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					Simon Gurney curriculum vitae

     8a Hyde Park Mansions
     Cabbell street
     Nw1 5BQ
     0207 7240576
     07973 633381

Skills overview

     Expert knowledge of creative tools and techniques
     Expert knowledge of web design and Internet
     Expert knowledge of printing and graphic design
     Expert knowledge of Macs, PCs and all peripherals
     Over ten years experience delivering professional
     training courses
     Expert use teaching and support of Dreamweaver,
     Fireworks, Flash, QuarkXpress, Acrobat, Illustrator,
     CorelDraw, Photoshop, Photopaint, Scanning, Page
     layout and design, Typography, Frontpage, , HTML,
     Search Engine optimization, Navigator and Internet
     Expert use of Word and Access
     High quality course and courseware preparation
     Basic spanish

New Media Designer, Trainer, Author,
Technical Editor
     September 1996 to now
     Fastrain Europe Ltd
     8a Hyde Park Mansions
     cabbell street
     Nw1 5BQ
     0207 7240576

     Sole director of company formed to provide expert
     design and training solutions to the creative and IT
New Media Designer
     Designing websites using Illustrator, Freehand,
     Fireworks, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML and
     Clients including Konami Europe, BBC, Hyatt Hotels
     and World Class Tests.

Freelance Graphic & Web Design training
      Providing professional level graphic design and web
      design training courses, for both authorized training
      centers and direct to the client.
      Typically delivering a one, two or three day intensive
      hands-on tutor led class for between one and twelve
       Adobe, Macromedia and Quark training centers.
      Current training course offered are Dreamweaver,
      Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator and
      QuarkXpress all to advanced level. All course are
      taught on both Mac and PC and thus must provide a
      high degree of trouble shooting skills and platform
      experience to maintain smooth running of courses.
      Training courses have also included FrontPage,
      CorelDraw, Acrobat, Freehand, HTML and Access.
      support has been provided to students via telephone
      email and websites.

BBC New Media Consultant trainer
     Developing and delivering PC based training courses
     to BBC specifications. Specifically Dreamweaver,
     Photoshop and Flash, at introductory and advanced
     level as well as tailored training.
     Author of BBC New Media Training Image Production
     using Photoshop and Web Authoring using

Technical Editor
     Working extensively with Friends of Ed and New
     Riders technical editing a wide range of new media
     and graphic design titles. As a consequence of editing
     cutting edge titles have been involved in the Beta
     testing of Macromedia software. Working on original
     author proposals editing for technical accuracy and
     analysis of demand and competition. Providing and
     editing book concepts.

     Foundation Photoshop 6
     New Masters of Photoshop
     Foundation UltraDev4
     Rich Media Studio
     Flash ActionScript Studio
     Flash 5 Studio
     New Masters of Flash
     New Masters of Flash the 2002 Annual
     Flash Games Studio

Design Trainer/ Technical Support
     Feb. 1996 to Oct 1996
     Appropriate Learning
     27-28 abbeville mews
     88 clapham park road
     sw4 7bx

     Main role to design and deliver three day classroom
     based training courses.
     Authorised training of QuarkXpress, Adobe, Corel and
     Macromedia professional design software.
     training concentrated on CorelDRAW, Illustrator,
     Quark, PageMaker, Photoshop and Photopaint.
     Secondary role maintaining and supporting two
     Macintosh (system 7+) based classrooms and one pc(
     win 3.11, win 95) based classroom and networks as
     well as all related hardware and software.
     Training courses attended in support of all courses

Senior Training Supervisor
     Pitman College
     154 Southampton Row
     1992 to 1996

     Teaching a wide variety of business software in 10 to
     20 student training centres.
     responsibility for training centre students and staff.
     Design and development of training exercises.
      Training staff. In house technical support both
      hardware and software (mainly office 4.3).
      Applications development mainly using Access, Word
      and Powerpoint notably Franchise database and open
      evening presentations.
      Training course and seminar design testing and
      Franchise support including staff training and sales
      On site training and applications development .
      Layout of Classified Ads using QuarkXpress.

Interests and hobbies.
      Scuba diving currently advanced PADI open water
      Modern Art

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