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					                                    Separation hook

    “I know that a hook is a kind of weapon, in the 18 weapons book, it‟s listed at
seventh, separation hook?”
    “Separation hook also is a kind of weapon, but also a hook.”
    “Since it‟s a hook, why does it have to be called separation?”
    “Because of this hook, wherever it hits, will create separation. If the hook hits your
hand, the hand must separate from the wrist; If it hits your foot, your foot must separate
from the leg.”
    “If the hook hits my throat, I will be separated from this world?”
    “Why do you want to use such a brutal weapon?”
    “Because I am not willing to be separated by force from the people I love.”
    “I understand what your mean.”
    “You really understand?”
    “You use the separation hook, only in order to gather.”
    Separation could melt the soul, cause one to be stricken with sadness, and yet... a
famous hero that did not love a horse.

     “This place does not have pleasing, flowing wine, but famous colts, thousand rides,
if Sir has some free time, you can fully enjoy yourself.”
     This was Guandong‟s setting sun wild horses selling theme, Qiu Xingjian on behalf
of boss Jin Da and Qiu Zong-guan, for that was the setting sun wild horses, first time in
the spring, conducted in the area inside the great wall the horse grand selling event. The
place “the flower opens the riches and honor” in the Luoyang multimillionaire Fourth
master Hua's summer vacation mountain manor, the date is the third of every month.
     Such written invitations were sent out , but the ones invited were not that many.
     The ones invited were certainly all of jiang-hu‟s great heroes, strong persons.
Famous heroes never disliked horses, so heroes came here, and had left with the setting
sun wild horses famous colts.
     So long as the sun shone, the “setting sun wild horses” vigorous horses would run
     This was the wild horse master brave and proud words, but also a fact.

     In March, Luoyang, spring.
     The night of the 17th, the moon was still round, late night, the wind was filled with
the flower fragrance. On the hillside, the sound of vigorous horse‟ hoofs was indistinct,
the sound of people were actually quiet. The moonlight illuminates from the window,
independently in front of window Qiu Xingjian very big and tall shadow, long projection
on place. His heavy features, the high forehead, the hawkish nose, the dragon wealth,
under the moonlight looked like appears the outline to be obvious and to be prominent.
      He is a real man, the outside the passes one wait for a real man, now actually as if a
little 焦躁不安.
      This is his first trip alone with heavy responsibility, he certainly wanted to achieve
perfection. Starting from the 15th, although these three day-long result was good, the
biggest horse had also been bought by Zhong-yuan Escort Bureau escort leader Wang by
high price, but he was still anticipating two big customers, they had not come until now.
      He should not expect originally they come.
      Prestige town jiang-hu north of the huanghe river hero Wan Jun-wu, 金盆洗手 since
two years ago retires under the forest, does not have to tread the village gate again step.
      Regards the riches and honor academic honor like muck hereditary one wait for the
tiger Di QingLin, perhaps for many years continuously has roamed the world
fundamentally on not to receive his written invitation.
      He hoped they come, because only he thought by him far in one batch of good horses
which brings from the outside the passes, best only then they only then can judge the
quality of goods.
      Only then recognizes the goods the talented person can give a high price.
      He does not hope the crooked this good horse, is not willing it to bring back to the
      Now already was the second night, he is starting to think when disappointed, Zhuang
Yuanwai has the sounds of people to transmit suddenly, three years village gate prestige
town north of the Huanghe river hero, light cavalry Jan Cong at the same night has
already rushed the peony mountain manor.

     Wan Jun-wu makes a debut when he was14 years old, 16 year old he had killed a
person. When 19 years old, by a great plain knife, he had sheared the thief Feng Hu's
severed head under Mt. Taihang, 23 years old his use of a big simple knife was changed
for golden purple fish-scale knife when roaming in jiang-hu, end full 30 the human has
been politely called by the martial arts world in for the north of the huanghe river hero.
     His year in which one was born as represented by an animal is “the mouse”, the only
then 46 years old, the age also is smaller than this year much others imagination in.
     But he had not brought his knife with him.
     Because he had been weary of jiang-hu, works as in front of the world hero real man
to seal the knife to wash the hands, that heel got up along with his many years golden
purple fish-scale knife with the yellow cloth wrapper, is supplied in front of the sage guan
master golden paint idol on the wing celtis wooden frame.
     But he had brought along three knives.
     His fellow apprentices Wan Shengdao, his layman disciple “the sharp knife” Fang
Cheng, with his diehards “pleasant knife” Gao Feng.
    Looks like he such person, if does not have the knife on hand, resembles has not put
on clothes — type, cannot go out the door casually.
    But he believes these three people's three knives.
    Regardless of whose side had these three knives, all enough has dealt with any
urgent aspect.

     Luoyang in March, flowered like brocade.
     “The peony mountain manor” behind the hillside, spread over a wide area the peony,
under the hillside has just used in the horse stable which the wooden shelf encircled,
everywhere all had the horse to prance.
     The horse does not understand appreciates the peony, the peony cannot appreciate
the horse, but they similarly are actually are worth the people appreciating.
     Peony's solemn riches and honor, beautiful natural, like famous family virtuous
young women; Horse's vigorous aggressive, nimble male steed, like jiang-hu real man.
     About the hillside all the crammed full person, some people has been appreciating
the peony gorgeously prosperous-looking, some people are appreciating horse's heroic
bearing to glow, but lets the majority people most be interested — individual.
     Wan Jun-wu resembled actually to any matter all is not interested, the semi-closure
focused, leans against in one on the soft chair which formed with the supple cane.
     He is too tired.
     Regardless of who trades three times of fast horses in a at night company, after has
caught up with 933 miles roads, can think very tiredly.
     His fellow apprentices, the disciple, the diehards, continuously all side him, keep
close. A good horse cloth belt to him in front of in the wooden shelf, is bought by the
human with the high price, his eye all is the semi-closure.
     Until finally has a very special horse, alone when takes into the hurdle, his eye only
then opens the eyes this horse is Qiu Zong-guan personally brings in, whole body Mao
Seru ink, only then nose cusp snow white.
     In the crowd has sent out 惊叹声 immediately, everybody can see this is one in a
thousand good horse.
     Qiu Xingjian pats the wharf, on the face also reveals the joyful arrogant color.
     “It is called “Shen-jian” (heavenly arrow), Hero Wan can certainly see that this is a
good horse.”
     Wan Jun-wu languidly shook the head actually.
     “I am not buying, this horse is not a good horse.” He said; “Only listens to this name
to know not well.”
     “Why?” Qiu Xingjian asked.
     “The arrow cannot go far, after moreover first anxious slow, the stamina is certainly
insufficient.” Wan Jun-wu changes the topic suddenly, “My youth has a friend, the
attitude is also same with Qiu Zong-guan. Has him to ask me to eat a chicken, does not
have the leg actually.”
     He mentions when young suddenly the friend and do not have the leg the chicken,
nobody understood his meaning.
     Qiu Xingjian does not understand, could not bear asking, “Why doesn't the chicken
have the leg?” “
     “Because of that chicken's two legs, all already first is cut down by him separation
oneself ate.” Wan Jun-wu said lightly, “Qiu Zong-guan also is how could it not be same
with him, always must hide the good horse separation oneself.”
     Qiu Xingjian denied immediately, “Wan-daxia‟s discernment unparalleled, in front
of Wan-daxia, how can I do something like that?”
     Wan Jun-wu eye has projected the knife point light suddenly, “Then why does Qiu
Zong-guan have to hide that horse?”
     His eye stared at behind a hurdle, in the hurdle only then several the thin horse which
is selected by the human is left over, including in Mao Sehuang the belt to uncover, the
body thin like back, independently in a hurdle jiao, reluctantly cannot mention the spirit,
actually and other horse all is maintaining section of distances, resembles disdains to be a
companion of with them resembles.
     Qiu Xingjian wrinkled the brows.
     “Wan-daxia means this one?”
     Qiu Xingjian forced smile, “That horse is a drunkard, how can Wan-daxia have a
liking for it?”
     Wan Jun-wu eye is brighter.
     “Drunkard? Is it must certainly drink wine only then to have the spirit first?”
     “This is this appearance.” Qiu Xingjian sighed; “If it‟s not a good wine, he will never
want to eat.”
     “What is it called?”
     “It‟s called the old wine.”
     Wan Jun-wu suddenly long body, the stride walks, flashing eyes, is staring at this
horse, face up laughed suddenly!
     “Old wine, good! Very good.” He laughed said, “The old wine is strong, moreover it
will become stronger later on. I dare to make a bet that if shen-jian race with it for 500
miles, the first 200 miles shen-jian will be in the lead surely, but after running that much,
he will surely be ahead of shen-jian in the next 200 miles.”
     He was staring at Qiu Xingjian, “Do you dare to bet with me?”
     Qiu Xingjian was silent the momentarily, also laughed suddenly, laughed has been
shouldering a thumb.
     “Wan-daxia really has good eyesight, really any matter all hides the truth from the
only Wan-daxia the discernment.” .
     In the human populace sends out 赞叹声, not only admires Wan Jun-wu eyesight, to
this looked like 毫不起眼 the thin horse also sufficiently engraved has held in high
esteem, even some people were snatching must bid the competition, even if knew
perfectly well the struggle did not arrive it, could struggle a struggle with the north of the
huanghe river hero, defeated also had the brilliance.
     The maximum valence shouted is “9500”, this already was the very big numeral.
     Wan Jun-wu slowly has only stretched out three fingers, compared to a gesture, Qiu
Zong-guan loudly announced immediately, “Wan-daxia bid 30,000, but also has the
human to bid high?”
     Not. Each people have all closed the mouth. Wan Jun-wu 意气飞扬, is preparing the
human fence to lead a horse personally, hears to have a person suddenly to say, “I leave
     Wan Jun-wu complexion has sunk immediately, mutters said, “I already knew this
boy can certainly come to disturb.”
     Qiu Xingjian is actually happy, laughed said, “Could not think Young Marquis Di
caught up with promptly!”
     人丛 separates immediately, everybody wants to take a look this hereditary one wait
for the marquises, now the first under heaven loose variant's few elegant demeanors.

     — body snow white upper and lower garments, spotless; On a pale delicate face,
always brings to calmly lightly, is having the kind of faint smile expression; Side always
belt graceful most beautiful woman, when each time appears, belt person all different.
     This is regards the academic honor riches and honor like dust, regards actually the
famous horse beautiful woman like life Young Marquis Di Di QingLin.
     Regardless of arrives any place, he all is most remarkable, most lets the human who
the human envies.
     Today is not exceptional.
     Today walks arm in arm in his one's side, is the beautiful woman who puts on body
bright red upper and lower garments, skin of white jade, peach blossom's cheek
accommodates, spring Shui Pan glancing, wine general intoxicant.
     Nobody knew Young Marquis Di is looks from any place such a beautiful woman.
     Wan Jun-wu see then shook his head and sighed; “What are you doing? Why have
you come?”
     Young Marquis Di calmly smiled lightly, tells Wan Jun-wu simply, “I am harm
     “Harm me? How do you prepare to harm me?”
     “No matter you leave how many, I must bid 30more than you.”
     Wan Jun-wu Dingzhuo he, in the eye the ray flashes, also did not know how long
stared at he to look, laughed suddenly, “Good, very good.”
     Everybody thought this prestige shakes the north of the huanghe river Fang Dahao,
certainly must leave the high price which lets the human frighten jumps.
     Could not think Wan Jun-wu laughter stops suddenly, said loudly, “This horse I will
not buy, you sell it to him.”
     Qiu Xingjian was aghast, Wan Jun-wu saying speech, turns around walks, could not
think Di QingLin stopped by calling out him actually; “Wait.”
     Wan Jun-wu turned head stared at, “What do you also want me to wait for?”
     Young Marquis Di did not reply first, asked Qiu Xingjian actually, “Is there any one
willing to pay a higher price?”
    “Probably not.”
    “Then this horse is mine now?”
    Young Marquis Di turned around facing Wan Jun-wu, “Then I give it to you.”
    Wan Jun-Wu was astounded.
    “What did you say? You really give this horse to me? Why do you do that?”
    He did not understand, others did not understand, Di QingLin only lightly said,
“Why not, I give a horse to a hero, that is perfectly justifiable, why does it have to have a
    This was the standard attitude of Di QingLin.

      The night, 华灯初上, the banquet is in full bloom. The good wine running water
pours into likely the belly, the heroic spirit water seepage has welled up likely.
      Wan Jun-wu — zhi in does not stop drinks.
      In jiang-hu the human all knew “not only he is magnanimous — — Wan-daxia‟s
knife skill unparalleled, alcohol capacity also — type unparalleled in the world.”
      Today he certainly drinks specially many.
      He has no alternative but to accept Di QingLin good intention, after accepted had not
known was happy or is not happy.
      Therefore he drinks, after drinks wine always happy.
      His fellow apprentices, the disciple, the diehards, let him such drink, because drinks
this place is in Fourth Master Hua' private rooms, the visitor person are not many,
moreover they all have already investigated each person's origin.
      Wan Jun-wu tells him frequently the friend, “Becomes famous too quickly in jiang-
hu, is not a good deed, becomes famous the too quick person, evening all unavoidably
has the time which cannot fall asleep.”
      Looks like his this kind of person regardless of makes anything to have no
alternative but to be specially careful, therefore he can exactly the present. Even if some
people want his life, also forever does not have the opportunity.
      Walks out is Di QingLin first.
      He always does not like drinking, he already very weary, master in guest room which
prepares for him, but also some beautiful women are waiting for him — — to say to the
majority men, so long as has last the reason to be enough on.
      Everybody has the judgment which envies to gaze after him to exit, not only envies,
moreover admires, “this small marquis worked really attractively, no wonder the women
all likes dying.”
      Fourth master Hua also had large capacities for alcohol.
      He big, stout and strong, is sincere, is warm-hearted, on a chubby face, Lian — dian
machine cheats the appearance does not have, although every year wants on others
several time to work as, but his all does not care about.
      Wan Jun-wu asked him, “This you have bought several horses?”
      “All has not bought including one.”
      Fourth master Hua hee hee explanations, “Because boss Jin Da and Qiu Zong-guan
all is friend of mine, I cannot harm the friend, wants them to let me be swindled,
therefore I only then on others working as, not on friend's working as.”
      Wan Jun-wu laughed.
      “Said good, the very good, I respect you three cups.”
      After three cups, Fourth master Hua did in return three cups, Wan Jun-wu Jiuyao go
      His alcohol capacity is good, because he drinks has a secret…He can spit. Drank
many has spat, spits has been able to come back immediately to drink again.
      This is his secret.
      Although his fellow apprentices, the disciple, the diehards, all knew this secret, he
thought actually they did not know, they also only then pretend not to know, therefore he
wants to go “conveniently”, they then let him go.
      Above the very deep pit, makes a rack with the sandalwood, puts up the upper berth
brocade pad, the pit bottom shop full goose feathers.
      Fourth master Hua are understood very much enjoys the human, all make every
effort perfectly, continually “convenient” the place is not exceptional.
      Wan Jun-wu walks, the belt is drunk in the keen eyes reveals color of the
appreciation, after decided goes back also in the same old way makes one between.
      Thereupon he started to spit.
      This not difficult — — to put in the index finger in the mouth, makes an effort a
pressure on the root of the tongue, could spit came out.
      This he has not spat.
      He just put in the index finger in the mouth, had a hand to extend from behind, the
cradling his lower jaw, with he two row of toeet, has bitten he finger.
      His pain extremely, but cannot call behind, he makes an effort by the elbow fist to hit
this person's rib, but this person first has already selected on his elbow “Qu Chixue”.
      He trains hard the wugong for 28 years, but the present whole body time strength,
cannot cause including one.
      He has fought many battles, the murder are innumerable, must kill him the human
also many, only then this person can hold the best opportunity, grasps the best
      He only wants to know who this person is.
      This person is also willing to let him know, said gently in his ear bank, “I have told
you, I will harm you, I„ve been investigating you for very long, I am very clear about
each of your matter, perhaps you compared to oneself also clear, I also knew you must
certainly come to spit.” This person sound calmly lightly, “Therefore you die not the
      Wan Jun-wu knew who this person was, was only a pity he forever did not have the
opportunity to say.
      Finally he only sees together lightly flash of the knife, is pale is likely when the
daybreak appears as soon as that wipes the light of early dawn.
     Then he thought a chest severe pain, a handle knife pricked between his left chest
rib, pricks his heart.
     A handle its thin like paper knife.
     Nobody described this speed which stems from the knife.
     Draws out when similarly is also quick.
     After a handle too is thin the too quick knife to prick draws out again, the wound
cannot leave behind any trace to come.
     Therefore nobody could take revenge for Wan Jun-wu.
     Because of his death, because only his wine drinks too many, in the majority person's
idea, all thought if person wine drinks too many, often can die a violent death suddenly.
     Everybody certainly cannot think just has delivered a famous horse for his Young
Marquis Di, has any relations with this matter.
     Therefore the famous horse goes along with the coffin containing a corpse, Young
Marquis Di accompanied his beautiful woman to walk.
     When he will next time appear, everybody will be able to use one kind both to envy
the judgment which and will admire to look at him, nobody will be able to believe he has
once killed people, in silent invisible will not have the shade to kill people in the flash.
     This is the standard method which Di QingLin kills people.

     Carriage spacious comfortable, the horses are well-trained, the cart driver is good at
controlling, sits in Young Marquis Di this with a five. peck measure pearl on the horse-
drawn carriage which trades to some princess, likely is sits in on the level like mirror
Xihu gorgeous boat that steady, even could not feel the horse is walking.
     SiSi puts on a bright red soft silk gown, looks like the cat — type to curl up in a
compartment jiao, dyed the bright red balsam juice slender white hands with a pair of nail
on, has peeled the grape which raises in the greenhouse, feeds to in his man's mouth.
     She is a gentle woman, intelligent beautiful, understood enjoys the life, also
understood the man enjoys her.
     She is not willing to lose now in her side this man, but she knew now already quickly
lost him.
     Young Marquis Di always cannot be reluctant to part with on any woman body too
for a long time.
     But she sets firm resolve, certainly must think of a way detains him.
     Di QingLin has a look his side this woman, has a look her to reveal outside the silk
gown a pair of slender and delicate perfect foot.
     He knew she in the silk gown human body is perfect and naked.
     Her human body plentiful smooth soft, when true excited, the whole body can
change icy coldly, moreover meets does not stop shivers.
     She understood how can let the man know she has been conquered completely.
     Thinking about her perfect body, Di QingLin became aroused suddenly.
     He had experienced too many women, only this woman could coordinate herself
completely, let him be fully satisfied.
     He decided lets her keep section of times, in his body hot Italy competes causes him
to make this decision. His hand gently 潜入 her silk full spacious sleeves of a dress, as
soon as her chest solid strong, graceful grasps. Could not think of a her actually suddenly
he very strange speech. “I knew you have already recognized with Wan Jun-wu.” SiSi
asked Young Marquis Di, “Between you has the hatred?”
     “Does not have.”
     “He before has has offended you?”
     “Does not have.” SiSi is staring at he, a character character asked, “Then why you do
want to kill him?”
     Di QingLin‟s aroused body became cool thoroughly immediately. SiSi is also
continuing to say, “I knew certainly was you has killed him, because he died, was by
chance you not in my side time, after you came back to be specially excited; ; — an
evening has wanted three, first time obtains when me compared to you also fine many.
Before I listened to my aunt to say, some people only then after murder only then could
turn this appearance, changed specially insanely, specially wildly, likely was you last
night is same.”
     Di QingLin calmly is listening, little responded does not have.
     SiSi also said, “I also knew your next to the skin is always hiding a very thin knife.
My eldest sister also tells me, killed people after this kind of knife, not easy to see the
wound very much.”
     Di QingLin asked her suddenly, “How can your eldest sister understand these
     “Because she has a frequent visitor, a very famous chief of police, this aspect matter
equally has not been able to hide the truth from him.” SiSi said, “Others all said in his
heart like the iron stone, but he to my eldest sister the very good, in front of my eldest
sister, is simply gentle looks like the puppy.”
     Di QingLin in the heart was sighing.
     She should not recognize that eldest sister, a woman should not know too many.
     SiSi has a look him, caresses his pale face lightly, “Any matter you all had no need
for hide the truth from me, I in any case already were your person, no matter you have
made any matter, I all equally could forever with you.”
     Her gentle voice said, “Therefore you may feel relieved, your matter I cannot say,
dies cannot say.”
     Her sound is gentle, her hand is gentler.
     She very quick felt he also is excited, the bright red silk gown is rended immediately.
     She felt relieved.
     Because she knew she uses this method already effective, now he already could not
again drop out her, also did not dare to drop out her again.
     The tender feeling belongs to tranquilly, the carriages and horses were still
     In Di QingLin under hull wine chest, discovers bottle of temperate grape wines, after
drank a small cup only then to say, “You asked a moment ago why did I want to kill Wan
Jun-wu? Now also wants me to tell you?”
      “So long as you said, I listen.”
      “I kill him, because only I have a friend not to want again to let him go on living.”
      “You also have the friend?” SiSi had smiled, “I always did not know you also had
the friend.” She after thinks also asked, “What matter casually does your friend want you
to make you all to comply?”
      Still Di QingLin unexpectedly nodded.
      “Only then he can let me such do, because I owe his sentiment.” Young Marquis Di
then said, “He is in the extant jiang-hu a hugest secret organization head, has helped me
very big busy, the only condition was, he needs me works for him, I cannot reject.”
      He also said, “This organization calls the Green Dragon Clan, some 365 sub-helms,
each state each government office each county each place all has them the person, big
influence, is not you can want to obtain.”
      SiSi could not bear asking, “He since has the such big influence, why also wants you
for the homicide person?”
      “Because some people is kills does not have the human.” Di QingLin said; “After
because has killed them, affects too in a big way, the dispute too are many, moreover this
kind of person — has very many friends surely, certainly can think of a way for them
takes revenge.”
      “Moreover the government authorities — strike surely 敕 look up.” SiSi said, “In
jiang-hu the human is not always willing to annoy this kind troublesomely.”
      Di QingLin acknowledged.
      “Only others kill does not have the human, I can kill actually, also only then I can
kill.” He said; “Because who also couldn't think I can kill people, after therefore I killed
people cannot cause any trouble, cannot implicate my friend.”
      SiSi again has not investigated, because she felt relieved.
      A man only then most likes in front of the woman in oneself who most trusts, only
then can say this kind of secret.
      She was determined keeps this secret for him, because sometimes she likes this the
gentle like water, sometimes slights like the ice, can change the warm like fire man.
      She believed oneself may manage is occupied by him.
      What a pity she was wrong.
      Although she understood the man, this man could never be understood by anyone
      Perhaps he never understood himself.

      The carriages and the horses still continued forward, but there was only Di QingLin
left in the carriage.
      SiSi had already vanished from this world.
      Di QingLin had three methods to make someone disappear suddenly, SiSi‟s was the
most effective one.
      Nobody knew what method he used, his three methods were all secrets that no one
else knew.
      Besides him, there was no second live person that knew his secret.
     SiSi was wrong.
     Because she did not know that Di QingLin could never trust a human that still
     She did not know that Di QingLin‟s only true affection for a human was for only
     Likely SiSi such woman if vanishes suddenly, cannot cause any dispute hemp.
     She such woman likely is in the wind catkin, the water duckweed, if she very
possibly disappeared is the prodigal son who did not have the root with one walked, also
very possible was is hidden by a lots of cash in hand rich merchant in Jin Wuli, even had
the possibility is oneself hides to the remote mountain in some small temple truncates
sends for Nepal.
     Looks like she such woman, is any matter all can do comes out.
     Therefore she regardless of makes any matter, all nobody can think with surprised,
also nobody care.
     Therefore on in she thought may depend upon Di QingLin time wholeheartedly, Di
QingLin let her leave this world.
     This is Di QingLin to woman's standard attitude.

     The “eldest sister”(Da-jie) leaned against the blue brass bed in her brocade clothes,
thinking in her heart, “SiSi should be back already?”
     She liked SiSi, she did not have any family member in this world, she already started
to call her “eldest sister”.
     Looks like she such woman to call by eldest sister is a how sorrowful matter.
     Her time passage passed, only hoped thinks do not have again to spoil oneself,
married an honest man that could share the life.
     What a pity the man did not like honest sharing of life.
     SiSi was too intelligent, too arrogant, too much desire to become outstanding, just
like a young aspiring woman.

     The room middle is spreading nearby the mica tabletop sandal wood round table, sits
one thin, swarthy, silent, 30 year-old man, sat silently there looking at her.
     His name was Yang Zheng, is time her childhood 玩伴, friends from childhood's
     Because her 15 years old had to bury the parents 沦落 into the travel fatigue, after
passes through more than ten years leaving, they again meet in here, could not think he
has already made in the county seat three class of bailiffs' chiefs.
     By his status, should not come to this kind of place.
     Each but he 2-3 days all must come, came like this silently to sit in there look at her.
     Between them does not certainly have in others imagination that kind of relations,
between them the emotion does not have others understanding unexpectedly, also nobody
      She always asked him not to come, so as to avoid others 闲言闲语, affects his
enterprise and the reputation.
      But Yang Zheng said, “So long as I have a clear conscience, any place I all may go.”
      He is this kind of dauntless man.
      So long as he thought should do the matter, will make later to have a clear
conscience, you took the tool rest on his neck, also could not block him.
      He wanted to marry her.
      In his mind, she was forever that all-limbs big braided girl “Lu Suwen”, namely was
not the same year famous prostitute “Jade-like”, also is not the present “eldest sister”.
      In her heart never does not want to marry to this also is stubborn also is a sentimental
honest man?
      Many years ago she on has redeemed the body for oneself, so long as she wants, all
may walk as necessary with him.
      But she cannot do so, he was one year younger than her, in six leafed doors brothers
in the mind, he is the bar iron clank real man, has the future, has the friend, has the
working zeal.
      Her youth likely remnant flower has been going to wither on the wane actually,
moreover she was a whore who everybody looked down upon.
      She could not destroy him, only then she could ruthlessly reject him, willing to suffer
the nightmare alone, awaking with the bursts of tears.
      Yang Zheng asked her suddenly, “SiSi had found — a very good man, already had
the home to return to?”
      “I also hoped she can have a home to return to.” Lu Suwen sighed gently, “But a pity
that sooner or later she can come back.”
      “You do not know this person Di QingLin?” Lu Suwen rhetorical question.
      “I know, one of noble breed, in jiang-hu a famous young hero.” Yang Zheng said,
“SiSi walks with him?”
      Lu Suwen nodded, “Di QingLin is such a man, how can he have true feelings to a
woman? Is not wants plays her, has played.”
      Yang Zheng sat in there sends silently has gawked quite a while, stood only then
      “I am leaving.” He said, “Tonight I have an assignment I must do.”
      Lu Suwen had not detained him, also had not asked about his assignment.
      She wanted to detain him, to question him, whether the assignment was very
dangerous? In her heart — she was worried for him, worried so much that she would not
fall asleep.
      But her mouth only lightly said once, “You leave.”

     The night was quiet.
     “The joy red courtyard” outside the front door were the two red lanterns, from afar
they looked like wicked beast's eyes — wicked beast which only ate people without even
spitting the bone. No one knew since long time ago how many pitiful weak women were
swallowed entirely by it. Thinking about it, in Yang Zheng's heart truly hated it! What a
pity he was completely helpless, because this was legitimate, as long as it was legitimate,
not only he could not interfere, but he also must protect it.
      In the dark lane night breeze also is wet also is cold, his stride walks against the wind
in, has a person from to make horizontally suddenly dodges, greets grinningly with him.
      This person's name is Sun Ruhai, is in a bodyguard office two darts head, quite has
the fame in jiang-hu, very much is also popular in the city, moreover heard wugong is not
      But Yang Zheng always does not like him, therefore only calmly asked the sentence,
“What matter?”
      “I have a little thing I must give Chief Yang, a friend asks me to transmit.” Sun
Ruhai pulls out from the body folds the paper money; “Here is ten Shanxi bank
certificates, each paper money is of 1000 taels, everywhere all may exchange the money,
full ten thousand. “
      Yang Zheng calmly looks at him, waits for him to say.
      “Had these money, Chief Yang has been possible to buy the central courtyard house
which was fastidious very much, met sight the jade station mother.” Sun Ruhai very
warm dark, “So long as Chief Yang tonight delays at home does not exit, this pack of
paper money is Chief Yang.”
      Yang Zheng maintains composure; “This is who holds you to transmit? Tonight must
that friend who transits from here?”
      Sun Ruhai acknowledged, “In front of the sighted person did not speak the code
words, is he.”
      “Heard he just plundered on the mulberry wood-road a dart, the dart silver had
1,800,000, only delivers me such the selecting money, too were rather few.”
      “How many Chief Yang does want?”
      “I am not fine many, only wants him 1,800,000, moreover adds on two people
      Sun Ruhai does not leave, asked actually, “Which two people?”
      “You, him.” Yang Zheng said, “Your dry bodyguard office, in secret colludes with
actually with the thief, you compare him to be supposed to die.”
      Sun Ruhai retreated two steps, the paper money took in the bosom, in the palm
already many the dagger which sparkles to cold brightness, sneered gloomily, “A small
county seat bailiff, some courage wants to go unexpectedly to move Eight Master Ni,
should die only feared is you.”
      In the crosscut also has a stiff cold and stiff sound then to say, “Not only he should
die, moreover dies knows no fear surely.

                                    Wolf's tooth club

      The wolf's tooth club is a kind of a very rare weapon in jiang-hu, too heavy, too big,
not convenient to carry or to utilize, if two arms do not have thousand catties strength,
Lian Wan all play do not transfer.
      This kind of weapon usually only then when both armies to definitely, in the field
littered with corpses rivers of blood big battlefield can accidentally be able to see, in
jiang-hu the human uses this kind of weapon the human too are really few.
      Now this person who flushes from the crosscut, with is unexpectedly the root are
least also has 70-80 catty heavy wolf's tooth club, on the stick potentilla cryptottaeniae
ray flashes, looked like on has the innumerable greedy people to wait likely to have to
rend piece by piece a Yang Zheng block.
      This person‟s height was nine feet, the horizontal quantity also has two feet, is
barebacked, bald, on the left ear wears a Jin dynasty link, the meat which the face gets
angry all is horizontal, has the straight scar of knife wound — to delimit the corners of
the mouth straight actually from the volume, has hewn half a duck egg big nose. In the
midnight sees this kind of person not to have a bad dream or nightmare very are perhaps
      Yang Zheng turns around facing this giant behind, pays no attention to radically Sun
Ruhai, resembles simply did not know Sun Ruhai in that match fork also is a fatal
weapon, moreover already had very many people to die in under this match fork spike.
      Yang Zheng is also very tall, but stood in this giant's front, actually a short section.
      “Heard Eight Master Ni under has is called 'the reactionary' the seedling, “ Yang
Zheng asked, “You are that seedling?”
      “The father I am.”
      “Heard you also are ominous do not fear death horizontally.” Yang Zheng also
asked, “You really do not fear death?”
      “Must die is not a father, is your this turtle son.” This seedling can say unexpectedly
half-cooked 川语, curses at people in particular the speech said specially well.
      In the Yang Zheng hand does not have the weapon, the very few some people see
him to use the weapon.
      He is unarmed, stood in front of such a giant, also can sink unexpectedly lives the
      But on in this flash, 79 catty heavy wolf's tooth clubs already smuggled the tiger's
roar rumor slanting to sweep slanting to him.
      He cannot resist, in his hand does not have the thing to be possible to resist.
      He cannot draw back, behind him also has the match fork.
      He fends all cannot fend.
      The lane too is narrow, the wolf's tooth club too is long, — the stick sweeps, all
escape routes are blocked all, no matter fended toward where all still under its might
      Sun Ruhai has not gotten rid of.
     He already did not need again to get rid of, he was already thinking of a way
prepares to destroy the corpse and leave no trace, lets Yang Zheng this person forever
     He has not found out a perfect method to come, also did not need again to think.
     Because on in during this flash, he already discovered Yang Zheng cannot die
     Yang Zheng indeed likely was a moment ago dies in during that flash decides.
     No matter he is prepares to resist, prepares the backlash to fend, all unavoidably
must be intimate a stick.
     Nobody could suffer this stick.
     Could not think Yang Zheng has already not resisted fends, also has not retroceded
— some people is never can retrocede, Yang Zheng is this kind of person.
     He not only has not retroceded, instead has flushed, welcomes the wolf's tooth club
to rush.
     Nobody thought he can such do, because always also nobody dares such to do.
     The genuine first-class master has certainly other better method to cope with this
stick, if the wugong poor person, the early oneself's is rended now by stick on potentilla
     Yang Zheng has flushed actually.
     On does not accommodate in that the flash which sends, his body bends down
suddenly but actually, as soon as both hands press the place, puts in order overran
personally from the wolf's tooth club, hits in “the reactionary” on abdomen. This, cannot
be wugong's style, the genuine martial arts world masters, cannot use this, also is not
willing to use.
     But this — absolutely effective, “the reactionary” more than 200 catty heavy body is
knocked all of a sudden down, pours on the place holds the belly to sway back and forth,
the pitiful yell sound links outside three streets has fallen asleep the human all to be able
to hear.
     Yang Zheng pulls out a cattle tendon rope conveniently, on has bundled all of a
sudden a his hand foot, also conveniently forces in his mouth with a hard walnut, then
long puts out the tone, turns around facing Sun Ruhai, asked lightly, “How?”
     Sun Ruhai already looked has stayed, crossed has been able to open the mouth quite
a while, “What wugong does this calculate?”
     “This simply does not calculate any wugong.” Raises 铮 said; “I simply do not
understand any to call wugong, I only understood how has to be able to overthrow the
     “This kind of not basic style, jiang-hu real men rather die than are not willing to
     “I am simply not jiang-hu real man, I do not want to die.” Yang Zheng said; “I only
want the human who violated the law to grasp.”
     Sun Ruhai gets hold of in the palm a pair of pure steel dagger, “What method do you
prepare with to catch me?”
     “So long as can hold you, the casual any method all has not related, I all use to
     Sun Ruhai sneered.
     Yang Zheng is staring at he, “You understand wugong, I do not understand! You are
jiang-hu real man who becomes famous, I am not; In your hand has the fellow, I do not
have, if you had plant come to do me, I also did not have the speech to say.”
     Although Sun Ruhai is sneering, the complexion has turned white actually.
     Yang Zheng walks slowly; “Was a pity you are gutless, I settled on you to be gutless,
so long as dared to move, I wanted you to lie down three months Lian Padu on the bed
not to be able to crawl, did you believe?”
     He arrives in front of Sun Ruhai, his heart strategic point is apart from in the sister's
Sun Ruhai palm that match fork spike to be inferior to a foot.
     Sun Ruhai does not dare to move.
     “carbazole” pure steel makes into the handcuff the handcuffs have already lived his
     Outside the dark lane transmits 喝采声, ten black-clothed guys suddenly cheers
loudly, the stride walks.
     They all are Yang Zheng's subordinate, also is Brother Yang Zheng's, not only they
admire to Yang Zheng, moreover respects.
     “Eldest brother Yang, you are really good.”
     “You really are also good.” Yang Zheng is smiling, “— straight hides unexpectedly
outside the lane watches the fun, also does not come to help me one.”
     “We knew early this matter on a person enough has already coped with depending on
eldest brother under, we were help eldest brother to make that matter.”
     Yang Zheng's complexion has sunk.
     “You also know that matter?” He asked fierce; “How do you are know?”
     “Yesterday evening in government office Chief Zhao sent young Liu to catch up
with at the same night looks for eldest brother, we knew had the important matter to have
to manage, therefore today noon, our brothers on keep down young Liu drink.”
     “Is he tells you?” Yang Zheng is angry, “I exhort him over and over do not reveal
this matter, this bastard's very big courage.”
     “We understood eldest brother's meaning, eldest brother does not let us know this
matter, because the enemy too is only fierce, matter too bad risk, as soon as lets slip
unavoidably must lose one's life.”
     The brothers snatch in abundance were saying, “But we follow eldest brother many
years, if not has eldest brother to keep off in front, our this ticket person only feared has
already died the larger part, we already prepared this life to give eldest brother, even if
put together only others, the good and evil also had to go to spell, even if had to go to die,
the brothers good and evil also had to die in the same place.”
     Yang Zheng grips tightly the double fist, the eye had the tears to want as if to flow
copiously, he finally bore.
     The brothers also said, “We although did not know actually that surname Ni does
have fiercely, but he dares moves “the Zhong Yuan escort bureau” the dart, certainly is a
role which pricks the hand, but our brothers are unambiguous, in eldest brother under, we
also has managed many honored and popular cases, even if must use two lives to trade
one, the good and evil also can put together their several. “
     Yang Zheng makes an effort to grip the brothers hand, said loudly, “Good, you walk
with me.”
     The brothers loudly cheer immediately, did not know is who also has taken big mug
Wine unexpectedly.
     “Eldest brother wants to drink two cups first?”
     “We have no need for drink embolden, must drink, wait for gets through settles the
sounds happily to drink his mother to celebrate the merit again.”
     The brothers also are loud cheer, “Right, the flat that putty tortoise, then drink his
mother's one not to be drunk are first 'the turtle'. “
     But Sun Ruhai and “does the reactionary” have to send two people to send back first,
who sends? Nobody is willing to go, everybody is not willing to miss this important
matter, everybody prepares to draw lots, Yang Zheng decided actually, “Wants the old
Zheng He small tiger to deliver them to go back.”
     Lao Zheng newly married, the son has not turned a year old, Lao Zheng understood
Yang Zheng's meaning. In the heart also is uncomfortable feels grateful, the small tiger
refuses to accept actually, “Why does eldest brother the source I go?”
     Yang Zheng has given him first a palm of the hand, then asked him; “Have you
forgotten in your family the old lady?”
     The small tiger did not speak, has turned around time, in eye socket completely full
     Sun Ruhai looks at them, thought suddenly the heart — stock on warm-blooded
wells up, shouts loudly to Yang Zheng, “You let loose me, I spell again with you, my Sun
Ruhai is not a coward, I also equally do not fear death.”
     With hands and feet trussed together is tied up in side by the cattle tendon rope “the
reactionary”, phlegm spits suddenly on his face, shouts abuse, “Who doesn't your turtle
son fear death to fear death? Now your ghost calls to have a fart to use.
     Also not quickly closes your bird mouth!”
     Looks the old Zheng He small tiger sub- carries away by force two people, Yang
Zheng sighed suddenly.
     “Sun Ruhai perhaps really is not originally a coward, only the recent day crossed the
too good clothing, the human has also changed.” In his 叹息声 quite has the
recollections, “A person can look like him in jiang-hu to mix the long since after very not
to be that easy, must really not fear death is not easier.”

    Eight Master Ni head is hurting.
    He is certainly not for the Yang Zheng headache, a small county seat chief of police,
simply 放在眼里.
    His headache, because only he evening drinks the wine Pakistan after quickly has
awaked now, evening he drinks really many, “Zhong Yuan escort bureau” leader
“Precious Horse Golden Knife” Wang Zhenfei but because although must rush the peony
mountain manor to buy the horse not to have to detain this dart personally, but detains the
dart five personal bodyguards are not good cope with.
     He a pair follows him by the palm in to have 30 years, to accompany him to be born
the human to die had 2300 time “in the knife to turn” at least, has shoulder to shoulder
struggled hard with his 15 diehards the most time, after the buckle six people, has only
then finally plundered this dart down.
     Only this is worth, 1,800,000 snowflakes flowers' silver bar, already enough he
comfortably passed -odd year.
     He was already 56 years old, after returned to this money the native place, he went
straight the place on the preparation which could not find to few people to enjoy for
several years.
     Eight Master Ni is the Suchuan person, likes the seat “the bamboo sedan chair”.
     Between two bamboo poles was tying up a chair, lifted with two people is walking,
was called “the bamboo sedan chair”.
     Sits on the bamboo sedan chair, also comfortable, ventilates, all may look after in all
directions, as soon as so long as turns head, may see behind that — connected has packed
the money large cart.
     Accompanies a carriage all is his diehards, all is a skilled person who has fought
many battles.
     Although he believed nobody dares on this road to move him absolutely, but moves
is actually very discrete.
     He uses this kind of wheelbarrow to deliver the money, because this kind of barrow
is most clever conveniently, walks cannot harass others on the road.
     This kind of carriage is choosing a person for a job pushes.
     The mule has the hoof sound, the human does not have, the mule can randomly call,
the human cannot.
     He felt relieved very much.
     The day already quickly shone.
     Eight Master Ni sat on the bamboo sedan chair closes one's eyes has raised a while
god, accidentally has turned head, behind discovered suddenly that long string
wheelbarrow resembled short one section! He has counted the number, has really been
short seven.
     In finally accompanies a carriage “the copper hammer” to be also same with “the
reactionary”, is he in Miao-nationality region the belt comes out from Yunnan, regardless
of all cannot betray him in any situation.
     How can the silver carriage be few?
     As soon as Eight Master Ni both hands press on the bamboo sedan chair holding, the
human diving posture, has flown high, the tip of the toe pushes on cart driver's head in
the behind fourth wheelbarrow, on had in an instant stepped on eight cart drivers' top of
the heads, unexpectedly displays him in the number of people to show disdain for jiang-
hu “eight step to catch up with the cicada” 轻功 the unique skill, passed over gently and
swiftly this long string silver carriage, to last.
     Behind little sound of something astir also does not have, but finally is
accompanying a carriage “the copper hammer” to disappear.
     Accompanied a carriage in front of the copper hammer is becomes just, today also
has drunk — the spot, simply behind did not know sent has hit any matter, saw Eight
Master Ni all over the sky flier, only then caught up with asked.
     Eight Master Ni any speech all did not say, has first given him two big ear and the
area around it, then tells him, “Looks quickly with me to behind.”
     The moonset star sinks, four wild piece of darkness, before daybreak moment always
earth darkest time.
     Behind does not have an unusual sound of something astir, cannot hear the sound,
also cannot see the human.
     But between the roadside long grass resembles actually a little does not blow the
long grass to — — the wind, has a piece of grass not to move actually.
     Because this piece of grass was already suppressed by the human, is suppressed by
eight people.
     Seven cart drivers were already hit the corona. With four is accumulated the horse's
hoof by the human to tie up, in the mouth all by borderland one only then in the gate of a
government office talented person's commonly used iron walnut, in finally has been
accompanied a carriage “the copper hammer” already to strangle to death by the human
with a cattle tendon rope from the behind.
     Eight Master Ni instead calm down, only asked just, “A your sound of something
astir all has not heard a moment ago?”
     Cheng Gang lowered the head, his anything has not heard, he continuously all not
too sober.
     Eight Master Ni pulls out a hard walnut from the cart driver mouth, four looks
around, does not stop sneered, “Good, good quick hands and feet, could not think in six
leafed doors also has such hard role.”
     Became just finally the speak haltingly or slowly aperture, “Heard here bailiff son's
name is Yang Zheng, in hand has real skill very much.”
     Eight Master Ni wrinkled the brows, “Lian Sun RuHai and “the reactionary” couldn't
two people both cope with him? If he really is a such fierce role, now only feared already
circled to front copes with my bamboo sedan chair to go. “
     Became just changed color, “I have a look.”
     Eight Master Ni maintains composure actually, only lightly said, “Now hurries to
fears already too late.”
     He is really worthily the worldly-wise person who has fought many battles, although
center the idea has met bends down, the brains extremely were still clear, the judgment
extremely was still accurate.
     On in this time, motorcade's front already passed on one to shout miserably, was the
Pakistan old bare sound.
     Pakistan old bare also is his efficient subordinate, is brings up the rear in front, this
moment also center has counted without doubt.
      Eight Master Ni looks are unexpectedly invariable; “Pakistan old was bare, the black
ghost, the weasel, the elephant, three temperament were rash, certainly could anxious
hurry to, Yang Zheng could certainly avoid them first among, changed to copes with the
Peng Hou.”
      “We aid him.”
      “We do not go, our where all doesn't go.”
      Cheng Gang was astounded, “Are we on the station in here, seeing the homicide
      Eight Master Ni sneered, “Who could he also kill? So long as I do not die, he sooner
or later all must fall in my hand.” Eight Master Ni calmly said, “His goal is I, I in here,
his sooner or later general meeting found here to come bring death.”
      The wind is more anxious, the month is blacker, Cheng Gang thought suddenly the
general chill in the air raises from the sole.
      He finally understood Eight Master Ni simply does not care about, even if is follows
him to risk one's life many year diehards to be also same.
      The carriage unable to get away in any case, on the carriage wooden box for storage
of horseshoe-shaped silver ingots also unable to get away, so long as can persist finally
seizes kills Yang Zheng, money he, divides the money the human has instead been short,
he is why anxious is going to 救人, consumes his strength?
      He can certainly sink lives was mad, so long as can sink were mad in here, waits at
ease for an exhausted enemy, Yang Zheng must die without doubt.
      Cheng Gang heart has been also cold, but on the face does not dare to reveal a
demeanor actually.
      He thought suddenly, even if Yang Zheng does not start, perhaps Eight Master Ni
own also can start to them.
      If nobody comes the minute his this — 1,800,000 taels, also nobody knew this
secret, he later the day how could it not be will cross comfortably?
      Eight Master Ni has put out that to keep close to his side “in the knife to turn”.
      A lance, wrought iron turns. In the knife clamps turns, turns clamps the knife, one
just one supple, hard and soft and aided; As soon as as soon as attacks defends, offense
and defense auxiliary, is precisely Eight Master Ni prestige town jiang-hu alone gate
unique skill.
      He turns the iron clamps in coerces, wiped the knife point lightly with the palm of
the hand, the corner of the eye stared at actually on Cheng Ganglian, asked suddenly,
“You already understood my meaning?”
      Became just one startled, also did not dare to acknowledge, also did not dare to deny.
      In darkness often transmits startled drinks shouts miserably, Eight Master Ni
resembles actually has not heard completely.
      “If in your heart thought I am murder with a borrowed knife, you mistakenly.” He
said lightly, “These people with my many years, if why not linked a small chief of police
all to, why we did want to manage their hard work?”
      ”Yes.” Cheng Gang lowered the head said; “I understand.”
     “But you are different, you are most long with me, so long as can be continuously
loyal and devoted to me, can have your auspicious day.”
     “Is, I understand.”
     Eight Master Ni smiled, “You understand well.”
     His right hand grasps turns, the left hand brandishes a sword, as soon as flash of the
knife dodges against the wind, greatly drinks suddenly, “Yang Zheng, I in here, you do
not come?”
     Motorcade already scattered in disorder, shouted out scolds 咤 the sound to be short
actually, in darkness finally appeared a person, facing Eight Master Ni sternly said,
“Surname Ni, your case has already sent, goes back quickly with me!”
     “You are Yang Zheng?”
     Eight Master Ni sneered, “To what your this kind of person, also had no need for me,
eight master to get rid of personally, becomes just, you have been him.”
     Cheng Gang backhandedly extracts a bamboo node whip immediately, wielded the
whip to throw oneself.
     He is not did not understand Eight Master Ni‟s meanings, are need to take him when
tries the knife stone, tries Yang Zheng's time first.
     How but can he not go?
     Eight Master Ni gets hold of the knife to turn, the eye is staring at the opposite this
person 双肩 the both legs double fist.
     So long as can see this person to get rid of the way and the wugong style, Cheng
Gang hard work he 放在心上. Has been betrayed since him by the human two, also on
already academic society this point, so long as own can live, can exactly many, also why
cares about others hard work?
     On when became just the body threw oneself, left side the grass had suddenly from
in “puff” a sound.
     In the stone facing thick patch of grass is hit in the corona cart driver, had a person to
stand up from failure suddenly rolled, rode actually splits out three crossbow arrows
backhandedly, hit to Eight Master Ni bodies on the area biggest chest.
     Although Eight Master Ni human of masters predict with great accuracy, also has not
expected this —.
     As soon as he eats greatly plunders, although but startled is not chaotic, the body
straight straight flies high suddenly pulls out, does not allow in this the flash which sends
to display difficultly to practice “the arid land to pull out the onion” extremely 轻功, has
avoided these three arrows.
     Disguises as the cart driver the bailiff also to proceed to roll, Eight Master Ni wants
to change the carriage to throw oneself.
     But flies high when him takes a breath, behind suddenly has the person leopard to
flee shakes the fist to attack fiercely his sides of the small of the back.
     This fist has not hit spatially.
      As soon as the body light hundred wars, the experienced and careful Eight Master
Ni, finally others road son, has been fighting with the fists turns on the place, — the tone
chokes nearly dies, cannot crawl nearly.
      But he must certainly crawl, otherwise opposite party with comes again for him a
foot, he died decides.
      He endures patiently in reluctantly the air pocket the acupuncture pain, with the hard
inflection point place, leaps reluctantly.
      A thin swarthy quiet person on station in him opposite, is seeing him brightly with a
pair of leopard, moreover also tells him, “I am Yang Zheng, you made a mistake a
moment ago.”
      Eight Master Ni Man Zuiku the water, links one all not to spit actually, instead
smiled, laughed, “Good. I admire you, I was mistaken. “ His laughter was hoarse, “Not
only have I made a mistake, moreover I have underestimated you, could not think you are
unexpectedly this kind of crafty villain.”
      “I am not a gentleman, nor a villain.” Yang Zheng said, “Only sometimes I can use
little clever tricks, the ought to uses time I use, can use time I use.”
      “Cannot use time how?”
      “Cannot use time I only then go all out.”
      Eight Master Ni laughed, actually he already could not smile now, but he wanted
certainly to smile.
      Usually he very little smiled, should smile time he does not smile, should not smile
time he often can smile very much actually resembles happy, he always thought smiled is
a kind of best shield, most can shield a person's pain and weakness.
      Yang Zheng really thought very strangely, a person at this kind of time how also can
smile comes out? At this time, Eight Master Ni threw oneself, in the knife clamps turns, a
move “the world change colors” fiercely attack.
      This — move has the shortcoming, has free time the gate, but the offensive swift and
fierce side, this move originally is actually must perish together with opposite party goes
all out the style.
      In this kind of situation, he has had no alternative but to use this kind of style, only
then this kind of center certainly style can certainly a move make Yang Zheng's doom.
      He does not believe Yang Zheng really to be able to go all out, a crafty person
usually all does not dare to go all out.
      So long as Yang Zheng has little shrinks, has missed the opportunity which that little
is fleeting, will certainly to die under his this unique skill.
      He could not think Yang Zheng really goes all out.
      Yang Zheng is not a human who does not have the brain, but he all strikes anytime
and anywhere whence prepares goes all out, he does not want to die.
      But really arrived must refuses stubbornly to be possible the time, dies has not
      He has held that flash opportunity, his at risk of life method compares anybody all
not awfully.
      He did not use legitimate wugong, no one ever saw him using legitimate wugong.
     Eight Master Ni got rid of already not too is also right.
     A person when taking a breath on the sides of the small of the back gets a fist, when
the luck unavoidably is always had the deviation, gets rid of also unavoidably has the
     His this “world change colors” although is a style which legitimate and opposite
party perishes together, has not achieved this point actually.
     Therefore he had died, Yang Zheng had not died actually.
     Became just has not seen Eight Master Ni‟s death.
     He exhausted wields the whip to throw oneself with all one's strength the past tense,
has not plunged that to Eight Master Ni by Yang Zheng.
     He rode was running away dark, that moment ran away in “the world change colors”.
     Nobody pursues him, what everybody cared about is Eight Master Ni and Yang
Zheng's victory and defeat life and death.
     When Eight Master Ni gets down but actually, Yang Zheng also but actually, only
Eight Master Ni forever again also could not stand, Yang Zheng has stood actually.
     Although as soon as his behind suffered to turn, has stood actually, after stood up
only spoke a speech, “We drink that world wine to go.”

     They have not drunk that world wine.
     The wine is the old Zheng He small tiger sends under escort when the criminal while
convenient carries off, but they have not returned back to the police office.
     The old Zheng He small tiger has not gone home, they with Sun Ruhai, “the
reactionary” together mystical have been missing unexpectedly, nobody knows their
whereabouts, also does not inquire their whereabouts.
     Yang Zheng led all brothers to look everywhere in every corner of the county, still
could not find their shadow. Sun Ruhai‟s brother Sun Quanhai, is leading his elder
brother's wife concubine four children, cries outside the police station to make must hang
oneself, is quarrelling to the county magistrate important person.
     — — the human lived is wanting to see the human, the human dies has also had to
gather up dead bodies.
     The county magistrate only then asked the Yang Zheng important person.
     Lao Zheng's newly married wife and the small tiger 66 year-old old lady, heard this
news and fainted with anxiety.
     Where did they go? How could they be missing suddenly?

    Yang Zheng was weary, anxious, hungry, thirsty, yet his heart was even more
    He did not eat or drink nor sleep for nearly one day and a half, each people all
compelled him to sleep, Lian County grandfathers all said, “What does the worry have to
use? Died suddenly has not also had usefully. If you must verify this matter, cannot get
down but actually. If you, who took this matter but actually the responsibility?”
      Therefore Yang Zheng only then goes back.
      Although he is unmarried — individual, has not lived actually at the police station,
because at the beginning of him to this place time, has rented hall two between small
rooms in the suburb.
      The landlord is surnamed Yu, does not have the child old, only then the single
daughter Lian Gu, lives Yang Zheng that two between huts in front of in the courtyard,
Mr. Yu treats him to resemble treats own son to be same.
      Lian Gu early morning can deliver four Shui Zhu every day the fried egg and large
bowl flour comes to him to make the breakfast, again brings back to his dirty clothes
washes. If clothes had broken, if the button has been short, delivers when certainly also
already made up well.
      Lian Gu is unattractive, but actually health gentle honest. Yang Zheng one day has
not gone back, she can be anxious secretly hides to nearby the rill which does laundry
goes to burst into tears.
      If Yang Zheng had not liked Lu Suwen since his childhood and accidentally
reunited, by now, he could very possibly already become Yu Jia's son-in-law. Also will
not be able to have later these to let the human also be surprised is afraid the affected
      造化弄人, mistakes arising out of chance circumstances.
      Changed a person life destiny significant event, often all is in accidentally occurs.
      Goes home in Yang Zheng on the alley has the surface shop, supplements is buying
little 卤菜 and the wine, the vegetable halogen gets interested very much, 大卤面 all does
very much suits the Yang Zheng taste. Shop owner Mr. Zhang also is Yang Zheng's
friend, is all right the general meeting to accompany him to drink two cups.
      He extremely has already been weary, but wants to arrive there actually to eat the
bowl surface first, then the tangential point dried beancurd large intestine pig ear drinks.
      The everywhere setting sun multi- colors are gorgeous. — puts on the pessimistic
clothing to knock the small copper gong to sell the divination blind person, then root
whanghee, from this alley place in woods walks, 锣声 “ding-dong” the sound, flutters
along with the evening wind scatters in all directions, although is not delightful, when
dusk listens also just like music.
      Yang Zheng made way on the road, stood asked him nearby the road to leave first.
      On blind person's face 木无表情, not only the life vicissitudes of life mention to him
all only likely are a spring dream.
      The copper gong is knocking gently, quick, — the sound is slow, he arrives on
slowly the rugged alley, a foot is deep, a foot is shallow, passes through in front of Yang
Zheng, as soon as Yang Zheng's heart jumps suddenly, resembled suddenly the sharp
acupuncture which cannot be seen by one.
      He is the response extremely quickly extremely sensitive person, but also only then
when faces the life and death crisis only then can have this kind of feeling.
     This blind person does not certainly have the evil intention to him, moreover walked
away him.
     How could he have this kind of feeling?
     Yang Zheng remembered before suddenly had the human who was intimate with
extremely with him to tell him: Murder innumerable martial arts world masters, ordinary
when also is bringing kind of invisible non- shade working off anger, resembled a handle
once to offend somebody the innumerable treasured swords to be same.
     Is this blind person also the position has on one's person the martial arts world
master who the unique skill, 深藏不露? The blind person already 走远, Yang Zheng also
did not have to go to think this matter again.
     He already extremely was weary, anything was not willing to think, only wanted to
drink the cup wine first, good enabled the evening to be able to fall asleep.
     Passed through the woods, this is Mr. Zhang's small noodle shop.
     When Yang Zheng came, in the shop there was already a visitor to eat the surface,
ate also was 大卤面 which Yang Zheng usually most liked eating, also cut a dried
beancurd pig ear to drink.
     This number of people wears goes against broadside 竹签, wears very much lowly,
not only covered the eyebrow to block the eye, all hid including a face in the bamboo
coolie hat shadow, Yang Zheng only could see his pair of hands.
     His palm of the hand was very wide, the finger is actually very long, long and thin,
the nails were cut very short, the hands were washed very clean.
     Yang Zheng can see likely such a pair of hand regardless of takes anything certainly
to take extremely steadily, regardless of any person wants to come from this pair of hands
excessively same thing, extremely is not all easy.
     He drinks very little, eats also very little, moreover eats especially slowly, each
chopsticks pinch was extremely careful, resembles for fear that pinches a fly to eat is
     Although Mr. Zhang's noodle shop was small, it was actually very clean, in the
vegetable cannot have the fly. Only abundant 卤菜 plateau on pendulum in roadside
bamboo gauze cabinet, always unavoidably a little dust. This person resembles each grain
of dust all to be able unexpectedly to be able to see continually, eats a vegetable every
time, all must select first the dust.
     On his body puts on blue is cutting protects the unlined upper garment which already
washed turns white, washed is extremely clean, behind also carried the handle to install in
the calf skin scabbard the long sword, used the sword young and the old 7-8 inches
compared to 平常人. The scabbard was already very worn-out, on the sword hilt was
entangling actually brand-new blue damask silk, made into the sword with the brass knife
edge and the scabbard swallows the mouth also to scratch very much brightly.
     This person is without doubt likes the clean person extremely, the little dust all
cannot endure.
     Can his really continually dust all be able to see?
     As soon as Yang Zheng's heart jumps suddenly, when only sees this person's both
hands, as soon as his heart jumps.
     This person is eating his surface and 卤菜 wholly absorbed, Lian Kan all had not
looked Yang Zheng, can have the evil intention to his.
     How could Yang Zheng also have this kind of feeling suddenly?
     This person also and that does sell the divination the blind person is same, also is a
swordsman who the position has on one's person the unique skill?
     Looks like they such martial arts world masters, usually all very is difficult to be able
to see, today how could have enable simultaneously to arrive this nameless small town?
     Were they approximately good have come? Do what do they to in this nameless
small town?
     Yang Zheng has also called the bowl noodle, and some wine.
     He was really too weary, after only wanted to finish eating goes back immediately
     He trouble has sufficed much, really does not want to manage others other people's
business, in particular this kind of person's matter, regardless of who has to go to meddle,
all unavoidably can annoy the fatal disaster.
     Dai Zhuli blue unlined upper garment person has stood prepares to pay a bill.
     As soon as he stood, Yang Zheng only then discovered his stature is also same with
his sword, most little must outdo a head compared to 平常人, on the body does not
certainly have minute unnecessary muscle.
     Although his movement slow, actually appears the agility which cannot say, each —
movement all does, certainly does not have just right the multipurpose minute strength,
takes out money from him pays a bill in this kind of movement all to be able to be able to
     His strength resembles all must remain anytime and anywhere is making other
matter, does not waste little.
     The noodle had come, Yang Zheng lowers the head eats the noodle.
     The children's clothes person's already went out the gate, Yang Zheng could not bear
gains ground looks at one. On also has turned head suddenly in this time children's
clothes person looked at his one.
     As soon as Yang Zheng's heart jumps, Lian Shouli is taking nearly the chopsticks
have all fallen.
     This children's clothes person's look likely is the handle suddenly draws out the
sharp sword which the sheath comes, kills people the innumerable sharp swords! Yang
Zheng not has always seen the so sharp look.
     He only looked at Yang Zheng once, Yang Zheng on as if had woods cold sword gas
扑面而来, to his throat close.


    The twilight was deepening.
    Dai Zhuli the body wears the long sword the children's clothes person already
vanished outside the gate in the boundless twilight.
     Yang Zheng tells over and over oneself, do not have again to go to think him, do not
have to want to go to manage their matter, quickly finished eating own noodle to drink up
own wine to return to own bed to come up.
     Mr. Zhang actually opposite pulls open a stool in him to sit down.
     “Chief Yang, you can judge a person, you looked cannot see this person a little
perverse trend?”
     “What place has the perverse trend?”
     “Under noodle the sauce pan, always unavoidably some several must boil breaks,
fishes the surface time also unavoidably can fish breaks several.” Mr. Zhang said.
     “This person eats the noodle only eats actually has not broken, each has broken the
noodles all are kept by him in the bowl.
     Mr. Zhang sighed, “I really did not understand, how he is can look like this clearly?”
     Yang Zheng remembers him 挟菜 immediately the time appearance.
     Can this person's that pair of keen eyes really see the matter which others cannot see?
     Mr. Zhang for the Yang Zheng cup wine, suddenly also said but actually several the
speech which lets the human be startled, “I thought he is certainly kills people.” He said
has confidence very much, “I dare to make a bet am certainly.”
     “How can you determine he must kill people?”
     “I also cannot say, but I can be able to feel.” Mr. Zhang said, “As soon as I approach
him, thought the whole body feels cold, the fine body hair straight firm, the goose flesh
all has braved continually.”
     He also said, “Only then in me before becomes a soldier, wants on the battlefield
kills in front of the thief, I only then can change this appearance, because everybody must
go forth to battle at that time to kill people, all has works off anger.”
     Yang Zheng‟s noodle was left uneaten, the wine was not drunk, any speech all do not
need again to say, stood suddenly has flushed.
     This place public security is manages by him, he does not allow anybody to kill
people in here, no matter this person is everybody is same.
     Even if he knew perfectly well this person can assassinate in the flash him under the
sword, he also wants to go to tube this matter.
     Even if he already was tired could not take a walk, he crawled also must crawl.

                                         Storm eve


     The setting sun passed, the deepening shades of dusk, this moment which is near in
the dark night, between the world is as if only left over an ashes Mongolia, the green hill,
the blue water, the green leaf, the safflower, all changes an ashes Mongolia, likely will be
— a light ink and wash painting.
     The children's clothes person walks slowly on the foot of a hill alley, looks like
although slow, but so long as has the flash not to look at him, again looked when he went
out suddenly very far.
     His face also hides in the bamboo coolie hat shadow, who also can'tsee on his face
the expression. The distant place transmits suddenly “works as” a sound of gones, has
shivered silencing between the world.
     Sleeps the bird to be startled, sells the divination the blind person by a whanghee
place, walked slowly from the woods.
     The blue cedar person also front surface walks to him, when two people arrive some
kind of distance, also halts suddenly.
     Two people statues face-to-face are standing, crossed for a very long time , the blind
person asked suddenly the children's clothes person, “was „Divine eye sword' gentleman
Lan has come?”
     “Is, I am Lan YiChen.” The children's clothes person asked in reply, “How did you
know is certainly I?”
     “Although my eye blind, the heart is not actually blind.”
     “On your heart also perforated can look?”
     ”Yes.” The blind person said, “Only I can see these matters which is not others all
can see, but is others cannot see.”
     “What did you see?”
     “Saw your sword had been mad and works off anger, “ the blind person said,
“Moreover I also have the ear, but also can listen.”
     Lan YiChen sigh, “'Blind item sword' is really a worthy outstanding gentleman, in
the sword the god. “
     The blind person sneered suddenly.
     “Was a pity I am a blind person, how can double at the end of is perceptive of the
finest detail with your that the divine eye compare?”
     “You want me to come, because only listens not to be used to my this 'the divine eye'
two characters?”
     ”Yes.” The blind person very quick acknowledged, “I study the sword for 30 years,
can spread the world famous sword, only then a wish, in my rest of the year, has not
decided needs to try my this blind person to be able to compare favorably with your this
to the unparalleled in the world divine eye.”
     Lan YiChen also sighed, “Ying WuWu, in your eye originally be supposed not
having, not to be able to think in your heart cannot be tolerant, cannot accommodate my
this unexpectedly 'the divine eye' two characters. “
     “Lan YiChen, I only then knew now why you are called Lan YiChen.” Ying WuWu
calmly said, “Because in your heart also has dust to be undecided, but also some
arrogance, therefore you only then can come.”
     ”Yes.” Lan YiChen also very quickly acknowledged, “You want me to come, I
come, you can want me to go, I go.”
     “Goes, goes to where?”
     “To die.”
     Ying WuWu smile suddenly, “Good, the sword is the heartless thing, draws a sword
surely heartlessly, now you in order to since, I have also come, in both of us always has
one to have to go.”
     He has drawn a sword.
     A handle also is thin the long sword on to pull out in the twinkling of an eye from his
bamboo pole, cold brightness shivers like the spirit snake. Doesn't stop in the night
breeze shivers, where lets the human forever not be able to see him 剑尖 to aim, cannot
see him to get rid of must puncture to where, including sword brightness the color all as if
is changing.
     Sometimes changes red, sometimes changes blue.
     Gentleman Lan‟s a pair of keen eyes pupil has also contracted.
     “The good handle spirit snake sword, works like 青竹, poisonous like practices red,
seven step is overwhelmed, the life does not see.”
     青竹 practices red, all is in the poisonous snake most poisonous.
     “Your blue mountains precious sword?” The blind person asked.
     Lan YiChen pulled back his hand, a handle sword brightness blue like blue sky
unadorned long sword already in palm.
     Should the not having long sword shiver continuously, his sword is motionless. Ying
WuWu sword brightness is changing continuously, his sword is invariable.
     By calmly applies the brake, to cope with shifting events by sticking to a
fundamental principle.
     If should the not having sword look like in a poison to the poisonous poisonous
snake, his sword likely is a mountain.
     Ying WuWu also sigh suddenly.
     “For 20 years, in my ear hears Gentleman Lan's blue mountains precious sword is at
times the divine weapon which the handle very easy to break sends, I already want to
look.” Blind person sigh, “Was only a pity now I cannot see.”
     “Is really a pity.” Lan YiChen calmly said, “Not only you want to look, I also want
to let you have a look.”
     A sword sheath, as soon as arrived in his palm, he has changed, changes calmly,
colder, revises.
     Leng Rushui, decides like the mountain.
     The dim light of night is near, an ashes Mongolia has become a piece of darkness, is
startled sleeps the bird to turn over to the forest. Ying WuWu ask the blue seat suddenly,
“Now was the day has been black?”
     “Then our not paternal aunt Ming Chenzai war.”
     “Darkness, I could not see, you also cannot see, you perforated also become do not
have the eye, I have not wanted to win you.”
     “You are mistaken!” Lan YiChen sound is colder, “In does not have the month non-
lamp without the star the dark night, I also equally can see, because I have am the double
divine eyes.”
     His horizontal sword, sword silent, “Your blind my sword, also had underestimated
my eye, you really should not want me to come.”
     “Because since I have come, goes certainly is you.”
     The sword bound certainly will separation, but also, the human has not gone. On the
alley transmits one to graze suddenly runs the sound, a person shouts loudly, “Your
nobody can go, where all can't go!” This person's voice is really loud, “Because I have
already come!”
     Listens to his speech the tone, resembles so long as he — comes any matter all
possibly to solve, any question did not have.
     Ying WuWu wrinkled the brows, calmly asked, “Who is this person?”
     “I am surnamed Yang, called Yang Zheng, this place‟s chief of police.”
     “What are you doing?”
     “I do not have you to hold a sword in here offend somebody, in my ground, who also
doesn't have to make this kind of cruel murder the matter.” Yang Zheng said; “No matter
who you are people are all same.”
     As soon as should on the not having face not have the expression, snake sword in the
palm to shake suddenly completely, cold brightness shivers between, in front of Yang
Zheng‟s chest front part of the clothes is already sheared has broken 13 openings, has not
injuried and him actually long and fine hair sends.
     Although this sword is much extraordinarier, the strength also grasps exactly right.
     “You said a moment ago no matter we were everybody are same?” Ying WuWu
calmly asked Yang Zheng, “Now equally is dissimilar?”
     “— the type, is completely same.” Yang Zheng said, “You must kill people, only if
has killed me first.”
     Should the not having answer only then a character, “Good.”
     This character says the mouth, the spirit snake shivers the rest sword brightness not
to arrive the Yang Zheng throat.
     Although his eye blind, the sword is not actually blind.
     On his sword as if also perforated, if he must puncture on your Adam's apple “the
day suddenly”, cannot have the half minute deviation.
     Shivers between cold brightness, “kills” the brocade to be continually unceasing, a
sword 13 kills, in jiang-hu the very few some people have been able to avoid this sword.
     Could not think Yang Zheng has avoided unexpectedly, evades the ruthless danger.
     In this ominous dangerous during extremely flash, he unexpectedly had not forgotten
extremely strikes opposite party but actually.
     He inborn is this temperament, — moves the bottle opener to come, no matter how
all has to strike opposite party but actually, no matter opposite party is everybody is
     He uses the method which also is goes all out, from shivered unexpectedly sword
brightness under throws oneself, has hugged should the not having waist.
     Ying WuWu sneered, “Good.”
     His snake sword maneuver, covers the Yang Zheng whole body, may link in the
flash punctures Yang Zheng from the cerebellum after 后背 the to malleolus on 13
acupuncture points, each all is the fatal strategic point.
     But Yang Zheng no matter.
     He throws oneself in the same old way, hugs should the not having waist, as soon as
so long as grasps, dies does not put.
     Even if he must refuses stubbornly to be possible, he also wants to fall down
opposite party.
     Ying WuWu not be able to drop down.
     He can die, cannot but actually, even if he calculated the this sword may assassinate
absolutely Yang Zheng, he cannot fall down.
     Shivers sword brightness vanishes suddenly, should the not having backlash eight
feet, no longer get rid of unexpectedly, only said; “Lan YiChen I give you.”
     “Give me? Give me what?”
     “Give this lunatic to you.” Should the not having said, “Let him try your sword.”
     “You also have the sword, your sword also may kill people, why do you have to give
me? Feared I see on your sword the change? Feared I saw you seize the life murderer?”
     Ying WuWu immediately acknowledge unexpectedly, “Yes.”
     Gentleman Lan had smiled suddenly, “The sword is a weapon for criminal, I also kill
people.” He said, “But only then one kind of person I does not kill.” .
     “Which kind of person?”
     “Not awfully person.” Lan YiChen said, “He life all does not want, I why want his
     Night gradually deep, the wind gradually is cold.
     Ying WuWu calmly stand in the cold wind, calmly has stood for a very long time , as
soon as shivers sword brightness dodges suddenly, the snake sword has sheathed actually.
     He knocks the copper gong by the whanghee, 锣声 “works as” a sound, his person
has vanished in the dark night.
     Wind has blown, only hears his sound to transmit from the wind from the distant
     His person's as if already very was far, but his sound heard actually very clearly.
     He only said six characters, each character all hears ruthlessly clear, “I can look for
you again.”


    Yang Zheng‟s whole body all is the perspiration, the wind is a cold wind, his
perspiration also is the cold sweat, the wind blows on his body, his whole body all is icy
     Links own all to think oneself already died the human who decided, discovered
suddenly oneself was also living, what taste in the heart was?
     Gentleman Lan looks at him, asked him suddenly; “Did you know who that blind
person is person?”
     “Does not know?”
     “Did you know who you are person?” Lan YiChen asked Yang Zheng unexpectedly,
snatches actually was replying for Yang Zheng, “You are a luck are an extremely lucky
     “Because you are also living, should under the not having sword also be able to live
the human in blind item precious sword not to be many.”
     “Did you know who you are person?” Yang Zheng also such asked Lan YiChen
unexpectedly, moreover also snatches was replying for him, “You also are the luck very
good person, because you have not died.”
     “You thought was you has rescued me?”
     “Perhaps I rescue am you, perhaps is he.” Yang Zheng said, “No matter how, I all
can't let you in any case kill people in my here, also cannot let the homicide you, also
cannot let you kill him.”
     “If we have killed you?”
     “Then I get what one deserves bad luck.”
     Gentleman Lan had smiled, the smiling face very is unexpectedly temperate, he
brings to smile asked Yang Zheng, “Which He Pai disciple are you?”
     “I am from Yang Pai.”
     “Yang faction?” Lan YiChen asked, “Which school is Yang Pai?”
     “That‟s my school.”
     “What wugong does your this school practice is?”
     “I did not know is any wugong, also does not have what style.” Yang Zheng said, “I
practice the time only then ten characters secrets.”
     “Which ten characters?”
     “Overthrows others, is not overthrown by others.”
     “If you run into a person, not only cannot overthrow him, moreover can certainly
overthrow by him.” Lan YiChen asked, “How do you manage at that time?”
     “I then used finally two characters at that time.”
     “Which two characters?”
     “Goes all out.”
     Gentleman Lan acknowledged, “These two characters indeed a little use, runs into
human who really goes all out, who can the headache. If you have 70-80 lives to be
possible to spell, you this school of time really has been effective.”
     He sighed, “It‟s a pity you only have one life.”
     Yang Zheng also smiled.
     “So long as has a life to be possible to spell, I can spell continuously.”
     “You thought is not willing study not to need to go all out also to be possible to
strike the powerful enemy the but actually time?”
     “Sometimes also can think.”
     “Good.” Lan YiChen said, “You do obeisance me are the teacher, I teach you, if you
can 练成 my swordstyle, you later will have no need for have gone all out with others, in
jiang-hu also nobody dared to annoy you.”
     He micro says with a smile, “You are really the luck very good person, wants to do
obeisance me for teacher's person not to know has how many, I elected you actually.”
     This is a truth.
     Must study Gentleman Lan's swordstyle is not truly an easy matter, this kind of
lucky chance nobody can let off easily.
     Yang Zheng as if also was considering actually.
     Gentleman Lan suddenly 挥剑, sword brightness the storm is long, a handle long
reaches three feet seven inch long swords the sword fronts, steadily three feet, 剑尖 on
unexpectedly left together the blue color ray as if suddenly, expands and contracts does
not decide, bright eye-catching, is unexpectedly likely in the fable sword gas.
     The sword gas compels the human to be close, Yang Zheng cannot help but
retrocedes several steps, the company breathed nearly all already stops, only heard
“carbazole” a sound, a seven feet outside tree around the middle broke suddenly.
     Gentleman Lan sword potential round namely receives, “You so long as 练成 this,
even if cannot in the world, the match not be invincibly many.”
     Yang Zheng believed.
     Although he cannot understand this sword the mystery, as soon as but a dashu in
sword brightness spat unexpectedly broke, he was actually sees.
     Precious sword sends cold brightness, Gentleman Lan refers to the ball sword, the
sword makes the dragon to recite, Yang Zheng could not bear escapes the mouth to
approve; “Good sword.”
     “This is a good sword.” Gentleman Lan said proudly, “I depend this sword vertically
and horizontally jiang-hu for 20 years, until now does not have the match.”
     “You before certainly has not met has already not wanted to study the human who
your sword does not want your this sword?” Yang Zheng said.
     “Indeed does not have.”
     “You already met one now.” Yang Zheng said, “I always all do not want to work as
others skilled worker, also does not want to work as others apprentice.”
     Said this speech, he has held the fist in the other hand to on Lan YiChen, smiled,
then did not return walks.
     He does not want to look at on Lan YiChen face again the expression, because he
knew that kind of expression is certainly very unattractive.

     Has the star, the stellar scintillation. The rill looked like under the star light, likely is
the inlays the full gem the blue color day belt.
     In fact this rill not such beautiful, daytime the women wash the upper and lower
garments in here, the children in here feces and urine, but one to the evening, passes
through here person to be able to think rill beautiful extremely, is beautiful nearly may let
the human burst into tears.
     Yang Zheng passes through here time, has a person to sit nearby the rill on 青石板
bursts into tears.
     But she is solid the health woman, set of last year only then did the broken flowers
black cloth upper and lower garments already disliked now too has tightened, closely
stretched on her body, let her breathe all thinks the difficulty, squatted time had to be
specially careful, for fear that stretched the pants broken.
     The neighbor youth sees when she puts on this body upper and lower garments, the
eyeball all resembles must fall. She likes putting on this set of upper and lower garments,
she likes others looking at her.
     Her age is also young, but already could not be the girl, therefore she had the
concern, therefore only then could burst into tears.
     Her eye Li Hai is a stream of people's, now this person already stood in front of her.
     “Lian Gu, this is so late, why do you sit here?”
     She lowered her head, although secretly has already dried the tear with the sleeve,
has not gained ground actually, crosses for a very long time, she said gently; “How
yesterday evening haven't you come back?” She said, “Yesterday we have killed a
chicken, this morning especially used the chicken soup to boil the egg, but also kept a
chicken leg to give you.”
     Yang Zheng had smiled, pulled up her hand, “Now we go back to eat, I will eat the
chicken leg, you eat the soup.”
     When each time he holds on her hand, although she can blush the palpitation, but has
not always rejected.
     These she broke away actually his hand, lowers the head said, “No matter you have
any matter, today all should earlier come back.”
     “Today has a visitor to look for you, has already waited for you in your room quite a
     “Has the visitor to look for me?” Yang Zheng asked, “What type person is?”
     “She‟s an attractive girl, smells nice, wearing very nice clothes.” Lian Gu hangs
lowly, “My let her wait to your room in, because she said is your old friend, flowed the
nasal mucus time already is also knowing you from you.”
     “Her name is Lu Suwen?”
     “Resembles is.”
     Yang Zheng any speech all no longer asked, changed likely is suddenly was patting
with the whip the fast horse equally 跑走 by others. Lian Gu gains ground looked when
him, he already shadow did not see.
     The stellar scintillation Can like gem, on Lian Gu's face tear likely was a string broke
the line pearl.

     Yang Zheng lives is hall two rooms, the room is not small, the thing many, always
tidies up actually extremely cleanly.
     Is not he tidies up, is Lian Gu helps him to tidy up.
     He shoves open the gate flushes, inside hall nobody, only then bowl of tea suspend
on the square table, was already cool.
     His visitor already lay down in his bedroom on the bed fast asleep, carefully is
combed every day at that time the most popular noble concubine hair bun pitch-black
hair, now already opened, disperses on his pillow.
     His pillow snow white, her hair is jet black. His palpitation very chaotic, her breath
     Her eyelash is so long, her body is so soft, her leg so is also long.
     Her sober time that kind is trained maturely by many year love affair charming
experienced, falls asleep when her all could not see.
     She slept like a child.
     Yang Zheng stood motionlessly near the bed, staring at her with amazement.
     Also did not know crazy how long, Yang Zheng discovered suddenly Lu Suwen has
already awaked, also is looking at him, glanced fills has been gentle and is take pity on,
also how long hasn't known, only then gently saying, “You are tired.” She resigns the
half bed, “You also lie down.”
     She only said several characters, but in several characters contains the emotion,
sometimes already exceeds the countless words.
     Yang Zheng lies down silently, lies down the woman one's side which longs for in
him, in the heart already does not have the fervor, also does not have the desire, only
thought a piece peaceful gentle, world all crooked painful worries, as if all went far away
to him.
     She had never come here, why this did come suddenly? He had not asked, she said
     “I am worried for SiSi.” Lu Suwen said, “Because yesterday afternoon, suddenly
someone whom I thought would never show up came to find SiSi.”
     “Who is he?”
     “Young Marquis Di, Di QingLin.”
     “He was looking for SiSi?” Raises voice is also very accidental, “They are not at the
same place?”
     “No.” Lu Suwen said, “His said she were not with him for several days already.”
     “After separation from him where has she gone to?”
     “Did not know, nobody knows.” Lu Suwen said, “They arrive the peony mountain
manor to buy the horse together, second days evening she suddenly went away without
saying good-bye, Di QingLin did not know why she left?”
     — — was it because they quarrelled? Because she had met a more ideal man
compared to Di QingLin?
     In that grand meeting, the male Danshan celebrates 冠盖云集, goes each men are all
not the ordinary person, each men all possibly have a liking for think, think originally are
in the travel fatigue woman, also does not have what deep affection with Di QingLin.
     Although in Yang Zheng‟s heart there was such thought, he had not said that
actually, he knew SuWen continuously thinks treats as own younger sister, hears these
speech certain meetings not happy.
     Therefore he only asked, “You thought about what places she can go?”
     “I cannot find out, also cannot think.” SuWen said; “Because I do not believe him.”
     “What doesn't believe?”
     “Did not believe Di QingLin‟s words, did not believe SiSi could leave him.” SuWen
said; “Because SiSi had told me, looked like Di QingLin such man, was precisely she
vainly hoped for the man, she had certainly to think of a way ties down him.”
     She said; “SiSi cannot lie in front of me.”
     — — the humans affair is changeable, woman's heart changes quickly, especially
such woman like SiSi, even if said is a truth at that time, who dares to guarantee her idea
cannot change?
     Yang Zheng certainly cannot say this idea.
     “Do you think Di QingLin can lie?” He asked Lu Suwen, “Do you know his relation
to SiSi?”
     “I do not know.” Lu Suwen said, “By Di QingLin‟s status, indeed he should not be
able to lie, but in my heart I felt a little fear.”
     “You fear ?” Yang Zhen asked, “What fear?”
     “Feared there was an accident.”
     “What matter can leave?”
     “Any type matter all has the possibility.” Lu Suwen said; “Because I knew Di
DingLin is such a man, who is not willing to let a woman tie him down.”
     She gripped Yang Zheng's hand suddenly, “I am the real fear, therefore in front of
him, my anything does not dare to say, anything not may I ask, he, status although
honored, but I always thought he is the cruel and merciless person, any matter all does
comes out.”
     Yang Zheng knew she is really being afraid, her hand ice-cold.
     “Any good has not been afraid.” Yang Zheng comforts her; “If Di QingLin really to
thought has made any matter, no matter his status were much honored, I all could not let
him off, moreover certainly for you the whereabouts which thought look up.”
     Lu Suwen sighed gently, has closed the eye; “Yesterday evening a night all has not
rested, can I rest in here?”
     She very quick has fallen asleep.
     Because she already felt relieved, although her always end trust any man, but she
trusts Yang Zheng.
     She believed so long as Yang Zheng in the side, does not have anybody to be able to
injure her.
     Night gradually deep, the human gradually is quiet.
     In this simple and honorable small town, the people day all is pure and simple, now
all already rested.
     Widowed mother and Lao Zheng's newly married wife were heartbroken over the
dead Xiao Hou, now in the city perhaps only then a person has not rested.

      In the city the biggest inn is “pleased valuable”.
      This is family's newly opened inn, the house also is the new lid, but most recent
several days spent several 120 money reto renovate suddenly the west side cross
      Inn boss is not willing to spend this money, has no alternative but to spend actually.
      This was the human who has the influence extremely wants him such to do, because
recently had a status extremely honored person to have to arrive here to live for an
      This distinguished guest is a human who is fastidious extremely, although only lives
for an evening, also cannot careless.
      This distinguished guest is Di QingLin.
      Di QingLin puts on a body snow white wide gown, takes — to be filled with the
colored glaze wine the white jade cup, leans against is spreading on the snow white
Persia Yang Zhan short cot in one, is thinking the concern as if, also as if in wait for
      He is in wait for the human.
      Because outside already some people were knocking on a door by now, “sincere,
sincere sincere sincere”, knocked with this technique company two from now on, Di
QingLin only then asked; “What person?”
      “In first lunar month third day.” Outside the gate person also duplicated said twice;
“In first lunar month third day.”
      This is a date, is not human's name. Perhaps is not the date, but was an
approximately good cipher.
      But present this cipher represents a person actually, belongs to an extremely huge
secret organization human.
      For 400 years, in jiang-hu has not always had compared to “the Green Dragon Clan”
a huger strict organization.
      Its subordinate has 365 sub-helms, distributed around the world, the ether lunar
calendar is representative, “in the first lunar month third day”, represents an its sub-helm.
      Di QingLin was waiting for this person, in this motion, is responsible by this person
on behalf of the Green Dragon to be able to contact with him,
      The human has already come in, big vigorous and healthy, attire magnificent person,
sees him to walk, including Di QingLin who always maintains composure all appear a
little surprised.
      “It‟s you?”
      “I knew the Young Marquis could not certainly think 'in the first lunar month third
day' is I. “This person said grinningly, on a plump and fair-complected moon-face does
not have a deceitful appearance completely. “Very few people knew I am also 'the Green
Dragon Clan' person. “
     Even if some people knew also can suspect:Is the wealth male potential big, why
majestically located a side “the flower to open the riches and honor” Fourth Master Hua
to need to occupy under the human?
     Di QingLin understood this point actually.
     If the Green Dragon institutional records of a reign absorb a person, that person
usually all cannot have any choice the leeway.
     — — does not join a society only then dies.
     If — — you are the peony mountain manor master, if your family property already
many enough to linked you the 18th generation of unreliable grandsons could not all
spend, do you want to die?
     Even if Wen Qiandu no person, also does not want to die equally.
     Di QingLin smiled.
     “I indeed could not think is you.” He asked in reply Fourth Master Hua, “Do you
want to obtain me to be able to kill people?”
     “I cannot think.” Fourth Master Hua acknowledged, “I have a dream all have not
     “But you certainly already had known now, Wan-daxia's corpses were you admit the
coffin personally.” Di QingLin has sipped in the mouth cup the wine, “Your big chief
gives my matter, I completely have finally completed.”
     “I already the newspaper came up, above already transferred down, if the Young
Marquis had any matter to have to do, we also certainly could make contribution.” Fourth
Master Hua do not smile suddenly, said very properly, “If the Young Marquis must spend
four to die, I will die immediately.”
     Di QingLin is staring at in the white jade cup the colored glaze color wine, crossed
for a very long time has only then opened the mouth, “I do not want you to die, I hope
for your long life, wealth and honor, many sons and grandsons.” He said; “Only has a
person I to pour really does not want to let her go on living again, one day all does not
want to let her go on living.”
     “Who did the Young Marquis say is?”
     “Jade-like.” Di DingLin said, “In joy red courtyard popular courtesan Jade-like.”
     Di QingLin yesterday truly arrived the joy red courtyard to go, already saw SiSi says
“eldest sister”.
     The original name is called Lu Suwen “Jade-like”.
     As soon as after he sees her had understood a matter — — — this woman too is
really astute experienced, regardless of any matter wants to hide the truth from her very
not to be all easy.
     “I wanted you to kill her for me.” Di QingLin said, “Looks for individual casually,
looks for a reason casually, has killed her in the big crowd of people, cannot let anybody
suspect her death is willing me to have — relations.”
     “I understand the Young Marquis‟s meaning.” Fourth Master Hua‟s smile look like a
Smiling Buddha, “Handling this kind of matter, we have some experience.”
     “One more thing.” Di QingLin said, “I heard Jade-like has an old visitor, is here
chief of police.”
     “Right.” Fourth Master Hua' news very are obviously quick; “This Chief Yang, is
called Yang Zheng.”
     “What type person is he?”
     “But actually dauntless man, also not too affable, in six leafed doors very a little
     “Then do not let Jade-like killer to fall on that person‟s hand.”
     “This point, the Young Marquis already had no need for has worried.”
     “Yang Zheng also had has troubled.” Fourth Master Hua narrow the eyes focus say
with a smile, “Perhaps all is unable to defend oneself including he.”
     “His trouble is not small?”
     “Is not very small.” Fourth Master Hua said, “Does not deliver the life, least also
must eat ten year eight year lawsuit.”
     Di QingLin smiled, “That very good.”
     He does not have to ask again raises makes annoys is any trouble, he always does not
like to meddle into others matter.
     Fourth Master Hua disclose one actually; “This matter said also calculated ruthless
skillful, we did not know originally the Young Marquis must cope with Yang Zheng and
Jade-like.” He said; “But we already had the plan to cope with him.”
     Di QingLin smiled.
     Now he had understood, Yang Zheng's trouble is under the Green Dragon Clan
precise plan.
     Regardless of who makes this kind of trouble, must want to withdraw very is not all
     Di QingLin stood, for Fourth Master Hua also but actually cups wine, superficially
asked, “That evening we drinks in your family place, in front of the mat barefoots that
girl who jumps develops the technique dance is who?”
     “She is called Xiao Qing, I already led her to here to come.” He said, “I already saw
the Young Marquis to have a liking for her.”
     Di QingLin laughed, “Fourth Master Hua, I only then knew now why you can get
rich, look like your this kind of person not to get rich are the strange event.”
     Xiao Qing‟s waist when swaying from side to side looks like a snake.
     Small green snake (Xiao Qing = small green).


     Night was deeper, more quiet. Lu Suwen suddenly awakened, awakened from a
     She dreamed of in Di QingLin mouth long to leave two buckteeth suddenly, has
bitten the neck which thought, attracted her blood.
     She awakens when Yang Zheng also in deep sleep.
     She discovered suddenly whole body Yang Zheng all is boiling hot, is flowing is
actually the cold sweat.
     Yang Zheng has gotten sick, moreover gets sick very much heavily.
     SuWen is startled also is uncomfortable, crawls slowly from the bed, wants to go to
look for the block towel to wipe away sweat for Yang Zheng.
     The room has not lit a lamp, her anything cannot see originally, but saw the window
to open.
     The light star light 照进 from the window, she sees outside the window to stand
suddenly group of people, some people hold have the knife, in some manpower has the
     Knife already sheath, arrow already in string.

                                     Bright red nail


     Flash of the knife flashes under the star light, the favorable arrow extends on the
     Lu Suwen did not know has had any matter, because she did not know, therefore is
     Good wants to go to awaken Yang Zheng, does not want to go to awaken him.
     Why — — he does want this time falls ill?
     Outside the window person has not crashed in, but outside the gate some people were
already knocking on a door.
     Lu Suwen wants to go to open the door, does not dare.
     Knocks on a door the sound more and more makes a sound, Yang Zheng is finally
awakened by noise, sees Lu Suwen to fill first is frightened the terror face, also sees
outside the window flash of the knife.
     He did not know has had any matter, 一跃而起 from the bed, discovered suddenly
own leg are somewhat soft, clothes all are dripping wet, a strength cannot cause.
     Only he opened the door.
     Outside the gate is standing two people, a person big overwhelming power, 满脸 the
full beard, the eyebrow is thick is likely two sprinkles the wind knife, looks like inborn
likely is the human who has the authority.
     Moreover a terseness and forcefulness, an eye bright has the light, not only looks like
is authorized extremely, moreover extremely astute.
     Yang Zheng recognizes these people.
     In do six leafed doors brothers, how meet do not recognize in the provincial
government the total chief of police, by “astute experienced, the news is quick” lets the
underworld gang friend everybody all headache “the eagle claw” Zhao?
     “Chief Zhao, “ Yang Zheng asked him, “Very late at night what 7 asked me to do is
left what matter?”
     Zhao Zhenghuan has not opened the mouth, this thick eyebrows dragon fine beard
guy already first opened the mouth.
     “Could not think you have not run unexpectedly, “ he is sneering said, “You really
have the courage.”
     “Why do I have to run?”
     Zhao Zheng sighed suddenly, has patted Yang Zheng's shoulder.
     “Brother, your matter has sent.” He does not stop shook his head sighed, “I really
could not think, you always are the real man, how this does strike the backbone to leave
this kind of matter to come?”
     “What matter have I made?”
     The thick eyebrows guy sneered, “You also want to feign ignorance?”
     He wielded has waved the hand, outside had four people to lift the whitewood
wooden box for storage of horseshoe-shaped silver ingots to walk, was precisely Yang
Zheng just the dart silver which seized from Eight Master Ni, in each sheath all was
installing 40 50 twofold silver pieces.
     How doesn't Yang Zheng also understand this is a matter, the thick eyebrows guy
gets rid of suddenly, draws out handle glittering purple 金刀, a knife chops, the wooden
box for storage of horseshoe-shaped silver ingots breaks out immediately.
     In the wooden box for storage of horseshoe-shaped silver ingots does not have the
silver silver piece unexpectedly, only some 破铜烂铁 and stone.
     The thick eyebrows guy asked Yang Zheng fierce, “When are you in make a
fraudulent switch the money? 藏到 where the money to go?”
     Yang Zheng is startled gets angry; “900 wooden boxes for storage of horseshoe-
shaped silver ingots all made a fraudulent switch? You thought is hands and feet which I
     Zhao Zhengyou sighed, “If not you, who does it?” He said, “The money cannot turn
the scrap iron suddenly.”
     He also said, “Eight Master Ni certainly also has the suspicion, might borrow him
already to kill by you has eliminated a potential informant, already 死无对证.”
     — — 杀人灭口, 死无对证, this kind of speech said well 凶狠.
     “You take away the human who manages the case all are your good brothers,
moreover each person all has one, certainly cannot acknowledg.” Zhao Zheng said, “The
old Zheng He‟s small tiger is a human who you most trust, you call them to carry off the
money, because you believed they cannot betray you.”
     Zhao Zhengyou said, “As soon as these two people have the lovely wife youngest
son, has the old mother in the hall, even if finds out sells you, they does not dare.”
     Yang Zheng suddenly calmed down, any speech all did not say, turns head first tells
Lu Suwen; “You go back first, I look for you again.”
     Lu Suwen‟s whole body had changed ice-cold, any speech also does not have to say
again, lowers the head, after goes out the gate could not bear turns head looked Ding
Yang Zheng, in the meaningful glance fills terrified and the anxiety.
     She knew he does not certainly strike the backbone to leave this kind of matter, but
she also knew, this kind of matter jumps to Yellow River in very is also difficult to wash
     She was worried for him, only worried for him, not for herself.
     Because she did not know her situation compares him was more dangerous, but also
did not know now already had a person to wait to have to take her life.
     Treats as the murder chops the melon to cut the vegetable ruthless person.


     The bald person always is ruthless, also ominous Leng Youhen.
     He is Fourth Master Hua' subordinates', now already was under Fourth Master Hua'
orders — — to go at the sunrise to kill the joy red courtyard‟s Jade-like. After has killed
goes to faraway places immediately, in five years do not have to make an appearance in
     Fourth Master Hua besides have given him this order, has returned to give back to
his 10,000 paper money, enough already to live comfortably for five years.
     Mentions in him, this is a minor matter.
     He guaranteed to Fourth Master Hua, “Tomorrow at dawn, that whore will certainly
lie down in a coffin.”


      Yang Zheng's heart was in stabbing pain.
      He understood Lu Suwen cuts the care to his sorrow, also does not give up asked her
to leave, but she must walks.
      Because he already discovered this matter was not easy to solve.
      If — — you can know a tiger 掉进 when hunter's trap is any feeling, you can
understand he this moment feeling.
      He asked that thick eyebrows dragon fine beard guy, “Your excellency is Zhong
Yuan escort bureau Precious-cart Golden Knife Wang Zhenfei?”
      “Thereupon your excellency recognized this document I to do?”
      Yang Zheng was silent for a very long time , has turned away asked Zhao, “You
never believe me?”
      Zhao Zhengyou was sighing, “1,800,000 taels are not a small number, does we this
line of people, even if also cannot dislike in 1000 years. The money moves the will of the
people, this point I is very clear.” He said; “I knew you always are get rid of the very
natural person, also knew that girl was a moment ago the value very expensive popular
      Yang Zheng is listening to him to speak, hears here, overruns suddenly, shakes the
fist to attack fiercely his mouth.
     Zhao will be jumping in the future, Wang Zhenfei will brandish a sword, outside the
gate some people 扑进, a piece chaotic center, will hear — personally extremely to have
the dignity suddenly with one kind the sound to say loudly; “You all stop!”
     白晰 delicate, over 30 year-old blue unlined upper garment person stride walks,
stared them with a pair of 炯炯有神 pupil, “Who also doesn't have to act rashly.”
     Nobody moves again.
     Because this person is this place benevolent official, the successful candidate in the
highest imperial examinations family background “the tiger announcement” county
magistrate, is called by the common people “the bear blue sky” seven halls Xiong
     He was a government official, also an incorruptible official, he rushed here at the
same night, because he had shared a very special sentiment to this young person, already
more than a senior official to a mere subordinate's sentiment.
     “I believed Yang Zheng never did some backhanded thing like this.” Xiong Xiaoting
said, “If Chief Zhao feared is unable to above to transfer, this county may use these seven
future to guarantee him.”
     Zhao Zheng bows immediately hits 揖, “Mr. Xiong has spoken discreetly.”
     He is the human who in the government office sends, but he to this incorruptible
honest strong seven county magistrate, but also does not dare to have slightly impolitely.
     “Only this case must fall on the Yang Zheng.” Mr. Xiong changes Yang Zheng, “I
will give you ten days deadlines, if you cannot solve this case, I cannot set you free then.”
     Ten days, only ten days.
     Nobody card, does not have the clue, does not have a clue, how could broken this
case within ten days?
     Day also not bright, Yang Zheng person lies down on the bed, only thought the four
limbs become tender, the lip splits, brains chaotic 沌 沌, likely was is filled by the human
70-80 catties trash to go in.
     He hated himself, why he should fall ill at this time.
     He cannot let oneself such pour on the bed, he must certainly struggle is crawling.
     But his boiling hot body becomes suddenly ice-cold, is cold sends mixes, shakes not
to stop.
     Dizzy confused center, he resembled sees Lian Gu to enter his room, for his coverlet,
wiped the face for him, takes his wash bowl to go to in the well for him to fetch water,
resembles for a very long time had not come back.


    He heard a miserable sound, that was like Lian Gu's.
    Hereafter, he would never see her again.

     Although the bald person a night has not rested, actually full of energy, because in
this world has already been short a person, on his body actually many 10,000 taels.
      The luggage has arranged, the healthy horse on saddle, henceforth went to faraway
places, how free and unrestrained.
      He could not think Fourth Master Hua can come unexpectedly, to lead a young boy
attendant to come together, on the fat face stays on good terms with everyone, only asked
him, “You had to walk?”
      ”Yes.” The bald person says with a smile, “fourth masters give me to manage only
are minor matter, simply eats the cabbage to be also easier than.”
      “Now Jade-like is already laid down in a coffin?”
      “She not in coffin.” The bald person said, “She is in a well.”
      “Day before yesterday evening she was in the joy red courtyard, luckily I had not
found her.” The bald person is very layman, “Day before yesterday evening delivered the
cart driver who she exited is a drunkard, I only asked him to drink several two wines, he
on that place which went to her tells me, me has certainly not been able not to be able to
      Fourth Master Hua smile, “You pour really a little the original story.”
      The bald person is layman.
      “I hurry to, she comes out happen to from the room, fetches water to the well nearby,
very late at night everybody unavoidably loses footing, therefore I who goes into a well
as soon as put out a hand, the matter has completed, does not spend the small effort
      “You manage very much well.” Fourth Master Hua said, “Was a pity or has too well
little not.”
      “Which little?”
      “You killed the wrong person!” Fourth Master Hua said, “Yesterday evening Jade-
like already returned to the joy red courtyard, but also accompanied me to drink two
glasses of wines.”
      The bald person was stunned.
      Fourth Master Hua smiled, “Accidentally kills the wrong 12 people also not to have
any to relate too greatly actually.”
      The bald person also smiled.
      “Certainly has not related, today I again go, this guarantee cannot again kill wrong.”
      “Then I have felt relieved.” Fourth Master Hua are having the smile, tells his that
many only then 66 year-old young boy attendant, “The small leaf, you delivers 1000 taels
for me to give this eldest brother again.”
      The small leaf is much longer, a face likeable appearance, puts out in particular the
money sees somebody off, lets the human have no way to give does not like.
      Bald person's eye on spent four masters to narrow the eyes equally likely, “This little
elder brother really well.”
      He has not spoken this speech, because he only saw the small leaf to take the paper
money — a hand.
      The small leaf other also has a hand, in the hand has a knife.
    Although is a very short knife, but if pricks a person's strategic point, may be fatal
    The small leaf with ease on feed-in this handle short sword knife point in bald
person's sides of the small of the back.
    Has delivered completely, a minute all does not remain.
    The bald person this kind of person's death, is likely cannot truly some people nice.
    Because of homicide person.
    The murder person, unavoidably can die under others knife.
    — one — although sometimes is in the child hand short sword, sometimes is in the
enmity manpower ominous knife, but in most reasonable situation, usually in executioner
palm of the hand steel knife.


     Lian Gu has died, dies in the well.
     Who also couldn't think she is died by the human manslaughter.
     She does not have the personal enemy, cannot kill in revenge by the human,
including hers parents all thought she is oneself cannot look on the bright side of thing
jumps into a well.
     Venerable Yu the husband and wive cannot certainly say this kind of speech in Yang
Zheng's front.
     Yang Zheng has already gotten sick, already had the trouble, old husbands and wives
two both are not willing to injury him again the heart.
     They even also asked the senior doctor of Chinese medicine to come for Yang Zheng
to open a placard medicine, when but they fried the medicine sent to, Yang Zheng
already does not see, only left behind two spindles money and a note.
     “The money is separation Lian Gu to make funeral arrangements, chats shows my
regard, perhaps these two days I want 出远门, but certainly very quick can come back, to
ask you to feel relieved.”
     In the hand was taking the money and the paper, the eye looks outside window
dreary rope lonely yard, a senile poplar already started to wither, a yellow dog curled up
in the corner of a wall.
     The old husbands and wives two people walk slowly, face-to-face sits down on the
tree next two stones stool.
     Looks a catkin falls gently.
     They have not burst into tears.
     They already did not have the tear to be possible to flow.


     The day had already shone for a very long time , Mr. Zhang also depends on the bed
is not willing to get up.
      He knew already should prepare 卤菜 and the noodles, otherwise perhaps today does
not have the method to do business.
      Does he have why certainly to do business? Each day-long day all crosses so long
difficult, but the life so is unfortunately short, why can't rest a while?
      He has gotten up, because he thought suddenly these must arrive the poor friend
every day who here eats the surface.
      Not only here cheap, but also may give credit, if here does not have the thing to eat,
they very possibly must starve.
      11 was living is not personally only for own, in this world has very many people all
is living for others, if you already the load got up a shoulder pole, do not have to put
      Mr. Zhang in the heart is sighing, just dismounted 店门 the shutter, saw Yang Zheng
to flush, a pair bright had the light the eye already to change sloppily 无神, moreover
filled the red string, the complexion has also changed very much fearfully. “You have
gotten sick.” Mr. Zhang loses one's voice said; “Why don't you lie down at home rest?”
      “I cannot rest.” Yang Zheng said, “Because some matters must want me to do may
      Mr. Zhang can certainly understand his meaning, is sighing said, “Right! Some
people inborn cannot stop down.”
      Yang Zheng took six large bowls to suspend on the table.
      “You all fill to the brim each bowl for me the Wine, fiercest that kind of white
wine.” He said; “I must certainly drink wine only then to have the strength.”
      Mr. Zhang is startled looks at him, “You get sick such fiercely also must drink? You
want to die?”
      Yang Zheng forced smile, “You can rest assured, I have refused stubbornly, because
I cannot die now.”
      Mr. Zhang is unable to restrain to sigh, “Right, you cannot die, I cannot die, even if
we want to die is not all good.”
      Six large bowls white wines, the Yang Zheng one breath drinks burningly, the body
burningly has burnt immediately.
      The outside wind is very big, but he welcomed the wind to flush away, tears the front
part of the clothes, the stride the line, the sweat bead raindrop has gotten down, the cold
wind blew on the chest which he perspires, he did not care about completely.
      In the city already started to live it up, had very many people to greet with him, his
very chest was also nodding to them the smile.
      He arrived in the county alley to go first with Mr. Xiong to knock three heads.
      “Now I had to go out have handled matters, within ten days I could certainly come
back, even if I have died, also could ask others for help mine corpse lifts.” He said, “Only
asked adult not to have to feel embarrassed these brothers who is a guarantor for me.”
      The young county magistrate had not replied, has turned the head actually, because
he is not willing him the subordinate to see him to have the full eye socket tears to be
going eye-catching, crossed has been very long he only then light saying; “You walk!”
     Left the police station, Yang Zheng on a pair of bead link and a gold hairpin which
will leave his mother he later to take a wife does betrothal gift from bridegroom's family
to bride's family uses, will deliver the great wild goose to pay out the pawnshop has
worked as 535 money money.
     This is his mother dowry belt to the Yang family, he starves to death originally
cannot use, but he already all left now his many years salary surplus Lian Gu.
     He used 10 taels to buy two big worlds wines, with a natural pork, made one to
deliver the prison cell to go, to give him these because of this matter brothers who
detained, also other 52 divided into two packages, was called the candidate to give Lao
Zheng 妻儿 and the small tiger's widowed mother.
     He does not endure to see them, also does not dare, his for fear that they meet when
meets each other to cry on each other's shoulders.
     Then he used the final five taels to buy 40 hard 面饼 and some brined vegetable
dried meat, wrapped securely with the black cloth grips in the behind, was left over also
suffices him to drink two catty cheapest Wine.
     He does not want again to drink originally, but he sees Zhao Zheng and Wang
Zhenfei suddenly on the station in opposite “the pleased guest” the inn entrance, is
exchanging conventional greetings greeting with a white clothing like snow son of upper-
class family.
     Outside the inn stops one to have the style extremely the horse-drawn carriage, this
son of upper-class family resembled already prepares to want to board.
     He was very polite to Zhao Zheng and Wang Zhenfei, but pale and on noble face,
has already revealed the impatient mood, obviously has not treated as these two people as
     Yang Zheng two halls wines which does not want to drink originally must come
suddenly, the one breath has drunk.
     Di QingLin indeed already very was impatient, only thought these two people
quickly spoke the speech quickly walked.
     But just by Wang Zhenfei was introduced recognizes Zhao to Young Marquis Di, but
also in unceasing to him said admires the sincere feeling, but also must certainly keep
him to have a food.
     On in this time, has to the street 衣衫不整 suddenly, the whole body 酒气 young
people breaks through asked him, “Are you Di QingLin?”
     He has not opened the mouth, Zhao loudly was already scolding, “Yang Zheng, how
you dare to be so impolite to Young Marquis Di?”
     Yang Zheng smiled, “I to everybody am this appearance, how do you want me to
him? Kneels down licks his foot?”
     Zhao Zheng healthy tendency resulted in the complexion all to change, but thought
of own position, but also manifested suddenly inconveniently.
     Wang Zhenfei does not have these scruples actually, sneered said, “Perhaps Chief
Yang, by yours status, does not match with the young marquis speaks, you a bit faster
     “I cannot roll.”
     “Cannot roll me also to want you to roll, I teach you.”
     Yang Zheng had smiled, a palm of the hand the face has hit suddenly toward Wang
     Wang Zhenfei sneered, casually “young 擒拿手” covered Yang Zheng's wrist with
one. This kind of young bailiff, he closes one's eyes also can cope with, he wants to give
a this impolite boy lesson, could not think on in this time, Yang Zheng's left fist already
attacked fiercely on his stomach.
     This fights with the fists heavily.
     Wang Zhenfei the pain must bend the waist nearly vomits, he several dozens years
time is not luckily practices in vain, the Precious-cart Golden Knife reputation comes also
by no means accidentally, he was stunned unexpectedly.
     Yang Zheng also wanted to ride this opportunity to work loose his hand, has not
worked loose actually, Wang Zhenfei on strength was not really weak.
     “Do you know in the world only then two kind of people are hit do not have, one
kind is the time the human who is stronger than you, another kind is I such person.” He
said, “Beats the offical mission attendant, is must be involved in a lawsuit.”
     Wang Zhenfei shouts angrily, “Depends on you not to match leads me to be involved
in a lawsuit.”
     His strength restored, “72 group young 擒拿手” each move takes all is opposite
party joint strategic point.
     Although Yang Zheng knew, does not care about actually.
     He also may go all out.
     Di QingLin uses one kind to calmly the light manner continuously to look at them,
sneered suddenly said, “I cannot roll, roll am certainly very interesting, escort leader
Wang, you teach me.”
     Wang Zhenfei complexion has changed, is startled looks at Di QingLin, “Young
Marquis, have you forgotten that we are your friends?”
     Di QingLin smiled lightly.
     “You are not friends of mine.” His sound was very gentle, “You two are not.”
     He puts out a hand to hold Yang Zheng's hand suddenly, “What matter do you have
to look for me? Said we to the carriage.”
     Yang Zheng's wrist gate already by extremely fierce is seized by Wang Zhenfei the
grasping to lock in originally, as soon as but Di QingLin gets rid of, resembles does not
certainly have what movement, Wang Zhenfei to stagger on cannot help but the pine
retrocedes three steps, he is startled fears feared a little is bewildered, when straight the
horse-drawn carriage goes far away, only then could not bear asking Zhao; “How can he
this appearance to me?”
     “He may certainly, no matter how he to you all can, he also be possible this
appearance to me.” Zhao is calmly said, “Not only because he the time is much higher
than us, moreover is hereditary — wait for the marquises.”
     “Don't we have the method to cope with him?”
     “Certainly has.”
     “What method?”
    “Nips him.”

     The horse-drawn carriage vanguard, is comfortable and is steady.
     Di QingLin looks at Yang Zheng with one kind of very temperate judgment.
     “I have heard of you, I knew you are a dauntless man.” Young Marquis Di said, “But
I have not always looked at you such getting rid of, in order to you must hit the human,
does not hesitate to let opposite party unexpectedly grasp first yours strategic point.”
     “You have not seen that one move?”
     “Never has.”
     “I have not seen.” Yang Zheng said, “I also am first time with that move, because
that is originally I wants to come out temporarily, I practice am this kind of time.”
     Young Marquis Di smiled, “Such time sometimes also very useful.”
     Yang Zheng asked him suddenly, “Who do you listen to mention me? SiSi?”
     “Where is she?”
     “She left.” Di QingLin regretfully said, “If a woman must leave, resembles the day to
have to rain — the type, who also can't block.”
     “Did you know she is walks with who?” Yang Zheng also asked, “Knew what place
has gone she to?”
     Di QingLin shook his head; “Beforehand I little all have not seen her to strike the
trunk, woman's concern, is originally the man is unable to ascertain.” He smiled lightly,
“Just like is also unable on man's concern woman to ascertain is same.”
     Yang Zheng was silent for a very long time , said suddenly, “I also have to leave,
     He really left, said this speech turned on the carriage door to jump.
     The horse-drawn carriage still maintains the normal speed to pump brightly to front.
Di QingLin calmly sits in the compartment, very little has the expression originally on
the face, now actually had a kind of very strange expression.
     On in this time, under the compartment had person 游鱼 to slide suddenly, 滑入 the
glass, put on a body ash cotton garment coat, took 青竹 a bright stick, was impressively
“blind item precious sword” Ying WuWu.
     He intrudes Young Marquis Di compartment suddenly, Di QingLin links a surprised
appearance not to have actually, to resemble already knew he can come, only asked the
sentence, “Gentleman Lan already died under your sword?”
     “No.” Ying WuWu say, “I and he simply have not fought.”
     “Because of that person a moment ago.”
     “Yang Zheng?” Di QingLin wrinkled the brows, “When you must kill people, a
small chief of police can block is occupied by you?”
     “This you looked at the wrong person.” Should the not having said, “Yang Zheng is
not a simple person lilke you imagine.”
     “He gets rid of although the style the inadequate methodicalness, some body very
good internal strength background, not at all does not have the origin actually human.”
Should the not having smile, “I have fought with him, he hides the truth from only me.”
     He also said, “Lan YiChen wanted to accept him as his disciple, he was rejected
unexpectedly. Why do you think he reject it?”
     Di QingLin was silent for a very long time only then replied, “Is because his this
gate wugong not compared to Gentleman Lan's swordstyle difference?”
     “Why doesn't he always use his this wugong?”
     “Because he is not willing to let the human see his life experience origin.”
     “You thought what origin he does have?”
     Ying WuWu silence for a very long time only then said, “I first see him shortly,
thought how he does look like the blind person energy to see one by one very much “”?
Even if in his heart perforated, also cannot see the human.
     This is a strange event, Di QingLin one all does not think actually strangely, only
asked Ying WuWu, “who he look like?”
     “Yang Hen likely, the disposition appearance spirited all looked like extremely.”
     “Yang Hen?” Di QingLin asked immediately, “In years past rode roughshod, murder
like grass's big robber Yang Hen?”
     Di QingLin pupil contracts suddenly.
     “Did you think he possibly is the Yang Hen posterity?”
     “Very possible.”
     As soon as should the not having eye turn, the sclera turns, reveals the pair suddenly
although is smaller than the average man, but the none remaining four shoots actually
     He was not blind.
     “Blind item precious sword” Ying WuWu wa unexpectedly not a blind person.
     This was his biggest secret, he has deceived everyone, but he throws has has
deceived Di QingLin.
     Why does he have to let Di QingLin know this secret?
     Did he and Di QingLin have the special relations which one kind of manner does not
     Wanders all over the world can the swordsman, with a family status noble small
marquis, what relations have?
     Di QingLin hand has gotten hold of, resembled already grips his that handle to be
able to kill people in the twinkling thin knife.
     Ying WuWu stare at he, stared at he to look for a very long time , an only then
character character asked, “That the woman who called SiSi already dies? You have
killed her?”
     Di QingLin refuses to reply.
     Ying WuWu sigh, as soon as the sclera turns, a pair of none remaining four shoots
the pupil disappears suddenly conceals, also turns a blind person.
    “If you have killed that woman, best linked Yang Zheng also together to kill.” Ying
WuWu say; “So long as he is also living, cannot let you off, sooner or later the general
meeting finds out your secret.”
    He calmly then said, “This kind of matter you cannot lean on others to do for you.”
    Di QingLin was silent for a very long time , loudly told suddenly he hires newly cart
driver, “We go home.”
    The cart driver is hires newly.
    Because that original cart driver, after SiSi was missing, suddenly got drunk and
drowned to death.


     Lu Suwen‟s heart was very chaotic.
     30 year-old lonely women, when dusk the heart is always bewildered is suddenly
     On is most chaotic in her heart, Yang Zheng suddenly has come, the first speech
said; “I to you looked the same thing, you looked whose can't see it is originally
     Yang Zheng stretches out the hand which grips tightly, in his hand grips was an
interruption fell the nail.
     A bright red nail.

                                     900 stone rice


    The nail is has dyed red with one kind of fining balsam juice, the color is specially
    But saw when this nail, the Lu Suwen face changes likely is opens does not have a
color completely the white paper.
    He has snatched this nail from the Yang Zheng hand, in just ignited under the oil
lamp looked for a very long time .
    Her hand shivers suddenly, the whole body all is shivering, has turned around to ask
Yang Zheng suddenly, “Where are you at to find?”
    “In Di QingLin‟s carriage.” Yang Zheng said, “In in his turning Teng Yi cushion
    He had not said this speech, Lu Suwen‟s tears fell like raindrops.
    “SiSi has already died.” She bursts into tears said, “I already knew she is already
dead by Di QingLin.”
    “How can you determine?”
     “This is a nail of SiSi, she uses for phoenix immortal juice me who dyes the nail to
give her, I recognize.” Lu Suwen said, “SiSi always attends to her nail very well, if she
had not had an accident, how could it got broken and fell in Di QingLin‟s carriage?”
     Yang Zheng's complexion was also equally pale.
     “Young Marquis Di has such status, why does he likely kill such a pitiful woman
like SiSi?” He asked himself, “Did she discover some secrets? A very important secret
that will damage his status?”
     He also sighed, “He really killed SiSi, we have no alternative.”
     Lu Suwen had choked with sobs, must ask actually, “Why?”
     “Because we do not have any evidence.”
     “You must find the evidence.” Lu Suwen gets hold of Yang Zheng's hand, “I ask you
— to have to make this matter surely for me.”
     Her hand ice-cold, Yang Zheng's hand also similarly ice-cold.
     “My already was suspecting originally.” Yang Zheng said, “But I already completely
have understood now.”
     “What do you suspect? What has understood?”
     “Lian Gu yesterday evening was drowned to death in the well. She was a good girl,
nobody could murder her, including her parents all thought she drowned in the well to
commit suicide, but I suspecting something actually, “ Yang Zheng said, “Because she
wholeheartedly only wanted to look after me at that time, she would not be that depressed
to jumps into a well.”
     He supplemented, “At that time my intelligence although is not very clear, heard her
that one to shout miserably actually.”
     Own must die the human, cannot send out the call which that kind fills frightened
and despairs.
     “You thought she is killed by others?” Lu Suwen asked Yang Zheng.
     “What person can go to audiences one to look like she that good girl?”
     “Must kill you originally the human.” Yang Zheng's sound permits completely the
angry hatred, “He knew have gone you to my there, he sees Lian Gu to come out from
my room, he treated as Lian Gu you.”
     “Why does he want to kill me?”
     “Because you were already suspecting Di QingLin” Yang Zheng said, “You cannot
again keep here, because Di QingLin cannot certainly let you are living, time kills
inadequately, certainly also has second.”
     He reads Lu Suwen with rapt attention, “Therefore you must certainly walk with me,
lays down here all walks, I with me cannot let anybody injure you.”
     His vision all is that sincere, his emotion is that sincere.
     Lu Suwen dries the tear, sets firm resolve, “Good, I walk with you, no matter you do
have to lead me to go to where, I all walk with you.”
     Yang Zheng was brokenhearted.
     This kind of thorough marrow sentiment, also with the painful same meeting
brokenhearted. They discovered suddenly each other already hugged in —.
     This is their first such intimate.
     — — one external pressure, often can one pair although originally falls in love with
between the human who is unable to fall in love actually “to separate” breaks by pressing,
causes them the emotion to be deeper.
     In this flash, they had forgotten nearly all, — cuts the worry pain sad and the hatred.
     But they cannot forget.
     Because of on in this time, outside some people were already knocking on a door.
     Most only then 33 years old, is long extremely lets the young boy who the human
likes stand outside the gate, has politeness with one kind the manner to ask extremely just
opened the door Lu Suwen.
     “I am look for Jade-like girl.”
     “I am Jade-like.” SuWen said, “What matter do you ask me to have?”
     If is not in this kind of situation, perhaps she can smile, looks for her the man
although has all kinds of different type, even some 70-80 year-old old pedant, never has
the such young child actually.
     Because she has a dream also could not think this child wants is not her person, but
wants her life.
     “I am called the small leaf.” The young boy said grinningly, “Others all said Jade-
like girl also is intelligent also is attractive, has not really deceived me.” He says his
name, because in his hand already had the knife, a handle murder has never let slip knife.
     But these he let slip.
     His knife just punctured, heard one to roar suddenly, a person flushed.
     Shakes the fist to attack fiercely his Adam's apple.
     — — can 13 year-old children, how have the Adam's apple?
     The small leaf could not certainly think how in a prostitute's room can have one to
get rid of the such heavy man to flush such quickly.
     But he not hurried, also not chaotic.
     He is, regardless of in any situation which kills people, regardless of has any change,
he all must achieve the mission.
     He has received the training causes him not to be able to forget this point.
     A his body tornado revolution, had evaded Yang Zheng's armored hand, the
backhand punctures Lu Suwen again the after neck.
     This knife he has not let slip, as soon as flash of the knife dodges, the knife point
jabbed into in a person's meat, under shoulder meat.
     Is not Jade-like shoulder, is Yang Zheng.
     Yang Zheng breaks through suddenly, welcomes the knife point by the shoulder,
pulls taut the muscle.
     The knife point falls into suddenly in the hard common muscle, the small leaf is
pleasantly surprised, also did not know whether oneself goes well, because he has never
encountered such situation.
     On in during this flash, Yang Zheng's tacks in the sole of a shoe already transverse
cutting on his Adam's apple.
     His eyes bulged, is startled suddenly looks at Yang Zheng.
     His human putty general weak has gotten down.
     Yang Zheng tears off the shoulder the short sword, tears down the cotton tape, makes
an effort to grip in the wound, has stopped the blood first, puts out a hand to pull Lu
Suwen, “We walk quickly.”
     Lu Suwen casts off his hand actually, puts on a serious face said, “You walk!”
     Yang Zheng 怔, could not bear asking, “Why?”
     “No matter how, he is a child, how you are cruel enough to him strike a vicious
blow?” Lu Suowen calmly said, “How can I live together with you this cruel and
merciless person?”
     Yang Zheng knows her temperament, if she has recognized a matter, no matter you
use any speech to explain does not have usefully.
     He then uses the fact to prove.
     He tears off the small leaf suddenly the waist, “You looked he is the child?”
     Lu Suwen is startled looks at this “the child”, regardless of everybody could see him
already no longer were the child.
     He indeed already completely mature.
     “How did you know he was already not the child?”
     “He already had the Adam's apple, his knife uses very much skillfully.” Yang Zheng
said, “I already knew in jiang-hu has he such person, moreover also continues.”
     “What type person is he?”
     “They all were have been controlled by the human with the medicine the growth
growth dwarf, since childhood the murderer who trained the murder.” They must take
nourishment every day take the treasure shot as the main material raise the face medicine,
therefore their face never can be old, looks like forever looks like a child. “
     He supplemented, “This medicine value is extremely expensive, therefore they kill
people the price extremely is also high, besides Di QingLin such rich and powerful
family multimillionaires, can use their person not to be many.”
     Lu Suwen hands and feet ice-cold.
     She has no alternative but to believe Yang Zheng's speech, somewhat is planted by
the human does the bonsai trees, also is forever long not big.
     But the human is after all different with the trees.
     “Who is such cruel?” Lu Suwen asked, “Is cruel enough to unexpectedly with this
method copes with group of children?”
     “Was I once have mentioned 'the Green Dragon Clan'. “Yang Zheng said, “They all
belong to the Green Dragon Clan, usually all camouflages the Green Dragon to be able to
hit some control central characters the next to the skin boy attendant.”
     He smiled suddenly, caresses on the shoulder wound to say, “Luckily these people
because receives the medicine control since childhood, therefore the physical ability is
limited, otherwise how do I dare to suffer his this knife?”
     Lu Suwen sighed gently: “Sometimes I really cannot think through, how can you
know such many matters? In jiang-hu these surreptitious deals, resemble do not have one
to be able to hide the truth from you.”
      On the Yang Zheng face reveals suddenly plants both respects and the sad
expression, crossed for a very long time only then said, “These matters all are a person
teach me.”
      “Who teaches you?”
      Yang Zheng no longer replied behind, loosens the cloth wrapper, has taken the block
dried meat and hard 面饼 gives her, own lie down actually on the place, looks up at all
over the sky the stars crazily crazily to be lost in thought.
      — — he is thinking that person?
      At this time night already gradually deep, they circle from in the joy red courtyard
alley went out of town, had the water seepage to one under the hillside.
      Yang Zheng's potency of alcohol has drawn back, what is strange degree of illness as
if also reduced, only thinks extremely wearily.
      Lu Suwen looks at him lovingly, can not help put out a hand, caresses his thin face
      “You should better rest first the period of time, if has any matter, I can awaken you.”
      Yang Zheng nodded, the eye has gathered, resembles simply has not heard on the
hillside the sound of footsteps.


     The sound of footsteps is also lighter than the leopard cat, passes through the soft
lawn slowly, two pair of greedy wolves' favorable eyes, are staring at continuously Yang
Zheng's hand.
     Comes is two people.
     Yang Zheng has not fallen asleep, his heart is jumping, jumps very quickly.
     These two people's footsteps too are light, the skill is not certainly weak, raises
exhaustedly 铮 actually already.
     He only hoped these two people thought he has fallen asleep, seizes the opportunity
to sneak attack him, he only then has the opportunity to sneak attack them.
     Could not think they very are unexpectedly far very far stop down, moreover said
loudly, “Chief Yang, a night of deep dew is heavy, rests strikes the brachium coolly in
here, we deliver you to go to, you especially to a good place invite.”
     These two people resemble unexpectedly rely on the status, is not a willing worker
plots against others the matter.
     Yang Zheng's heart has sunk.
     This kind of talented person true fearful, if is not one wait for a master, cannot such
     They already had confidence without doubt take Yang Zheng's life, had no need for
radically plots against the sneak attack.
     Nearby the foot of a hill willow tree next station two people, in the hand are taking
the wonderful shape pointed weapons which two cold brightness sparkle, after wait for
Yang Zheng have stood gets up, their only then slow steamed bread walks, the footsteps
also are light also are steady.
     They all extremely sink live the gas.
     Yang Zheng also only then with every effort causes oneself calmly, but keeps off in
the whole body all already because of the fear in front of the convulsion element article,
asked loudly, “Who are you person?”
     “Since you want to know, we tell you.”
     Their all did not fear Yang Zheng knows their secret, because the deceased person
cannot reveal any secret.
     They used one kind of very strange sound to say eight characters, in the sound have
filled arrogant and resemble self-confidently as soon as so long as said these eight
characters, regardless of who could fear awfully.
     “Azure like water.”
     “Flies the dragon in the day.”
     — heard these eight characters, Yang Zheng's complexion really to change.
     “Green Dragon Clan? You are the Green Dragon Clan person?” Yang Zheng asked,
“Why can the Green Dragon have to look for me?”
     “Because we like you.”
     A person sadly says with a smile cloudyly, “Therefore must deliver you never to
strike the place which the brachium falls ill coolly, but compares also wants your
sweetheart forever to accompany you.”
     Yang Zheng double fist gets hold of, in heart colic.
     He also has the life to spell, but also may go all out, but Lu Suwen?
     Nearby the foot of a hill that willow tree tip of a branch hands down from generation
to generation a laughter person to say suddenly, “That place he does not want to go, you
two go on your own!” Two people disperse immediately, turns around suddenly,
movement light and lively vigorous, the response extremely is also keen.
     They see to have a person as if to stand light in the willow tree tip of a branch, has
not looked actually clearly.
     Under because of on in this flash, had the lightning dazzling blue color sword to be
together luminous, the lightning flies high strikes.
     Sword brightness circles — the dance, the mountain settles suddenly, two kill people
the human has poured in they pool of blood.
     Yang Zheng is pleasantly surprised, loses the sound track, “It‟s you?”
     Gentleman Lan leaned against the tree looking at him, temperate smiled in the eye to
have nothing works off anger.
     “How can the Green Dragon look for you?” Gentleman Lan only asked Yang Zheng,
“Has your what place offended them?”
     “I have not offended them.”
     “That is not right.” Lan YiChen said; “Although the Green Dragon often kills people,
but always not for no reason kills people, if you have not offended them, they cannot
move you.” Gentleman Lan hesitated, “Only if you know their secret.”
     Yang Zheng's pupil contracted suddenly, resembles has remembered any matter
suddenly, he did not want to say anything temporarily.
     Gentleman Lan sighed; “My thought you walk with me, now the Green Dragon can
since already looked for you, perhaps the world also only then I could rescue your life.”
     “Many thanks.”
     “What meaning are many thanks?” Gentleman Lan also asked, “Is willing? Or not
     “I only want to walk my road.” Yang Zheng said, “Even if it‟s a blind alley, I still
must go.”
     Gentleman Lan was staring at him, shook his head the forced smile.
     “Looks like your this kind of person, I really should let go, but later I who you die
perhaps also can rescue you.” He said, “Because a your solid elephant extremely person.”
     “What person?”
     “I before recognizes friend.” Gentleman Lan has very many sigh with emotion as if,
“He although cannot calculate the good person, is actually friend of mine, in his life also
this only then my friend!”
     “I am not your friend, also does not match to be your friend.” Yang Zheng said,
“You have rescued my life, I cannot have the opportunity repayment, therefore you later
also will not need again to rescue me.”
     Said this speech, he has pulled up Lu Suwen‟s hand, left without looking back.
     After went out very far, Lu Suwen could not bear saying; “I knew you are not a
human who does not know good from bad, why wants this appearance to him?” She
asked Yang Zheng, “It‟s because you knew the Green Dragon Clan‟s influence is too big,
not willing to implicate others?”
     Yang Zheng did not open the mouth.
     Lu Suwen gets hold of his hand, “No matter, I already with have decided how you,
even if you walk really were the blind alley, I also walk with you.”
     Yang Zheng face up to the day, looks the space glitters the star light, long puts out
the tone.
     “Then we first go home.”
     “Goes home?” Lu Suwen said, “Where is our home?”
     “Although now does not have, but later will certainly be able to have.”
     Lu Suwen had smiled, in the smiling face fills tender feelings dense Italy; “We
before also has has loved, your — family, my family, might both of us only be able to
have a family from now on.
     Yes, later both of them only will be able to have a family 11 if they did not die,
certainly could have a family.
     Little and warm family.


    Di QingLin family is not actually this appearance.
    Perhaps he simply does not have the family, he has only is a great dwelling, is not a
     His high official's residence grand open great, always lets the human think actually
has lonely gloomy meaning which plants cannot say, as soon as arrived the evening, the
lucky main pipe all not too dares a person to walk in the garden.
     The lucky main pipe is not surnamed the luck, is surnamed Di.
     Di luck in Hou Fudai several dozens years, has already endured from the young male
servant the main pipe not to be easy.
     He knew young Hou is come back together with “should gentleman”, although now
has not seen to be supposed gentleman, cannot ask actually, also not may I ask. Because
he can see the Young Marquis and should between gentleman certainly have plants the
very special relations.
     He does not want to know actually between them is any relations.
     Even if he knew also must pretend not to know, moreover must certainly think of a
way quickly forgot.
     Di Qing heard each time comes back all to have to arrive him to perish first in front
of in the homalium hainanensis hall for worshipping buddha to reflect on the half day, at
this section of time, regardless of anybody all cannot disturb him, does not have anybody
     Doctor Di the human has not entered Hou Menqian is in jiang-hu the famous
beautiful woman, also is in jiang-hu famous 侠女, a female celestial swordstyle it is said
abbr obien flatters sends 掌门 “Mei Shitai” the true line.
     After she marries to the old marquis, but also often light cavalry Jan from, held a
sword becomes an itinerant wushu performer, reviews the former days the old dream.
     After when but gives birth to the Young Marquis, sometimes she on special concern
Buddha, for many years all was not willing to go out the hall for worshipping buddha
     The old marquis died soon, too madame also has gone, they 享尽 world 荣华富贵,
dies when does not have the pain completely.
     But they are living time resembles extremely joyfully also not.
     Young Marquis comes back after the second day evening, only then calls for an
interview the lucky main pipe, inquired some he has no alternative but to ask the matter,
certainly does not have what matter to be worth actually asking.
     After this he goes out, Hou Fuxiao left a strange event actually.
     “First dates some people delivered 900 stone rice to come suddenly, I did not dare to
receive originally, but delivered the rice to come to say actually, this was the Young
Marquis best friend good friend 'Uncle Long' sends specially for the Young Marquis has
added the luck to add long-lived. “The lucky main pipe said, “Therefore I do not dare not
to receive.”
     Actually — — do 900 stone rice have how many rice, how many people can force-
     This question very are perhaps few some people to be able to reply obtains.
     In perhaps this world the majority people for a lifetime all have not looked at such
many rice, can give others 900 stone rice the person, also was perhaps very few.
     Young Marquis Di maintains composure actually, only lightly asked, “Rice?”
     “That big storehouse which all has moved to the old marquis preparation goes to
battle when stores grains maintains an army to go.” The lucky main pipe said, “Young
Marquis has not come back, nobody has moved.”
     Di QingLin nodded, the expression is very satisfied.
     The lucky main pipe also said, “This morning has two visitors to look for the Young
Marquis, also said is the Young Marquis good friend, moreover is that Uncle Long who
delivers the rice sends, therefore I do not dare not to leave behind them.”
     Di QingLin does not think the accident, only asked him, “human?”
     “The human all are listening the month slightly to build.”
     Silent moon, how can the moon listen?
     Is the silent moon, therefore also can listen, listens is that silent moon, listens is that
silent moon.
     Sometimes — — silent how could it not be wins in has the sound?


     Without the moon, has the star actually, the star light calmly sprinkles on 窗纸.
     Silent moon, the star also does not have the language.
     Listens to in the elegant room which the month slightly builds calmly to sit two
people, calmly sits in there drinks, drinks is “the daughter is red”, Fourth Master Hua
drink not many, moreover a person drinks actually many, resembles very little has the
opportunity to be able to drink this kind of Chiangnan good wine.
     When Di QingLin enters the gate, two people both stand up welcome, Fourth Master
Hua first speech asked, “Master Long sends that 900 stone rice, the Young Marquis has
     By Fourth Master Hua 做人 smooth courteous, at least should the smalltalk
exchange conventional greetings first originally several, as soon as but he meets asked
this 900 stone rice, this originally is others gives Di QingLin, has nothing the relations
with him, but he resembles actually looked is also heavier than Di QingLin.
     “Previous two days I have received.” Young Marquis Di said, “But has also moved
to present nobody.”
     “That‟s very good.” Fourth Master Hua relaxed, unfold Yan Erxiao, “Young
Marquis thought already how guesses correctly these meters is comes?”
     Di QingLin smiled lightly, “If is a rice, certainly is the kind comes out from the field,
if inside the rice bag is hiding a wooden box for storage of horseshoe-shaped silver
ingots, that difficult to say very much.”
     Fourth Master Hua laugh, “Young Marquis really is in the human outstanding, I
already knew any matter all hides the truth from only the Young Marquis.”
     He pulls down the sound, also said, “The Green Dragon Clan expenses are vast,
sometimes we also have no alternative but to make a not qualification business, only
certainly must do flawlessly, moreover cannot leave behind the future trouble.”
     Di QingLin smiled, “This you do are very much good.”
     Fourth Master Hua for Young Marquis Di but actually cup wine.
     “But this we have no alternative but to come to trouble the Young Marquis, because
this large stock of goods too is garish, also inconveniently ships back temporarily, only
then entrusts first in small marquis your family place, only then surefire.”
     “I understand.” Di QingLin said lightly, “When you must bring back, I guaranteed
12 all cannot be few.”
     “Certainly cannot be few.” Fourth Master Hua compensate smile, “Sponsors this
matter March hall' Hall Master, also always admires to the Young Marquis, certainly can
very much catch up with in front of to the Young Marquis expression of gratitude. “
     — — the Green Dragon Clan 360 sub-helms, divide belong to 12 halls.
     Young Marquis Di did not ask first who this Hall Master is, asked actually other that
wine has drunk many people.
     “You this time enter the pass, also is for this matter?”
     ”Yes.” This person also greets with a smile said; “This plan likely is the chain, each
link all buckles very much tightly, I only am a link, actually has not made any matter. o
his stature is big, the facial expression military might, is precisely setting sun Ma Chang
two main pipes Qiu Xingjian.
     Fourth Master Hua smiled, “Most wonderful is, our this plan, by chance also has
accidentally made a matter for the Young Marquis.”
     “Now we already were unjustly discredited let Yang Zheng carry on the back, the
government authorities already by a set time ten days caused difficulties for others search
out stolen goods.” Fourth Master Hua smile extremely happily, “Do not have to say ten
days, 100 ten days also cannot pursue.”
     “Because perhaps present Yang Zheng this person already disappears.” Fourth
Master Hua said; “The government authorities natural person thought he absconds,
completely has already not related with us.”
     “How can he not see suddenly?”
     “Because I already please the total rudder send out two masters.” Fourth Master Hua
smile happily, “Agility by their two hands and feet, rich experience, must kill not to be
able to stay behind the human a trace to come.”
     “You thought they enough have coped with Yang Zheng?”
     Di QingLin sound of flowing water has sipped wine, said lightly, “Then you should
better quickly prepare to gather up for their two dead bodies!”
     “Because you have all underestimated Yang Zheng.” Di QingLin said, “Regardless
of who had underestimated own match, all are a fatal mistake, this kind of wrong
everybody 犯 does not have.”
     He has turned the head suddenly facing the window, “In April hall Hall Master
Wang, your meaning how?”
     Outside the window really some people sighed, “My meaning is also same with the
Young Marquis, “ this person said, “Because I have already received their corpses.”
     The wind blows the window, a big and tall big person floating enters dexterously
from the window, really is the Green Dragon Clan‟s April Hall Master, really is
surnamed Wang.
     Manages this time plunders the human who the dart plans, unexpectedly is
impressively protects the dart Zhong Yuan escort bureau‟s Wang Zhenfei.
     Di QingLin is not accidental, Fourth Master Hua are actually very surprised, “How
can the Young Marquis think that April Hall Master is him?”
     “Because only escort leader‟s Wang has the opportunity to make a fraudulent switch
of the silvers.” Di QingLin said, “When plunders the dart he cannot present, therefore
Qiu Zong-guan catches up with only then especially from the outside the passes sells the
horse, Precious-cart Golden Knife loves horses, this kind of grand meeting cannot
certainly miss.”
     He smiled, “Just like Wan JunWu cannot miss on it.”
     — — therefore this spring suburb tries the horse, not only enable Wang Zhenfei to
have has not been plundering the dart scene reason. Also let Di QingLin have has
assassinated Wan Jun-wu opportunity.
     Di QingLin raises glass respects Qiu Xingjian, “Therefore fur garment main pipe this
link is really extremely important, Qiu Zong-guan also does not need to improperly
belittle oneself.”
     “Young Marquis, you are really good.” Qiu Xingjian tosses down, “I admire you.”
     “But this dart cannot like this walk, must certainly certainly look, moreover cannot
look at escort bureau Wang.” Di QingLin said, “This dart is originally the official silver,
retrieves well by government authorities also does not have certainly again, when the
government authorities discovered the dart silver makes a fraudulent switch, that already
was they matter, already some people carried the black calamity for them.”
     Young Marquis Di has stared the mouth wine, “This plan is indeed wonderful, the
only regret is, takes the rap Yang Zheng for them is still alive.”
     Wang Zhenfei takes Fourth Master Hua' wine classes, including drinks three cups.
     “At the moment, that is exactly a very regrettable matter.” Wang Zhenfei said, “But
luckily not for long.”
     “Because already some people killed him now.”
     “What type master have this you sent out?” Di QingLin calmly asked.
     “This is not we sends, we also cannot send out such master.”
     “He wants to kill Yang Zheng, because only he has recognized Yang Zheng is his —
big personal enemy's descendant.” Wang Zhenfei said, “Moreover is he asked me to
inquire Yang Zheng's whereabouts on own initiative.”
     “Why can he find you?”
     “I did not know how he can find me, probably is because he knew my dart silver
made a fraudulent switch, the suspicion most person is the Yang dart.” Wang Zhenfei
said; “He is originally an all-resourceful person, knew matter originally compared to
others many.
   In Di QingLin eye has sent out the light suddenly, stared at Wang Zhenfei to ask,
“Who is this person?”
   “Is shakes the world 'god eye precious sword' Lan YiChen, Gentleman Lan. “
   “Oh!” Fourth Master Hua' eyes opened the eyes compared to ordinary big one time.
   Di QingLin sighed, “If it‟s him, then Yang Zheng this really was dies has decided.”


    At this time Yang Zheng has not died.
    He is making an effort to knock whole family's gate, knocks very much anxiously,
resembles behind knew some people have pursued, as soon as so long as pursues, as
necessary may assassinate him under the sword.

    Low-spirited being overwhelmed with sorrow or joy place


     “The sharp knife” the early awoke. Yang Zheng from the very beginning knocks his
gate, he awoke.
     But he has not gone to answer the door.
     The knife on under his pillow, he presses the scabbard to swallow on the mouth
gently machine the reed, draws out the knife slowly, the red foot is jumping down the
bed, plunders from the rear window, crossed the rear court the wall, circles the front door.
     He has never seen the human, is making an effort to hide his gate, after a several foot
outside dashu, but also is hiding a person.
     He did not know these two people are do any, if must be disadvantageous to him,
should not such make an effort to knock on a door.
     This point he can be able to think through, but he is not willing to take risk.
     He decided gives a this person knife first, even if chopped mistakenly, at least
always chopped compared to others mistakenly good.
     — this is a man of Jiang-Hu’s idea, because they also must survive.
     — — a man of Jiang-Hu wants to survive gets down not to be easy.
     Yang Zheng also in knocks on a door, he believed in room the human cannot rest
such dies. He also knew “the sharp knife” Fang Cheng is Wan-daxia most layman
disciples. But Fang Chengzhei the knife chopped empties.
     As soon as flash of the knife dodges, Yang Zheng had drawn back.
     The knife is quick, Yang Zheng's response is quicker, moreover has proven own
status most quickly with the most direct method.
     He put out a note various counties convenience conduct to arrest a fugitive on sight
the archives.
     Fang Chenghen is surprised.
     “Could not think you really are a chief of police.” He said, “Could not think in six
leafed doors the eagle claw grandson also has you such skill.”
     Yang Zheng forced smile, “What if you had managed to severe my head with one
blow a moment ago?”
     Fang Cheng replies very simply, “Then I dug a pit to bury you, hid that friend
together has also buried after the that side tree, who was called you late at night to knock
my front door!”
     He is a frank person, therefore Yang Zheng also very frankly tells him, “I look for
you, because only I want to come to ask you, actually how did Wan-daxia die?”
     “Probably because he drunk too much wine, “ Fang Cheng the low-spirited sigh, “He
age is older, more must show off power, drinks all is not willing to concede.”
     “Heard he dies convenient?” Yang Zheng asked, “Why haven't you with looked
     “As soon as because he drinks many feels nauseated, spits time does not let others
     “He continuously all is this appearance?”
     “For several dozens years all are this appearance.” Fang Chengyou sighed, “If we
urge him little to drink the spot, he wants to curse at people.”
     “Knew he has this custom the human are many?”
     “Probably many.”
     “That invited many visitors?”
     “Although many visitors, people who could be welcomed by Fourth Master Hua
were not many.”
     “Which several people has?”
     “Besides us, resembles only then Zhong Yuan escort bureau‟s Wang Zhenfei and
Young Marquis Di. “
     Fang Cheng said, “Other person I all recorded not too has been clear.”
     “When Wan-daxia vomitted, where were escort leader Wang and Young Marquis
     “Mr. Wang was there, Young Marquis Di actually already led a very beautiful
woman to the room.”
     Yang Zheng already detected his own heart start to jump very quickly, always gets
hold of the double fist to control own, with a low voice to ask, “What was the issue
between Wan-daxia and Young Marquis Di?”
     “Nothing.” Fang Cheng replied automatically, “Not only there was no issue,
moreover he also got a very favorable impression, after Young Marquis Di gave master a
precious horse.”
     “When Wan-daxia died, Young Marquis Di led that beautiful woman to leave.”
     “They left on the second day.”
     “In in Fourth Master Hua' peony mountain manors, has the human to have that
beautiful woman's idea?”
     “Young Marquis Di woman who dares to move?” Fang Cheng said confesses very
much; “Some people wanted to move also cannot move.”
     Yang Zheng already thought originally did not have what question to be possible to
be stuffy, but Fang Cheng also said suddenly; “If you suspected my master was killed by
someone else, you are mistaken.” Fang Cheng said, “he life is very definitely
broadminded, treats people by honestly, besides can have a point of small dispute with
the Green Dragon, certainly does not have any personal enemy.”
     Yang Zheng's pupil contracts immediately:Double grasps tightly.
     “A small dispute? what dispute?”
     “Cannot calculate actually any at the worst dispute, “ Fang Cheng said, “I also only
listen to he accidentally to mention, the Green Dragon always wants him to join, he is not
     Fang Cheng supplemented again, “But the Green Dragon can continuously not have
directly and he has gotten up the conflict.”
     Yang Zheng stood in there sends has stayed quite a while, hugged suddenly has held
the fist in the other hand, “Thank you, sorry, goodbye.”
     Fang Chengque had blocked him, “What do you mean?”
     Yang Zheng's reply was very certain, “Thank you for telling me so many matters,
sorry because I have awakened you, goodbye the meaning was said I had to walk.”
     “You cannot leave!” Fang Cheng puts on a serious face said, “Absolutely cannot
     “Because you have awakened me, I already could not fall asleep.” Fang Cheng said,
“No matter how, you all do want to accompany me to drink two cups to be able to walk.”
     Yang Zheng sighed.
     “These two days I eat the meat vegetable hard cake daily, all ate in the mouth to fade
out a bird to come quickly, I really wanted to eat with you.” He sighed, “Was only a pity
has a person not to be willing to comply.”
     “Who isn't willing to comply?”
     “Is that person who hides behind the dashu.”
     “You fear him?”
     “Some point.” Yang Zheng said, “Perhaps also continues.”
     “Why do you want to fear him?” Fang Cheng is not convinced, “What person is he to
     “He is not my any person, “ Yang Zheng said, “Only is my in person.”
     He also specially explained, “In human's meaning is the wife.”
     Fang Chengzhan stared at he in there to look at the momentarily, also hugged
suddenly has held the fist in the other hand, said, “Thank you, sorry, goodbye.”
     “You are any meaning?” Yang Zheng also could not bear stuffily.
     “Thank you is because you are willing to tell this kind of disgraced matter I, sorry is
because I rather cannot fall asleep do not take one to fear the wife the person
accompanies me to drink, “ Fang Cheng bears smiled, puts on a serious face intentionally
said, “Goodbye the meaning is you should leave!”
     Yang Zheng laughed.
     Such many days come, only then these he is the sincerity smiled!

     A night of depth, listens to the human who the moon slightly builds actually not
calmly, because a cylinder daughter red almost has already been drunk by them.
     The plan was completed, 1,800,000 taels was in the marquis storehouse, Yang Zheng
have already died under Gentleman Lan's sword.
     Everybody was very happy.
     Only Di QingLin was the exception, this world very good elephant's already did not
have any to be able to let him think happy and stimulated matter.
     Has not drunk up before cylinder wine, he also asked Wang Zhenfei:At the
beginning of the autumn rain rests, in the woods is gloomy and is moist, daytime cannot
see the sun, evening also cannot see the stars, even if is in the village person does not
dare into the forest too to be deep, as soon as so long as because becomes lost is difficult
to walk exits, Yang Zheng does not fear the inner ear.
     He likes in the woods running all over the place since childhood, when to 89 years
old, is must arrive in every day this woods to stop over 12 time, sometimes links the
evening to be able to slip out secretly.
     Nobody knew he does any in the woods, he does not let anybody with his same
place, Lu Suwen all are not exceptional.
     This is he first time leads her to come.
     He led her 左拐右拐 in the jungle, walked more than half time, arrived one to hide
in nearby the jungle most deep place water seepage, saw one worn-out and the crude
small log cabin.
     Although Lu Suwen also is grows in this village, has not come actually to this place.
     In the log cabin door rusted the big lock, in the log cabin only then a bed table of
chair, a thick bowl, a tile lamp and a red mud stove, each type things all accumulated the
dust, the corner spider web dense knot, in front of the gate the moss thick green,
obviously already had very long nobody to come.
     Before some people live when here, his life also certainly crosses extremely simple,
is lonely, is difficult.
     Lu Suwen finally could not bear asking Yang Zheng, “What place is here? How can
you find here to come?”
     “Because I before arrives here to come daily.” Yang Zheng said, “Sometimes even
one day comes twice.”
     “Does any?” “to look at a person!”
     “What person?”
     Yang Zheng was silent for a very long time , on the face reveals that kind to respect
the painful expression, also crossed a very long only then character character to say, “I
am come to see my father.” Yang Zheng is lightly beating in front of the window liver
moss mark, “He just before the end front that year, every day can stand in this window,
waits for me to come to see him.”
     Lu Suwen was startled.
     Yang Zheng also 逃入 the big forest village in the swaddling clothes, his mother
widow occupies continuously remains a widow, does laundry for the human does
needlework raises her the son, Lu Suwen always did not know Yang Zheng also has the
father. She wants to ask Yang Zheng, after why his father does take a person alone not to
see the bystander in this jungle.
     But she had not asked.
     After many years travel fatigue years, she already learned for others to consider, for
others conservative secret, did not pry others privacy, did not ask others did not hope the
question which replied.
     Yang Zheng said actually.
     “My father temperament is extreme, the personal enemy proliferates the world, after
therefore I am born, he wants my mother to lead me to hide to the big forest village.”
Yang Zheng said mournful, “I eight year-old time, he has received the very heavy
internal injury, also evades here 疗伤, straight by that time, I only then see him.”
     “Does he wound have cures?”
     Yang Zheng shook his head low-spirited, “After but he evades here comes, his
personal enemies look everywhere the world not to find him, therefore I lead you to come
to here, because I walked after, also nobody can not be able to find you absolutely.”
     Lu Suwen‟s lips changes suddenly ice-cold shivers, but reluctantly is suppressing
own actually.
     She is an extremely sensible woman, she knew Yang Zheng such said certainly has
the reason, otherwise how can he say he wants to walk?
     He rather die than is not willing to leave her originally.
     The day has been dark, in the lamp oil burnt through, Lu Suwen scratches silently in
darkness tries in the room the product dust.
     Yang Zheng opens on the place actually a plank, from the plank tunnel proposed
rusted hard box.
     In the iron tank has a torch unexpectedly.
     He hit shines the fire booklet, Lu Suwen saw she has never seen the weapon.


     An auxiliary pole broad room, four walls snow white dustlessness, the ground which
becomes with the ceramic tile shop, bright like mirror.
     In the room anything does not have, only then two rush cushions.
     Ying WuWu sit cross-legged sits on a rush cushion, on the kneecap is spreading
horizontally that Inner Tibet snake sword blue whanghee, sits in contemplation as if
likely, 物我两忘.
     Di QingLin also sits cross-legged sits on another rush cushion, two people opposite
are implicated, also did not know how long has already sat.
     Outside the window the weather fades out, Di QingLin asked suddenly Ying WuWu;
“You had seen Yang Hen?”
     “18 years ago have seen one.” Ying WuWu say, “That — I saw with own eyes he in
during one move on under the Wudang seven sub- center Ming Feizi head hook, only he
thought I cannot see, otherwise perhaps I also did not live the present.”
     “His wugong really that fearful?”
     “His wugong looks like his human — type, extreme ruthless spicy, carries too far
specially.” Should the not having said, “His weapon also is the kind walks specially the
slant pointed weapons, various sends the way with jiang-hu in not to be all dissimilar
respectively, in jiang-hu never some people have also used that kind of weapon.”
     “What pointed weapons does he use is?”
     “Is a handle hook, is not actually the hook.” Should the not having said, “Because
that should be originally — the handle sword, moreover is should belong to Lan YiChen
the sword.”
     “Lan YiChen always most loves is a sword, at that time he has not obtained present
this handle blue mountains precious sword, accidentally is actually obtaining is known as
together 'England of the Eastern gold iron' the iron-gray roughcast. “
     In jiang-hu could cut open at that time this iron-gray roughcast, takes the human who
the hard steel-making quenched the sword not to be many.
     Lan YiChen has looked many years, only then found an early to retire many years
sword teacher, his saw this iron-gray roughcast uncommonness, moreover calls self has
confidence absolutely quenchings the sharp weapon it which a handle very easy to break
     He had not boasted, within seven days he took out the Qin Taizhong black iron
outstanding person.
     Builds up the sword most little to take actually for three months.
     Lan YiChen cannot wait, his approximately good Prasarn swordsman has discussed
the sword summit of in the Diannan Huashan.
     At this time he already absolutely trusted to this sword teacher, therefore left behind
that fine iron to keep an appointment. He did not know this sword teacher the reason that
to want at that time to retire, because only he had 癫痫病, often could manifest suddenly,
in particular anxious when easier to manifest suddenly.
     Builds up when the sword — arrives the high degree of proficiency, the treasured
sword already that flash which will form, will be precisely a most important most anxious
quarter, a handle sword will be the success or failure is sharp or blunt, decision in that
flash. “
     Ying WuWu speak of here, Di QingLin already knew that sword Shi Zheici might
build up the sword is bad.
     “This he built up unexpectedly that fine iron a form strange weird creature.” Should
the not having said, “Both does not look like the knife, also does not look like the sword,
the vanguard although the curving like hook, and is not actually the hook.”
     Under “Lan YiChen is angry, compelled that sword teacher the such strange thing
which built up with he to commit suicide!” Ying WuWu say, “Lan YiChen anger, also is
also distressed, also nurses hatred goes, this handle strange hook falls on nearby one often
comes for the sword teacher to make tea boils the wine in the poor youth hand, who also
couldn't think he used this handle strange hook 练成 strange wugong unexpectedly which
one kind unprecedented has not had, moreover has killed several dozens world-famous
swordsmen with it.”
     “This poor youth is Yang Hen?”
     “Is, “ Ying WuWu say lightly, “If Lan YiChen knew early has this kind of matter,
perhaps the early together invested him with that sword teacher builds up the sword Hong
Luli to go.”
     The dim light of night has been near, 26 white clothings young lads, in the hand hold
72 to ignite the candle the bronze candlestick, walks very quiet, suspends separately the
candlestick at four walls, also relaxed the hands has drawn back.
     Di QingLin stood suddenly, as soon as bend down respectfully the body to Ying
WuWu to do obeisance, said respectfully, “Disciple Di QingLin 11th time tries the
sword, asked skilled worker to bestow incurs.”

     The fire folds one is hitting, in the iron tank has the shape strange pointed weapons,
dodged together cold brightness, pressed up to Lu Suwen close.
     She was unable to restrain clever to hit a shiver clever, could not bear asking, “What
is this?”
     “This is a kind of weapon, is weapon which my father uses before death.”
     Yang Zheng facial expression is low-spirited, “This also is my father only remains
down for mine relic, but he warns me over and over, not to crucial moment, not only
cannot use it, moreover said all cannot say.”
     “I had also seen many a man of Jiang-Hu, all kinds of pointed weapons weapon I all
have seen, “ Lu Suwen said, “But I have not always seen likely this appearance.”
     “You have not certainly seen.” Yang Zheng said, “It is originally unprecedented has
not had, the unique weapon.”
     “This is the sword, or the hook?”
     “Should be a sword originally, but my father has actually taken a special name for it,
is called separation hook.”
     “Since is a hook, should hook lives only then to, “ Lu Suwen asked, “Why has to be
called separation?”
     “Because this handle hook regardless of the hook lives any, can create separation, “
Yang Zheng said, “If he hooks lives your hand, your hand must leave with the wrist; If it
hooks lives your foot, your foot on separation with the leg.”
     “If it hooks lives my throat, I had to leave with this world?”
     “Why do you want to use the such cruel weapon?”
     “Because I am not willing to leave, “ Yang Zheng is staring at Lu Suwen, “Are
willing you to leave.”
     In his sound has filled one kind of nearly already close painful tender feelings, “I
must use this handle to leave the hook, in order to only must gather with you, the
generation after generations all forever gather in the same place, forever no longer
     Lu Suwen understood his meaning, also understood him to her sentiment, moreover
understood extremely.
     But her tear could not bear has flowed down.
     Luckily at this time the torch already extinguished, Yang Zheng already could not
see her face, also could not see clearly her tear.
     That handle cold brightness sparkles separation hook, has as if also vanished in the
     — — — if it has really vanished well?
     Lu Suwen real hoped it has already vanished, forever has vanished, forever no longer
has separation hook, forever no longer separation.
     Forever has not slaughtered with the hatred, two people forever such gentle
peacefully in —, even if is in darkness, also is happy.
     Also had not known how long, Yang Zheng did ask her only then gently, “Why don't
you speak?”
     “What do you want me to say?”
     “You already knew I had to walk, already knew I had to bring this handle to leave
the hook and you leave depart, I such did although was for must forever gather with you,
but this — also possibly forever do not have gathers the date, “ Yang Zheng said,
“Because you also knew my match all is the extremely fearful person.”
     His sound is as if extremely remote, is extremely extremely remote, “Therefore you
may say you are not willing a person to keep here, may want me also to remain down,
since does not have others to be able to find here to come, why we can't forever keep here
to gather in the same place?”
     In the jungle a quiet, Lian Fengchui abandons the wooden sound not to have, does
not blow here the wind.
     In the log cabin a quiet, had also not known how long, Lu SuWen talent did sigh
     “If I am younger than ten years old the present, I can certainly say like this, —
decides the meeting to want to leave behind you completely by any means possible,
wants you to drop out all, with me in this kind of damned place for a lifetime.”
     If she has really done this, perhaps in Yang Gouxin instead can think feels better.
     But she is very calm, this kind of brokenhearted calmness, even can compel own to
go crazy.
     A person must ask for the multi- pain the price to be able to maintain this kind of
     Yang Zheng's heart in colic! A her rather person lonelily keeps this damned place,
despairs was waiting for he comes back, also is not willing to leave behind him
     Because she knew he wants to go matter which makes is he must does, if she is not
certainly willing him to do, — can cause his pain lamentation surely to be life-long.
     She rather own endure this kind of pain to cover with a mat, also is not willing to
prevent her the man to be him to think should do matter.
     11 women must have the big courage to be able to achieve this point?

     Night of cool like water. Yang Zheng thought suddenly has a smooth soft warm body
to approach him slowly, closely hugs him.
     Their any speech does not have to say again.
     They have immersed mutually in opposite party happy and satisfy, this is their first
such intimate, very possible also was last.
     The cold wind injected the window, outside the window had the breeze.
     Lu Suwen a person calmly lies down on the bed, after in the body still might feel the
last night fervor the happiness, in the heart filled actually grieved and despairs.
     Yang Zheng already quietly walked.
     She knew he walks, but she disguises to rest very much sinks, he has not alarmed
     Because they all have not been able again to endure say goodbye the time pain.
     On the table has the blue cloth cloth wrapper, he the grain which is left over all
stayed behind for her, already enough let her maintain him to come back to meet her
     The deadline only was already left over seven days, in seven days he wanted
certainly to come back.
     If after seven days he has not come back?
     She wants all not to dare to think, she must certainly concentrate the thought
diligently, tells unceasingly oneself, “Since we already Henry Shouguo gathered the
happiness, why couldn't endure the pain which left depart? Not has experienced the pain
which separation depart, also how can know gathers happiness?”


    The hook is a kind of weapon, the murder weapon, kills stops kills.
    Around daybreak

     In the woods has filled chilly and the moist wooden leaf is fragrant, in the soil is also
keeping time this year last period of autumn fallen leaf.
     But the next year new leaf will be able to give birth. The ancient trees once again
will obtain the new life.
     If does not have the withered leaf, also how can have the new leaf regeneration?
      Yang Zheng left together with the rags cling the hook, makes an effort to grasp in the
hand, sticks out chest the stride forward.
      — — he wants certainly to come back, within seven days he all wants to come back
in any event.
      If he has not been able to come back?
      This question he also wants all not to dare to think, also did not have the method to
think, because he already felt to one kind of threatening working off anger.
      Then he saw Gentleman Lan.
      Does not know is when in, Lan YiChen between already appears suddenly in him at
present, calmly stood in there looks at him, looks at him with one kind of extremely
strange meaningful glance.
      Yang Zheng can certainly think has an accident, he asked Lan YiChen, “How can
you come?”
      “I am a group am coming with you.” Lan YiChen said, “Could not think you really
are Yang Hen‟s son.”
      In his sound is also having the very strange sentiment, also did not know is the
ridicule? Is a pain? Comforts. “I come with you, also thinks goodbye one side originally
him.” Lan YiChen sigh, “Could not think he first I has gone unexpectedly.”
      Yang Zheng is maintaining the silence.
      In this kind of situation, he really did not know should say any.
      Gentleman Lan the vision carried over his hand, stared at in his hand to use the rags
cling the weapon.
      “Is this he separation you to leave the hook?”
      ”Yes.” Yang Zheng has no alternative but to acknowledge, moreover is not willing to
deny, because he always take this as the honor. How no matter in jiang-hu the human did
say all has not changed him to the father the view.
      He believed he the father is not a mean villain.
      “I knew he can certainly leave this handle hook you.” Lan YiChen said, “Why don't
you use it? Is because you are not willing to let others know you are Yang Hen son?”
      “You mistakenly.”
      “I do not have useful it continuously, because I am not only willing to cause the
human to leave depart.”
      “Now why did you want to use?”
      Yang Zheng refuses to reply.
      This is he matter, he does not need to tell anybody.
      Lan YiChen smiled suddenly, “No matter how, now you since already prepared with
it, the paternal aunt first did not use for to cope with me.”

    “You believed Gentleman Lan can certainly find Yang Zheng?”
    “How Yang Zheng's whereabouts do you know?”
      “Because I already arrived in the county alley the sign room to read his personal
history file.”
      Wang Zhenfei said, “Chief Zhao leads me to go.”
      — — Zhao also is without doubt a this chain link, therefore he tells intentionally
Eight Master Ni whereabout of Yang Zheng, own slowly do not come actually, does not
want to strive for merit with Yang Zheng.
      “Yang Zheng is the big Lin Cun person, since childhood lives on and his widowed
mother after the village outside that big woods, Jade-like also is in that village person.”
Wang Zhenfei said, “This he is the belt Jade-like walks together, he wants to investigate
this case, cannot lead a girl in the side, certainly can deliver Jade-like a safe place to go
      Wang Zhenfei also said, “His brothers have been closed all in the jail, he simply does
not have other reliable friend, simply does not have the place to be possible to go,
therefore I calculated he can certainly return to first Jade-like his native place, they walk
also are precisely return to big Lin Cun that road.”
      He is considered as indeed very.
      He can sit the Green Dragon to meet the subordinate Hall Master position in a
hierarchy, by no means lucky, must work as Zhong Yuan escort bureau head, also is not
an easy matter.
      “I dare to guarantee, this time, Yang Zheng certainly will be able to return to the big
forest village tomorrow, certainly already died under blue mountains precious sword.”

     The second day dusk, Yang Zheng really brought Jade-like to return to their
     The blue plum, the yellow toy horse, barefoots in the rill to seize the fish and shrimp,
shrinks the neck in the snowy area a pile of snowman, the hand is shaking hand runs in
everywhere fallen leaf's fall forest.
     How happy childhood! How happy recollection.
     Likely is has a dream is same, their hand shakes hand returns to here, the hometown
person is whether well?
     They have not returned to in the village, bypassed the village actually, after thorough
village jungle.

     Yang Zheng‟s arm muscles drew tight suddenly.
     “Cope with you?” He asked Lan YiChen, “Why do I want to use it to cope with
     Lan YiChen calmly said, “Now I already the paternal aunt did not tell you, if were
not because of me, Yang Hen could not be injured, also could not hide to here comes, to
nurse hatred dies.”
     Yang Zheng‟s back of his hands showed bulging blue veins.
     Only listens to “chokes” a dragon to recite, Gentleman Lan‟s mountains precious
sword sheath, the dense sword had been mad has filled the air immediately the jungle.
     “I also have a speech to have to tell you, you should better forever keep firmly in
mind.” Just like Lan YiChen sound his sword front such ice-cold heartless, “You are not
willing to let the human leave depart, also some human of institutional records of a reign
you leave depart equally, your person in jiang-hu, basic on has not let the leeway which
you choose.”


      The light of early dawn has been near, 72 Bai Zhuyi extinguishes.
      Was deep every night since yesterday, Di QingLin drew out that handle to conceal
after the waistband spirit Long Ruanjian, Bai Zhu started a root to extinguish, is arranged
the sword gas which turned on lathe surges to destroy extinguishes.
      A their unexpectedly already fierce combat night.
      The master contends with, often may solve in during one move, life and death
victory and defeat often on decision in flash, but they struggle are not the victory and
defeat, has not spelled by the life and death.
      They are trying the sword, tries Di QingLin sword.
      Therefore Di QingLin attacks is not Ying WuWu, but is these 72 white candles.
      He must break Bai Zhuxiao, must truncate each Bai Zhudu breaks.
      As soon as but his sword front arrives Bai Zhuqian, by Ying WuWu sword
brightness anti-.
      After the candlelight is extinguished all, in room — piece darkness.
      They have not stopped down, even if stops by chance, after the moment the sword
wind gets up.
      Now the light of early dawn has illuminated from the roof roof louvre window gets
down, Di QingLin sword brightness circles a dance, stops suddenly.
      Ying WuWu backlash several steps, sit slowly to the rush cushion on, looked like as
if already very was weary.
      Di QingLin look all has not changed actually, the snow white upper and lower
garments were still spotless, on the face also did not have — the drop perspiration.
      This person's energy resembles forever cannot use up.
      Should the not having eye as if also be blind, is looking at him as if, also has not
looked at him as if. Crossed for a very long time only then asked, “Were this you have
      ”Yes.” On although Di QingLin face does not have the layman expression, the eye is
actually bright shines.
      How — — can he say he has succeeded?
      — — he attacks is the white candle, but 72 white candles well, all has not broken
including one.
      Ying WuWu sigh suddenly.
      “This is you 11th time tries the sword, could not think you already have succeeded.”
He did not know is liking, was sighing, “You let me have a look.”
     Said this — character, Di QingLin has arrived in front of a recent candlestick, picked
up a white candle gently with two fingers.
     He only picked up one half.
     Center the root white candle is picked up by him refers in the pingpong, moreover
half inserts well on the candlestick. This white candle already broke, looks like although
has not broken, actually already broke. Breaks in the candle pistil during next three
inches which is destroyed by the sword gas extinguishes, breaking place smooth smooth
like truncates.
     This white candle is originally is truncated breaks, is truncated by Di DingLin's
sword front breaks.
     Bai Zhusui breaks actually not but actually, because his sword front too is quick.
     Each silver white candle does not have but actually, but each all broke, all breaks in
the candle pistil during next three inches, breaking place all smooth like truncates, all is
truncated by his sword front breaks, resembles him is with measures is truncating.
     At that time in the room did not have the light completely, even if uses the
measurement, also measures such not.
     Should the not having complexion also change and his meaningful glance suddenly
similarly is gloomy.
     Di QingLin is his disciple, is his one trains, now Di QingLin swordstyle has become,
he should originally happy only then right.
     But in his heart actually unfortunately has the void melancholy account which plants
cannot say, resembles one not to be willing to acknowledg oneself time passage has gone
the woman, discovered suddenly own daughter already were others bride to be same.
     Crossed for a very long time very long, Ying WuWu say only then slowly: “Now
you already had no need for fear the Yang front again. Even if he really is Yang Hen,
even if Yang root comes back to life, you also may cut him under the sword.”
     “Was a pity Yang Zheng has no need for I to get rid of has died has decided.” Di
QingLin said, “Now perhaps he is already died under Gentleman Lan‟s hand.”
     Should on the not having face reveal suddenly plants the indescribable expression, in
the blind eye has projected the light suddenly, asked Di QingLin suddenly, “Did you
know why I don't kill Yang Zheng?”
     “Because you have no need for radically oneself get rid of.” Di QingLin said, “You
knew Lan YiChen — decides cannot let him off.”
     “You mistakenly.”
     Ying WuWu say, “I do not kill him, because only I knew Lan YiChen cannot let me
move him.”
     Di QingLin pupil contracts suddenly.
     “Because Lan YiChen is Yang Hen‟s only friend.” Ying WuWu said, “Yang Hen
always to kill people incalculably, the personal enemy proliferates the world, only Lan
YiChen was his friend.”
    Di QingLin any speech does not have to say again, the stride walked suddenly, when
passes through Ying WuWu's side, backhands a sword suddenly, prick his heart by Ying
WuWu 后背.


     In although the jungle cannot see the sun, between the treetop has the sunlight to
shine under.
     Yang Zheng wraps up slowly in separation outside a construction rags to untie,
solution extremely slowly, extremely careful, resembles a gentle full of affection
bridegroom to solve his shy bride bridal clothes to be same.
     Because he must use this section of time to cause own mood to be tranquil.
     He has seen Gentleman Lan's getting rid of, that sword has had no qualms truly in
“precious sword” two characters.
     He had not always thought own can defeat this handle precious sword, but he
certainly must win now.
     Because he cannot die, cannot die.
     Last the rags when unties, Yang Zheng has gotten rid of, with one extremely strange
technique, the place counter- hook which lets the human not be able to expect exits from
one, suddenly changed a completely different direction.
     In jiang-hu the very few some people have seen this technique, has seen this
technique person most all already and the world separation.
     Gentleman Lan's precious sword decides like the blue mountains actually.
     He resembles already knows Yang Zheng this technique the change, also knew this
kind of change strange complex is not anybody can be able to imagine, also not anybody
can certainly resist resists.
     Therefore he by calmly applies the brake, has custom-made changes, copes with
shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle.
     But he has forgotten one point.
     Yang Hen vertically and horizontally to collect the lake, the item spatial world, never
thought must use own life to fight valiantly others.
     He simply is not unnecessary to go all out.
     Yang Zheng is actually different.
     He already discovered how oneself is casual “changes” all is unable to exceed
Gentleman Lan “invariable”.
     Sometimes one — “invariable” is “changes”, compared to “changes” changes
     Yang Zheng also was suddenly invariable.
     His hook suddenly uses one slightly not strange technique, all could want to obtain
the spot from anybody to puncture.
     When his hook punctures, his person also threw oneself.
     He is going all out.
     As soon as even if his hook does not strike center, but he also has a life, but also may
     He does not want to die.
     But arrived has not gone all out as soon as also feigned must die, he also only then
     This technique cannot the calculating place any wise technique, in leave in the hook
complex mysterious strange change, certainly does not have this kind of change.
     On because does not have this kind of change, therefore only then lets the human not
be able to think, Lan YiChen thought in particular, he to left the honored change too to be
familiar with, changed him to each kind all too to be familiar with.
     In some kind of situation, too is familiar perhaps might as well completely not
familiar good to some matter.
     — — to the human also is same, therefore betrays you often is you most familiar
friend, because you could not think he can betray you, thought can have that kind of
change suddenly to him.
     Now is precisely this kind of situation.
     Although Yang Zheng this move fierce, has the flaw actually, if Lan YiChen gets rid
of immediately, his sword without doubt very possibly is much quicker than Yang Zheng,
step on to assassinate first Yang Zheng.
     But has fought many battles Gentleman Lan this resembled actually has been a little
chaotic, has not gotten rid of unexpectedly the counter-attack, actually “pulled out the
onion by the arid land” carriage, flew high stiffly own body pulls out.
     This is one carriage which in 轻功 most difficult to practice, this carriage all depends
on the one breath.
     He completely has not leapt the preparation originally, therefore this one breath
raises time an unavoidable slow point, although differs many also only in the flash,
during this flash already was actually the fatal flash.
     He may feel the ice-cold hook front already hook toward his leg.
     He knew his leg left with his body, forever separation.
     The blood splashes, the blood light has sealed up Yang Zheng's eye.
     Waits when he opens eyes again, Lan YiChen has poured under the tree, on the pale
face Pakistan has nothing the scarlet, leg Qi Xier broke.
     Vertically and horizontally a jiang-hu generation of swordsman. Ends up to turn out
so the fate unexpectedly.
     In Yang Zheng‟s heart thought suddenly has pitying which plants cannot say, but he
has not forgotten his father at the point of death front the grief and indignation and
     He ran over and asked Lan YiChen, “What does my father have with you to hate?
Why do you want to injury that heavily him?”
     Lan YiChen looks at him, god eye oneself 无神, as soon as on the pale face reveals
actually wipes the miserable happy expression.
     “That already was ten year ago matter.” His sound is low and is weak; “That — year
99 Double Ninth Festival, I a five people group which seven sub- center has not died by
Wudang compel kill, run away to the end south extremely forget sad the cliff.”
     Precipitous cliff thousand ten feet, get down is near the abyss, was already a dead
end, Lan YiChen has had to die originally without doubt.
     “Could not think your father caught up with unexpectedly, fought side-by-side with
me, has injuried the opposite party four people, finally hit actually has not had a plant
root in family gold silk wadding palm.” Lan YiChen said low-spirited, “If is not for
rescue me, he cannot be injured. Actually he does not owe me any, I when gives that
handle hook him, because only I thought that already was a waste, could not think your
father competed him 练成 one kind of unparalleled in the world the sharp weapon.”
     Yang Zheng‟s complexion disastrous incident, the cold sweat had soaked his clothes.
     “He is injured, because only he wants to rescue you?”
     ”Yes.” Lan YiChen said, “His master was a sword teacher, but because although
builds up goes bad my god iron bashfully to commit suicide together, is not actually is
persecuted to death by me. Has buried his skilled worker since me, after gives that handle
remnant hook him, he on thought continuously owes me a sentiment, he knew Wudang
seven sub- has the long hatred with me, first has killed seven sub- center Ming You and
bright must.”
     Lan YiChen deep sigh, “He although the temperament is not good, is actually the
gratitude and grudges distinct real man.”
     Yang Zheng's heart has been rended as if.
     His father is the gratitude and grudges distinct real man, he actually becomes the his
father difficult — benefactor and the friend severe wound the disabled person.
     How can he go to see him to perish the father in underground?
     Gentleman Lan does not have meaning of actually the hate to him, instead very
temperately tells him.
     “I knew how in your heart in thought, but you also did not need because of to injury
me uncomfortably, my this life was originally you rescues.” He said, “That if does not
have you, I have died under should the not having sword.”
     His forced smile said, “Because my eyesight early is not good, I everywhere show
off my god eye.
     For is must conceal this point, that evening does not have without the star the month,
I could not see to be supposed not having to get rid of, as soon as he draws a sword, I
knew oneself must die without doubt. Resembles for ten years ago I seven sub- to pursue
by Wudang to forgets time the superior cliff is same. “
     His sound is weaker, struggles is putting out the ebony medicine bottle, all chews the
bottle Chinese native medicine, one partly spreads in breaks on the knee to grip with the
front part of the clothes, one has partly swallowed, then said, “Therefore I have owed you
now the fathers and sons two lives, what does a leg calculate?” Gentleman Lan said,
“Moreover you broke my this leg, also was has helped me busy.”
     He also smiled unexpectedly; “Since that time forgets sad as soon as the cliff fights, I
want to withdraw from jiang-hu, but others do not let me draw back actually, because I
am Lan YiChen, is world-famous god eye precious sword, did not know every year has
how many people to have to kill me to become famous, compels me to get rid of, Ying
WuWu only be one.”
     The human in jiang-hu, looks like he such person in particular, resembles is forever
by the human with the whip is catching up with in the horse whip the horse, not only
cannot draw back, stops all cannot stop down.
     “But I can rest now.” Gentleman Lan micro says with a smile, “One leg swordsman,
others already could not watch with the tail of eye, even if he defeats me, he will not get
the glory, perhaps therefore I also may therefore lives for several years, several year
peaceful day.”
     What he said was the truth.
     But Yang Zheng because of has not heard these speeches to think in the heart quite
     “I can also a your leg.” Yang Zheng said suddenly, “Waits for my matter to get
through, certainly can return to give back to you.”
     “What matter do you want to go to make?” Lan YiChen asked him, “Must go to look
for Di QingLin and Wang Zhenfei?”
     “How did you know ?”
     “your matter I am very clear.” Gentleman Lan said, “I also knew Wang Zhenfei is
the Green Dragon Clan‟s person, because I see him to go with own eyes to meet the
subordinate for that two Green Dragon the assassin to gather up dead bodies, I ask him to
eavesdrop on intentionally your news, he really very wanted to borrow my knife to kill
     He smiled; “Because in jiang-hu the human all thought that sword teacher is
persecuted to death by me, besides Ying WuWu, afterwards nobody know I and Yang
Hen‟s friendship.”
     Yang Zheng was silent.
     Gentleman Lan also said, “I also knew you looked for 'the sharp knife' the side to
become. Tells you from him these matters to think, you can certainly think that Wan Jun-
wu died in Di QingLin, because he would never join the Green Dragon Clan, 'lives along
with me, goes against me will die', the Green Dragon institutional records of a reign kill
Wan Jun-wu, only then lets Di QingLin begin only then not to be able to leave behind the
future trouble. Thus it can be seen, Di QingLin and the Green Dragon can also have the
relations. “
     His idea and the judgment completely is truly same with Yang Zheng, only also has
a key he not to know.
     Yang Zheng originally continuously cannot discover the reason which why Di
QingLin does have to kill SiSi.
     Now only then he could analyze it.
     Thought without doubt was at that time the human who Di QingLin the side most
was intimate with, Di QingLin matter only then she knows many.
     At Wan Jun-wu‟s death, Di QingLin certainly was not beside her.
     She was an extremely intelligent woman, it was not difficult to think Wan Jun-wu‟s
death and Di QingLin had some connection.
     She wanted to tie down Di QingLin to her, very possibly she was using this matter
to coerce him. In order to get hold of a man, some women would do anything.
     She might have been mistaken about Di QingLin.
     Therefore she henceforth vanished.
     These were all only Yang Zheng's suspicion, he did not see it with his own eyes, nor
did he have any evidence.
     But in addition, he really could not find out Di QingLin why he had to kill SiSi.
     If he only did not want to be tied down by her, then at least he had more than 100
ways to abandon her, why did he want her life?
     Gentleman Lan only knew Yang Zheng must retrieve the silvers that got switched,
he did not know that he also wanted to find out the cause of SiSi‟s death.
     Therefore he only found out for Yang Zheng point had Wang Guan to inspire flies
with the Green Dragon Clan secret.
     He also could not think he finds out not only this point is an extremely important
key, moreover is a line.
     — — Wan Jun-wu‟s death, SiSi‟s death, Lian Gu's death, Jade-like‟s dangerous
situation, the small leaf‟s killing intention, the silvers that got lost, the fraudulent switch
of the wooden boxes for storage of horseshoe-shaped silver ingots, the Green Dragon
Clan‟s assassins, the human who gathered up the assassins‟ dead bodies, the whereabout
of the fraudulent switch‟s silvers. These matters originally resembled to did not have any
connection, but now there was a solid line of reasoning behind them.

     In the ebony bottle efficacy of a drug has manifested suddenly.
     Is born frequently a man of Jiang-Hu who the human dies, the side usually can bring
some to rescue the wound the efficacious medicine, some is buys again, some is the good
friend presents as a gift, some is oneself compounds carefully, no matter is comes with
any method, certainly extremely is all effective.
     Gentleman Lan's complexion was already much better.
     “I intentionally enraged you a moment ago, compelled you to get rid of, because had
to try you already to obtain your father how many true lines.” He said, “Separation hook
might, certainly must fill in time the breast in the grief and indignation causes only then
     Although his leg therefore also separation, but he did not regret.
     Can in the human who a move of thorn breaks Gentleman Lan a leg, also does not
have several all over the world.
     “By your situation, Wang Zhenfei insufficient has feared now.” Lan YiChen said,
“True fearful is Ying WuWu and Di QingLin.”
     “Between Ying WuWu and Di QingLin also has the relations?”
     “Not only has the relations, moreover relates extremely closely.” Lan YiChen said,
“In jiang-hu even has very many people in to be rumored that, all said Ying WuWu and
Di QingLin‟s unmarried mother were very close friends.”
     “The rumor was incredible.” Yang Zheng said, “I did not believe it.”
     Gentleman Lan‟s eyes revealed the color of the appreciation, he already discovered
he 亡友 sub- also was the man, not the thorough privacy, does not uncover short human,
also heavy sentiment criticism.
     “But no matter how, Di QingLin all certainly already did obtain should the not
having swordstyle true line.”
     Lan YiChen said, “Now perhaps Ying WuWu all was not his match.”
     “I would be careful of him.”
     Gentleman Lan was pondering, his eyes suddenly brightened. With a low voice, “If
Di QingLin sword has really exceeded Ying WuWu, you will have the opportunity!”
     “Because in one hereditary one wait for in marquis's life, cannot allow any person
separation behind a stain on his body.” Lan YiChen said, “If Ying WuWu already not be
his match, what also had to him to use?”
     Yang Zheng's double fist gets hold of, “Di QingLin really strikes backbone this kind
of matter?”
     “His meeting.” Lan YiChen said, “Your life experience disposition all and he is
completely different, therefore you never can understand his idea and the procedure.” He
sighed suddenly, “Must be Di QingLin such person very not to be also easy, he also has
his pain.”
     — — who doesn't have the pain?
     — one — so long as is a human, has the pain, only looked you do have the courage
to overcome it, if you have this kind of courage, it can turn one tremendous strength,
otherwise you only then are trampled life-long by it enslave.
     Gentleman Lan moved the body slowly, causes oneself to sit more comfortable.
     “Now you already might leave, let me rest well.” He closed his eyes; “No matter you
also have any speech to have to say, waits for you to live is coming back to say again not
     “You can live are waiting for me to come back?”
     Gentleman Lan smiled, “Until now up to, the opportunity which I could go on living
was is much bigger than you.”
     Raised makes deeply has attracted the tone deeply, has turned around, the stride went
out this gloomy woods.
     Outside the woods, the sunlight is shining the fatigue earth,
     The sunlight is so bright magnificently, life so multicolored, he believed Gentleman
Lan can certainly look after oneself, — can strike exactly surely.
     But he completely has not grasped actually to own life and death,

                         Divine intervention like knife

     The sunlight raises, is shining outside the jungle that rugged alley, also is shining
Hou Fuzhong similarly that broad magnificent corridor.
     Only then the sunlight is fairest, no matter you were have died quickly, all similarly
could illuminate on your body, let you think brightly warm.
     Yang Zheng walks under sunlight time, Di QingLin also similarly walks under the
     Although he already passed the night the fierce combat, thought actually full of
energy, face glowing with health, but also might go to make very many matters.
     His energy as if forever cannot use up, thinks in particular in he to oneself the very
satisfactory time.
     He that sword which the counter- calling card left a moment ago to his thought
satisfied extremely.
     Regardless of that sword the speed, the strength, the spot, the opportunity, all grasp
just right, even may say already arrived the carte and tierce the crest.
     Can achieve this point certainly not luckily, he once has also paid the quite huge
     Now he decided must go to well enjoying, this is he earns.
     Because he won.
     The victory as if forever all belongs to him.
     Xiao Qing also belonged to him.
     Fourth Master Hua come time, also has brought her, now certain is filling with the
hope to wait for him.
     As soon as remembers on the waist and the face which this woman water snake
sways from side to side that kind forever has the hungry expression, Di QingLin to be
able to think has a hot Italy to raise from the lower abdomen between.
     Is true enjoying now at last.
     Said to Di DingLin, besides lives with dies, in the world any matter has not enjoyed
compared to this kind really.
     The murder not only has not caused him weakly weary, instead causes him to rouse
the enrichment, after each time kills people he all is this appearance.
     Why — — does the woman always resemble with the death continually in the same
     He thought continuously between the woman and the death, always resembles has
some kind strange and the mystical relations.
     The corridor walks, he shoves open a leafed door to walk, naked Xiao Qing was
investing his bosom.
     Several fervor from now on, she was already completely weak. She can conquer the
man, perhaps is each time all can let her the man think she has been conquered
     After when but Di QingLin bathed, she restored immediately tenderly and
beautifully, moreover has already poured the cup wine for him, kneels in front of him,
holds with both hands to nearby his lip.
     Nobody wants her such to do, this is she would rather willingly, she likes taking care
the man, likes suffering meanly by the man.
     Such woman are not many, such woman can cause the man only then truly to be
     Di QingLin in the heart was sighing, received her wine class, drinks, wants to hug
her once more.
     This small blue snake generally glided actually from his bosom, stood distantly,
looks at him with one kind of strange expression.
     Di QingLin the pale face twists suddenly, the full cold sweat raindrop rolls falls
     “Poisonous wine!” His sound was already hoarse, “You put poison in the wine?”
     On the small blue face the alarmed and afraid expression vanishes immediately, also
revealed has let the human palpitation the charming smile.
     “You are a very good man, I do not give up originally want you to die, what a pity
you knew the matter too have been many.” Small blue charming smile said, “You were
living, already only then the fault did not have the advantage to us.”
     “You?” Di QingLin asked, “You also are the Green Dragon Clan person?”
     Xiao Qing smiled sweetly, “How do I meet am not?”
     Di QingLin is supporting reluctantly.
     “Your money is in my storehouse, if I die, how can you leave that?”
     “The money is originally in your here, because you are originally this robbery chief
instigator, in order to I must find out your secret, does not hesitate to loss of chasty in
you, only then solves this case. In order to self-defense, therefore has only then killed
you.” Xiao Qing said, “The prince violates the law, with common people same crime,
you although is the position of a young marquis, it will not be useful.”
     “But the money you must return the government authorities, you cannot attain.”
     “We do not want this 1,800,000 taels originally, because of its too hot for our hand.”
Xiao Qing said; “As long as we can obtain 30%, we are already very well satisfied.”
     “Didn't you know the government authorities already left posted a reward, regardless
of who could retrieve this batch of silvers, all might divide to 30%.” Xiao Qing said,
“Three parts are 540,000 taels, already did not calculate has been short, they give are
willing, we take satisfiedly, everybody does not have a trouble, how could it not be all
greatly likes, even if also a little lets the place which the human suspected, also nobody
has again investigated.”
     “Yang Zheng?”
     “That mixes the boy only is used for by us to do the shop sign, we want certainly you
to think we are want to use him to take the rap, you only then can hit our idea.”
     Di QingLin resembles also wants to say any, has linked a character not to be able to
say actually, his throat silently closely has been blocked as if by a pair of invisible
     Xiao Qing looks at him, resembles appearance which a little sympathizes with.
     “You cannot blame us actually to have like this to you.” She said, “Not only you
knew too many, moreover you were the position of a young marquis, hereditary one wait
for in marquis's families how many always a little family heirloom, perhaps also
continued 1,800,000, you have died, perhaps was we.”
     She continued smiling said, “You depend on the conscience to say, our this matter
does is attractive?”
     Di QingLin looked at her, on the pale arrogant face changed suddenly has nothing
the expression, the corners of the mouth actually has revealed a brutal happy expression.
     “Also has a matter you to be supposed to ask me.” He said.
     “What matter?”
     “You should ask me, drank that cup carefully to mix especially after me puts on the
intestines to seal the throat the poisoned wine, I this already have died originally, why
until now I haven't died?”
     The muscles on Xiao Qing‟s face were suddenly stiff, the charming delightful
smiling face turned into innumerable fearful wrinkles.
     On in this flash, this young beautiful appearance woman resembled already suddenly
became several dozens years older, resembled already old enough to die.
     “Do you already know?” She asked Di QingLin.
     “Probably imagines compared to the human early little.”
     “Why don't you kill me?”
     “Because you also have use.” Di QingLin sound is tranquil and is callous, “Because I
also may use you at that time.”
     On the small blue tender and delicate beautiful face has a root blue vein bulge
suddenly, a fairy maiden lovable woman changes the devil suddenly fearfully, suddenly
draws out the root seven inch long point needle from 髫 the hair bun, punctures to Di
QingLin heart.
     “You are not a human, not a human!” Her hissing shouts, “You are a domestic
     Di QingLin calmly looked at her throwing herself at him, not moving at all, only
then he calmly told her, “If a woman cannot distinguish clearly between a domestic
animal and a human, perhaps this woman do not have any use.”


    Zhao Zheng lives after the provincial government police station in a small central
courtyard, after was he is promoted always caught the government authorities to cover for
him, although this official position Gao Quehen did not have the authority to send him to
do for several years, this house also from new lives by him Cheng Jiu, in front of the
courtyard wooden pole quickly has also been eaten by the termite spatially.
     But he resembles actually or lives very much easily and comfortably.
     Because of him already quickly to retired age, after retirement on also has no need
for again this kind of broken room.
     He already used several different aliases to buy several in other place very to have
the style the village courtyard high official's residence, the neighbor paddies real estate
also all was he, already sufficed him to lie down is eating the half a lifetime.
     Zhao young time also once has married the wife, but not to half year, because stole
his 32 money to buy the marriage fat pollen to rest by him, returned to the maternal home
soon, ties the string on Liang to hang oneself.
     From this time on after, he does not have again to get married, also nobody dares the
daughter to marry to him.
     But his all does not care about.
     His one's side always has 23 to be long the eyebrow sentiment item Xiu's young
fellow to serve him, serves tea for him pours water makes a bed folds is pounded the legs
washes the foot.
     This day-long weather is good, he especially called from the entrance to push broken
child old man who the carriage mill knife shovel cut to come in, he used in a PIAO Dao,
a wear iron knife and the kitchen three kitchen knives all needed to rub.
     This is lame old man to be surnamed insults, is pushing a broken carriage all day
long in nearby several villages and towns for the human mill knife, rubs specially
carefully, after rusted the blunt knife passes through as soon as his hand rubs, has
immediately changed the appearance.
     Zhao Zheng was called the human to carry the rattan chair, has steeped the pot strong
tea, sat under the colored awning looks at his mill knife in the courtyard.
     In since the courtyard has the human, therefore front door not related, therefore Yang
Zheng had no need for knocks on a door directly walked.
     Zhao Zheng thought obviously very accidentally, actually reluctantly has stood,
partly smiled asked Yang Zheng, “Your infrequent visitor, today does your honorable self
presence, what good news have to need but actually to tell me?”
     “Does not have, does not have including a good news, “ Yang Zheng said, “I only
want to come to ask you to chat.”
     Zhao Zhenglian half happy expression did not have, the calm face said, “Did the
brother, you forget you already only to be left over by a set time 45 days, but also had the
mood to chat to here?”
     Yang Zheng has not managed him unexpectedly, directly 走入 in front of the
courtyard living room.
     Zhao Zheng was staring at in his back and his hand the long package which gripped
with the cloth looked at the momentarily, also was walking with him, the manner
suddenly changed actually, on the face also had the smiling face.
     “You since has come, keeps here to have a food to walk again, I will call someone to
buy some wine for you.”
     “No need.” Yang Zheng looks at on the wall a calligraphy and painting, “After you
have listened to the speech which I said, probably will not ask me to drink with you.”
     Zhao Zheng wrinkled the brows, “What do you want to say?”
     Yang Zheng turned around, to stare at suddenly he to say, “I suddenly had a very
strange idea, discovered suddenly you really are the very great person.”
     “After Eight Master Ni had plundered the silver, the whereabouts is continuously
very secret, but you can know unexpectedly.” Yang Zheng said; “Can catch Eight Master
Ni this kind of important criminals, is a great merit, this kind of merit you usually cannot
give others, but these you have given unexpectedly the news I, has not come minute me
unexpectedly the merit.” He calmly said, “You resemble already knew the dart silver
already made a fraudulent switch is same, really was great.”
     Zhao Zheng‟s complexion had changed, “What do you mean?”
     Yang Zheng sneered; “My meaning you should compare everybody to understand.”
He said; “Then a big dart, Wang Zhenfei does not have to send under custody personally
unexpectedly, as soon as but the dart silver looks, evening he has come at the same day,
stresses this kind of important criminal's time you unexpectedly, but Wang Zhenfei one,
you also arrived, moreover found out the dart silver already to make a fraudulent switch
all of a sudden.”
     Yang Zheng also said, “Must all make a fraudulent switch that many wooden box for
storage of horseshoe-shaped silver ingots is not an easy matter, must spend a lot of time, I
think it over, also only found out a person to have the time to make this kind of matter.”
     Zhao Zheng‟s pale face, intentionally superficially was asking actually; “Are you
said Eight Master Ni?”
     “If is a package which Eight Master Ni falls, he could not go all out for these false
wooden box for storage of horseshoe-shaped silver ingots, also could not deliver the life.”
Yang Zheng said, “If is these personal bodyguards who detains the dart, they cannot
therefore dies.”
     He sighed suddenly, “Chief Zhao, you already had the room to have the place, why
also had to be able to collude with with the Green Dragon, makes this kind of matter? Do
you think I do not know that Wang Zhenfei is the Green Dragon Clan person?”
     Zhao Zheng no longer denied unexpectedly, asked Yang Zheng unexpectedly, “What
do you want me to do?”
     “I want you to say Wang Zhenfei‟s whereabouts.” Yang Zheng said, “Also wants
you to voluntarily surrender to the authorities.”
     “Good, I may do so.” Zhao Zheng readily agreed unexpectedly, “Was only a pity I
told Wang Zhenfei whereabouts you, perhaps you have no alternative to him.”
     Zhao Zheng sighed intentionally, “Hou Menshen the like sea, you can go in make an
     Young Marquis Di, Di QingLin, all matters all resemble originally with him have
nothing the relations, because he forever is keeps aloof. a man of Jiang-Hu stirs can the
sludge turbid water, how splash to on the white clothing which as soon as his that body
sits does not dye?
     But present all keys resemble have concentrated completely in a his body.
     Yang Zheng thought suddenly his father before death a speech which said to him.
     — — some people likely are the spider are same, all day long did not stop weaving
the net, waiting for others to get caught in his net, but the first one got caught by the net
was himself.
     — — some people thought the spider is ignorant, spider very possible also to know,
but it has no alternative but such to do, not only because this net is its grain origin, also is
its only pleasure, does not netting it to be unable to survive.
     “I can go to voluntarily surrender to the authorities.” Zhao Zhengyou said, “I am
dissimilar with their people, I eat am the official grain, dry is the offical mission
attendant, government authorities' legal regulation, already took root in my heart, some
matters I already could not do.”
     He smiled reluctantly; “Moreover although I colludes a little with them, what
actually hasn't made too fearful matter, if I appear before court, the charge cannot too be
big, but you?
     Are you really must arrive the marquis government office to make an arrest?”
     Yang Zheng's reply very simply, also is very calm.
     ”Yes.” He said, “Now I must go.”
     “Then I deliver you to walk first.” Zhao Zheng said, “But you arrived there, certainly
must be specially careful.”
     Yang Zheng any speech does not have to say again, the speech already spoke of here,
regardless of said again anything was unnecessary.
     He walked.
     They passed through outside the hall silently the yard, the mill knife old person still
in lower the head the mill knife, resembled anything not to see, anything has not heard,
because he his complete spirit has all concentrated was rubbing in him this handle did not
calculate on the very precious wear iron knife.
     Moreover in six leafed doors human most commonly used plain knives already
rubbed, knife point under sunny daylight sparkling.
     Yang Zheng passed through his one's side, Zhao Zhengye the past, suddenly has
taken up this the plain knife, a knife chopped after Yang Zheng on the neck.
     Least he thought this knife already chopped after Yang Zheng on the neck, because
his self-confident this — — knife could not let slip.
     Might borrow him to let slip.
     Yang Zheng resembles the early to estimate him to have this, bends the waist
suddenly, as soon as the backhand strikes, bound with the rags is leaving the hook
already to hit in his right chest fourth and between the seventh rib.
     The rib disruption, the plain knife falls.
     Because the pain frightened Zhao Zheng face suddenly into a twist, after the
distortion is immediately stiff on the convulsion, the eternal life all was unable to restore.
     Therefore he later on got up in the prison fellow-sufferers for him a nickname,
everybody is called him “the strange face”.
     Yang Zheng looks he sighed, “I really hoped you can illuminate you to comply my
speech to do, what a pity I also knew you cannot that do, you already fell too deeply.”
     Is lowering the head the mill knife old person also to sigh suddenly continuously,
says sentence anybody not to be able to think he can say speech.
     He was sighing suddenly said, “Yang Hen‟s son is really worthily Yang Hen‟s son.”
     Yang Zheng turns around, to be startled looks at this senile emaciated broken foot
mill knife old person.
     “How did you know I am his son?”
     “Because you now the appearance and I see time him completely entirely alike.” The
old person said, “Is all same including the temperament.”
     “When have you seen him?”
     “That was already very very long before.” The mill knife old person said, “His age
also is at that time smaller than now you, but also in study the sword, studies uses the
sword, also studies builds up the sword, although his Worker Shao Kongyu the carte and
tierce is not good, builds up the sword the time to be possible to call the first under
heaven actually.”
     The old person sighed, “Was only a pity your father's will is not building up the
sword, therefore Master Shao built up technique of the sword also henceforth certainly to
pass on.”
     Yang Zheng prostrates oneself, “My father had also died for a very long time , before
death also Chang takeci as regrets. Said frequently to me, he studies but if is not assaults
the technique builds up law of the sword, this — lives surely is much happier.”
     The old person is also unable to restrain low-spirited.
     “Therefore the years in a hurry, the thing moves the human, the human has the life
respectively, who also reluctantly doesn't have.” He said, “Resembles the sword to be
     Yang Zheng does not understand, the old person explained, “The sword also has the
sword the destiny, moreover is also same with the human, has lucky has ominous.” The
old person said; “That I visit Master Shao, for is must go to the sharp sword which builds
up newly for a his his that handle to work spatially.”
     “Works spatially?” Yang Zheng said, “Haven't I listened how to the human to
     “Because that is the handle ominous sword, on the sword blade light grain chaotic
like silk, 剑尖 on light grain four shoots like the fire, is the handle greatly ominous
sword, wearing does not incur the type surely, even can have the fatal disaster which is
with one's family broken up and decimated.” The old person said, “Therefore Master
Shao on has destroyed immediately that handle sword, again uses the remnant sword Yu
Tielian to become a handle its thin like paper the thin knife.”
     “That handle knife?”
     “Heard was trade by Ying WuWu with a handle incomplete ancient sword
     Yang Zheng's complexion has changed suddenly, remembered — also to be mystical
as if suddenly also is marvelous the fearful matter.
     “It is said left side of that sword spectrum one half has been burnt down, therefore
sword spectrum each style all only is left over half move, is unable to build up the carte
and tierce radically.” The old person said, “Was a pity I have not seen, also does not
know its whereabouts.” Yang Zheng said suddenly, “I know.”
     The mill knife old person appears very surprised, immediately asked Yang Zheng,
“How can you know?”
     “Because that sword spectrum was in my father hand, my father's wugong is 练成 by
     “I knew afterwards a Yang Zheng handle wonderful hook horizontal world.” The old
person is more surprised, “With an incomplete sword spectrum, how can 练成 that kind
of world for no reason wugong?”
     “On because that sword spectrum move already incomplete, practices the sword
although inadequate, incomplete distorts the sword with one kind to build up, happen to
may 练成 the style actually which one kind unprecedented has not had, each move of all
completely out of the way, each move all is not anybody can expect obtains.” Yang
Zheng said, “Therefore its — move sends out, also the very few some people can resist.”
     “Incomplete distorts sword?” The old person asked; “Is Gentleman Lan that handle
which the outstanding person holds him by — Fang Shentie to build up has not built up
actually? Therefore but he also dies for by the body.”
     Old person long sigh, “By makes up remnantly remnantly, lacked fills a vacancy,
had that this incomplete sword spectrum, only then could have this handle incomplete
sword, was this also the divine intervention?”
     Yang Zheng is unable to reply, this is originally a question which everybody is
unable to reply.
     In the old person eye reveals suddenly plants the extremely strange expression,
resembled had completely understood suddenly others could not see matter.
     “Perhaps this is not the divine intervention.” He said, “Perhaps this is Master Shao‟s
     “How can be he meaning?”
     “Because he already had that this incomplete sword spectrum, therefore only then
intentionally builds up that handle incomplete sword, separation his only disciple.” Old
person deep sigh, “He carte and tierce is inadequate, can enable him the disciple to
become vertically and horizontally the world famous variant, he also calculates obtains a
sought-after object, died with no regrets. Therefore he only then does not hesitate by the
body to die for.”
     Yang Zheng linked in the marrow all as if to pass a chill in the air suddenly, crossed
for a very long time only then said, “That handle thin knife whereabouts I also know.”
“Knife in where?”
     “Certainly in Ying WuWu‟s only disciple.”
     “Who is his disciple?”
     “Young Marquis Di QingLin.”
     “How do you know?”
     “Because I knew he uses this to kill the knife — individual.” Yang Zheng said,
“With this kind of knife murder, if the movement suffices quickly, outside cannot see the
wound, the blood also cannot flow, but but the human who assassinates certainly can
because of the internal massive hemorrhages be killed violently immediately actually,
must die not rescues.”
     “You knew homicide who the human is?”
     “The killed one was Wan Jun-wu.” Yang Zheng said, “On because who also blind
him assassinates Wan Jun-wu that knife the wound, therefore nobody knows Wan Jun-wu
cause of death.”
     Yang Zheng then said, “But I knew, because my father has told me, in the world
indeed has this kind of its thin like paper the thin knife.”
     The mill knife old person's complexion also changed suddenly looks like Yang
Zheng a moment ago to be same, asked Yang Zheng suddenly; “You knew is who holds
Master Shao to build up that handle 'to work spatially'?”
     “Who is?”
     “Is Wan Jun-wu.” The old person said, “His also in the maturity, his knife skill has
built up at that time, but also wants to study the sword, after he knew that handle sword
has been destroyed by Master Shao has not said any, because he also believed that was
the handle ominous sword, moreover at that time he already had scale purple 金刀.”
     “But he did not know actually Master Shao used that handle sword the remnant iron
to build up a handle thin knife.”
     “He certainly could not think oneself afterwards unexpectedly could die under that
thin knife.” The old person also asked Yang Zheng, “Is this the divine intervention?”
     “I did not know, “Yang Zheng said, “I only knew now I must do the matter also is
Ying WuWu not be able to think absolutely.”
     “What matter do you want to go to make?”
     “I must go to kill Di QingLin.” Yang Zheng said, “Trade that thin knife with Master
Shao to Ying WuWu the sword spectrum style, kills his only disciple.”
     He also asked the old person, “This is a coincidence? Divine intervention?”
     The old person face up approaches the day, the sky clear blue.
     In his emaciated green jade senile weary stock reveals suddenly plants also is
reverent confuses pities the frightened look.
     “This is a coincidence, also is the divine intervention, the coincidence often is the
divine intervention.” The old person said, “Is the divine intervention vacation manpower
does intentionally.”
     — — the divine intervention is variable, the divine intervention is unpredictable,
divine intervention also difficult letter, but some who can not believe completely?

    In the room is one piece snow white, does not have the dirt, does not have the rank
smell of blood, even little dust does not have continually.
    Body white clothing like snow Di QingLin sits cross-legged sits well on a rush
cushion, opposite also has a rush cushion, above also remains surely should the not
having breath, but Ying WuWu this person forever vanish actually.
    His corpse has not left this room, but the present forever has vanished actually.
     If Di DingLin must eliminate a person, certainly can discover one simple most
directly most effective method.
     Outside on the gate corridor already had the sound of footsteps to transmit, was three
people's sounds of footsteps.
     The sound of footsteps is very light, very is actually unstable, may infer their mood
very is also unstable.
     Di QingLin the corners of the mouth reveal a brutal happy expression, the outside
three people if can see his this kind of expression, does not dare 踏入 this room the gate.
     What a pity they cannot see

                        Hou Menshen resembles the sea


     The gate is unlatched, three people all walked.
     Wang Zhenfei complexion appears a little palely, Qiu Xingjian eye a little turns
white actually, also did not know is because the sleep is insufficient? Because the wine
usually drank compared to many little.
     Only then Fourth Master Hua have not changed, no matter appears in any place, no
matter must go to make any matter, he looks like always grinning staying on good terms
with everyone, even if wants him to entice others the wife, robs others wealth when also
to have cuts off that person's throat, he looks like all is this appearance.
     They have not walked, because of them continuously all in wait for news, wait for
Xiao Qing‟s news.
     They already waited very much to worry, actually in wait for, because they believed
Xiao Qing could not slip.
     Now they only then knew oneself was wrong.
     Outside the gate the sunlight is bright, this open clean, in pure white like snow room,
as if filled one kind not to be able to say actually withers gloomily meaning.
     Fourth Master Hua are last come in.
     He comes certainly in, has turned around, has closed the gate gently, because he is
not willing to let Di QingLin see on his face the expression.
     Regardless of who saw own to think originally suddenly when already died has
decided the human, the complexion all unavoidably could change.
     Di QingLin had luckily not noticed their faces, their complexions, only lightly said
the sentence, “Please sit down.”
     In comes to have three people, the room gives only may let the place which the
human sits down is that rush cushion.
     By theirs status, sits on the place always a little unseemly.
     Wang Zhenfei has a look other two people, does not want to occupy this only seat,
Di QingLin said actually, “Fourth Master Hua, you sit.”
     Fourth Master Hua have a look Wang Zhenfei, Wang Zhenfei to fall the face to look
the white wall, Fourth Master Hua sit down slowly.
     “You are originally are think very strangely?” Di QingLin said, “I already should die
obviously, why I am still alive?”
     He looked like a real killer, direct and effective.
     Qiu Xingjian‟s face pulled taut, “What are you saying? I do not understand.”
     “Very good.”
     “Doesn't understand very is why good?”
     “Understood very is also good, does not understand very is also good.” Di QingLin
said, “Cannot understand all is in any case same.”
     He looks Qiu Xingjian, asked lightly, “How do you like to die?”
     Qiu Xingjian‟s face pulled taut after the muscle already likely pulled taut the string is
moved bounces equally.
     “Why do I want to die?”
     “Because I want you to die.” Di QingLin reply forever all equally is simple directly
     “The azure like water, flies the dragon in the day.” Qiu Xingjian said sternly, “Have
you forgotten who am I?”
     “I have not forgotten.”
     Di QingLin sound is very gentle, “I want you to die, you must die, no matter who
you are. it is still the same.”
     In jiang-hu has very many people all to speak this kind of speech, but says lightly
from his mouth, resembles has 掌有 生杀大权 judge to judge a person's death penalty.
     Qiu Xingjian with angry glare was staring at Di QingLin, does not have the courage
to throw oneself unexpectedly spells, although his whole body muscle all has pulled taut,
the interior resembles already the completely weak prostration actually. This person's eye
resembles the poisonous snake which attracts the blood, already all attracted his body in
flesh and blood and the courage does.
     Wang Zhenfei sneered suddenly, “Dies is dies, since you want certainly him to die,
how is casual dies all is — the type, you ask why again?”
     “Good, dies is dies, certainly does not have any matter to be possible to replace.” Di
QingLin on the pale noble face suddenly reveals the expression which plants also is
unreal enforces, said leisurely, “High or low, again also does not have any matter to be
able to die compared to you really.”
     He sighed, “You said to, you indeed should not again offend him.”
     He stood slowly in the sigh, arrives in front of Qiu Xingjian, a more peaceful sound
said a moment ago with one kind of ratio; “You cannot be a dauntless man, your in is
ambitiously weaker than the semblance.” Di QingLin said, “I continuously all very much
like you originally.”
     He stretched out the double arm to hug the sweetheart suddenly gently to hug equally
likely Qiu Xingjian.
     Qiu Xingjian has not rejected unexpectedly, because he resembles unexpectedly is
not willing to resist.
     Not only Di QingLin hug gentle moreover has filled the sentiment, his sound is also
     “You walk well.” He said, “I no longer deliver you.”
     Said this speech he has let loose the hand, he lets loose when the hand Qiu Xingjian
is also looking at him, void confuses with one kind pities also is happy the painful look
crazily to look at him crazily.
     He can feel he hugs when gentleness, but simultaneously he also feels to a stabbing
     A thorough marrow blood vessels heart stabbing pain.
     Gets down but actually when until him, he did not know on hugged is already had
when him a handle knife to puncture from his behind the human his heart.
     A handle thin knife, its thin like paper.
     Fourth Master Hua that kinds are in sole possession of the smiling face also retains
unexpectedly on he round face, only gently sighed.
     “I admire you.” He said, “Young Marquis, I only then truly admired you now.”
     “I have looked at others murder, I have also killed people.” Fourth Master Hua said,
“Is a person can use the such gentle such full of affection method murder unexpectedly, I
not only have not seen, but also I cannot imagine it.”
     On Wang Zhenfei frontal eminence hand back neck all had the blue vein bulge; “He
can use this method to kill people, because he is not a human.”
     Di QingLin had sat, sat on the rush cushion.
     “You are mistaken.” He said, “I use this method to kill him, because I like him.”
     His sound was very gentle, “You are different, I cannot use this method to kill you.”
     Wang Zhenfei retrocedes three steps of said sternly, “You dare to move me? You do
not know my status? You did not fear the Green Dragon eldest child cuts you the meat
     Di QingLin had smiled suddenly, the smiling face very is also temperate.
     “What status are you? You only are a pig who thinks oneself clever.”
     A person can use the such temperate elegant sound to curse at people, also is the
matter which lets the human be very difficult to imagine.
     “I originally do not need to kill you actually, I should leave you to Yang Zheng.” Di
QingLin said, “You also do not need to worry for me, but in yours main item eye, you
most also only is the pig oneself, he cannot because I kill a his pig to be angry.”
     Wang Zhenfei also had smiled unexpectedly, the laughter really likely is
unexpectedly a pig when hungry excited calls sound, when is a little likely the pig
butchers the sound.
     Only different is, the pig does not have the knife, he has.
     He drew out him to conceal continuously under the long unlined close-fitting gown
the knife, was not he usually for display that handle gold back machete which own style
used, but was a handle wild goose wing knife.
     The sharp weapon is which now at last he must kill people truly when uses.
     “Fourth Master Hua, why are you still sitting there?” Wang Zhenfei bellowed, “Do
you really want to sit in there waiting for your death?”
     Fourth Master Hua have not made noise, also has not moved, because he already
discovered early cannot move in front of Di QingLin.
     He has certainly his reason.
     He has the reputation, has the power and influence, but also some others very
difficult to imagine huge wealth.
     Looks like he such person, sets firm resolve makes a matter time, certainly all has the
very good reason.
     — — saw in him when Wan Jun-wu corpse, he already discovered Di QingLin was
an extremely fearful person, far adds fearfully compared to ten Qiu Xingjian and ten
Wang Zhenfei. “
     — — saw in him Di QingLin not kills Xiao Qing, he confirmed this point.
     Most important one is, he believed Di QingLin cannot move him.
     Because Di QingLin to his manner and to the human is completely different,
otherwise why could designate specially a moment ago asked him to sit down?
     Fourth Master Hua want to result in very many, moreover wants to result in very
happily. In this kind of situation, why does he want to move?
     Wang Zhenfei already moved actually.
     He knew Di QingLin is a human who very difficult to cope with, but he is not easy to
cope with.
     His knife is light, is light and is quick.
     In jiang-hu has very many people all to believe, if he uses is not 金刀; Is this handle
wild goose steel knife.
     Then a his knife gets rid of time, must the military hanger-on high foot “the sharp
knife” Fang Chenghuan be much quicker than absolutely Mr. Wan.
     金刀 is looks to the human, this looks at actually the knife does not have.
     His — knife gets rid of, waits when he sees his knife, very possible already to die
under the knife.
     Now his knife has gotten rid of, Di QingLin already saw his knife, as soon as flash of
the knife dodged gently, already arrived Di QingLin throat.
     He sits cross-legged sits well on the rush cushion, Wang Zhenfei not the opportunity
which hits back to him.
     — — must kill people truly, cannot give an opposite party opportunity.
     Wang Zhenfei understood this truth, moreover does very much thoroughly.
     This knife very is possible is a he always quickest knife, because he has already sent
out his all potential.
     A person only then in lives in this moment to be able to send out all potential.
     Now he already arrived the crucial moment. If Di QingLin does not die, dies is he.
     Wang Zhenfei had not died, Di QingLin had not died.
     As soon as flash of the knife glinted, a knife divides, Wang Zhenfei thought
suddenly resembled has an acupuncture to enter on his body some place.
     A very special place, he all did not know actually is in where? He thought suddenly
the whole body has been all sour, also the acid pain, the acid links the tear all to resemble
must flow down.
     When this is sore, he stood well in the original place, resembles any matter all not to
occur, stood a moment ago with him in here time did not have completely what
     Only different is, in his hand already did not have the knife.
     His knife was already in Di QingLin.
     Di QingLin with two fingers defends no matter what the knife point, delivers the
knife handle to him, said lightly, “This knife insufficiently is also quick, you also by
quicker — spot.” He said, “Your paternal aunt again does not try time.”
     Why Di QingLin did not kill him? Why did he give him another opportunity?
     Wang Zhenfei did not believe, because he had not given others this kind of
opportunity, all has not given including one.
     But he has no alternative but 恼, because his knife already in his hand.
     He wanted certainly again to try time.
     That — — time let slip a moment ago, perhaps because he too was only anxious,
was anxious has pulled out the muscle.
     These he must certainly be specially careful, with certainly is and on completely
different method.
     His body starts 游走 suddenly, 游鱼 gathers round Di QingLin to rotate does not
stop, fundamentally lets Di QingLin not have the method to see this knife to be able to
divide from any spot.
     This is he the knife skill which center comes out from “eight You Shenzhang”, this
knife he resembles originally must chop from the ridge gate, but has changed the position
suddenly, by left the gate to chop.
     Not only this knife deft, moreover changes quickly, what a pity the effect and on is
completely same, does not have including an effect.
     His knife arrived in Di QingLin suddenly, Di QingLin returns to unexpectedly the
knife for him; “You also may again try time.”
     Wang Zhenfei hand has extended, also has gripped his knife, makes an effort to get
hold of.
     These he cannot let slip again, although he knew this opportunity is not last, later Di
QingLin can unceasing give again the opportunity he.
     But he has not been willing to accept.
     Because he already understood, this kind of opportunity was not an opportunity, but
is the insult.
     He thought suddenly oneself resembled already changes likely was under a cat
fingernail mouse.
     But his this could not again let slip, he guaranteed to oneself, could not again let slip
     This knife is a his final knife. This knife chops, the knife point must certainly dye red
by the blood.
   He receives shame, only then the blood can wash clean.
   These he has not really let slip, this knife gets rid of, the knife point on is dyed really
immediately by the blood red.
   It was not Di QingLin‟s, but his blood.
   His blood was equally red just like Di QingLin‟s blood.


     Yang Zheng wraps up in separation outside a hook rags to untie, with both hands in
front of the old person who delivers his hook the mill knife.
     He wants to invite an old person his this handle hook.
     The sunlight will be gorgeous, old person both hands grasp the hook, by the hook
point to the day, will hook the front to welcome unfolds under the sunlight.
     The hook is motionless, the old person is also motionless.
     Besides his eye, he as if already turned into a bedstone elephant in the flash.
     His box, his god, his gas, his spirit, his soul, as if all completely invested in this
handle hook in the flash which he grips.
     His eye is bright likely is actually north day Mars.
     He is staring at this handle hook, crossed for a very long time only then has opened
the mouth, to say actually is with this handle hook completely irrelevant matter.
     “You were certainly very long for a very long time well have not had a food,
because on your face had the hungry look.”
     Why can't Yang Zheng mention this point suddenly with him.
     “The famous expert casting sharp weapon is also same with the human, not only has,
moreover colored. Does not drink the human blood for a very long time, can have the
hungry look.” The old person finally changes over to the thread of conversation the
subject, “This handle hook surely full has drunk the human blood recently, moreover was
certainly the position non- average man's blood.”
     “Why certain right and wrong average man's blood?”
     “That is may certainly look.” The old person said, “Is a person after used fine to
write the good food and only has eaten the miscellaneous grains rough finish facial
expression facial expression also can be somewhat different?”
     This analogy was not considered as very good, but Yang Zheng already completely
understood his meaning actually.
     He has no alternative but to acknowledg this unusual old person has truly plants can
understand clearly all eyesight.
     The old person closes the eye, also asked Yang Zheng, “You injured who?”
     “Lan YiChen.” Yang Zheng said, “Gentleman Lan.”
     The old person peak however changes countenance, “This is a divine intervention,
certainly is the divine intervention.”
     He opens the eye, face up to the day, the vision turban has filled color of the awe,
“Master Shao unintentionally center casting this handle hook, therefore died actually,
died in Lan YiChen; Now Lan YiChen actually is injured by this handle hook, what isn't
this the divine intervention is?”
     Yang Zheng also is unable to restrain the peak however, the old person also said,
“This handle hook also is originally the unlucky thing, likely is an inborn abnormal
person, has the cry of a crane to be mad since birth, as soon as therefore it draws a
charge, casting its person therefore dies.” He said, “Your father although by its vertically
and horizontally world, but in the life also fills the sorrowful misfortune.”
     Yang Zheng is low-spirited, in old person's eye has revealed the excited light
     “But its cry of a crane was mad now already melted, the blood which blue — sits
was melted.” He said; “Because Lan YiChen should be its master originally, has thrown
the factory actually it; Although he has not killed Master Shao, Master Shao's also
calculated actually dies because of him, he already planted in this handle hook essence
has filled the hatred and the hatred storm cry of a crane unlucky gas, only then only then
had with he blood melts.”
     This view very is really unreliable, but as if truly has side of one kind of mystery
mystery truth existence, has no alternative but to believe the human.
     The old person closes the eye long sigh, “This all is the divine intervention, the
divine intervention since must help you, you already might feel at ease.” He returns the
hook Yang Zheng; “You go, regardless of you must go to make any, regardless of you
must go to cope with any person, all absolutely cannot be defeated.”
     His sound stabs Buddha also to have a kind of mystical charm, he to Yang Zheng's
blessing, is 诅 scolds to the Yang Zheng foe.
     In hundred inside and outside Di QingLin, in this flash, as if also thought far has
plants the unlucky induction.


      Di QingLin always did not believe these mysteries the matter, in his this life believes
is only himself.
      Pricks when his sword front should in the not having flesh and blood, he on had
thought in this world does not have anybody to be able absolutely to defeat him.
      Therefore he very quick restored has been calm and is calm, he looks Fourth Master
Hua' times, resembled — the position omnipotent god respectfully u 0662, is looking at a
lowly mediocre ignorant villain.
      Fourth Master Hua have already been frightened by his this manner, although also
sits in there, resembles actually has submitted under his foot.
      Di QingLin asked suddenly, “Do you know why I don't kill you?”
      “Because I also have the use to Young Marquis.” Fourth Master Hua ship out the
smiling face reluctantly; “I also may make very many matters for the Young Marquis.”
      “You are mistaken.”
      Di QingLin calmly said, “I do not kill you, because you are not my match, you
always disgust me.”
     His hand dangles, sits in him in this rush cushion edge has pressed a dark Niu gently.
     Fourth Master Hua sit down the rush cushion revolves suddenly the migration, under
the association rush cushion floor is putting aside together.
     In the ground on has revealed a swarthy cavern suddenly.
     Fourth Master Hua fell immediately, sends out side of the sad and shrill fear to shout
miserably, even compared to died frightened itself.
     Because of his body whereabouts that flash, already saw in the cavern situation.
     He saw compared to dies far fearfully.
     In Hou Fu back garden the chrysanthemum is in full bloom, fall scenery like
     Di QingLin steps onto a cabin easely, turns head the instruction to his following
     “Today I will only see a person, others all declines a visitor's call besides him.”
Young Marquis said, “This person is surnamed Yang, called Yang Zheng.”

     Outside the marquis government office vermilion gate stone steps are long and are
broad, even bright like mirror. Yang Zheng even can meet own in above face.
     His complexion was very unattractive.
     Although he receives a travel expense from the neighbor county seat police station,
actually are moreover, these days continuously all have not eaten to the full on the road.
     He already sat in the stone steps superior most time, only then could not bear from
the side gate walks, asked a moment ago that which opened the door for him arrogant
arrogant, eye long in top of the head gatekeeper; “You said the Young Marquis a moment
ago on in back garden?”
     “You said you already sent the human to notify?” Yang Zheng to bear the gas ask,
“Why until now didn't have the news?”
     In gatekeeper's sir the squint looks at him, false smile humph, has calmly asked,
“Did you know how long back and forth walks from here to back garden must walk?”
     Yang Zheng shook his head.
     A his fist may beat this sir's nose originally, but he bore.
     “You did not know, I tell you, from to back garden, had to walk by now half time.”
Gatekeeper sir sneered, “Here is hereditary one wait for the marquis government offices,
hopes you kind of small police station not too same.”
     Yang Zheng only then continues wait for to get down again.
     From here basic blind Hou Fu situation, builds nine with the decorative porcelain by
unicorn's tall wall, blocked his line of sight completely, the wall posterity sound has been
quiet, could not hear including a sound.
     He has waited for a very long time , inside only then has the brocade clothes young
lad to walk, to him cancels the finger.
     “Young Marquis already complied to see you, you came with me!”
     After the tall wall is a very greatly very big courtyard, has not grown flowers plants
trees, also has not raised the goldfish.
     In the courtyard is only suspending a giant ancient hard tripod with two handles,
actually lining left this courtyard dignity and vast.
     Front the hall gate is Guan Zhuo, also the blind inside situation, only can see in front
of the porch that root two people both cannot joint hold the carving flower courtyard
column and stand tall and erect under the white clouds water drop upturned eave.
     To this kind of place, a person has been able to understand truly the riches and honor
and the power and influence strength, in the heart can cannot help but raise meaning of
the one kind of awe.
     But Yang Zheng resembles anything not to see actually, any feeling does not have.
     Because in his heart only then a person, a matter.
     — — Lu Suwen also waits for him in that lonely pitiful small log cabin, he certainly
to have to live is going back.


     The snow white room is the that pure silencing, resembles has never been
contaminated by little rank smell of blood.
     Di QingLin sits cross-legged sits on that rush cushion, points at the opposite that rush
cushion to say to Yang Zheng; “Please sit down.”
     Yang Zheng took a seat.
     He could not certainly think sits resembles on this rush cushion sits in an antiquity
great antiquity wicked beast's mouth, his blood animal skin bone could swallow as
necessary by it, sediment all could not remain down.
     Di QingLin looks at him with one kind of very unusual meaningful glance, as if very
much is interested to this person.
     “Here is originally I practices the sword the place, very little has the visitor to come,
therefore I also do not have any to be possible to receive cordially you.” Young Marquis
Di said lightly, “I thought you probably cannot accept my receiving cordially.”
     “Good.” Yang Zheng's sound similarly is also desolate, “I am not originally your
     He is looking straight ahead Di QingLin, all has not winked including the eye, “I
only want to ask your, is SiSi already dead? Killed by you? The silver was robbed by
Wang Zhenfei and exchanged? Has he come here?”
     Di QingLin smiled, smiled while sighing.
     “Do you know who I am? Know what this place is? How dare you to go in front of
me and speak this kind of speech?”
     “Only because I understand you well, therefore I dare to say such things.”
     “You are a very great person, everybody thought you are very great, you certainly
also such thought, in your this life, forever all is keeps aloof.” Yang Zheng said, “On
because you is this kind of person, therefore I only then dare such to ask you.”
     “Because I knew you cannot shift responsibility onto others in front of me act
shamelessly lie.” Yang Zheng said, “Because you have not watch with the tail of eyed
     — — lies goal, if is not for want the fashion opposite party, is for must protect
     11 if you look down upon a person radically, not the reason which lay to him, also
lay why again?
     Di QingLin look is the unexpectedly invariable, asked in reply Yang Zheng actually,
“If I do not say anything?”
     Yang Zheng pondered, crosses for a very long time only then replied, “If you do not
say anything, I will leave.”
     “Why do you have to leave?”
     “Because I do not have any evidence, or proof, or material witnesses.” Yang Zheng
said, “I simply the cannot helped to be able to prove you have made these matters, also
nobody can because I said the speech sentences your crime.”
     “Therefore you have no alternative radically to me.”
     “Then why do you come?”
     “I thought originally I also may discover the evidence, least also may discover the
method to cope with you.” Yang Zheng said, “But has come after I here, I know I am
     “Wrong where?”
     “Wrong, although I have not taken you lightly, I still have underestimated you.”
Yang Zheng said, “Your really too 'big', already was big may all bury all evidence,
already was big may possess sees to your disadvantageous matter the splendor to get
down. “
     His look is dreary, “Now I already detected, looks like a your such person, was not
truly I can cope with, in this world some anybody all helpless, also have no alternative
truly matter.”
     Di QingLin listens to him to say these speeches, on the face have nothing the
expression, including little responded does not have.
     Yang Zheng also looks like 木头人 the same seat in there, has sat the momentarily,
stood the stride to walk suddenly, Di QingLin looks he walked, arrived the entrance,
stopped by calling out him suddenly, “Wait for a moment.”
     Yang Zheng's footsteps slow down, also proceeded several steps of talents to halt
slowly, has turned around facing Di QingLin, Di QingLin to look at him slowly, the
corners of the mouth also revealed that kind of brutal happy expression, the sound
actually are suddenly that light, “I may ask you to leave, let others cope with you, takes
you when the bandits and thieves — type copes with you, closely examines dart silver
which these lose.” Young Marquis Di said, “Regardless of how you do plead innocence,
also nobody can believe your — character, you only then 死路一条.”
     ”Yes.” Yang Zheng said, “The matter is this appearance, has very many matters all is
this appearance.”
     “If I do not want to ask you to leave, then in present this world already did not have
you.” Young Marquis Di said.
     He had proven immediately he said the speech is not the intimidation. As soon as
because his hand dangles, the opposite rush cushion has put aside, in the ground has
immediately appeared that swarthy cavern.
     Yang Zheng cannot certainly bear wants to go to look, only looked at one, bent the
waist, could not bear nearly must vomit.
     What did 11 he see?
     He sees although the matter forever cannot forget, but he forever all cannot say.
     The rush cushion moves back in-situ, all restore the original condition, Di QingLin
only then asked Yang Zheng, “Did you know why I don't have like this to you?”
     Yang Zheng shook his head, is enduring patiently reluctantly, does not let oneself
     “Because you are a smart person, although imagines compared to me more
intelligent, does not have to be intelligent too actually too.” Di QingLin said, “You said
each speech all very much makes sense, does the matter root is also fair, therefore I
certainly also must use the similarly fair method to you.”
     His corners of the mouth happy expression is more callous, “SiSi truly died in my
hand, the lost silvers from the escort bureau is also here, as long as you can use in your
weapon to defeat me, this silver is yours, my life also is yours, you can carry off
     Yang Zheng looked at him, calmly stared at him for a very long time, only then used
one kind to say with he similarly light callous sound, “I knew you can certainly do so.”
Yang Zheng said, “Because you are too arrogant, never took notice of other people.


     Di QingLin was truly an extremely arrogant person, but he had his reason truly.
     His wugong was truly something that Yang Zheng could not resist.
     He does not have is useful he the sword to come to ask for Yang Zheng, what he
used was that short thin knife.
     Separation hook was similar to Yang Zheng, the casting was done by the identical
person's hands, moreover only because of the sword casting mistakes could there be this
hook and this knife.
     But Di QingLin‟s knife skill had really entered the stage of perfection, had entered
the knife skill‟s summit of moving it around as one's wish.
     He operated this the knife like it already knew his thought, he wanted it to go
somewhere, the exact place where it would go, if it were to pierce someone‟s heart, it
would not miss even a half inch.


     NOTE from TIGER WONG:
     In "Separation Hook", there is still an entire section in the original book that comes
after the last part I've seen online. If I recall correctly, Di QingLin stabbed Yang Zheng in
some vital part (on his hand/arm?), but Yang Zheng's strategy was to use his own body to
trap Di QingLin's thin knife and then use the hook to "separate" Di QingLin's life from
this world.

In "The Subtle Touch of the Sword", it was revealed that Di QingLin was still alive. But I
don't consider that novel canon since GL didn't write it himself. In "Heroes Shed No
Tears", it was confirmed that Di QingLin was killed by the Separation Hook.


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