MNPD Newsline - January 21_ 2011 Employee Newsletter by pengtt


									                                                                       January 21, 2010
News from the Chief

       Multiple planning processes are continuing as we prepare to open two new precincts in
early 2012. The new Madison Precinct, which will be located on the site of the former Peterbilt
facility on Myatt Drive, is expected to be ready next January. It is my hope that shortly
thereafter, the new eighth precinct south of downtown will be completed and ready to come on
line. We are presently considering locating this precinct building in the Edgehill vicinity,
although the formal site selection process is continuing. As you will read in another section of
this newsletter, preparations are also continuing for the establishment of our new DNA crime
laboratory to be located at the former Peterbilt facility. The completion date for the lab is
projected to be mid 2012.
       On Wednesday, I joined Sheriff Daron Hall and Governor’s Highway Safety Office
Director Kendall Poole for the official unveiling of the sheriff’s new Mobile Booking Unit. The
$277,000 vehicle, which was funded by a grant from the GHSO, is equipped with an officer
work area, fingerprint station, mug shot station, a video system that allows for the officer and
arrestee to go before the judicial commissioner, and secure cells that can hold up to nine
persons. The ability to book prisoners at or very close to arrest sites results in minimal officer
down time and fewer officers driving to the Justice Center downtown. The sheriff’s staff will
be working with us in coordinating the use of the mobile booking unit. He intends to use it
weekly and on a full-time basis. The unit is staffed by seven deputies who will walk officers
through the mechanics of its use. Over the years, Sheriff Hall has taken on several tasks related
to booking and guarding prisoners at hospitals to reduce the time officers spend away from
neighborhoods. I am very grateful for his strong support and partnership.
      I, too, am grateful to officers and professional support staff members throughout the
department for everything you have done and will do to serve Nashville’s families and visitors.
Thank you for your dedication.

           Chief Anderson speaks at the unveiling of the Sheriff's new Mobile Booking Unit.
                  At right are GHSO Director Kendall Poole and Sheriff Daron Hall.

                     The Mobile Booking Unit allows for officers and arrestees to
                     appear before the judicial commissioner via a video system.
The vehicle has secure cells that can hold up to nine persons.

                This is the officer work area.
                                  Crime Lab Project Team

       The Identifications Division recently completed their vendor selection & procurement for
all their software for the new crime lab. On January 11th a project planning kickoff meeting was
held in Nashville at the East Precinct Community Room between the MNPD implementation
team and all the software vendor representatives.
       The new Lab Information Management System (LIMS) is a product provided by
JusticeTrax Incorporated from Mesa, Arizona. The Digital Imaging System (DIMS) named
ADAMS for “Authenticated Digital Asset Management System” and the Latent Case
Management System (LCM) are being provided by Foray Technologies headquartered in San
Diego, California. The three applications will be integrated for seamless operations between
photo and latent print capture and analysis into a comprehensive case management tool for
evidence tracking, analytical results and a complete lab management solution within the new
crime lab. The LIMS will also be interfaced to the ARMS Property & Evidence module for
maintaining and sharing the chain of command requirements for evidence handling.
       ID’s Technical Investigative Services – Crime Scene and Latent units plan to bring these
new systems online over the next few months where they can have their new tools and
processes in place well before the Crime Lab actually opens in 2012.

  Pictured (l-r) are JusticeTrax Project Manager Paul Tracy, Officer Robert Carrigan, Foray’s David
 Witzke, Officer Mike Roland, Captain Karl Roller, Foray’s Donnie McFall, Chief Steve Anderson, Ray
   DePriest, JusticeTrax President Simon Key, Sgt. Neil Cook, Jason Pressly from JusticeTrax, Julia
             Hooper, John Eslick, and Lt. Chris Blackwell. Not pictured are team members
                                  Lt. Frank Ragains and L. E. Johnson.
                                  Promotional Ceremony

Mayor Dean presents Chief Anderson with a letter commemorating his appointment as the seventh Chief
 of Police in the Metropolitan Government’s 48-year history. Pictured (r-l) are Chief Anderson with his
                           wife, Margaret, his father, Bobby, and Mayor Dean.

                           Pictured (l –r) are Mayor Dean, newly promoted
                         Finance Manager Samir Mehic, and Chief Anderson.
      Chief Steve Anderson last month announced the promotion of nine police department
veterans into new leadership positions effective January 1st, including two new captains, two
new lieutenants and five new sergeants.

Those promoted to captain were:

                               Lieutenant Kay Lokey, 44, a 14-year
                                   police department veteran.

                                  Lieutenant Ken Walburn, 34,
                              an 11-year police department veteran.
Those promoted to lieutenant were:

                                 Sergeant Carey Harris, 51,
                            a 29-year police department veteran.

                                  Sergeant Doug Bell, 44,
                           an 11-year police department veteran.
Those promoted to sergeant were:

                               Officer Terrence Bradley, 35,
                           an 11-year police department veteran.

                                Officer Tommy Meeks, 38,
                           a 13-year police department veteran.
       Officer Po Cheng, 44,
a 14-year police department veteran.

       Officer Jeff Barker, 32,
a six-year police department veteran.
              Officer Jim Reed, 47,
      a 22-year police department veteran.

       Governor’s Inauguration

Mounted Patrol participates in inaugural parade.
The Precinct News


       Three men, including convicted felon Dale Waggoner, 28, and parolee Tiwon Harvell, 29,
are charged with aggravated robbery Thursday morning’s hold-up of the Mapco at 5400 Old
Hickory Boulevard.
       One of the men allegedly entered the Mapco at 1:30 a.m. and robbed the clerk at
gunpoint. He fled in a silver SUV driven by Harvell. Hermitage Precinct Sergeant Joshua
Blaisdell spotted the suspect vehicle moments later. Harvell refused to stop but crashed into a
tree on Old Hickory Boulevard and Bell Road. Harvell fled on foot but was captured a short
time later. Waggoner and Deonte Davis, 27, remained in the SUV. A handgun was located on
the front passenger floorboard near Waggoner. A carton of cigarettes stolen during the robbery
was also recovered.
       Waggoner, of Hickoryview Drive, has previous convictions for aggravated assault,
aggravated burglary, domestic assault, theft and drug possession. He is being held in lieu of
$105,000 bond.
       At the time of his arrest, Harvell was on parole for a 2006 attempted second degree
murder conviction. He also has previous convictions for felony cocaine possession and
unlawful weapon possession. Harvell, of Dodson Chapel Road, is being held in lieu of
$110,000 bond.
       Davis, also of Dodson Chapel Road, is being held in lieu of $90,000 bond.


       A citizen’s call regarding a burglary in progress at Baker Station Apartments on
Bakertown Road led to the arrest of convicted felon Robert Allen Manson, who tried to avoid
capture by hiding inside a ventilation duct.
       South Precinct officers responded to the apartment complex’s B building at 9:05 p.m.
after a man was seen breaking into the bedroom window of one of the units. Manson refused to
come out and was subsequently found inside an intake vent. He was apparently getting ready to
leave with two bags filled with the resident’s belongings when police arrived.
       Manson, 46, is being held in the Metro Jail in lieu of $30,000 bond on a charge of
aggravated burglary. His history reflects three prior aggravated burglary convictions, an auto
burglary conviction, and a conviction for aggravated assault.

       East Precinct officers are hoping a Park Smart initiative will curtail vehicle burglaries by
reminding citizens not to leave valuables in plain view.
       Officers placed more than 250 Park Smart flyers on vehicles with valuables left inside
during a canvas of the Lockland Springs, McFerrin Park, Five Points and Edgefield areas last
Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Among the items officers saw through the windows of parked
cars were purses, iPods, leather coats, a guitar, a flute, a photo printer, a medical doctor’s
hospital identification badge and lab coat, GPS units, satellite radio receivers, a laptop, wrapped
presents, cash, and a brand new 32” television still in the box.
       “Leaving enticing items in plain view, no matter where you live or visit, creates easily
preventable opportunities for thieves,” Chief Steve Anderson said. “We can all reduce our
chances of vehicle burglary by locking doors and leaving valuables at home or out of sight in
the trunk.”


       SWAT officers assigned to the Special Response Team arrested 18-year-old accused
murderer Marquez Mallard as he walked in the 1000 block of Sharpe Avenue. Mallard was
armed with an unloaded semi-automatic pistol at the time of his arrest.
       Mallard is charged with the October 27, 2010 fatal shooting of Tennessee State
University student Jonathan Finley in the 2500 block of Jefferson Street. Finley, 24, was with
two other men inside an SUV. When the three arrived at a Jefferson Street residence, they
reported seeing a burglar, subsequently identified as Mallard, coming from the rear. Fearing for
their safety, they drove off. Mallard is alleged to have fired several shots at the vehicle, killing
Finley who was seated in the rear passenger seat.
       Mallard was convicted of aggravated burglary on October 14, 2010. He received a three-
year probated sentence.
       Mallard is now being held without bond in the Metro Jail on charges of criminal
homicide, aggravated burglary, aggravated assault, auto theft (the car he got out of tonight was
stolen), and unlawful weapon possession by a convicted felon.

      Crime Suppression Unit detectives served a search warrant at an Alloway Street
residence. Seized were two pounds of marijuana, 5.6 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms, a
loaded handgun, over $20,000 worth of electronics, two vehicles and over $50,000 cash.
      Two men are charged with felony drug possession in a drug free school zone and a
Crooks with Guns law violation.
                                   Session 64

     You are invited to attend the graduation ceremony for Session 64 on
Thursday, February 3rd from 6-7 p.m. at Christ Church at 15354 Old Hickory
Firearms training
  The following officers in the Field Operation Bureau were chosen Patrol,
          Police, and Investigator of the Month for December 2010

                         Patrol Officer of the Month
                        East Precinct Officer Andrew Nash

                         Police Officer of the Month
                       Hermitage Precinct Officer John Jayne

                          Investigator of the Month
                    Hermitage Precinct Detective Matthew Atnip

                   Special Operations Officer of the Month
                   Special Response Team Officer Ryan Lockwood

The following detectives were chosen Investigative Services Investigator of the
               Month for October, November, and December

                    Detective Jason Wilkerson – October
           Detectives Anita Prather and James Laster – November
                  Detective Woodrow Ledford - December

  The following civilians were chosen Employees of the Month for October,
                        November and December 2010

            Debra Bowser from Property and Evidence - October
                Cheryl Kenderdine from Fiscal - November
                Kim Willis from Youth Services - December
               Retirement Celebrations

Officer William Jeffers retires after 20 years of service.

Chief Anderson congratulates Officer Jeffers on his retirement.

 Officer Robert Deberry retires after 39 years of service.

    Pictured (l-r) are Chief Anderson and Office Deberry.
From the District Attorney’s Office
Director of Communications Susan Niland

      In November, James Hunt, 22, was convicted of aggravated rape, robbery, and
kidnapping for his attack on a couple working at a Habitat for Humanity house. Hunt has now
been sentenced to 60 years, 45 of which will be served at 100%.
      Last week, Jonathan Gutierrez was convicted by a jury of the gang-related shooting of
Lucio Garcia. Gutierrez is a Brown Pride member; Garcia was a member of the Surenos. The
two were in separate vehicles containing members of both gangs. They were engaged in a high-
speed chase through parts of south Nashville when Gutierrez fired a shot out of his car, striking
Garcia in the neck and killing him. Gutierrez later was interviewed for the History Channel
show "Gangland" and talked about the night of the shooting. Clips from the show were aired
during the trial. Gutierrez received an automatic life sentence as a result of the first degree
murder conviction.
      William Peebles was convicted by a jury of his role in a December 2008 home invasion
in East Nashville. Peebles, along with Michael and Monroe Dodson, assaulted the couple.
Peebles was convicted of multiple counts, including aggravated rape, especially aggravated
kidnapping, aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary. Peebles will be sentenced on
February 24th. His co-defendants were previously convicted of similar charges.


Hermitage Precinct Officer Ken Potter and his wife, Christie, have been blessed with a baby
girl, Anna Kate Potter.

Angela and Michael Vaughn, Central Records, welcomed their baby girl into the world on
January 19th.

John Fann, the step-father of Detective Jeffery Gibson, Youth Services Division, passed away
on January 9th.

Robert C. Goodwin, the grandfather of Officer Robert Goodwin, East Precinct, passed away on
January 8th.

Barbara Ann Hummell, the wife of Officer Art Hummell, West Precinct, passed away.

Roy Furlough, the grandfather of Officer Craig Reese, North Precinct, passed away on January

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