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									   Need Ideas On The Best
Birthday Gifts For The Man in
         Your Life?

         By Jenny Mays
The birthday or even milestone birthday for the man in your
life is coming up and you have no idea what to get that he will
love and you desperately need ideas on the best birthday gifts
for the man in your life. You will find some great birthday gift
ideas for the man in your life whether he is your husband,
boyfriend, friend, brother, father, grandfather, boss, etc, that
he will appreciate in this article.
              For Your Crush
For the guy that you have a crush on whom you are trying to
give subtle hints to of how you feel, you may want to consider
getting him tickets to a sporting event or to see his favorite
singer or band.
Electronics that are not too expensive may be another one of
the best birthday gifts for him. Think of an iPod Touch, iPod
nano, classic iPod or other MP3 players that are reasonably
priced. You do not want to make him uncomfortable if you get
him an extravagant gift. A white noise machine to deal with his
sleepless nights is also another great birthday gift idea for
    Your Husband or Boyfriend
There are many ideas for the best birthday gifts for your
husband or boyfriend or partner that you can consider
especially if you have been together for a very long time and
he thinks he has everything. For this man in your life, in order
to get him the best birthday gifts, you may want to get unique
birthday gifts.
If he enjoys a beer every now and again, why not get him a
gift basket that features an array of beers from around the
world. Another idea is a personalized beer mug or beer boot.
A beer holster is also a great idea during the summer months
when he will be out on the links. A portable globe bar may
also be a great and unique idea for him. What you want to do
is determine what his hobbies or interests are and find a
unique birthday gift based on his hobbies or interests. Be
          Father/Father Figure

For your father, father figure, grandfather, etc, one of the best
birthday gifts for him that you can get is something that he is
sure to use. Some great birthday gifts include getting him a
portable grill and grill set if this is what he enjoys to do
especially on weekends or holidays. The portability of the grill
will ensure that he can take it with him on camping trips,
fishing trips, hunting trips, and even tailgating events. If he
enjoys the outdoors, getting him binoculars with a built in
digital camera will also make one of the best birthday gifts for
Particularly for your grandfather, you may want to get him
various movie collections that will allow him to reminisce about
the "good old days". A movie box set featuring movies from
their favorite actor or actress will do just fine. Clint Eastwood,
John Wayne or Elizabeth Taylor are usually favorites. Or
certain TV shows that they liked growing up will do
wonderfully and make some of the best birthday gifts that he
will appreciate.
For your male co-workers or male boss(es), some of the best
birthday gifts that you could get for him include a fine pen, a
monogrammed travel bag or case and so forth. Since you
may spend the majority of your time with them, they will
appreciate you thinking of them on their birthday.
These are only a few of the best birthday gifts for the man in
your life that he is guaranteed to appreciate. For additional
help in finding the best birthday gift ideas, visit for the top birthday gift
ideas for men, women, kids as well as birthday party theme
ideas and suggestions.

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