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									Providing Management & Financial Services to
         Electric Distribution Utilities

1.   Background
2.   Existing Situation
3.   Objectives
4.   AMRI’s Offer
5.   Reference Lists
• The enactment of the EPIRA Law (R. A. 9136)
  brought in major reforms that changed the
  market rules in the electric power industry.
• It calls for the improvements of Electric
  Distribution Utilities (EDUs) to enhance
  customer satisfaction.
• It requires the EDUs to satisfy the provisions
  of the Philippine Grid Code and Distribution
  Code in order to provide efficient, reliable and
  quality service to consumers.
           The Existing Situation
• Continuing threat to the ECs of the ongoing implementation of
  the EPIRA Law particularly on the open access provision;
• Stringent requirement by ERC & NEA for electric cooperative to
  become more efficient;
• Not all EDUs can avail of adequate amount of long term
  financing because of the current ownership structure as well as
  the loan agreement with the NEA;
• Lack of funds by the EDUs to purchase/acquire the sub-
  transmission assets of TRANSCO and CAPEX requirement;
• Lack of government financing assistance.
           Objectives of HOPE
          Management Proposal
• To help prepare the EDU’s in the open access and retail
  competition regime of the EPIRA.
• To provide the EDU’s an alternative solution in their
  financing requirement in improving their operations.
• To provide the EDU’s with alternatives of increasing
  their revenue by engaging in the wire business by
  providing assistance in the acquisition of the sub-
  transmission asset.
          AMRI’s Intention
• Assist the EDUs in implementing the
  provisions and honor the Philippine Grid
  Code as well as the Philippine Distribution

• Provide consultancy & management
  services relative to the technical and
  financial standards set by the EPIRA Law.
              AMRI’s Offer
A. Management Services:
1. Preparation of Feasibility Studies for EDUs
   and IPPs.
2. Preparation of Distribution Impact
3. Assistance in account restructuring with
   NPC/TRANSCO and rate application with the
4. HOPE Management Contract.
              AMRI’s Offer
B. Financing Services:
1.HOPE Transmission Line –Financing for the
  Acquisition of STA of TRANSCO
2.HOPE Substation Rentals.
3.Provide Financial Assistance for NPC Power
  Account payment (avail of prompt payment
4.Provide Financial Assistance for early
  retirement program of the ECs.
              AMRI’s Reference List
• Investment Management Contract
  - Pampanga III Electric Cooperative
          AMRI’s Reference List
•   HOPE Transmission Line
AMRI’s Reference List
    AMRI’s Reference List

Northwind Project in Bangui, Ilocos Norte
     AMRI’s Reference List

Northwind Project in Bangui, Ilocos Norte
    AMRI’s Reference List
Cooperatives who Availed of HOPE Financing
AMRI’s Reference List
             HOPE Substation
             Leasing Contracts
 AMRI’s Partners in providing
    services to the ECs
• Financial Institutions
  - United Coconut Planters Bank
  - Metrobank & Trust Company
  - PCI Bank
• Law Firm
  - Fortun, Narvasa and Salazar
  - Zambrano & Gruba
    AMRI’s Partners in providing
       services to the ECs
• Subsidiaries
  -Asiaphil Manufacturing Industries
  -Asiaphil Energy Solutions, Inc.
  -Asiaphil Electric Pampanga, Inc.
  -Asiaphil Hope, Inc.
  - GTB Industrial Network. Inc. Manila
  -GTB Industrial Network, Inc. Sta. Rosa, Laguna
  -GTB Industrial Network, Inc. Cebu City
  -GTB Industrial Network, Inc. Cagayan de Oro City
  -GTB Industrial Network, Inc. Davao City
  -GTB Industrial Network, Inc. Tacloban City
             The Vision of AMRI
• We have a        vision of seeing our country grow
  economically      and competitive in this era of
  globalization.   If Electrical Distribution Utilities can
  provide safe,     reliable and affordable electricity in
  every part of    the country, it will boost industry and
• This is why we are offering the
  How to avail of AMRI’s services?
• EC to submit a Letter of Intent to avail of the service/s.
• AMRI to conduct evaluation on the services requested.
• AMRI to present the final proposal for the services
  requested by the EC.
• AMRI and EC to enter into a Memorandum of
  Understanding/Agreement based on the agreed
        Who to call?
Roberto C. del Rosario
Business Development Officer
Tel Nos:(02) 563-838 to 42
Fax No.: (02) 563-2529
Mobile No.: 0928-5004765
Email Address:

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