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					                                 Francine Maria Bouska
                                   Local Hire: LA/NYC/BOSTON

HAIR: AUBURN                                EYES: BROWN                                            WEIGHT: 108
DRESS: XS/0-2                               SHOE: 6                                                HEIGHT: 5‟3”
BUST: 34B                                   SHIRT: XS                                              PANT: 2/4
AGE RANGE: 18-28                            EMAIL:                   CELL:217-520-3925

TELEVISION                                  ROLE                                                   DIRECTOR/COMPANY
“Brotherhood” - Episode #202                „Mona‟ (Principal) *Credited                           Dir. Brian Kirk/SHOWTIME
“NCIS - LA”                                 Principal Stand In for Renee Felice Smith              Dir. Various/ PARAMOUNT
“I‟m Paige Wilson” - Pilot                  „Stephanie‟ (Featured)                                 Dir. Rod Lurie/CW
“I‟m Paige Wilson” - Pilot                  Principal Stand In for Jaime Ray Newman                Dir. Rod Lurie/CW
“Without a Trace”                           Stand In for Poppy Montgomery                          Dir. Athena Alexander/CBS
“Cold Case” - Episode #5-07                 Stand In for Sarah Laine                               Dir. O‟Shea Read/CBS
“Total Request Live”                        „Herself‟ (Sang Live)                                  Dir. N/A/MTV
“Next Best Thing”                           „Herself‟ (as Britney Spears)                          Dir. NA/ABC
“Fox‟s Morning Idol”                        „Herself‟ (Sang Live)                                  Dir. NA/FOX

FILM                                        ROLE                                                   DIRECTOR
“Zookeeper”                                 Stunt „TGIF Cheerleader‟ *Credited                     Stunt Dir. Jeff Gibson
“The Dead Want Us Alive”                    „Susie‟ (Principal)                                    Reid Connell
“Lost”                                      „Angry Woman‟ (Principal)                              Nathaniel Baran
“Vampire Nation”                            „Sasha‟ (Principal)                                    Todd Lecomte
“The Clique”                                Principal Stand In for Bridgit Mendler                 Michael Lembeck
“27 Dresses”                                Principal Stand In for Malin Akerman                   Anne Fletcher
“Dan in Real Life”                          Principal Stand In for Brittany Robertson              Peter Hedges
“Evening”                                   Principal Stand In for Sarah Viccellio                 Lajos Koltai
“The Game Plan”                             Principal Stand In for Lauren Storm                    Andy Fickman

-Soap Opera Acting: Bob Lambert (All My Children)
-Acting for the Camera: Carolyn Pickman (CP Casting) (Twice)
-Acting for the Camera: Michael Fennimore (UMASS Boston)
-Auditioning Techniques: (TV PILOTS) Geoffrey Soffer (NBC Casting)
-Feature Film Actor‟s Lab: Peter Kelley (CP Casting)
-Sheila Jaffe Seminar: Cold Reads
-Improvisational Skills: UMASS Amherst and UMASS Boston

Voice: Mezzo-Soprano (Belt) - 22 Year Voice and Musical Theatre Experience
Dance: Ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, lyrical, & video dance - 17 Years Dance Experience
Piano: 17 years, can sight read
Sports: Cheerleading, basketball, softball, volleyball, kickboxing, aerobics, weightlifting, ice skating, tennis, running bowling
Dialects: Boston, New York, Southern, and British
Valid Driver‟s License
*Supplemental Fact Sheet:

COMMERCIAL                                                                      ROLE
Massachusetts Public Transportation                                     Tourist (Principal)
Rhode Island Film Festival                                              Cute Girl (Principal)
Six Flags New Enlgand                                                   Roller Coaster Rider
Johnson & Johnson                                                       Nursing Student
Foxwoods Casino                                                         Cocktail Waitress
Diet Pepsi & The Patriots                                               Cute Girl
Amtrak Acela                                                            Commuter
Subway                                                                  Yoga Girl
McDonalds                                                               College Student
ARMY                                                                    Pedestrian
Gatorade                                                                Stand In for Olympian gymnast Alicia

INDUSTRIAL                                                                     ROLE
Skills Soft Media                                                              Jennifer (Principal)
 Vision Media
Skill Soft Media                                                               Vanessa (Principal)
 Vision Media

THEATER                                   ROLE                                  COMPANY
The Princess and the Pea                  Queen                                 Foothills Theatre
Henry V                                   Exeter                        University of Massachusetts, Boston
Pippin                                    Ensemble & Ballet Duet        University of Massachusetts, Amherst
The Wizard of Oz                          Dorothy                       Clinton High School
Of Mice and Men                           Curley's Wife                 Clinton High School
Annie                                     Lily                          Lincoln Community Theatre
A Funny Thing Happened on the             Philia                        Lincoln Community Theatre
         Way to the Forum
Big River                                 Susan Wilkes                  Theatre 7
Romeo & Juliet                            Servant                       Clinton High School
West Side Story                           Clarice                       Springfield Muni Opera
Once Upon a Mattress                      Winnifred                     Clinton High School
Camelot                                   Lady In Waiting               Theatre 7
Into the Woods                            Little Red Riding Hood        Theatre 7
Annie                                     Annie                         Theatre 7
To Kill a Mockingbird                     Scout                         Lincoln Community Theatre
The King and I                            Siamese Twin                  Theatre 7
The Sound of Music                        Gretel                        The “Y” Players


Valedictorian of the Class of 2002 - Clinton Community High School
Summa Cum Laude Class of 2006 - University of Massachusetts, Boston
- Bachelor of Fine Arts - Major: Theatre Arts / Minor: Communications

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