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Introduction                                   1

Statutory & Other Documents
Relevant to your Application                 1-2

Aims of the Code                               2

Requirements                                   2

       3.1    General                          2
       3.2    Specific                         3

Copies of Codes and further information
may be obtained from:

Woollahra Municipal Council
536 New South Head Road
Telephone: (02) 9391 7000
Facsimile: (02) 9391 7044
Code For Television Antenna & Radio Transmitters/Aerials

                           Code for
                           Television Antenna and Radio

Television antenna and radio transmitters/aerials may improve the quality of domestic and
commercial communications. However, they can also be detrimental to the quality of the
environment, the appearance of the buildings to which they are attached and the general quality
of the neighbourhood.

This Code applies to all television antenna and radio transmitters/aerials within the Municipality
of Woollahra, where they are mounted on poles or masts and where they are guyed and/or three
metres or more in height. It provides clear guidelines to ensure that equipment and installation
meet Woollahra Council’s standards, which are intended to allow a high standard of
development, but not at the expense of the environment or general amenity of neighbouring

Please read the Code carefully to ensure that your application complies with these requirements.
If you have any questions, officers of Council’s Development Control Section will be pleased to
help you.

Statutory and Other Documents Relevant to your
Statutory requirements which apply to the installation of satellite communication dishes and
similar structures are included in the following documents:

•       The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Regulations.
        Objectives and requirements of relevant Local Environmental Plans.

•       Other Codes which should be referred to are:

Adopted by Council on 13 March 1989                                           2
Code For Television Antenna & Radio Transmitters/Aerials

The objectives and requirements of Council’s Residential Development Control Plan.

•       Other Codes which detail Woollahra Council’s requirements for work which may need to
        be undertaken as part of the installation (ask Council’s Development Control Assessment
        Officers which Codes are relevant to your application).

When assessing an application for approval, Council’s decision will be based upon the extent to
which the proposal complies with all requirements.

Aims of the Code
2.1     To maintain and improve the architectural quality of development in the Municipality.

2.2     To preserve and enhance the environment.

2.3     To safeguard, as far as possible, the amenity of neighbouring lands.

3.1     General

        Applications for Council Approval

        3.1.1   In accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Planning and
                Assessment Act 1979, Council requires a development application and a
                construction certificate application to be submitted for approval prior to the
                installation of television antenna or radio transmitters/aerials, where these are to
                be mounted on poles or masts that are guyed and/or three or more metres high.

                Applications must be accompanied by fully detailed plans and specifications.

                Information on the type of application required and how it should be lodged can
                be obtained from Council’s Customer Services Section.

        3.1.2   Installations must comply with Council’s structural requirements. Detailed
                installation plans must be submitted for approval.

        3.1.3   The Council may change or add to the requirements of this Code to ensure that
                individual developments meet the Code’s aims.

Adopted by Council on 13 March 1989                                            3
Code For Television Antenna & Radio Transmitters/Aerials

3.2       Specific

          Domestic Installations

          3.2.1 Television antenna and radio transmitters or aerials and their structures should be
                designed and positioned on site so that, in addition to providing adequate
                reception and/or transmission, they do not adversely affect the environment,
                detract from the architectural quality of the building to which they are attached or
                have a significant impact on the amenity of neighbouring lands.

General Manager
Woollahra Municipal Council

Adopted by Council on 13 March 1989                                             4

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