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Track and Field
    Track and Field Philosophy
•   All athletes 7-12 are on the track at the same time for practice.

•   Our goal is to develop the overall athlete. We work on
    coordination, agility, strength, flexibility, and speed.

•   High school athletes will spend time in the weight room.
    New for 2010: Football athletes have the option to lift with Coach
    Little as their strength coach to maintain football training.

•   Junior High athletes will use other methods of strengthening the core.
                 Coaching Staff
•   Jim Brant – Head Varsity Coach and Throwing Specialist
•   Lynn Brant –Hurdles & High Jump
•   Kris Bultman – Pole Vault Specialist
•   Val Casto –Throwing Specialist
•   Bob Forsgren – Long Jump Specialist
•   Frank Harl – Pole Vault Specialist
•   Tyler Hofer – Hurdles & High Jump
•   Jodi Murphy – Sprints & Relay Specialist
•   Sandy Riveron – Sprints & Relay Specialist
•   Alessa Velez – Distance Specialist
                       Season Begins
• Our First Practice is Monday, March 8.
       KHS – women to lower locker room in stadium to change
             – men to upper locker room in stadium to change
       KJH – report to KJH locker rooms to change and bring all items to
               lower stadium locker room for storage during practice

• Warm-Up begins at the K at 2:45 p.m. – SHARP!

• In order to be eligible to participate, all paperwork must be turned in by
  Friday, February 26.
        Coach Lynn Brant (KHS - A208)
        Coach Jim Brant (across from Media Center)
        Coach Val Casto (KJH C-7)
        Coach Jodi Murphy (KJH – A-2)
        Required Paper Work

• Physical on File in athletic office – SCHEDULE
  TODAY if you don’t have a current physical on
• OHSAA pages
• Emergency Medical Form
• Liability Waiver

     Due by Friday, February 26!
            All paperwork available on Edline.
  Practice Schedule - DAILY
• High School
  • 2:45 – 5:30 p.m. including weightlifting
  • Pick up athletes from the Stadium
  • Allow for time to ice
• Junior High
   • 2:45 – 5:00 p.m.
   • Pick up athletes from the Stadium
   • Arrange for rides – no one wants to be
     the last one waiting for a ride!
                 General Practice
• Team Meetings at K to disperse information
• Dynamic Warm Up on track at 3:00 p.m.
• Break down into specialty groups – everyone is a runner first and
  foremost so groups will be distance, sprints, and throwers
• Specialties (High Jump/Hurdles/Long Jump/Pole Vault) will
  work one or two days a week with the specialty coaches
• Weight Room or Plyos for H.S. athletes/Core exercises or plyos
  for J.H. athletes
• Cool Down & Static Stretch
• Ice any nagging pain or injuries
         Equipment for Practice
• Running Shoes
     Bob Rockner’s Running Spot in Loveland
            Kings T&F Day ~ Thursday, February 25
            20% off items in store
            3 – 7 p.m.

• Clothes for the weather

• Spikes for competition if athlete knows what events
  they are focusing on

• High School: Varsity vs. JV…may change as
  athletes challenge for spots
• Invitational vs. Dual & Tri-Meets
      Line-Ups Posted
• Hectic Schedules ~ e-mail to communicate
  who is where/when
• Regular attendance at practice. If gone the
  night before a meet, it is difficult to put final
  touches on relays, etc…
           T&F Opportunities
•   Nationals
•   Knight Runners
•   Camps
•   Local Meets @ Winton Woods
• Regular Attendance is expected at all practices and meets.
      ~ Keeps Injuries Away
      ~ Keeps Athlete Informed

• If there is a conflict, coaches should know well in advance.
  Communication is the key! We know some athletes are
  juggling schedules with two spring sports. Our rule of thumb
  is that a competition always takes precedence over practice.

• If your child needs to leave practice early, he/she needs to be
  prepared to have items at the track. We can not stop practice
  for a coach to unlock the locker rooms.
    Track and Field Events
              (Something for EVERYONE!)

Sprints   Distance    Hurdles   Throws       Relays     Jumps
 100      800 meter   100/110   Shot Put     4 x 100   High Jump
meter                  meter                  meter
 200       1600       300/200    Discus      4 x 200   Long Jump
meter      meter       meter                  meter
 400        3200                             4 x 400   Pole Vault
meter      meter*                             meter
                                             4 x 800
                                             meter *

                      * High School event only.
         Rules for Track and Field

• General athletic handbook      • Additional T&F Rule:
  rules are available on the
  Athletic Edline page.           ~ FAVC MEET
                                    All team members are expected
•   All athletes must ride the      to attend and stay for the
    bus to compete at a meet!       duration of the meet.
    May go home with his/her
    parent after checking out
    with a coach.                   KJH – May 10 at
                                    KHS – Varsity: May 11 and 13
• OHSAA policy on pictures                       at Walnut Hills
  and videotaping                         JV: May 16 at Kings
              First Meets

• High School:
   Saturday, March 28
                            OHSAA RULE:
   @ Centerville Relays

                          10 Practices required
                              before first meet
• Junior High:
    Monday, March 30
  @ Clinton Massie Dual
      Length of Track Meets

• Vary by location and type

• Starting times and directions
  will be sent by E-mail

• Encourage Athlete to bring
Equipment for Meet

     • Team uniforms
       Issued on picture day ~ Wed., March 17

     • Spikes – if you have them

     • Team Spiritwear

     • Healthy Snacks – some meets do not
       have a concession stand available
                   Injury vs. Pain
• SORE at the start of season

• Due to the nature of the sport, Shin Splints are a common problem.
   - ice
   - communicate with coach
  - check shoes for wear and tear
   - encourage proper warm-up and cool down stretching

  -school trainer
  -Sports related doctors vs. family doctor
    The Ultimate Challenge
• Track and Field Equipment has a relatively high cost
  associated with it. We have to help defray some of these
  costs each season.

• We will be participating in an Ultimate Frisbee/Hill
  challenge on Friday, March 12. Athletes may seek
  sponsors for the number of hill repeats that their team
  completes or ask for a flat donation.

• $65.00 per athlete/$25 additional for sweatshirt

• Money due by Monday, March 15
         Volunteer Opportunities
• In order to run a successful
  track meet, it takes numerous
  volunteers. Home meets             KJH Meets           KHS Meets

  begin at 4:15 p.m. We need
                                  Monday, March 29    Thursday, April 1
  everyone to take a turn!
                                  Thursday, April 8   Tuesday, April 13
• In addition to parent help,
                                  Tuesday, April 27    Tuesday, May 4
  KJH Athletes will work the
  high school meets, and KHS      Thursday, May 6     Saturday, May 15

  athletes will work the junior
  high meets.

                      Mark your calendars now!
      Major Fundraiser

•ATP Parking
  August 9 – August 22

Adults & Athletes needed!
             Spring Spectacular
• 4th Annual Spring Sports Spectacular
  7:30 p.m. Friday, March 19
  Kings High School gym
• Kings High School Spring Athletic Teams and
  * Baseball * Softball * Tennis * Track * Lacrosse
• Senior Night for Spring Athletes ~ dinner at 6:30
• $5 admission
   Kings Athletic Booster Club
• Backbone for financial support of all athletic teams!
• Knight to Remember is April 17 – Come out for a
  fun-filled evening of athletic support!
• If you would like to get involved, they meet on the
  2nd Wednesday of every Month. New members are
  always welcomed!
• Colleen Trimmer is on her last season as a track
Run Faster! Jump Higher! Throw Farther!

  Questions for the whole group?

 Completed Paperwork/Checks to
Colleen Trimmer & Amy Andrews at
     Spirit Wear Clean Out Sale
Thank you for coming!

        Good Luck
      Track and Field!

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