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					    Membership Newsletter of the Junior League of Huntsville                                                        March 2007


President’s Note                      2

JLH Announcements                     3         The last week in March and the whole month of April will be our
                                                Education month! Junior League University will be having presentations
Membership Report                     4
                                                all month long at various times of the day. We will have signups available
                                                at the end of February ONLINE and you will be notified by email when we
Intent to Sponsor                     5
                                                have the database ready to take your reservations. If you have
Minutes                               6
                                                questions, please feel free to call or email Julie Lockwood, Education and
                                                Training Chairman – 533-4707 or See page 8 to
Spring Market Schedule                7         see a listing of the courses offered.

JLU/Feedback                          8

Placement/Advisors                    9

                                                The 2007 Placement Fair is approaching quickly! For members,
                                                it will take place on Monday, April 9 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., and 5 p.m.
          Junior League of Huntsville
          200 Russell Street, 2 nd Floor        - 6:30 p.m. at the JLH office, 200 Russell Street. Provisionals will have
                 P.O. Box 2797                  their own Placement Party on Monday, April 2 at 6:30 p.m. at the
             Huntsville, AL 35804               Humphreys-Rodgers House, 109 Gates Avenue West. Provisionals do
              Volume 14, Issue 8                not need to attend the Placement Fair on April 9th. Please begin thinking
           Published September 2006             about your schedule for next year, and consider your time commitments
                                                and other obligations when making your placement choices. The
                                                information on page 9 should help get everyone on the right committee.

          For more JLH news visit

   Chair: Beth Herr
          Co-Chair: Sonia Parker
          Members: Christie Finley               The 2007 Sustainer Spring Brunch will be Friday, March 30, during
               Christi Shores                   the Junior League of Huntsville’s First Annual Spring Market, which will
                                                take place in the South Hall of the Von Braun Center. We will have
                                                reserved seating for the Sustainers, and there will be a “Will Call” booth to
          April LL Deadline: March 12 th        pick up tickets the day of the event. Tickets are $30.00 and include:
                                                         Brunch (8:30 – 11:00 a.m.)
                                                         A cooking demonstration by Chef John Besh of Restaurant
       Next JLH Meeting                                   August in New Orleans (9:00-10:00 a.m.)
                                                         An all-day shopping pass for the market (9:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)
     Monday March 5, 2007                       Please join us for this fun-filled event. It’s a great way to support the
   6:30 Social ~ 7:00 Meeting                   Junior League of Huntsville and its projects! For more information and
                                                reservations, contact Cathy Scholl by phone (882-6648) or email
                                                ( by Friday, March 16.
           Board of Directors
                                                               President’s Perspective
                  President                   Life-long membership in the Junior League of
                 Meg Weaver                   Huntsville….have you ever considered it? The Association
               President Elect
                 Paige Hanks                  of Junior Leagues International definitely has and has been
               Community VP                   polling Leagues across the country to put a finger on the
                J.J. Shoemake                 pulse of this issue. Below you will find the preliminary
           Communications VP
                 Carol Carroll                findings of this research gathering effort. Much of what
          Finance Vice-President              other Leagues are saying is in sync with what we are
                 Nicole Fann
                                              hearing from our general membership via surveys and
                 Suzan Ellett                 speak-outs. The movement is out there, Ladies, and we are
          Fund Development VP                 on the bandwagon! Meg
                Stacy Hedden
              Membership VP
              Vicki Kretzschmar               INITIAL FINDINGS FROM THE AJLI BOARD OF DIRECTORS’
            Governance Chair                  LIFELONG MEMBERSHIP RESEARCH PROJECT
                 Emily Cook
             Nominating Chair                 As a way to better understand and serve Leagues, the Association of
                Wendy Tucker                  Junior Leagues International’s Board of Directors initiated a Lifelong
         Corresponding Secretary              Membership Research Project. This project involved reaching out to
               Amy Harbarger                  members, Presidents and community stakeholders in over 30 Junior
           Recording Secretary
                Vicki Hendrick
                                              Leagues in a series of in-depth interviews during the 2005-2006 League
             Member-At-Large                  year, which discussed an array of concerns affecting lifelong
                 Amy Gandy                    membership. Extensive data mining has begun for the project and initial
             Member-At-Large                  findings are now available.
                 Elise Taylor
              Provisonal Chair                Early findings indicate that two of the critical issues affecting lifelong
                  Lady Smith                  membership are achieving a balance between requirements and flexibility
              Placement Chair
                                              and identifying the elements of a well-run League. We learned that
             Jennifer Gautreaux
         Sustainer Board Advisor
                                              women are drawn to Leagues because of the structure that requirements
                Pennie Keene                  provide for meaningful community work and skills development.
                                              However, because of various life stage changes, such as caring for an
                                              elderly parent or going to graduate school, flexibility on how members
                  Mission                     operate within this structure is key.
     We are an organization of women
   committed to promoting voluntarism,        It was determined that a well-run League is one that is business-like in
  developing the potential of women, and      nature. This includes taking a strategic approach to addressing issues of
    improving communities through the         member retention, recruitment and leadership transitions. Participants
 effective action and leadership of trained   agreed a well-run League must be efficient, organized and respectful of
  volunteers. Our purpose is exclusively      members’ time. Efforts to receive feedback on such issues are also
educational and charitable. We reach out to   necessary and greatly affect lifelong membership. Findings also
 women of all races, religions and national   presented a strong desire for mentorship within the League.
origins who demonstrate an interest in and
                                              The need for both meaningful work and greater presence in the
        commitment to voluntarism.            community is important to both Leagues and community stakeholders.
                                              The level of satisfaction varied among Presidents regarding the number
                                              and strength of their Leagues’ projects as well as the community
                                              recognition they achieve. Leagues would like to be able to share best
                                              practices on these and other key issues.

                                              The information gathered from this research is being used, in conjunction
                                              with other research conducted by AJLI, to help shape future programs
                                              and practices. The AJLI Board of Directors and AJLI staff will continue to
                                              share information throughout the coming year.

                                                                 JLH Announcements

Sweet 16 Party Raises $800 for Butterfly Project
At their group Sweet 16 Party, three local teens turned an act of kindness into a generous $800 donation
to The Butterfly Project. Alex Gradkowski, Hannah Fowler and Lexi Holdbrooks arranged a table at their
Masquerade-themed party to accept donations for the project in lieu of gifts. “Instead of people bringing
gifts, we decided to ask for donations to The Butterfly Project,” Alex Gradkowski said. “It seemed like a
great cause.” Guests at the Sweet 16 party raised $800 for this year’s project that will help purchase
accessories and other items for the recipients.

Recently, 91 deserving young women were selected from 11 area high schools by their counselors to
receive a beautiful dress, shoes and accessories for Prom 2007. The Huntsville Botanical Gardens
Nature Center/Butterfly House donated the use of its facilities for the Butterfly Boutique on March 3-4,
where the recipients will shop for their dream gowns donated by the community and local vendors
including: Dillards, Something Blue Too and Madison Town & Country.

The Ultimate Transformation recipients will be announced at the Butterfly Awards Reception on February
22 from 6-8 p.m. at Lockheed Martin. Mayor Loretta Spencer will announce the four finalists and top
recipient, who will have chance to receive college scholarships, lap tops computers and other items to
help in the success of their futures.

The Butterfly Project Committee is still in need of new dressy accessories for the project. If you have
donations, please bring them to the Junior League office. ~ The Butterfly Project Committee

                                              Photo: Left to Right:
                                 Hannah Fowler, Lexi Holdbrooks, Alex Gradkowski

Wish Granters- Huntsville Junior League & Make A Wish Foundation
Camille Gardner helped to grant a wish that every non-profit organization enjoys receiving, money! She
motivated her fellow employees at AEgis to raise over $4000, and the company pitched in the rest to
present a check to the Make a Wish Foundation for $5000. It is amazing what a Junior League member
can do to spread the joys of helping families, especially over the holidays. Many children will be so
excited to have their wish granted thanks to Camille and AEgis! ~ Ginger Penney Liles

                                                              Pictured Left: Camille Gardner (Junior League
                                                               Wish Granter) and fellow AEgis employees
                                                               present a check for $5000 to the Huntsville
                                                                      MAW at their Christmas party.


Membership Report
Below are the changes to the membership. Please make a note in your records. If you change anything
on the website, please be sure to notify me at Thanks! Please contact
Amy at 518-9691 with any questions. Amy Harbarger ~ Corresponding Secretary

Member:                 Address, Phone, & Email Changes:
Lisa Hirschler (A)
Laura Keith (A)         2707 Fanelle Circle, Huntsville, AL 35801 h)881-7472
Ginger Liles (A)
Randal Park             404 Rhett Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35801 w)519-4569
Congratulations to Jennifer Vought on the birth of her baby girl, born February 6.
Sincere condolences to JJ Shoemake & family on the passing of her father, Jack Kendall.

IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT: All resignations, one year leaves of absence requests, and
sustainer status requests must be made in writing to the Corresponding Secretary by April 15
(Amy Harbarger, 1604 Sun Valley Place, Huntsville, Alabama, 35801 OR

Active members in good standing may become Sustaining members if one of the following criteria is met.
A year in which a leave of absence was taken does not constitute a year of active service.

            50 years of age
            40 years of age AND at least 3 years of active service
            10 years of active service

Sustainer Emeritus: Emeritus membership may be granted, upon receipt of letter, to any sustaining
member who has reached the age of 80 years and has requested Emeritus Membership.

Timeline for Intent to Sponsor a New Member
It is the time of year to be thinking about who you are going to sponsor. Please read the New Member
Sponsorship guidelines, which include “Are You Eligible to Sponsor?”, “What Is Required of You as a Sponsor?”,
“What is the Procedure that I Follow?” and “What is the Composition of a Sponsor Group”? All of this information can
be found on the Junior League Web Page. The Timeline for Intent to Sponsor a New Member can be found below
and the Intent to Sponsor form on the next page. If you have any questions about any of this, please send an e-mail
to Lady Smith at Lady Smith ~ Provisional Chair

Jan. 1, 2006         Files Open
Mar. 13, 2007        Files close at noon – Intent to Sponsor forms due
Mar. 28, 2007        JLH Board meeting – Eligible candidates approved
Apr. 2, 2007         Sponsors pick up Letters of Invitation – No later than April 6, sponsors should take to
                     1. Letter of Invitation
                     2. Provisional Agreement
TBD                  Orientation meetings for candidates
TBD                  Provisional agreement due
April 25, 2007       Board meeting – Corresponding Secretary announces those accepting membership
May 21, 2007         Annual Dinner – Provisionals Introduced

                               Junior League of Huntsville
                                 Intent to Sponsor Form
Prospective Provisional’s
(First) Name:                                            (Middle):

(Maiden):                                                (Last):

Name Preferred:                                 Birth Date:

Address: _______________________________________________________________

Phone (Home):                       Phone (Work):                        Husband’s name:

Circle one:       Resident      Non-Resident   Length of residency:             County of residency:

The questions below are based on criteria for admission to membership. Please answer on the back of
this sheet or on a separate sheet. What in this candidate’s history or attitude suggests:

    1. Interest in voluntarism?
    2. Commitment to Community Service?
    3. Interest in developing her potential for voluntary community participation?

As a sponsor of this candidate, I am a member in good standing. I promise that I or another JLH active
(named below) will serve as a liaison to this candidate and fulfill their obligations as a liaison. The liaison
              1. Deliver Letter of Invitation packet to candidate by specified deadline.
          2. Take the candidate to the Annual Dinner as your personal guest or ensure that
another JLH active takes the candidate as her guest.
           3. Take the candidate to the first General Meeting in August, sit with them, and help
them get oriented at the meeting.
           4. Contact the provisional candidate several times during the fall of their provisional
course to check on their progress and answer any questions they may have about JLH.
Throughout the provisional course, encourage the provisional candidate to fulfill the duties
outlined by the Provisional Committee.
Sponsor (1) Name:                                     Signature: _     _________________________
Circle one:      Active       Sustainer               Relationship:

Sponsor (2) Name:                                     Signature:
Circle one:      Active       Sustainer               Relationship:

Who will serve as Liaison for this candidate?______________________________

If you are proposing a resident candidate for membership, please include a Provisional Processing Fee of
$25.00 (payable to the Junior League of Huntsville).

                 Intent to Sponsor form deadline is noon on Monday, March 12, 2007.
     Mail to: Provisional Chair, Junior League of Huntsville, P.O. Box 2797, Huntsville, AL 35804.

                                  Minutes of the General Meeting
                                  The Junior League of Huntsville
                                                 February 12, 2007
The meeting was called to order by Meg Weaver at 7:05          • The request for Privileged Active status must be made in writing
p.m. The minutes of the January General Meeting                to the Corresponding Secretary by the Active member at or
Minutes were approved as printed in the League Lines.          before the Placement Fair. Once Privileged Active status has
                                                               been     granted, the member shall retain this status as long as
2007-2008 Proposed Projects were presented                     she remains an Active member of the Junior League of
 by Amy Brooks.                                                Huntsville. The Placement Fair may be the one immediately prior
-Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Alabama                     to the completion of her required ten Active years.
-Butterfly Project                                             • With the status of Privileged Active, the member shall have all
-CAMP                                                          of the privileges of Active status with the following obligations:
-Mother/Daughter Connection                                    annual dues and either attendance at General Membership
-SAPP Shelter                                                  Meetings or completion of a placement
-The North Alabama Center for Educational Excellence            With the status of Privileged Active, the member shall not be
-Make a Wish Foundation                                        responsible for any fundraising or project shift work, or
                                                               fundraising financial and quota obligations.
Amy Gandy announced Sharon Porter as the Member                • Placement for a Member with Privileged Active status is
of the Month                                                   optional. However, annually at the Placement Fair, the member
                                                               with Privileged Active status shall notify the Placement Advisor of
Meg Weaver-President                                           her intent to either fulfill or opt out of placement for the
-Meg informed the membership that the property for the         forthcoming year. The motion passed.
Teen Shelter had been reclaimed. Meg, Paige Hanks and
Elise Taylor did a walk-through of the property. The           Committee Reports
property is in overall good shape except for needing to be     Ways & Means- Rebekah McKinney
cleaned.                                                       -Rebekah made a motion to pass the Ways & Means Bylaws
-Harold suggests that we sell the property and form a          addition for Spring Market, stating that failure to sell tickets
Community Endowment Fund.                                      would result in a $50 fine plus the cost of the tickets and a $75
-The Executive Board met with TVFS and assured them            fine for failing to work a shift. The motion passed.
that we would maintain a positive attitude toward them in      Apple Annie- Kim Holland
the community.                                                 -Kim presented the League with a $46,000 check from Apple
-Meg will contact the Jane K. Lowe contributors. We would      Annie.
like to establish a Jane K. Lowe Scholarship fund with their   Placement- Jennifer Gautreaux
approval.                                                      -Jennifer gave a reminder regarding the change of date for the
-We will be forming an AdHoc committee. Anyone                 Placement Fair to April 9 .
interested should contact Elise Taylor.                        Spring Market-Amy Gandy & Meredith Johnson
-We have already had ten non-profits approach us about         -Amy announced that we currently have 77 merchants.
the property.                                                  -Spring Market is in need of fashion show models.
-Meg stated that when the property is cleaned and has          -Sustainers will be having their meeting at the Chef Besh event.
electricity again, we will move in some of our committees to   -Long-Termers are encouraged to sign up for a shift.
maintain our insurance.                                        -There will be a ticket selling contest- sell the most tickets and
                                                               win a shift exemption.
Vicki Kretzschmar-Membership Vice President                    -Spring Market is in need of silent auction items.
-April 15 is the deadline for:                                 Provisionals-Vicki Hinton
Leave of Absence, Becoming a Sustainer and                     -Vicki informed the membership that the fundraiser at Fresh
Resignations                                                   Market was cancelled. Fresh Market was unable to secure a
-Vicki made a motion to make a change to the bylaws as         liquor license.
follows:                                                       -The Butterfly Project is in need of donations. They are in need
• An Active member who has completed ten full years of         of shoes, purses, jewelry, and dresses. Donations may be taken
placement, three of which were in the Junior League of         to 411 Pratt.
Huntsville, or one who has served as President of the          SAPP Shelter-Lynne Davis
Junior League of Huntsville, may request Privileged Active     -The SAPP Shelter will be hosting a 5K on May 5 .
status. Applicable placement years do not include multiple     -The theme for the 5K is “Helping Women and Children One
placements, the Provisional year, Placement or a Leave of      Step at a Time”.
Absence, or any personal leave which lasts longer than a       -They have raised $1700 so far.
year.                                                          -Members are encouraged to sign up to work shifts-
• An Active member who is eligible to Sustain and has                      5:30-8:30am or 8:30-11:30am
completed three full years of placement in the Junior
League of Huntsville may also request and shall be granted     Meg closed by saying that she wanted to make it clear that
Privileged Active status.                                      our mission is for the welfare of all children.

                                                               The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.

Thursday, March 29, 2007 – PREVIEW PARTY           $45
6:00-8:00 p.m.  Themed Food and Cocktails at stations throughout the Market
6:00-8:00 p.m.  Silent Auction
6:00-10:00 p.m. Preferred Shopping
7:00-9:00 p.m.  Dessert Station and Drinks
8:00 p.m.       Live Auction

Friday, March 30, 2007 – Veterans/Armed Services Appreciation Day
Brunch and Cooking Demonstration with Chef John Besh $30 (includes Market shopping all day Friday)
8:30-11:00 a.m. Brunch
9:00-10:00 a.m. Chef John Besh Cooking Demonstration (approximately 1 hour)
9:30 a.m.                 Shopping begins
10:00 a.m.      Market Opens for General Admission                 $5
                Veterans and active members of the armed services and spouses showing military identification get
                in free with general admission
Afternoon       Ladies Fashion Shows and Special Performances

Saturday, March 31, 2007
Kids in the Kitchen Event            $30 (Event + At Home Café Cookbook; $5 for each child accompanying
                                     adult) (includes Market shopping all day)
9:00 a.m.         Cooking Demonstration with Leslie Carpenter and Helen DeFrance assisted by local kids (the
                  opportunity for kids to participate will be a silent auction item)
9:30 a.m.         Shopping Begins
10:00 a.m.        At Home Café Book Signing (2 hours)
10:00 a.m.        Market Opens for General Admission                         $5
Afternoon         Children’s Fashion Shows and Special Performances

Sunday, April 1, 2007 – Teacher Appreciation Day
1:00    Market Opens for General Admission                     $5
        Teachers showing school identification get in free with general admission
Afternoon        Fashion Shows and Special Performances

Thanks to everyone for signing up for Spring Market shifts so quickly. All shift assignments will be posted
on the website by March 9th. The following chart is the list of members that have not signed up for their
shift. Please contact Suzanne Dorsett at to schedule your shift. Any other shift
changes or additions need to be made to Suzanne before March 20th. Failure to sign up or work a
Spring Market shift will result in a $75 fine. Don't forget you can sign up for an extra shift to make up for a
missed general meeting! Meredith Johnston ~ Spring Market Arrangements Chair

Anne Adams-
                         Kathleen Felker          Bradley Lansdell         Ginger Neuschatz      Michelle Smith
Nicole Baker             Bridget Flanigan         Christi League           Lynn Nix              Ashely Stem

Shawn Bentley            Shannon Folgmann         Ginger Liles             Chris Penney          Shea Timberlake

Allison Chaffin          Laurie Heard             Carol May                Carol Reynolds        Maggie Turner

Katie Coleman            Wendy Hnetynka           Samantha Morrow          Kim Schultz           Beth Wilson
Robin Derrick            Katherine Horgan         Madeline Mullins                               Lindsay Zinser
Melissa Eazzetta         Kristin Horn

                                                                   Education & Training
JLU – Junior League University Sessions
Some of the topics include:
   1. Healthy Hooters (presented by Dr. Lakshmi Nallamala at Trisha Bragg’s home for lunch);
   2. the ABC’s of Adoption & custody issues (presented by Kerri Riley, who recently adopted a 5 year old from
         overseas – p.m. meeting);
   3. The Art of Flower Design (presented by Andrea Vandervoort at Lori Webber’s back porch);
   4. Elder Care Questions (presented by Connie Glass – lunch meeting);
   5. Agency tour meetings at Boys and Girls Club, Huntsville Childcare Center, and the SAPP Shelter (11:00 a.m.);
   6. “From King Cotton to the Rocket City” (presented by Sarah Lauren Kattos – morning meeting);
   7. Family Law Questions (presented by Amy Creech in her home – p.m. meeting)
   8. Financial Planning for Women (To be Announced)
   9. Healthy Living (To Be announced)
   10. Behavior Modification & Recognizing Autism in your Child (presented by Carol Vancil – day meeting)
   11. Decorating With Antiques (presented by Jane Jones & Grant DuMuth at Railroad Station Antiques - a.m.
   12. Start to Finish Design (presented by Vicki Hendrick at Ann Tucker’s Home – a.m. meeting)
   13. Inside & Out (presented by Lynn Nix of Seibella & Christi League at Christi’s home – a.m. meeting)
   14. The Caring Cruise – a 3 hour tour of 3 to 4 agencies in Huntsville, followed by a catered lunch (April 24 th from 9
         to 12)

*Note: ONE JLU session is REQUIRED (they basically count as the December general meeting). A person can
attend TWO JLU sessions and by doing so can make up a MISSED general meeting.

You Came and WE HEARD! Speak Out Sessions Feedback:
Are we fulfilling our mission? Mother/Daughter Connection speaks to our mission, Instead of fulfilling community
volunteer hours we are required to be somewhere – too much ways & means, Provisional keeps hearing that we will get
involved but feels no better at volunteering than prior to joining JL, We’re not telling of volunteer opportunities to members
Are we training leaders & what kind of training should we have? Training is specific for placement or committee, Not
enough Leadership training
What do you think about us doing the Spring Market? Good, Excited, Something different, Real positive to get our
fundraising from the community, Some concerns about time of year
What do you think could make the League stronger – make meetings more effective? Not so much banter between
podium and the audience, Meetings are too long, More efficient meetings – one hour or less, Don’t read the League Lines
to the league members at the meeting, Maybe implement the point system, More information communicated through e-
mail & some votes through email (I asked if would be problem if hit with many emails and entire group said “no problem”),
Bring back morning/lunch meetings (could we use member homes or church so no cost), Spend too much time at general
meeting on provisional info, Make meeting more interactive, Make time limit for ideas/announcements, No speakers at
meetings, Need another mystery meeting
How do you feel about your placement experience? Good, Positive, Is Adaptive Horsemanship available next year?,
Open up community impact to more people (one member told at placement not to even put it on the list because newer
members never get it), Good to get newer members to big committees
Do you feel that you have a clear path to give input into the League’s direction? How could we improve? Share
the information from the Speak Out sessions (at meetings or League Lines), No control over where the league is going, JL
is responding to meetings through surveys, Please consider point system for meeting attendance, What is purpose of
meeting? Looked at as social but really just mandatory function
Is the League doing a good job with member retention? How do we do a better job? Depends on who you talk to,
Privileged Active status will help, Bring back the fun stuff – Follies, Fewer events that are Mandatory and not make
everything about money, Flexibility is the key to membership retainment, Members felt that Provisional to 3rd year active
was biggest drop in membership because JL becomes tedious, want to spend more time in meeting than volunteering,
want to volunteer hours than attending meetings (especially those with small children), On-line training possibilities, One
member is moving to Guntersville and meetings are not an option – what is the answer
What are the things standing in the way of this being a much better League? Meetings, Mandatory things/events,
Have a meting option (some day time and some evening), Our own JLH building, Too militant, Try point system, Try
having meetings that are not so long, Analyze why people leave and have we done this?, Time flexibility for meetings,
Need to bring provisionals into meetings easier with a mentor – they are scared attending first meeting
What are your thoughts about the Teen Shelter? Teen Shelter is disappointing and embarrassing – Personally and to
the league, Not really sure why Teen Shelter is shutting down. Will the money go for another Teen Shelter? Embarrassed
that we asked for money and now it is shutting down and we can’t really explain why
Julie V. Lockwood ~ Education & Training Chair

 Placement Fair Information
    Beginning March 1 at 7:00pm, sign up on-line through the website for a specific time to come to the Placement Fair
     (watch your email and the website for more details!). If you are unable to attend the Placement Fair (or Provisional
     Placement Party), please call or email your Placement Advisor to make other arrangements. REMEMBER… the
     Placement Fair (or Provisional Placement Party) counts as the April membership meeting. If you fail to fulfill
     your Placement Fair/Party obligations, it will count as a missed meeting AND your placement preferences for
     the 2007-08 JLH year will not be considered.
    Look for your Placement Manual in the mail. If you do not receive one, please pick one up at the JLH office.
    Fill out the Placement Selection Form (found in your Placement Manual) after carefully considering your top 4 committee
     placement choices. Fill out your hour log (found in the Placement Manual). The hour log is also available on the JLH
     website (under “Forms You Need”). This version of the hour log will automatically total your hours for you.
    Attend the Placement Fair on April 9 at the JLH office during your assigned time slot. Turn in your Placement
     Selection Form and Hour Log. Provisionals will turn in their placement forms and hour logs at the Provisional
     Placement Party.
    Wait to see which committee you will be serving on in the May League Lines!
    If you are going sustainer, we still want to meet with you briefly at the Placement Fair. Sign up for a time slot with
     your Placement Advisor. Remember, your request must be made in writing to the Corresponding Secretary, Amy
     Harbarger, by April 15.
    If you would like to be considered for a “self-placement,” please email Jennifer Gautreaux at
     for an application. You will complete it and turn it in with the rest of your placement information at the Placement Fair.
    It is your responsibility to sign up for a Placement Fair time either on-line or through your Placement Advisor!
    If you cannot attend the Placement Fair (or Provisional Placement Party), you may call or email your
     Placement Advisor BEFORE the Fair/Party and arrange to turn in your forms. Again, if you fail to fulfill your
     Placement Fair/Party obligations, it will count as a missed meeting AND your placement preferences for the
     2007-08 JLH year will not be considered. Jennifer Gautreaux ~ Placement Chair
 Placement Advisor             Committee                           Placement Advisor                  Committee

 Jennifer Gautreaux            Provisionals                        Holly Ellis                        Spring Market
 534-5198                      (Anne Adams-Bourque thru            536-1796         Patricia Garrard)         
                               Provisional Committee
 Charlotte Wessel              Provisionals                        Lynne Ellett                       Apple Annie
 881-0702                       (Michelle McFadden                 539-1862                           Fulfillment         thru Lindsay Zinser)                   Arrangements
                               PR & D

 Julie Anglin                  Blossomwood Reading Buddies         Susan Swing                        Mini-Market
 534-3179                      CAMP                                539-5365                           Cookbook       Mother/Daughter Connection                   Finance

 Christy Reinhardt             Community Impact                    Sarah Lauren Kattos                Education and Training
 536-9422                      Adaptive Horsemanship               533-4225                           Historian/Archives         SAPP                                         Public Relations
                                                                                                      (Courtney Green thru
                                                                                                      Kwandia Mayberry)
 Melissa Rogers                Rainbow Rhythm Band                 Polly Ann Cayson                   Technology
 512-5675                      Wish Granters                       882-2268                           Transfer/Sustainer       Self-Placement                    Yearbook
                                                                                                      Ways and Means

Nominating & Placement News
Wendy Tucker ~ Nominating Chair
New Members: Carol Carroll, Stacy Hedden, Vicki Kretzschmar, Liz Payne and JJ Shoemake They will serve a two-year
term beginning 2007-2008 Remaining Members: Polly Ann Cayson, Holly Ellis, Sarah Lauren Kattos, Christy Reinhardt
and Charlotte Wessel. They will complete the remaining term beginning 2007-2008

                                                                            U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                              Huntsville, AL
                                                                              Permit # 140

ATTENTION: Phyllis Hubbs
200 Russell Street, 2nd Floor
P.O. Box 2797
Huntsville, AL 35804

 Thanks to all who have made Butterfly Project donations!!

           Ashley Swink           Andrea Jones            Anne Adams

                                   Cherie Brook
         Monique Fleming                                  Karen Black
                                Leigh Pennington
        Cynthia Koepplinger                               Karen Stumb

           Vicky Hinton         Reba P. Hornbuckle   Michelle McFadden

                                                     The Girls’ Night Out
          Audra Kennedy            Amy Gandy

      JLH Donations for November – January – February
      Teledyne      In honor of Perry & Cheryl Pederson     Waddey & Patterson
    Technologies         By Jack & Diana Youngren


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