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									   Partner with                                                                  The
Diamond Financial                                                             Franchise
Diamond Financial is your single, nationwide source for
loans of $100,000 to $3 million. We have no up front
fees, no charge for pre-qualification letters, and our policies
don’t change with the wind.                                               gives you the edge.
                                                                  Why rely on one lender when you can have access to them
With over 84% of loans initially declined due to presentation,    all? At Diamond Financial, we know what it takes to get
it’s important to have the right contacts. As a nationally        the loans you need – and where to get them. This unique
respected referral source, Diamond Financial has access           advantage gives you the greatest opportunity for success.
to key underwriters from a pool of aggressive lenders.
We know which sources to use to get your loans approved.                        Our services include:
                                                                  • Review & Critique Your Business Loan
                                                                  • Professionally Prepare the Loan Package
      We offer comprehensive loan                                 • Review All Documents Needed for Application
     packages that include working                                • Assess the Structure of the Loan Application
      capital and closing costs for:                              • Evaluate Strengths and Weaknesses of the Application
                                                                  • Analyze and Review Revenue and Expenses
                                                                  • Develop Realistic Revenue Projections
                         Franchises                               • Prepare Summaries Presenting the Facts and Merits of
                    Business Acquisitions                           the Loan Application
                  Commercial Real Estate                          • Effectively Communicate and Present the Strengths and
                  Business Expansion Loans                          Allocation of Funds for the Loan
                    Refinancing of Debt.                          • Select the Right Lender – an interested lender with
                                                                    guidelines capable of approving your loan
                  Equipment and Furniture
                                                                  • Assist you throughout the loan process until closing

                                                                  At Diamond Financial, we believe that your loan require-
                                                                  ments deserve individual attention. We are committed to
  W e ’ r e n o t j u s t a n o t h e r l e n d e r.              your greatest opportunity for financial success.
              Serving                                              Don’t be
            Franchises                                             a loan in
            Nationwide                                            the crowd.
        Diamond Financial Offices
     For further information contact the Diamond Financial
office nearest you or check our website for a complete listing.


               Home Office - North Carolina
       3825 Barrett Drive, Suite 104, Raleigh, NC 27609
              919-782-3101 919-782-9882 fax

                     New Jersey Office
           262 Hwy. 36, West Keansburg, NJ 07734
                877-508-2274 732-787-9191
                      732-495-7058 fax

                      Florida Office
      4767 New Broad St., Suite 232, Orlando, FL 32814
             407-514-2623 407-514-2624 fax

                     California Office
           8895 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 105-393
                   San Diego, CA 92122
              858-909-0918 858-909-0919 fax


      We ’r e n o t j u s t a n o t h e r l e n d e r.            We’re not just another lender.

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