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					                                                Please join us for
                                          “Everyone Is a Star!”
                                Forsyth Home Educators’ High School Prom
                                          April 9, 2011 7-11pm
                                        Drake Hall at St. Timothy’s
           Our goal as a Christian homeschool group is to provide a memorable and enjoyable evening for our
        homeschooled students in high school. Details of our event were planned to reflect the following scripture.
          “So then, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you may do, do all for the honor and glory of God.”
                                        1 Corinthians 10:31 (Amplified Bible)

Tickets are non-refundable and available on "a first come first serve basis." Tickets should be pre-ordered.
Couples are not necessary; attendees may come "solo" or with a group. Each homeschooled student may bring
one guest. Guest tickets are the same price as those of homeschoolers. Each guest must also complete an
information/standards form.

Attendees do not need to bring their tickets for entrance to the prom, but attendees are asked to “check in” upon
arrival and to “check out” if leaving early. (Tickets may stay safely at home for a keepsake.)

When purchasing prom tickets, each attendee agrees to abide by the guidelines on the next sheet. These
guidelines are to insure respect for all attending. Anyone who behaves inappropriately for a prom will be asked to
leave. We reserve the right to refuse entry without refund to anyone not observing these guidelines.

Light hors d'oeuvres and punch will be served. Plan to eat a full meal before or after the event.

Professional Photographer Alysia Grimes has agreed to capture our special moments of this unforgettable
evening. Individuals, couples, or groups can have photos professionally taken. Picture packages will be available.

Mike Bennett will be our DJ for this special evening. Email YOUR song suggestions and preferences by April 1
to This will allow attendees to hear some of their favorite songs. Please submit dance
songs with clean lyrics. Songs will be reviewed by a committee member and the DJ prior to the prom. Don’t
assume the style of music you want will be selected by someone else. Submit titles and artists!

Seniors: Please note if you are a homeschooled graduating senior, so we may recognize you during our event.
There will be a senior display including photographs and some information about each senior. For the display
table please submit a photograph and brief answers to the following questions to by April 2.
How many years have you homeschooled?
What’s your favorite homeschool memory?
What’s the best advice you’ve received?
Share your favorite quote.
What are your post graduation plans?
What is your dream profession?
Outside of schoolwork, what other activities do you participate in?

Questions may be directed to or 922-3376.
Registrations are based on space available. Mail ticket orders with completed forms to:
Forsyth Home Educators’ Prom
5220 Bear Creek Rd
Winston-Salem, NC 27106-9603
                                 FHE’s April 9, 2011 High School Prom
Student Name ______________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________

City ________________________________________________ State ________ Zip _____________

Please circle answers:     Homeschool Student / Guest                      FHE Member: Y N
                 Grade as of March 31, 2011: 9 10 11 12                    Graduating Senior: Y N
Phone (____) _____________ E-Mail Address________________________________ for info updates

Phone Number (_____) ____________________________
Contact Person _____________________________________ Relationship______________________

Make check or money order payable to FHE. Please check the appropriate fee to be enclosed:
_____ Advance Tickets (before February 28) - $25.00 each attendee
_____ Tickets (from March 1-15) - $30.00 each attendee
_____ Last Call Tickets (from March 16-April 1) - $35.00 each attendee
To be completed by all attendees and parents of those under 18 years old.
Respect for all attending will be shown by:
   refraining from foul or inappropriate language, promptly and courteously responding to chaperones, dancing
   modestly (no grinding), and keeping any public displays of affection modest and tasteful.
Dress code for gentlemen – Tuxes, suits, or dress pants with a nice dress shirt and tie.
Dress code for ladies – Tasteful formal, semiformal, or special occasion dresses that meet a standard of decency:
no skintight or see through dresses. No torso cut outs in the dresses. No slits above the knee. Skirts should be no
shorter than 2” above the knee. Strapless dresses will be allowed, but they must be cut in line with the armpits and
may not dip down in the middle. Seriously, no cleavage! Dress backs may not be lower than mid back (bra line).
Unfortunately we have had to send someone home; we don’t want that to occur again.
In and out privileges will only be allowed with an assigned adult escort.
This is an alcohol, tobacco and drug free event. Weapons, also, are not allowed.
Anyone who behaves inappropriately for a prom will be asked to leave.
We reserve the right to refuse entry without refund to anyone not observing these guidelines.

I, __________________________________, will be attending the FHE Prom. I have read, understand, and do
hereby agree to the rules, dress code, and further I do understand that if I violate them I will be asked to leave
without a refund.
I understand that Forsyth Home Educators, Inc. will be taking pictures at FHE events for use in newsletters, on
posters, in a yearbook or on the web site. I give permission for my picture to be used without monetary
compensation. This liability release is valid for 2010-2011.

______________________________________ Student’s Signature _______________________ Date

______________________________________ Parent’s Signature              _______________________ Date
If YOU cannot print this form call Donna Stamper 336-922-3376, and she will send you one. Forms will also be
available at most FHE sponsored events.

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