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									                                    PROM CHECKLIST

               THE NIGHT BEFORE – Don’t stay out too late (you want to be fresh for your special day)

               8:00-8:45 am – Have a good breakfast
               9:00 am – Take a shower
               Don’t forget to shave your legs
               Don’t wash your hair (updos last longer with dirty hair)
               Wash with body wash and use smell good lotion
               9:15 am – Apply deodorant , powder and lotion
               10:00 am – Prom Flowers –Pick up boutonniere and place in refrigerator
               1:00 pm – Eat a healthy lunch
               2:00 pm – Hair appointment - wear a button down shirt (so as not to mess up your
               hairdo). Complain if hairdresser does not do the same hairstyle that was agreed upon.
               She may be in a hurry to do other prom girls. Remember you are the customer!
               3:30 pm – Take another 5 minute shower using lukewarm water (cover your hair).
               4:00 pm – Reapply deodorant, lotion and powder. Apply your make-up, body glitter
               and perfume
               4:30 pm – Pack your prom handbag or purse.
               4:50 pm – Put on your prom dress and be ready and waiting for your date. Cut off all
               hanger straps that may be on your dress.
               5:00 pm – Proper prom etiquette states that you should be the first person your date
               encounters after he rings the doorbell.
               5:10 pm – Have your parents take pictures just in case something happens to the
               photographer at the prom.
               6:00 pm – Remember to have fun! There is only one prom and this will remain in your
               memory forever so LIVE IT UP AND DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY!

Prom Checks:
Take a bathroom break with or without friends and to do the following:

   1.   Refresh your lipstick and powder if needed.
   2.   Reapply your body glitter (especially before the grand march)
   3.   Make sure everything is tucked in and all prom dresses are in their proper place.
   4.   Prom hair styles should be in check

* Note it is not polite to keep a nervous date waiting so keep bathroom breaks short and

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