Empowered Parents Stay Involved With School by db3541f97e1ae297


Parents Stay
Involved With School
  Learn everything you can about             Contact the teacher immediately if
  your child’s school;                       your child doesn’t understand an
                                             assignment or if you notice a change
  Review the school’s handbook and           in your child’s behavior or school
  Web site;                                  performance;
  Be an advocate for your child and          Participate in orientation nights,
  the school;                                parent-teacher meetings and
  Ask the principal, vice principal          conferences, sports events and
  and teachers what the school               art performances;
  expects of your child;                     Volunteer in your child’s school as
  Talk with your child’s teacher             your schedule allows; and
  throughout the school year;                Review how your school did on its
  Share with teachers what they              Adequate Yearly Progress rating and
  need to know about your child;             on its state test scores.

U.S. Department of Education

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