting to secure flight
   Business Development & Manufacturing

Partnering with other Economic Development Organizations

   –   ACOA
         • Fogo Island, CAS for Packaging, Birch Sap, Blueberry, BRAND
   –   INTRD
         • By-Laws/Policy, CCB, Birch Sap, Blueberry, Mentoring, Fogo Island
   –   CBDC
         • Information Sharing – Gander Bay LMP, representative at meetings
   –   Chambers of Commerce
         • GACC, LACC, NLCC, NLAN – mentoring, Islands Chapter, LACC – presented work
   –   Service Canada
         • LMDA, LMP- Gander Bay, JCP – Packaging
   –   MP & MHAs (Minister of Business)
   –   Other Zone Boards to support initiatives
   –   Regional Development Associations (RDAs)
   –   Regional Tourists Associations (RTAs)
         • KCTA, Cape Freels Heritage Trust, TITA, HNL
   Business Development & Manufacturing

• Business Mentoring
   – Proposal to hire a Project Coordinator
   – Identified Partners for initiative
   – RSDF Proposal submitted to INTRD

• Broadband – 13 communities connected!!
   New World Island Region        New Wes Valley Region
   Bridgeport                     Valleyfield
   Too Good Arm                   Brookfield
   Hillgrade                      Badger’s Quay
   Cobb’s Arm                     Pound Cove
   Pike’s Arm
   Rodger’s Cove
   Green Cove

   – Training sessions scheduled in partnership with CSC and MUN
  Community Capacity Building
• Socio-Economic Strategic Plan for Fogo Island &
  Change Islands

• Socio-Economic Strategic Plan for Gander Bay

• Working within each Sub Zone
 Socio-Economic Strategic Plan for
  Fogo Island & Change Islands
 To encourage and foster collaboration and
 partnerships amongst citizens, businesses,
 community groups, municipalities and other
 stakeholder groups on the Islands. To examine
 potential economic and social development
 opportunities and prepare for the formation of a
 socio-economic strategic development plan for
 the area.
 Socio-Economic Strategic Plan for
  Fogo Island & Change Islands
  To strengthen the social and economic viability
  of the area, with the creation of a strategic plan
  that will support and advance the economic and
  entrepreneurial environment of the Islands.
Expected outcomes from the plan?
  To draw a blueprint for future development, to
  better position the Islands for outside investment
  required to move identified initiatives forward
  and, to help improve the quality of life for the
  residents by helping to create new opportunities
  to diversify and to develop new industry.
Socio-Economic Strategic Plan for
          Gander Bay
 To develop working relationships with local
 service districts, community groups, local
 businesses, community leaders and residents
 within Gander Bay.

  Identification of current demographics for
  Gander Bay, highlighting employment status,
  education levels, employment locations.
 Socio-Economic Strategic Plan for
           Gander Bay
• Inquiries about programs offered through
  various government department for business
• LSDs and community groups have shown
  initiatives by applying for funding through federal
  and provincial programs.
• Interest from younger generation to participate
  as community leaders
• Collaboration
        Sub Zone Initiatives
Sub Zone 1       MPA in Eastport in partnership with DFO
Sub Zone 2       Established working relationship between
                 KEDC and Town of Gander, farmers
Sub Zone 3       NWV economic plan for the community,
                 Broadband, tourism training for RTA
Sub Zone 4       Gander Bay – Labour Market Partnership
Sub Zone 5       TNWIDA – Regional Cooperation Our
                 Best Hope for the Future, Broadband
Sub Zone 6       LADA – Small Communities Working
                 to Brighten Our Future, Transportation
                 Report, Community Economic Development
Sub Zone 7       Socio-Economic Strategic Plan for
                 Fogo Island/Change Islands
Tourism Packaging & Buy Local Campaign in all sub zones
            Natural Resources
Buy Local Campaign
• Three piece campaign whose purpose is to create
  awareness amongst consumers of the benefits of buying
  local and what is being grown locally while highlighting
  local produce in grocery retailers and creating additional
  selling avenues for farmers.
• 21 grocery retailers are participating throughout the Zone
  with the use of signage provided by KEDC.
• KEDC has provided information to grocery retailers who
  do not currently sell local but are interested in doing.
  This is being conducted to increase the amount of local
  produce being sold in the region.
            Natural Resources
Buy Local Campaign continued…
• KEDC has worked with the organizing committees of the
  Lewisporte Craft and Trade Fair and the Eastport
  Agricultural Exhibition to create two Farmers’ Markets.
• Three farmers recently partnered to sell local produce at
  the Lewisporte Craft and Trade Show within one booth
  which seen a high level of return.
• KEDC will be hosting an open air Farmers’ Market in
  Eastport on October 6th as a part of the Eastport
  Agricultural Exhibition.
• Succession Planning for Farmers, scheduled
  Fall 2007.
              Natural Resources
Blueberry Industry Co-operative
• KEDC has acted an ex-officio for the BIC by attending meetings and
  constant communication through e-mail.
• KEDC endorsed the BIC in support of their proposal to the
  Agricultural Policy Framework.
• KEDC also supported a recent letter sent by the BIC to Rodrigues
  Wines, in support of using blueberries from this province.

Birch Sap
   – Final Report from Consultant Group
   – MOU with private sector partner – 6 months to avail of industry
   – Working with Committee and NLFA re: proposal submitted to
          Natural Resources
Eastport Marine Protected Area (MPA)
• KEDC administers the coordinator’s position, the
  At-Sea Sampling program and the Tag and
  Release Program.
• The MPAs are becoming a marketing asset for
  the Eastport Peninsula as a “green destination”
  for tourists, retirees and summer residents.
• The Eastport MPAs project shows that
  community-led conservation works, and that
  sustainable fishing can help maintain rural
• Worked with 45 different businesses and
  organizations which include: accommodations,
  adventure tours, sightseeing tours, cultural
  heritage organizations.
• Objectives: extending the season and create a
  shoulder season, developing the region as a
  destination, developing a new “product”, and,
  capitalizing on specific markets.
• Exit surveys revealed that participants were
  satisfied with the workshop and sub zonal
  meetings, scoring 4.38 on a 5 point scale for the
  workshop and a 4.34 for the sub zonal meetings.
Packaging continued…
• 100% of survey respondents expressed confidence in
  tourism packaging.
• 100% feel that tourism packaging will be a part of their
  business, with 66.7% wanting to make packaging a
  MAJOR part of their business.
• The KEDC continues support to this initiative with a
  series of tools that will aid businesses in all aspects of
  packaging: partnering, designing, pricing, marketing, and
• Museum Association of Newfoundland and
  Labrador (MANL)
• Partnered with MANL to create a Professional Development
  Workshop for Cultural Heritage Sites within the Zone i.e., how to
  create a more appealing cultural product and to market that product
  to tourists.
• 30 attendees, representing 16 organizations
• Attendees included sites from outside of KEDC’s boundaries which
  made this workshop a cross zonal initiative.
• The results from the workshop showed to be extremely positive as
  all attendees felt that the material presented would benefit their site
• Second Provincial / First Federal Historic Site
    – KEDC has communicated with representatives of the Department of
      Tourism, Culture and Recreation to gain information on the process
      required for designation.
    – Tourism Committee will evaluate potential sites for designation.
    – Once site (s) are determined, will present to Government.

• Updating Tourism Training Binder
    – Profile tourists, plus tourism related summaries from the Harris Centre

• Transportation Report
    – A Transportation Infrastructure Report was completed in March, which
      was sent to Government officials.
    – Since its release, KEDC has been made aware of some changes that
      have occurred that are in line with recommendations stated in that
  Management and Operations
• Host Community Capacity Workshops to
  KEDC staff and Board
  – Board Orientation – February 2007
  – Retreat to develop 2008 Work Plan – October
  – Will be submitting proposal to CCB to provide
    Board and Staff with SEP training for early
• Continue to maintain Constitution/By-Laws
  and Policy
•   Implement new Brand
•   Quarterly Newsletter
•   Communications with Stakeholders
•   New Web Site
•   Marketing material for Buy Local Campaign
•   Marketing Material for KEDC
•   News releases and PSAs
•   Correspond with the business sector of the
    respective sub zones, to seek nominations for
    representation on the KEDC Board
• NLREDA - Professional Development
  – Participated in training for business development and
    proposal writing
  – Pan Provincial Meeting Spring – GFW
  – Pan Provincial Meeting Winter – St. John’s

• KEDC Hosted Central Caucus – August 2007

• We’ve moved!!! 2nd Floor Fraser Mall

      Jill Bennett
    Executive Director
   2nd Floor Fraser Mall
      P.O. Box 2222
   Gander NL A1V 2N9

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