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					         Early Enrollment Highlights from the Evaluation of Healthy Families New York
                                   (Prenatal Talking Points)

Research Design              The Healthy Families New York Research Team has been conducting a
                             randomized trial of Healthy Families New York since 2000.
                              1173 women enrolled in the study and were interviewed annually for 3 years.
                                In 2006, additional funding was received to re-interview families at 7 years to
                                test the long term effects of the program.
                              Expectant and new parents were assigned to either a treatment group (offered
                                home visiting services) or a control group (did not receive home visiting).
                              Observational data was gathered by videotaping mothers and children to
                                assess parent-child interaction and child behavior.
                              Birth certificate records from NYS Department of Health were collected for the
                                women enrolled prenatally.
                              Indicated cases of CPS reports were also collected annually.
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Program Impacts
                               HFNY mothers were half as likely to have low birth weight babies when
 Low Birth Weight 1            compared with control group mothers.
                                 The impact on low birth weight was stronger among women entering the
                                     study earlier in pregnancy.
                              HFNY impact may be related to the support we provide to families. Stress has
                                been associated with LBW and our impact may be related to helping families
                                identify and decrease stressors.
                              Impacts may be related to efforts to increase prenatal visits and promote
                                lifestyle changes around nutrition, smoking, drugs and alcohol use.
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 Access to Medical              HFNY mothers who enrolled prenatally, along with their newborns, were more
  Care 1                          likely to have primary care providers, which may reinforce healthy prenatal
 Child Abuse and              With regards to child abuse and harsh parenting, HFNY program worked
  Neglect 2,3                   especially well for certain families.
                                 First time mothers under age 19 who were offered HFNY early in
                                    pregnancy were substantially less likely to report engaging in minor
                                    physical aggression and harsh parenting at Age 2, compared to their
                                    counterparts in the control group.
                                 Young, first time mothers enrolled prenatally were found in the
                                    observational (video) study to be substantially less likely to use harsh
                                    parenting practices.
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 Other Benefits of              HFNY families enrolled prenatally stay in the home visiting program longer
                                  after the baby’s birth than those enrolled postnatally.
  Prenatal Enrollment
                                  Ideal time to form relationships with mothers and fathers, provide anticipatory
                                  guidance about parenting and talk about breastfeeding.

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                                            Early Enrollment Subcommittee 10-08

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