C4C: Letter to The Honorable Darrell Issa by coalitionforchange


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                                                                                                               April 12, 2011
                                            The Honorable Darrell Issa, Chair
        The Coalition For                   House Oversight and Government Reform Committee
           Change, Inc.                     U.S. House of Representatives
              (C4C)                         Washington, D.C. 20515
           P.O. Box 142 
      Washington DC 20044                   Dear Chairman Issa:
           Tanya Jordan                         On behalf of the members of the Coalition For Change, Inc., (“C4C”), I am writing
         L.O.R., B.A., M.S.                 to comment on the Government Accountability Office’s (“GAO”) decision last month
                                            to “reassign” one of its senior executives, Greg Kutz, managing director of the Forensic
                                            Audit and Special Investigations Unit (“FSI”). As you are well aware, Mr. Kutz was
           Philip Taylor                    removed from managing the FSI unit when serious errors and inaccuracies were
            B.A., M.P.A.                    discovered in an August 2010 GAO report produced by Mr. Kutz and his staff. As
         Acting President                   reported on the committee’s website, this flawed report required “significant revisions”
                                            and tarnished GAO’s credibility 1 . The Kutz situation certainly brings into serious
            Willie Berry                    question the performance of this unit’s past investigative work on behalf of Congress
                 B.S.                       and the American taxpayer.
                                                The Kutz reassignment, for obviously poor performance, is of great interest to the
     Michael A. Castelle, Sr.               C4C and its members. The C4C believes the Kutz reassignment illustrates one of the
          Diversity Chair                   glaring disparities in the federal government between the treatment of Caucasian federal
                                            workers and their African-American counterparts. Had Mr. Kutz been an African-
            Milton Hill                     American, we are certain that he would have been subjected to much harsher treatment
         B.S., M.A., M.P.A.                 than a “reassignment.” The C4C believes GAO’s plan to address problems with FSI, by
          Outreach Chair 
                                            reassigning Mr. Kutz and “rebranding” his former division are insufficient remedies.
       Arthuretta Holmes‐                       A far more serious example of disparate treatment in the federal government,
              B.S., M.S. 
                                            however, pertains to African-Americans who assert their right to be treated with
             EEO Chair                      fairness, dignity and respect in the workplace. First, each year, shortly after engaging in
                                            so-called “protected activity” -- having filed employment discrimination complaints,
                                            hundreds if not thousands of African-American federal employees are terminated from
          Anthony Perry 
    CIO Cert, B.A., B.B.A, M.S.             federal employment after being labeled—often falsely-- “poor performers.” More often
                                            than not, these employees were seen as valued, dedicated and exemplary public servants
             Cecil Paris                    –until they engaged in the formal complaint process. Second, those minority employees
              PMP, B.S. 
        Management and  
                                            with questionable performance issues are not afforded the same courtesy that GAO
       Organization Chair                   recently afforded Mr. Kutz by reassigning him to another position and purportedly
                                            allowing him to retain his grade level and current salary. In recent years, such overt
                                            disparate treatment has become too common place in the federal government.
          Paulette Taylor 
              A.A., B.A. 
         Civil Rights Chair                     As stated on the committee’s website, the House Committee on Oversight and
                                            Government Reform has legislative jurisdiction over the federal personnel system as
          Diane Williams 
                                            well as oversight of virtually everything government does. The C4C believes your
          B.A., M.S., J.D.                  committee has a duty and responsibility to examine unlawful retaliatory and disparate
    Legislative Research Chair              treatment taking place in federal employment. Why are Caucasians with performance
                                            issues “reassigned” while the employment of African-Americans is callously terminated
                                            causing irreparable harm to their lives, health and financial security—not to mention
                                              Committee Press Release dated March 4, 2011, “Chairman Issa Lauds Leadership Change in 
                                            Troubled GAO Unit.” 
Chairman Darrell Issa   that of their family members. Furthermore, we fervently believe such unlawful
April 12, 2011          behavior adversely impacts morale, productivity and the effective and efficient
page 2                  operations of government and its programs.

                            Last year, the C4C was established as a public interest group consisting of current
                        and former federal employees who are experiencing or have experienced the indignity
                        of employment discrimination and retaliation by federal managers-- federal managers
                        who are not held accountable for their unlawful behavior. The C4C’s mission is to
                        expose and eradicate racism in the federal government that not only injures the affected
                        party, but also hampers the government’s ability to promote efficiency, effectiveness
                        and transparency in federal programs and operations. I would urge you and the
                        committee staff to take a look at our website at www.coalition4change.org to learn
                        more about our group. We also encourage you to read our 2010 Annual Report of
                        Accomplishments posted on our website.

                           Thank you for your time and consideration of our concerns. If you or your staff
                        have any questions, please free to contact me at 1-866-737-9783.


                                                                 Philip D. Taylor
                                                                 Acting President, The Coalition
                                                                           For Change, Inc. (C4C)

                        cc: The Honorable Elijah E. Cummings, Ranking Member
                            The Honorable Dennis Ross, Chair, Subcommittee on Federal Workforce,
                               U.S. Postal Service and Labor Policy
                            The Honorable Stephen F. Lynch, Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Federal
                               Workforce, U.S. Postal Service and Labor Policy
                            Mr. Gene L. Dodaro, Comptroller General of GAO


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