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									Want plastic bags
 Here’s your chance to help test the idea
      at Portland Fred Meyer Stores
                            On August 1, 2010, plastic bags will be eliminated from
                          Fred Meyer stores within the Portland city limits as a test of
                            new statewide legislation that may take effect next year.
How did we get here?                                         W      hether you think eliminating single-use
                                                                    plastic bags is a good idea or not so good,
                                                             here’s how to try it and let us know what you think.
                                                                                                                                       Here’s what the new legislation proposes and
                                                                                                                                       what you’ll see at Freddy’s beginning August 1
You may remember a time before plastic,                      Your observations about shopping at Freddy’s using                         The traditional single-use plastic grocery bag
when paper bags were the only bags you                       alternatives to single-use plastic bags are welcome                    will be gone from our Portland stores and replaced
found at the store. The Northwest timber                     via email at                                 with paper bags.
industry was thriving and many Northwest
                                                                                                                                           Our Hawthorne store has already experimented
towns had kraft mills and converting plants.                               Here’s what’s happening
                                                                                                                                                            with eliminating plastic
                                                                Over the past few years, local governments
1965                                                         have passed or tried to a pass a wide array of local
                                                                                                                                                            bags. The response is split.
Swedish engineer Sten Gustaf Thulin had                                                                                                                     Some people love the idea,
                                                             ordinances to curb the use of plastic bags. If they                                            others don’t.
the idea for a bag that was strong and                       all passed, the result would be a hodgepodge
lightweight with a high load capacity. The                   of overly complex local rules, conditions and                                                       The new legislation
plastic bag was a major innovation at the                    applications practically impossible for stores                                                  provides for stores to offer
time, but one with consequences as its                       and restaurants to administer from city to city.                                                plastic bags, but at a charge
usage and popularity grew.                                   What’s allowed in one city may not be allowed                                                   and they must be made
                                                             in another city just a few miles away.                                                          to meet new multiple-use
1970s                                                                                                                                                        standards.
Extraordinary inflation in the mid and late                           Last week was a good example
1970s gripped the country. Food stores                       Portland’s mayor announced a plan that covers                                Reusable Bags are the Responsible Choice
scrambled to find ways to lower costs,                       food stores and other retailers with pharmacies but                    Thousands of Fred Meyer Customers have already
and the plastic grocery bag seemed just                      exempts home improvement, dollar stores and other                      made the switch to Reusable Bags. They’re strong,
the thing. Inflation or not, the Northwest in                plastic bag users.                                                     lightweight and have already eliminated millions
general – and especially its timber towns –
                                                                                                                                    of pounds of plastic bags from landfills.
did not welcome the new intruder.                            Senator Hass decides to get involved
                                                                                                                                       If you haven’t tried Reusable Bags yet, now’s the
1980s and 1990s                                                  Senator Mark Hass (D-District 14) saw the mess
                                                                                                                                    time to begin. You’ll find two convenient sizes, plus
The popularity of the plastic bag grew. Even                 that was developing and took the lead, introducing a
                                                             statewide plan that helps solve the problem.                           an insulated option, at your Fred Meyer.
in the Northwest, “Paper or Plastic?” became
the most asked question. Some people loved                      Senator Hass narrowed his focus and legislation                                          Why test now?
plastic bags – you could make one trip from                  to the conditions he identified as most critical:                           When you come to a Fred Meyer Store, we want
the car into your house with 5 bags in each                  •	 Plastic bags are an increasing component                            to make sure your experience always makes you feel
hand. Plus they didn’t fall apart in the rain.                   of litter in Oregon                                                welcome, important and appreciated. Any time change
                                                             •	 Oregon recyclers are being slammed with                             is introduced, it disrupts the functioning of our store
Others, however, began seeing the resource
                                                                 the cost of handling plastic bags                                  and your normal shopping routine. By beginning and
questions, litter problems and disposal issues
                                                             •	 The plastics industry isn’t working on                              testing this plan now – and getting your feedback early
these petroleum-based bags were creating.
                                                                 a viable solution but is instead working                           – we can make sure we have everything right before
                                                                 harder on competing with paper and                                 new legislation goes into effect. It’s also better to begin
                                                                 reusable bags                                                      our efforts earlier before more local governments put
                                                             •	 Without a statewide plan, Oregon could                              more piecemeal rules in place.
                                                                 lose the war on litter                                                              Do you have an idea?
                                                                                            According to                                Now’s the time to let us know not only your
                                                                                            Senator Hass:                           thoughts and observations on this effort, but also any
                                                                                            “It’s important that there              ideas you think would have a positive long-term effect
                                                                                            is a level playing field,               on this issue. Your feedback and ideas are welcome at
                                                                                            for our citizens and the      
                                                                                            businesses that operate
 Fred Meyer reusable bag TV Commercial first aired in 2007                                  in Oregon. When each
                                                                                            municipality decides to
Recently                                                                                    go in its own direction
The Reusable Bag has really begun catching                                                  and make its own rules,
on. For example since their introduction at                                                 it can make following
Fred Meyer in late 2007, Reusable Bags have                                                 the rules more difficult
been used over 48 million times – a simple                       and subsequently less effective. Basically we took
but effective Responsible Choice made every                      something that was becoming very complex and
day by thousands of Customers like you.                          simplified it.”

Recycling Fact
Really, recycling single-use plastic bags is
easy. Last year at Fred Meyer stores alone,
we recycled 641,408 tons of these plastic
bags and film, most brought in by Customers
to the recycling bins in our lobby.
                                                                                                          South:P, 12-7-1-59641 (NOM, SDR, CNG, SRT)

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