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					Thank You Letter to New Customer
Instructions to Agent:

This is a copy of the letter we send to our personal customers. You will need to read it carefully.
We suggest you save it to your computer and then customize it with your own personal contact information,
other wise we may be getting your calls. To help you find these areas we’ve highlighted them in red. Double
check to make sure we didn’t miss any.

If marketing PNG - Also note this is written for new ACCXX customers. If you are marketing PNG, then
replace the ACCXX references with PowerNet Global (PNG). Also note that the PNG USF fee is 7.9% as
opposed to 11.9 from ACCXX. In your PNG version letter, you’ll need to change the 15% commission (next
to last paragraph) to 12% for PNG.

We suggest you print the letters on letter head and identify your self as an independent agent for Blessed
Hope Communications.


Dear Christian Friend,

Thank you for the recent changes you made to your long distance service through our consulting
company, Blessed Hope Communications. There are a few important facts I want to share with you to
make sure your long distance change is handled efficiently. Please read this letter for your own
protection. It is critically important!!!

It normally takes 7-10 days to change your service over to ACCXX, depending on how quickly your
local phone company makes the switch. Please understand, your local company is the one that
physically changes your phone service. Our company simply makes the request, so it takes cooperation
and proper follow up by everyone, to make the switching process a smooth one.

Potential problem number one: It is possible that you may have a PIC freeze on your phone line,
which prevents anyone from changing your long distance without your permission. Occasionally, it may
have been placed there by your local phone carrier, but most of the time it is requested by the
customer. This throws a monkey wrench into the switching process and may result in your application
being put “on hold” temporarily.

Solution Number One: If you have not been switched to our service after 10 days, there is some kind
of problem. It could be a PIC freeze. You can check to see if your service has been switched by dialing
“00” on your telephone. Or, call 1 700 555-4141. You should hear the name Qwest, Global Crossing, or
Williams Communications (WilTel) when you dial “00.” These are the three companies that transport all
of your calls for ACCXX. I give you that information so you will not be confused if you hear the names
of different long distance companies who are handling the calls.

Blessed Hope Communications is not a long distance company per se. We are a consulting company
that works with different long distance carriers to get you the best rates, so you will not receive a
phone bill from Blessed Hope. (It will come directly from ACCXX. If you spend less than $3.00 a month,
you may not even receive a bill!) If you do not hear the names Qwest, Global Crossing, or Williams, or
if you hear the name of your current phone carrier (AT&T, MCI, Sprint etc.), you have not been
switched to our service. Call me immediately so we can investigate the cause of the problem!
Your phone number.

Potential problem number two: Occasionally, the local phone carrier ignores our request to change
your service, especially the smaller, independent local carriers like McLoud, Century Tel, Sprint, etc.
Remember, when you change to ACCXX, our low-priced provider, the local phone company loses
revenue, which costs them money. They are not big fans of ours. It is in your best interest to follow up
and make sure you have been switched to ACCXX. If you don’t follow up, there is a good chance you
may never enjoy our low rates. Once we submit the application, the follow up work is up to you. If you
have not been switched after 10 days, please call me right away. Your phone number.

If you do have a PIC freeze on your account, do nothing at this point. It is probably too late to prevent
the confusion that will occur. Just call us as soon as you receive this letter and let us know you have a
PIC freeze on your account. We’ll tell you what to do to fix things. Do not try to change the long
distance service yourself, or call the local phone company to fix things. They may try to convince
you that they can change your long distance, but this will force you to pay a higher rate than
the one we have quoted you. Paying 15 cents a minute for long distance is not what you had in

Once you have been switched to our company, it is always a good idea to call your local phone carrier
and place a PIC freeze on your account for your own protection. This way you will not have to worry
about someone “slamming” your long distance service and switching you to a higher priced carrier. This
happens quite often when you change carriers. Your old long distance provider has your personal
information and it is fairly common for them to sneak back in and change your service back to them!

In some cases, we may instruct you to call the local phone company and switch your long
distance service yourself, but do not do this without our permission! We must make sure you
are in the ACCXX computer system before you make this decision, or you will receive a very high phone
bill. Call us first so we can provide you with instructions to make the change.

When you receive your first phone bill, double-check the rates and make sure they are accurate.
Remember that the in-state rates are different in every state, so take that into account when you
examine the bill. The 4.9 or 5.9 rate is only good on your out-of-state calls. You should not find any
other significant charges on your bill other than the Federal USF charges, which are 11.9% of your
Interstate calls only. If you are a business customer with multiple phone lines, there are Federal PICC
charges that will appear on your bill of $4.51 per line. There may also be some small local and state
charges that we are required to pass along to our customers.

Once you are switched to ACCXX, you should never see a long distance charge on your phone bill from
any other carrier, including your local phone carrier. If you continue to receive phone bills from your old
carrier for more than a month or so, it’s an indication that your service has not been properly switched.
If you discover a problem, call us immediately and we’ll see that things are fixed. We are your source
of protection and your peace of mind if you ever have a problem.

Also, if you ever move, call us for instructions! This can be a real nightmare unless you know
exactly what you’re doing. Do not assume you will get the rates we have quoted you when you tell the
local phone company that you want the same carrier you had before. That is a disaster!

Consider recommending our service to others. Personal referrals are the lifeblood of our business. Many
times a church will sign up and then the pastor and the secretary as well! I'm sure you have a lot of
family, friends and business associates who are paying too much for long distance. You can send your
friends to our web site at your website address and they can sign up online. If they have questions
about our service, have them call me toll-free at your phone number, or send me an e-mail at your e-
mail address. We’ll even send them a Blessed Hope brochure if you wish.

Once you see how easy this is, you might want to consider joining the Blessed Hope team as one of our
home-agents. It's a great way to develop a home business, while at the same time, you get to help
other people save money on their phone bills. Blessed Hope will pay its home agents more than
$500,000 this year, so we have a business where other people are able to prosper financially. It's been
a very wise financial decision for our family. Creating a residual income is one of the secrets to long-
term financial freedom. With the Lord's help, this could be the financial vehicle you have been
searching for. After all, doesn’t everyone want to save money? You are paid a monthly commission on
your customer’s long distance phone bills, as high as 15% of their usage, for as long as they remain on
our service.

I want to thank you for using our services. The money you save on your phone bill reaches beyond
dollars and cents. Each month when our commission checks arrive, the first portion of our income goes
right back into the Lord's work. We've been able to begin supporting missionaries in Israel and here in
the United States. We've helped Christian youth camps, television ministries, Christian colleges, Word
of Life and many different ministries take the Gospel just a little bit further. Our company is changing
lives for eternity! We know that the future success of Blessed Hope is completely dependent
upon the Lord and our obedience to Him. Thank you for playing such an important part in our
success. God bless you.

James Sally
Independent Agent & Consultant
For Blessed Hope Communications

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