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					What is an adjective?
        Day 1
        What is an adjective?
• An adjective is a word that gives
  information about a noun.
  – What kind
     • We have a large dog.
  – How many
     • Two dogs played in the yard.
  More than one adjective can be
     used to describe a noun.
• We have a large, friendly dog.
  – Large, what kind
  – Friendly, what kind
• The dog has five tiny puppies.
  – Five, how many
  – Tiny, what kind
• The brown and white puppy is sleeping.
  – Brown, what kind
  – White, what kind
         What is an adjective?
              Page 136
• Early people found that dogs made good
  – Early, what kind
  – Good, what kind
• Strong dogs can pull sleds through deep
  – Strong, what kind
  – Deep, what kind
     On Your Own

Complete number 3-5 on page
         Let’s Check p. 136
• 3. One famous dog rescued forty lost
  people in the mountains.
  – One, how many
  – Famous, what kind
  – Forty, how many
  – Lost, what kind
         Let’s Check p. 136
• 4. Clever sheepdogs help farmers with
  large herds of sheep.
  – Clever, what kind
  – Large, what kind
• 5. Some smart dogs help people who
  cannot see.
  – Some, how many
  – Smart, what kind

Page 137 #6-13
Adjectives after be
      Day 2
    Adjectives describe nouns
• Adjectives also describe:
  – Words like I, it, and we
• Adjectives can come after the word it
• This happens when an adjective follows a
  form of the verb be.
                    p. 140
• The weather is beautiful.
  – Beautiful describes weather
• The fair is exciting.
  – Exciting describes fair
• We were eager.
  – Eager describes we
                      p. 140
• Jamie is proud.
  – Jamie is proud.

• The chicken is fat.
  – The chicken is fat.

• The eggs are large.
  – The eggs are large.
 Your turn!

Page 140 #7-12
       Let’s Check page 140
• 7. The pie is         •   7. homemade   pie
  homemade.             •   8. moist      it
• 8. It is moist.       •   9. delicate   crust
• 9. The crust is       •   10. fresh     apples
  delicate.             •   11. juicy     they
• 10. The apples were   •   12. happy     I
• 11. They are juicy.
• 12. I am happy with
  the taste.

Adjectives after be
Using a, an, and the
       Day 3
                 A, an, and the
• These are special adjectives called articles
• Rules:
  – With singular nouns:
     • Use a if the next word begins with a consonant
     • Use an if the next word begins with a vowel sound
     • Use the if the noun names a particular person,
       place, or thing
  – With plural nouns:
     • Use the
•   Flower        •   A flower
•   Iris          •   An iris
•   Garden        •   The garden
•   Flowers       •   The flowers
•   Irises        •   The irises
               Page 141
•   Contest        •   A, the contest
•   Award          •   An, the award
•   Orchids        •   The orchids
•   Students       •   The students
•   prize          •   A, the prize
 Your turn!

Page 150 #22-27
         Let’s Check page 150
•   22. A trunk was in a corner of the attic.
•   23. it held an old white dress.
•   24. There was also an old album.
•   25. The pictures show a young woman.
•   26. There is a name on one of the photos.
•   27. The young woman is my grandmother!

Using a, an, and the
Making Comparisons
       Day 4
        Making Comparisons
• Comparisons
  – Alike or different
• Add –er to and adjective
  – Compare two perons, places, or things
• Add –est to an adjective
  – Compare three or more persons, places or
  Rules for adding –er and -est
• Adjectives ending with e:
  – Drop the e before adding the ending
     • Wide
     • Wider
     • widest
  Rules for adding –er and -est
• Adjectives ending with a sing vowel and a
  – Double the consonant and add the ending
     • Thin
     • Thinner
     • thinnest
  Rules for adding –er and -est
• Adjectives ending with a consonant and y:
  – Change the y to I before adding the ending
    • Tiny
    • Tinier
    • Tiniest
                  Page 142
• Alaska is not the ____ state. (new)
  – Alaska is not the newest state.
• Every state except Hawaii is ___ than
  Alaska. (old)
  – Every state except Hawaii is older than
• Alaska is the ___ of all the states. (big)
  – Alaska is the biggest of all the states.
                 Page 142
• However, Wyoming has the ___
  population. (tiny)
  – However, Wyoming has the tiniest population.
• ___ people live there than in my state.
  – Fewer people live there than in my state.
 Your Turn!

Page 150 #28-38
       Let’s Check page 150
• 28. The sun is the closest star of all to
• 29. However, the sun is not the biggest
  star of all.
• 30. The hottest stars of all look blue.
• 31. A blue star is hotter than a yellow star.
• 32. A red star is cooler than the sun.
• 33. It is also brighter than the sun.
       Let’s Check page 150
• 34. Jupiter is bigger than the other planets.
• 35. Mercury is the nearest planet of all to
  the sun.
• 36. The moon is the brightest object of all
  in our nighttime sky.
• 37. Earth’s gravity is stronger than the
• 38. This makes objects heavier on Earth
  than they are on the moon.

Page 143 #6-14
Comparing with more and most
           Day 5
Comparing with more and most
• Long adjectives
  – Use more and most to compare persons,
    places, or things
• Use more to compare two
• Use most to compare three or more
Comparing with more and most
• One
  – Tiger is a playful cat.
• Two
  – Ginger is more playful than Tiger.
• Three
  – Ike is the most playful cat of all.
NEVER add –er and more or
 –est and most to the same
Tiger is more smarter than Ginger.
Tiger is the most inelligentest cat.
                Page 144
• Cats and dogs are among the ___ of all
  pets. (common)
  – Cats and dogs are among the most common
    of all pets.
• Cats are ___ than dogs, though.
  – Cats are more independent than dogs,
                 Page 144
• One of the ___ of all breeds of cat is the
  Siamese. (popular)
  – One of the most popular of all breeds of cat is
    the Siamese.
• Some people think that a Persian cat is
  ___ than any other cat. (beautiful)
  – Some people think that a Persian cat is more
    beautiful than any other cat.
Your Turn!

Page 145 #6-12
       Let’s Check page 145
• 6. A cat is one of the most independent
  kids of pets.
• 7. Cats are among the most curious of all
• 8. A cat’s tricks can be more amusing than
  a clown’s.
• 9. Cats are the most useful pet for keeping
  mice away.
       Let’s Check page 145
• 10. some cats are more skillful hunters
  than others.
• 11. Some people think that cats are more
  intelligent than any other pet.
• 12. Some cats seem to think that they are
  the most intelligent animals too.
Extra Practice

Page 150 #39-44

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