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									?Convertible top look great but if there is no proper management, it won't stay long.
The major damage caused to convertible tops is by sunlight. In modern convertible
tops gear windows are common. And this gear window is first part to suffer from
scratches and discoloration. Which look too bad? So to maintain these, you should use
convertible top cleaners, soft sponge or brush, vinyl window cleaner, convertible top
protectant, breathable car cover, soft terry cloth towel and clothing lint roller. Here are
the following steps you need to follow to manage your convertible tops:

* Specialty cleaners should be used on soft tops. If the vehicle is parked outside
then you should clean convertible tops more often or at least two times a year is
necessary. High quality convertible top cleaner should be used and if possible make
sure that cleaner's are biodegradable. Avoid the use of harmful detergent and powder
that contain chlorine based bleaching agents because they can weaken a top seam
threads and eliminate essential oils in vinyl tops that are needed for protection against
ultra-violet rays of the sun.

* Next step is washing the top. But be sure you don't do it in direct sunlight. Before
wetting the top be sure that it is cold. Wet the top thoroughly and then spray evenly a
light coating of top cleaner across the top. Now with the use of sponge or brush scrub
away the dirt. When the top is clean, wash off the cleaner with plenty of water.
Continue until the suds disappear and rinse water runs clear.

* For plastic window avoid using ordinary glass cleaner because this can damage
the window. Instead apply cleaner and polishes specifically designed for plastic
window. This product will help removing scratches and dirt and also helps to prevent
the plastic from discoloring.

* There is no need for you to use the top cleaner every time you wash the top, you
can simply clean it with plain water. But fold the top only after it dry completely.

* Use a top protectant after cleaning in order to preserve color and texture of top
material. As this will help avoid fading and cracking.

* Any birds dropping shit should be removed immediately as they can damage the
top since they are acidic.

* Don't allow the snow to accumulate on your top. As heavy load of snow will bend
the metal frame of the top and will cause scratches also.

*   Try parking your car in garage or carport, in order to avoid unnecessary damage.

* Always place a soft towel or baby blanket over the plastic rear window when ever
you fold the top in order to avoid scratches.
This are the few basic tips should be followed in order to make your top look new
always as for everything you buy maintenance is a must for its long life.

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