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					March 22, 2011

  Day 1
 Literacy   – The Outsiders Chapter 7 &
 Assembly
 Math – Introduction to Cooridinate Grids
  & GPS Systems
 Holocaust Unit
The Outsiders

 Read Chapter 7    Quietly
 Test on the first 7 Chapters
 ◦ Open Book
 ◦ Pay careful attention to the quotes!
Math – Geometry
Coordinate Grids
        Holocaust Unit – Story 1
Discussion Questions
 How did the animals in the woods get along before the Terrible Things
 Who first notices the Terrible Things? How did he know they were there?
 How did the animals react to the Terrible Things when they first came for
  the creatures with feathers on their backs?
 How did Big Rabbit respond to Little Rabbit's question: "Why did the
  Terrible Things want the birds?"
 How did the animals explain the selections made by the Terrible Things?
 Why do you think the Terrible Things take away the animals one group at a
 Why does Big Rabbit disagree with Little Rabbit when Little Rabbit wants
  to move?
 How are the Terrible Things described?
 What verbs are used to describe their actions?
 Why do you think Terrible Things is capitalized?
 Look at the illustrations.Why do you think they are in black and white?
  Describe the images.
 Would the images be better if they were in color? Why/why not?
Story 1 – Part 2
 Assume the   role of Little Rabbit. Think
  about what advice you will give to the
  other forest creatures when you go to
  tell them about the Terrible Things.Write
  this advice on their 4x6 index cards.
 Share their advice with a partner.
 Next, you need to narrow this advice
  down to one or two powerful sentences.
  You should write this advice on the other
  side of the card.
 Read 25-30 Min
 Coordinate   Grid Worksheet Due Next
 Math Test Next Day 3
 Holocaust Cue Card Due Next Class
 Questions from Terrible Things answered
  for next class

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