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					 United States
 Coast Guard               JARVIS
                            JARGON                                           Volume 3, Issue 4

                                                                             February 2008

           JARVIS is Homeward Bound!

   JARVIS has successfully completed its 2007/2008 Alaskan Fisheries Patrol, which was an
   overwhelming success. JARVIS met and even exceeded its mission goals for the patrol in
   addition to being diverted for Search and Rescue on more then one occasion. JARVIS is
   finally enroute home to Honolulu, Hawaii to reunite with friends and family! 2008 continues
   with a busy schedule ahead starting with TACT, which is right around the corner in March!

         Ombudsman                   Public Affairs Officer     Standard Mailing Address Anytime
  Beckie Pruss / Katie Garcia         LTJG Kristin Payne           Crew Members Rank/Name        USCGC JARVIS (WHEC 725)
Volume 3, Issue 4                                                  Page 2

                                                   Inside This Issue
Strong Winds, and not so Following Seas!
                                           Welcome Aboard
                                           & Congrats                          3

                                           CART                                4

                                           Education                           5

                                           Division of the Month               6

                                           Fish Call                           7

                                           New Years 2008                      8

                                           Helpful Info                        9

                                           From the Desk of                   10
                                           the Captain

                                           Top L: Members of Deck Force break
                                           ice on JARVIS’s boat deck. Top R: SN
                                           Okey builds a snow friend to keep him
                                           company. Center L: crew members
                                           check out the snow on the flight deck.
                                           Center R: A blustery day at quarters in
                                           Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Center L:
                                           JARVIS, the CG’s latest “Icebreaker”,
                                           pulls out of Kodiak, Alaska. Center R:
                                           BM2 Macri shovels snow on the fan-
                                           tail. Bottom L: Strong winds and seas
                                           off the port side. Bottom C: The seas
                                           are still huge in the Bering Sea, even
                                           when the sun comes out! Bottom R:
                                           Ice on the Focsle.
DC3 Edsell hard at work!
                                                    Welcome Aboard
                               SA Vargo                        EM3 Appleman            ET3 Martinez

                               GM3 Klunder                     OS3 Kahley              SN Dougherty

                               SA Bryan                        FA Luras                SA Gole

                               •   BM3 Spencer qualified as a Master Helmsman.
                               •   OS2 Rodel, SNBM Sauer, BM3 Kopp, and BM3 Spencer qualified as
                                   Quartermaster of the Watch.
                               •   MK1 Lutz and MKC Jones qualified as underway Engineering Officer
                                   of the Watch.
                               •   ENS Hu, ENS Mullins, and MK1 Huggins qualified as inport
February Birthdays                 Engineering Officer of the Watch.
                               •   DCC Mello, EM3 Vitale, MK3 Camacho, and DC3 Edsell qualified as
    SN Mcclain                     Machinery Watchstanders.
    ET3 McKenzie               •   EM1 Lewis, FN Shiflett, and FN Dodd qualified as Throttle men.
    ET2 Christopher            •   FN McClain, FN Chick, and FN Bernadino qualified as Security
    MK3 Swanson                    Watchstanders.
    SN Ramirez                 •   ENS Hudgins qualified as Helicopter Control Officer.
    BM3 Kokaly                 •   CWO Hendrix qualified as Underway Officer of the Deck.
    OS3 Lambert                •   SA Vargo, SA Bedford, SA Glover, SA Jaykins, SA Lee, SA
    IT1 Joiner                     Doughterty, SA Okey, and SA Hartigan qualified as Helm and Lookout
    OS3 Kahley                     Watchstanders.
    ET3 King                   •   SK1 Robey, BM2 Hollingshead, BM3 Spencer, BM3 Kopp, SN
    ENS Mccall                     Jakubowski, and SN Ramirez qualified as MK38 25MM Gunners.
    FN Griggs                  •   SK1 Robey, BM2 Hollingshead, BM3 Spencer, BM3 Kopp, SN
    CDR Mooradian                  Jakubowski and SN Ramirez qualified as M2 .50 Cal Gunners.
    LTJG Dente                 •   GM1 Layell qualified as MK75 76MM Mount Captain.
    SN Guzman                  •   OS2 Arujo advanced to OS1.
    HS3 Casanova               •   BM3 Varites advanced to BM2.
    OS3 Vallet                 •   EM2 Pantohanlibre advanced to EM1.
    BMC Vanderveen             •   BM1 Severance was awarded his third Good Conduct Award.
                               •   SN Cordell, EM3 Appleman, SN Ramirez, SN Mendez, SN O’Neil, FS2

 SA Jaykins shows off her              LTJG Crose and ENS Foster              OS2 Brown enjoying
 Driving skills on the helm!           prepare to go on a boarding!            email from home!
 Volume 3, Issue 4                                                                                                       Page 4

                                         By: LTJG Leora Saviano, Training Officer
                                                This month JARVIS took part in the annual
                                        Command Assessment of Readiness and Training,
                                        more commonly known as CART. For the
                                        assessment, Coast Guard and Navy Chiefs, Officers,
                                        and First Class Petty Officers from Afloat Training
                                        Group (or ATG) Pearl Harbor came to Kodiak and
                                        spent three days onboard JARVIS          conducting a
                                        variety of inspections, assessments, and evaluations.
                                                CART began on the 9th with an in-brief
                                        before sunrise, which occurred around 1000, and
                                        divisional checklists through the afternoon. The next
                                        day it was time to evaluate our drills and exercises,
                                        starting with an in-depth integrated training team
                                        combat scenario. On the third and final day we con-
                                        ducted a major damage control drill, and concluded
                                        the CART period with an out-brief and overall
                                                  This year’s CART was successful in that it
                                          provided an acute assessment of where we stand in
                                          our shipboard readiness. The evaluations will be a
                                          great reference for us as we prepare for our TACT
                                           (Tailored Annual Cutter Training) period, a three
                                            week underway assessment, this coming spring.

Top L: DC3 Edsell teaches FN Chick about the firemain. Center L: ENS Mullins and YNC Ball man up DC Central. Center L: SN Glover, FN
Hodges and FN Chenault take a break from drill. Bottom L: ITT leader CDR Mooradian monitors drills from the bridge. Bottom C: DCTT leader
LT Krause prepares to inflict damage upon JARVIS. Bottom R: ETT Leader CWO Meyer prepares to drill. Right C: MK3 Camacho stands (or in
this case sits) by his post. Top R: GMCS Ward is excited about FSC Addicott’s training!!
 Volume 3, Issue 4                                                                                  Page 5

                             Should I get an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree?

OK, you’ve decided you want to follow through on that promise you made to yourself when you enlisted, to
get a degree before leaving the Coast Guard. The question on your mind is, “Do I go for an associate’s or a
bachelor’s degree?”

I used to tell people that if they knew their end goal was a bachelor’s degree they should start on the bachelor’s
degree path and forget the associate’s degree. Various colleagues (particularly Sue Riley at the Coast Guard
Institute and Bonnie Kelly, full-time ESO at ATC Mobile) convinced me otherwise. Here’s the rationale.

Despite all our planning, events don’t always go as planned. Suppose you’re 65 credits into a bachelor’s
degree program and something unforeseen happens. Suppose you’re injured and have to be medically retired
from the Coast Guard? It will look much better to potential employers if you can check the “college graduate”
box on a job application than checking “other” and putting “65 undergrad credits” on the line that follows it.

If you get an associate’s degree, you can check the “college graduate” box. And, with good planning, you can
move right into your bachelor’s program after getting the associate’s degree and not have to take more than the
number of credits it requires.

                                 2008 NMFA Military Spouse Scholarship Program

                                 Thanks to a new partnership between the National Military Family
                                 Association (NMFA) and Fisher House Foundation, the NMFA Joanne
                                 Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship Program will be able to assist
                                 many more deserving spouses.

                                 NMFA's Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarships are awarded
                                 to military spouses to obtain professional certification or to attend post
                                 secondary or graduate school. Scholarships normally range from $500 to
                                 $1,000 and may be used for tuition, fees, and school room and board.

                                 Spouses of uniformed service members (active duty, National Guard and
                                 Reserve, retirees, and survivors) of any branch or rank are eligible to apply.
                                 Applications are accepted online January 15 through March 15, 2008. For
                                 more information about the NMFA Joanne Holbrook Patton Military
                                 Spouse Scholarship Program or to sign-up to receive education updates,
 Volume 3, Issue 4                                                                                                             Page 6

                                         What does it mean to affect the quality of life of one person, or even ten people? How about one
                                         hundred seventy sailors, four times a day, three hundred and sixty five days per year? When home is
just over the horizon, who can bring back that familiar taste of what’s so close to the heart? These questions can often become lost in the
routine, and often fast paced lifestyle that embodies CGC JARVIS. The Food Service Division, however, makes morale of the crew a part of
its everyday life. Whether JARVIS is in the roughest of seas or safely moored in Honolulu, the crew can rest assure that these ten dedicated
culinary specialists are working hard to emulate the little flavors of home.

In his short tenure as Food Service Officer, Senior Chief David Brady has quickly made the spirit of the crew and the support of his staff, his
personal responsibility. One of our newest Coast Guard Food Service Chiefs, Chief Traci Addicott, serves as the “Jack of the Dust” onboard
JARVIS. This meticulous job includes the purchasing of food for the crew, portion control, and menu planning. Another new addition to the
Galley Staff is FS1 Peter McAndrew. As Galley Supervisor, Pete trains Food Service Personnel on the intricacies of baking, desserts, main
courses, and other various hands-on culinary methods.

On January 1st, three of the third class Food Service Specialists advanced to 2nd class Petty Officer. FS2 Nicholas Wright serves as Captain’s
Cook onboard Jarvis where he takes great pride and care in cooking for the Captain, Officers, and Chief Petty Officers. FS2 Jayson Merrill
and FS2 Nathan Garcia work directly in JARVIS’ Galley as respective shift leaders and ensure that each meal is served with the utmost qual-
ity and appearance.

FS3 Michael Young shows off his baking skills and dessert preparation as he currently holds the title of “night baker” onboard Jarvis. Work-
ing hand in hand with team leaders is FS3 Lokahi Wade, FS3 Christian Rivera and SN Chad Bain. These 3 are the backbone of the galley,
working day in and day out, with happiness and hospitality as their main focus. Each Food Service Specialist has their own unique personal-
ity, but this blend of individuality has formed a very positive, cohesive unit onboard JARVIS that we know as the Galley. If you ask an FS how
they willingly put the needs of the crew before the needs of their own, more often than not you’ll hear the humble words, “I’m just doing my
Volume 3, Issue 4                                                                              Page 7

 TOP R: FS2 Wright catches a Rock Fish. Top C: SN Legault baits his hook. Top R: MK2 Olson and MK3
   Camacho take a break from the engine room. Center L: SN O’Neil puffs on his pipe while fishing. SN
  Ramirez catches a Hallibut while BM1 Severance looks on. Center R: SK2 Merchant and SK2 Rodriguez
procure more fish! Bottom L: SN Nunnaly shows off his fish. LTJG Aguilar poses in his stylish fishing gear.
                 Bottom C: OS2 Terrill tries her hand at fishing. Bottom R: A good catch.
Volume 3, Issue 4                   Page 8

                    Casino Night!
Volume 3, Issue 4                                                                                                         Page 9

       Helpful                                                                                TRICARE

    Information!                                 - 1-888-874-9378
                                                 - 1-888-622-2256
                                                 option 4

                                                    In Case of Emergency
Public Affairs Officer
                                           Call the Red Cross with the following
 LTJG Kristin Payne                        Information in the event of serious
 Kpayne@JARVIS.USCG.MIL                    Injury / death of a family member:

                                           -Name / Rank / Division
                                           -Social Security Number
                                           -Name of Command / Hull Number
                                           -Command Address

     Ships Addresses                                                                                  Ombudsman
 Crew Members Rank/Name
    FPO AP 96669-3912
                                                      Helpful Websites

                              Hurricane Preparedness:
                              Military Activities and Happenings:
                              Military Spouses looking for Employment:
                              Army Hawaii Family Housing:
                              ISC Housing:

               A note from your Public Affairs Officer
My name is Lieutenant Junior Grade Kristin Payne and I am the Public Affairs Officer on board
JARVIS. Aside from our newsletter JARVIS JARGON, we have several other avenues to keep
you informed of the events that take place onboard both import and underway :

For news and information regarding your friends and family members serving on JARVIS,
please visit our website at:

You can also follow along with out patrols by visiting Fred’s Place at www.

The latest press releases regarding our current patrol can be found at
                                                                                                   JARVIS crewmembers with Sig Hansen                                                                               from the Discovery Channel’s
                                                                                                     “Deadliest Catch” in Dutch Harbor!
 Volume 3, Issue 4                                                                                 Page 10

                            Homeward Bound!
                            We are all excited to be heading home to see family and friends, and to enjoy the
                            warm air and waters of Hawaii.

The crew and ship have performed superbly in the harshest operating environment in the Coast Guard; the wa-
ters of Alaska and the North Pacific in the dead of winter. Each and every challenge that presented itself, be it
high seas, bitter temperatures, mechanical challenges or simply perseverance, the crew rose to the occasion
without fail.

In addition to performing our mission duties we have conducted many drills and training exercises that have
improved the skills of the JARVIS team and each individual. These skills will continue to be challenged and
refined as we conduct our Tailored Annual Cutter Training (TACT) cycle the first few weeks of March. After
completion of TACT we will have a 10 week inport period to continue the material and maintenance improve-
ments already made, and to also enjoy some rest and relaxation inport.

Thank you as always for your support of JARVIS and the Coast Guard. I could not be more proud of our
crew's performance. It was a pleasure to sail with them. I hope you all enjoy our time at homeport.

                                             ]É{ÇA YA cÜ|Çvx
                                            CAPT John F. Prince
                                         CGC JARVIS (WHEC 725)
                                           Commanding Officer

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